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  1. Bath tub, turbo, or flat pistons are only for 121 cylinder heads. Shoot for a head with 46 mm intakes.. Good luck.
  2. Mikesmalaga72

    Hard to get in 1st

    I experienced a similar occurrence, from what you said, you worked on the trans area a year ago? I would go on your sense that the shift platform may have worked its way loose as it is common on these cars. Perhaps the two allen bolts that fasten the platform to the tail of transmission and shift platform insulators / bolts/nut torques or loose trapezoid mount bracket bolt. A little medium Locktite may prevent recurrent loosening of Allen bolts and lock nuts on the insulator and angle bracket bolts due to the NVH from the engine.
  3. Mikesmalaga72

    1st 2002 tii prototype in America

    Wow here she is again, what a story she has...!!! I remember looking at that car from a distance @ Erhard motors dealer in the back lot with the NJ MFG lic plate back in 75. I later sat in that car sporting the Euro only blue velour/cloth seat covers around 96 at a private collectors building. It had the blue Euro cloth seats. I remember that the gas pedal did not want to budge..so did not even attempt it! One thing I really remember is that it looked in pretty nice shape but never looked too deep out of respect for the owner.
  4. Nos or excellent used. Rear black rear quarter interior trim panels lt /rt please msg your offer, Thanks!
  5. That looks like a well set up 02! Sorry to hear of the loss!! Any chances you could transfer your hard work into a sound roundtail chassis or reconstruct on their insurance dime etc? .Best to ya!
  6. Mikesmalaga72

    Heater Control Bezels

    PM sent...
  7. Mikesmalaga72

    VIN verification for build/model year

    The year and month vehicle was built is useful in ordering parts from BMW to capture mid year part changes. The early year cars had vin's on them sitting outside in a court yard in primer just waiting for paint lol....
  8. Mikesmalaga72

    Any Engine Mounts that aren't complete rubbish

    While the rectangular was still in good condition I still made a really nice dent from underside of my hood from a broken mount bracket, now with reinforcement I feel confident it should not happen again.
  9. Mikesmalaga72

    wiper blade recommendations?

    IMHO After running almost every premium priced brand on all my cars I use Trico. They seem to have figured it out what the best blade compounds should be after all their years experience since 1917.
  10. Mikesmalaga72

    Tii A/C crank pulley hub

    Looking for a 2002 tii A/C crank pulley/ (Found).. Thanks!!!
  11. Mikesmalaga72

    Electrical light problem

    There comes a time to assess when it is time for electrical maintenance to keep the gremlins away. A nut and bolt inspection except it is for mainly electrical. Make sure your battery terminals and leads are clean to include the ground attachments at the body/block/trunk floor/heater box etc and alternator ground at the timing cover. Rotate/inspect all the bullet fuses in their holders. That the small wire lead that bolts to the positive terminal is clean and tight. Locate all body grounds and check for good bonding. unscrew the fuse block from the body and carefully inspect the electrical connections etc. Gently turn the turn signal mounting screws back and forth once in awhile and use dielectric grease and other related products such as contact cleaner, cleaning tools and a source for new wiring terminals wherever practical. Oh, and look for chafed and or damaged wiring shorting to ground, and prior owners that may have "modified" or deleted wiring. Starting with a good baseline can help nail down the domino effect. Nice 02 there!! Good luck!
  12. Congrats on getting Tesoro on the road!

  13. Mikesmalaga72

    Parts bin cleanout - approx 30 bins/boxes

    Pm`d you thanks
  14. Mikesmalaga72

    '72 tii value

    Alpine white was not offered in 1972 the only white I know from 72 was Chamonix. Also I think the most common color for the seats and door panels were marine blue/black top borders and marine blue seat covers. the vin within the first 1000 cars thereabouts should have the 3.45 open or lsd diff, and black intake runners as well if the engine number matches the body.
  15. Mikesmalaga72

    72 Tii SOLD

    Dash heater bezel plates plz if in decent shape. diff if LSD and ratio. Thx.