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  1. Hello Paul.. RE: Lily paint....I dont think there were two stage paint processes yet in 1969. BMW used a single stage process and the yellowing could be from the old school varnishes used in the paint binding agents. Really noticeable on the early 70 Chamonix single stage when only the exterior was painted with fresh two stage and engine bay left unpainted. I think a light buff on what you cleaned up will certainly look nice!!
  2. I`ve heard forged pistons, or cracked flywheel/flex plates could do that in some instances.
  3. Corrected post... It is possible that the order scheduling may have been hectic at times while these cars were selling like hotcakes.
  4. To determine what is actually in that vehicle you could raise it mark output flange and input flange at pinion at 12: o clock and rotate wheel and count the relative rotations of the driveshaft (input) to get you close enough. The original diff is as described above, however it may have been changed during it life at some time.
  5. Nice car!! External screws were not used to hold on the long stainless moldings along the bottom on the rocker panels easy fix if you want to go there. Back in the early 70`s when the E3 BMW Bavaria came out in the USA but not in Germany the Germans affectionately put the Bavaria emblem and similar versions on their cars and it could have been any car...Was strange why BMW did not use the "Bavaria" name on the German version 3.0s/3.3Li etc. P.S. You may want to have the rocker panel sheet metal inspected/examined more closely at the weld and seam areas for integrity.
  6. So let me know if your first buyer changes his mind. Thanks!
  7. Oh and please make it a habit to place a jack stand slightly weighted under the car for safety!
  8. I sent message to administrator and all was repaired very quickly.
  9. Hello 11 S 40 sounds more like a 3.64 ratio especially if it came out of a 4 speed car. Did you change the ring gear? However if it happens to be a 3.64 to 1 and the first person changes their mind I`ll be next in line. Thanks!
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