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  1. Koblenz

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    5 speed install
  2. Koblenz

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Test drove the 5 speed!
  3. Koblenz

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Got the 5 speed sorted.
  4. Koblenz

    2002 commenorative keychain

    Good morning guys. It's not mine. Guy was trying to sell it. I will keep you posted.
  5. Koblenz

    2002 commenorative keychain

    Thanks. I would do $40.00.
  6. Koblenz

    2002 commenorative keychain

    I was offered a NIB 2002 commemorative key chain. Was told make an offer. No idea. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Jon, I will keep and eye out for you. In Orlando.
  8. Not directly 02 related but thought I would see if anyone here wants or needs before I throw it to the masses. Badge was made by J. R, Gaunt in England. badge in 9/10 condition and shows some aging on enamel but no pitting. I have seen these go for $300.+ Offered here for $225.00 includes shipping. I believe this is a fair price. Please OBO if you don't. Thanks
  9. Koblenz

    Kooglewerks aluminum air dams and trunk spoilers

    Thank you. Steel. We had thought FG but the mastermind moved back to Germany. I do have to remove to have the car towed. But that is a quick fix. I like the alloy you are producing.
  10. Koblenz

    Kooglewerks aluminum air dams and trunk spoilers

    Looks like a great product.. I like them so much I had a one-off made.
  11. ROADTRIP!!! saw some euro turns.
  12. Absolutely. Honestly, I just saw them in the shop in a corner today. Asked are they for sale? "Yeah. Probably. I need to clear some stuff out." I will post here when I know more. They look pretty cool.
  13. Interested in the Panasports if they come up for sale. Thanks!

    Dave in Baltimore, MD

    1. Koblenz


      Absolutely!  I will let you know.  They are pretty cool! Just sitting there in the corner.  They look to be in very good order.

    2. im3crazy


      Shipping from FL should not be too costly.



    3. Koblenz


      UPS from a business. Longwood FL. I just got home.  Had to UBER.  My E46 had a rear strut failure. I will get a hold of the Pana owner tomorrow.  I do apologize.

  14. Hello FAQ. Been away for awhile. Things are taking a turn for the better, (I got 99 problems and the .....). Anyway, came across a set of Panasports Pro Rally13s that are in excellent shape. Could use a refinish. He may sell. I don't know the offset but they did come off an 02. I don't know a price. Point is, if they can be used by someone on FAQ, let me know. I did take pics.
  15. http://petrolicious.com/these-are-the-ten-best-vintage-four-cylinder-engines