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  1. Interested in the trunk lid. Will pm for details.
  2. Hello, Looking for used rear roundel and trunk lid for my 1969 2002. Thanks, Rob
  3. This is an old trick and works well to feel abnormalities on the paint surface. I used to use the cellophane off my cigarette pack as it worked even better since it was thinner lol.
  4. I am planning on attending my first vintage as well and coming in from North Central Florida. My route will be state highways to Augusta,Ga then freeway to Asheville. May meet my brother in South Georgia to caravan if I can convince him. Anyone interested in joining along the way lmk. Plan on leaving Thursday morning the 19th. Sacrilege, but may not be driving one of the 02's. Rob
  5. You are looking at the correct spot. May be a replacement block.
  6. Yup...been using these products on all things smooth plastic for years. Great results!
  7. Still using my trusty Fluke 77 from the early 1990's
  8. Well I received an email back this morning from BMW Archive regarding the manufacturing dates of my 02's. Vin 2530220 was manufactured on June 3, 1969. My beater, vin 1673804 was manufactured April 2, 1970. April 2nd 1970 just happened to be my 4th birthday. I now know why I've always felt a certain connection to that car! Rob
  9. On your advice, I emailed BMW Archives already lol. For the car in question and also my 1970 vin 1673804 just for kicks!
  10. Thanks for the additional info Steve. I will email BMW for the mfg. date. Fwiw the date codes on most engine parts are 4/69. Rob
  11. I am the third owner of a 1969 2002. I purchased it off Craigslist last summer from an attorney in Sarasota. She acquired it from the original owners estate that she settled. The car was in the garage in a non running condition. She had it towed to her garage where it sat for 7 years. Her intent was to restore it, but it never happened. It is numbers matching, sunroof, Colorado in color, and automatic(soon to be manual) transmission. It was purchased new at Bavarian Autohaus in Clearwater on 10/29/69. It was titled as a 1970, however it is clearly a 1969 given the flush turn signals, non-sport steering wheel which came on 1970 only and ti models. Also, lacking are the rear reflectors above the rear bumper and unique side view mirror to pre 1970's. I did a bit of research on Bavarian Autohaus and it appears they were in business from 1969 to 1977. Here is a full page newspaper ad announcing their grand opening lol!
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