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  1. Drove her to school to pick up end of year items. Saw the School Resource Officer's cruiser. Could not resist.
  2. Chris B, I am not using Thackary washers. I cleaned and inspected the carbs again yesterday, Ran it until at operating temperature. No leaks? Starnge!
  3. Thanks guys! Yep. I have soft mounts. I will look closer at the top gasket. The small cover on the bottom seems to be dry. Top gasket is dry. Carb throats are dry. Time to jump back in!
  4. I did the search. Did not see anything. After a short drive I have a slow fuel under the carb. I don't see any fuel leakage on the top that could be a gravity fed source. Really not sure how to proceed for repairs or diagnosis.
  5. I don't know if I posted the pic. Still work to do. I have the driver side mirror but waiting to replace the window regulators. That is not a summer job.
  6. I have all but run out of 02 surplus parts to sell. Seems as though finding them is harder as well.
  7. Got off my ass and started it. Made a promise to shrug life's routine and start driving again. I have let too much stand in the way.
  8. Robbie P. No problem. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I do not know if Robbie P is interested but, if he is not they will be available. $225.00 for the four. Does not include shipping. Less than 2000 miles on the set.
  10. Robbie P, Here you go. front P30 0025H1 rear F4B46 0118 H1
  11. Robbie P. I am just getting home and will send numbers as soon as I get them.
  12. They are B8s. I will get numbers for you tomorrow.
  13. I believe B8. I will check on them. One of the guys I drive with has them. We are in central Florida.
  14. Good morning guys. It's not mine. Guy was trying to sell it. I will keep you posted.
  15. I was offered a NIB 2002 commemorative key chain. Was told make an offer. No idea. Any input is appreciated.
  16. Jon, I will keep and eye out for you. In Orlando.
  17. Not directly 02 related but thought I would see if anyone here wants or needs before I throw it to the masses. Badge was made by J. R, Gaunt in England. badge in 9/10 condition and shows some aging on enamel but no pitting. I have seen these go for $300.+ Offered here for $225.00 includes shipping. I believe this is a fair price. Please OBO if you don't. Thanks
  18. Thank you. Steel. We had thought FG but the mastermind moved back to Germany. I do have to remove to have the car towed. But that is a quick fix. I like the alloy you are producing.
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