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  1. Mikesmalaga72

    Trouble finding battery with proper ledge

    If you want a plain battery here is one for reasonable price: https://www.pepboys.com/bosch-premium-performance-battery-group-size-26r/product/9998175
  2. Mikesmalaga72

    WTB: Obscure Sunroof Part

    Clarify if possible, the orange book parts states there is only one required not two... and placed on the right hand side. Logic has it there are two provisions for them on the left and right hand sides.
  3. Hen, It probably is the A/C on/temp control.
  4. Interested in the nardi hub, Price and availability please. Shipped to 34476 USA. Thanks! 1-352-598-5130 c
  5. Mikesmalaga72

    Tension Rod Install Front Subframe

    You will get a few nicks on that jewelry but don`t worry nothing a little touch up paint wont hurt
  6. I was referring to only the small interior vent glass/frame assembly. I appreciate the tip on installing the assembly. Thanks!
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated!!
  8. Hi all, Any tricks/techniques to installing the front wing window glass into its small triangular pane with the thin rubber gasket sleeve? Ive read using diluted dish soap or synthetic grease and some light knocking with rubber mallet. Thanks in advance!
  9. Mikesmalaga72

    Ludwig is 46 today

    Long live Ludwig!!! Happy birthday!!!
  10. Mikesmalaga72

    VDO Water Bottle

    PM sent..
  11. Trico classics are pretty nice!!
  12. Start with baseline stock and tune to suit in my humble opinion. That way you can tailor to your specific needs. there are a lot of variables and compromises to consider alon the way to achieve your desired results.