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  1. It all depends on the quality you are looking for because that is subjective. Knowing your quality expectations prior to starting are key to costs. This is with a bare body stripped of all trim and glass. Sure, there are people who can do things for a lot less and have their special ways of keeping down prices for budget purposes single stage vs base/clear it still has to please the client and the painters abilities should accommodate their needs. Some clients are insistent and fastidious and desire higher levels of quality and there are (hard to find) talented painters to work with you to provide that level. In the refinish industry many man hours are generated into the degree of preparation you require for your plan for the car. Media blasting, body reconstruction, frame machine, X checking, sheet metal fab, flattening existing sheet metal outer panels. and leveling all panels prime and lots of blocking prior to color. Blocking color coat can take considerable time depending on your vision of quality. If you have high expectations expect 35-45K+, medium expectations 15- 25K, standard work 10-15K . Then there is just get it done 4-10K +. Maaco etc have their packages maybe 1-2K unsure? Industry man hour rates average 85.00 to 150.00+ per hour (estimated) usually based on time and materials. expect around 300+/- hours on just the refinishing. On these cars expect to see additional hours for unexpected rust repair and reconstruction from previous "repairs" of sheet metal. Expect to purchase sheet metal parts. Some like to keep it simple I definitely get it. Its not for everyone that`s for sure. Good luck on your quest fellow 02er! Mike
  2. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?width=165/&ratio=70&diameter=13.
  3. I plan on using some of this/// https://www.heatshieldproducts.com/marine-heatshield/marine-heat-shield-sleeves https://www.heatshieldproducts.com/automotive/thermal-and-heat-shield-sleeving Good luck
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bilstein-Shock-Stickers-1-Pair/182005838688?hash=item2a6064b360:g:XJAAAMXQQQhRcROE
  5. Nice work especially using the Weld thru primer!! Keep up the fine work! Perhaps seal all flanges with flange sealer. https://www.goodspeedmotoring.com/wurth-brushable-seam-sealer.html
  6. Need a new front windshield for a 2002 targa. if you have one, or have knowledge of where one is please pm me thanks! Mike
  7. Interested in a set of those handy dandy door checks!! msalaniuk@yahoo.com

  8. If that is the green car in the first picture, I believe it is beyond the point of just rubbing out on the hood especially with the surface rust showing through, on the other panels without the rust showing I would try a medium compound and work your way to a finer compound then polish. Good luck!
  9. The only way to verify the type of linkage connection is by physically looking. There were two versions it might have been changed. without tearing everything apart, you could perform maintenance by removing those two trans case bolts cleaning out the bores with brake cleaner etc...replacing the shift plate bushings and shifter rod bushings this was a common cause for the slop. Those two allen bolts like to back out due to engine vibrations out of the transmission case so use a locktite product to prevent recurrence. Check and tighten other bracketry with loose fasteners in that area. To keep you rolling, you could just snug everything up til you are ready for a decent rebuild with all necessary parts. Realoem.com under sedan will get you the actual part numbers for the common items. There are various bushing upgrades that you can use alternately from the various vendors on the web that specialize with 2002s. Good luck! The late version is shown first then the early version second.
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