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  1. 02hobiedave

    Radiator fan shroud (Found one)

    Hi all, Looking for a fan shroud for my 2002 let me know if you have one for sale or you are not using Thanks. Dave
  2. 02hobiedave

    Parts lot from 73 & 76

    Where in Florida are you located. I'm in central Florida
  3. 02hobiedave

    Front brake pads and rear shoes

    I'll take them
  4. 02hobiedave

    F/S New Rotary compressor A/C brackets for 2002 and tii

    yes i am. Just send me a email at dave.hobiedave@gmail.com i should be ready to ship out soon. Dave
  5. 02hobiedave

    Suspension & wheels

    Thx Steve i got one local from another 02 guy no shipping.
  6. 02hobiedave

    Suspension & wheels

    Steve I would like the radiator if you still have it. Dave
  7. 02hobiedave

    72-73 2002 parts

    Hi I'm looking for some green tinted door glass. would you sell a set two doors and two rear vents? Dave
  8. 02hobiedave

    F/S New Rotary compressor A/C brackets for 2002 and tii

    Soon to be, I made the bracket off of a tii block. It works on both blocks no issues. Dave
  9. 02hobiedave

    advice on AC for my white 2002tii

    I Installed the 12x19 condenser it actually measured 11x18 had to use a shoe horn to get it in the car. but it worked fine. I think the bigger condenser helps with cooling. If you need any info or picture I have a bunch from my A/C build.
  10. 02hobiedave

    advice on AC for my white 2002tii

    Glad to hear that. Froze my butt off in Indiana up on the Farm. We had a nice white Christmas i did not have to shovel any. I was ready to head back to sunny Florida.... little did I know it would start snowing here also.
  11. 02hobiedave

    advice on AC for my white 2002tii

    I reused my evaporator and ditched everything else. New hoses, O-ring connectors, dryer, condenser, electric fan, Tri-nary switch and rotary compressor. It works great in the Florida Heat. I have never looked back. I had no experience with A/C systems before. I read a lot about the system and just did the whole job except for the charging of the system. I use the R-134 and its cold as hell and works great.
  12. 02hobiedave

    More 2002 parts

    Is the door glass for passanger or driver side. I might be interested. Dave
  13. should have a new order by the end of the month I hope. just send me an email. read my previous post. Dave
  14. I should have some before the end of the month. Contact me at dave.hobiedave @ gmail. Com
  15. oldguy did you already order with me? I have one left for shipment. dave