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  1. That's pretty sad. It looks like it could have been saved and driven before they made it too....
  2. Absolutely heartbreaking to hear this. I will keep my eyes nice and peeled here in Bishop... There's not many 2002's here so it'd stand out. What a shitty situation. Ugh....
  3. Nesset127

    Rear ended

    Ah jeez.. that's painful to see. Really sorry to hear that happened to you... Hopefully your insurance company helps you out and gets it all straightened out.. -N
  4. Nesset127

    Latest VIN contest

    My car is a 76' Fjord manual, If I remember correctly it's a somewhat late build. I'll have to look at the VIN number when I get home this evening.
  5. Nice looking car! It should treat you well. I have driven mine, rain or shine for the past three years every day and it hasn't let me down once. For seats, check out the E21 320is Recaro seats. They are a straight bolt in with no bracket modifications needed. I have a set that were given to me and I absolutely love them. Small things 02 owners (some) like are side marker delete. No one likes useless trim. Aluminum radiator (however your M42 probably already has sufficient cooling). Hella H4 headlights for added night time visibility. Electronic fan (but like I said previously you're probably set). Suspension suspension suspension! Bushings, brakes, steering, tires, ect. All of those things will transform a car from feeling sloppy to extremely tight. Welcome!
  6. Nesset127


    Welcome. Love the Schwartz paint. Also... Nice 8 series at the gas station!
  7. Nesset127

    Round VS Square

    The square tails shall prevail!
  8. Nesset127

    Round VS Square

    Big bumpers are better anyways!
  9. Nesset127

    what would you spend $375 on?

    New subframe bushings and motor / trans mounts.
  10. How is it a 77' if they were only built in 73' and early 74'? I'm confused..
  11. Yikes.. I will keep my eyes peeled up here in the ol' Pac Nor' West for you.. Hopefully it is found before someone could make it up here though.
  12. Nesset127

    M14 Tubo?

    I was wondering the same thing...
  13. Nesset127

    Safety First

    Yeup. All of the above. Especially brakes and that engine mount. You don't want to be driving in traffic to have it explode on you at an intersection and be stuck a few miles away from home on a rainy day. Ask me how I know..........
  14. Nesset127

    Production Numbers

    Edit- Whoops all the number you have I commented. Apologies.
  15. All of those things aren't too terrible, the door locks could just need to be in use. When I got my 76' the door locks couldn't be unlocked either. I sprayed some WD-40 into them and cycled them a whole bunch, and just like that they were like new! The engine could very well be the carburetor. Is it idling notably low? If so that's probably the cause of the rough idle. Otherwise I would bank on ignition being the source of it. Be prepared for an ignition system overhaul if it hasn't already been done. Points, cap, rotor, plugs, wires. I'm not too terribly sure on the window.... My passenger window is a pain too, but I've never really bothered because no one ever rides in my car. And I live in the cold wet state of Washington... The radio, as far as I know the stock mounting point makes it particularly difficult to mount a modern DIN sized unit because there was no standard sizing back in the 60's. When I got my car, my aftermarket radio was actually mounted in the glovebox. Very odd but I suppose it was for theft prevention.