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  1. Lexol vinylex great for plastics tires, weatherstrips, dashes, and seats. Leaves no greasy residue, and brings back some natural colors. https://www.lexol.com/product/leather-care/vinylex-protectant-169-oz
  2. Covered glass with cardboard removed cotter pin used a 2 lb dead blow hammer directly on the lower channel (both sides) came right off.
  3. I would drill out the holes a lil bigger on the box and use a set of 8 mm if a 6 mm cant be found ....
  4. Oh, I was looking at your caliper measurement was close @7.88 mm/ or 8mm Sorry about that.
  5. It looks similar to the BMW p/n 31336765744 M8x18 strut bearing stud. How long is it?
  6. Turbo Calipers already have a spacer, so you could run your turbo vented rotors, but only other thing you need are the correct 2002 turbo hubs. Will fit perfectly! Add`l info... The early four piston calipers were a gold color and the late versions BMW made were silver, but not sure exactly when they changed color though.
  7. https://www.tooldiscounter.com/product/sir-tools-valve-adjuster-sirbmw3013
  8. Hey M tuner, Thanks for the keen insight on the seal! I found this original equipment item part number does it cross over to the specifications you supplied? Thanks!! https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/valvetrain-components/sub-13211aa110-subaru-oem-valve-stem-oil-seal
  9. Hey guys I am wondering if anyone found Viton valve seals that adapt to the old style guides. I would prefer to do that if possible vs replacing guides. Thanks!
  10. Since you don`t have vacuum hose anymore from distributor to ported vacuum try blocking the vacuum nipple at base of carburator. Follow up with result...Good luck!
  11. Hello, You say that they are NOS. When I see the term NOS IMHO I usually see the following, Usually unopened and, or some or all the plastic bags with BMW part number stickers attached. Do you have those? Thanks!
  12. Compare how the right side of the car looks and door operation doing the same checks. Check your door hinges for slop, and check the latch fasteners for being tight. Judging the misalignment of the left quarter panel mouldings under the rear quarter window and upper quarter panel moulding, there perhaps may have been a prior accident repair in its past to door/quarter panel. To rule that out y go to a subject matter expert at a reputable body shop. Good luck and I look forward follow up.
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