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  1. Hello If you have bubbles you need more Freon. Sounds like everything is working you just don't have enough in the system. Unless your coils on the evaporator are frozen or frost on vents. then you might have expansion valve issue. I'm not there but from what you have written down. Hope it helps Dave
  2. Here is the list I include with each bracket: All metric. 10-1.50 x 40 bolts you need 2 attaches the compressor to the adjustable end of the bracket arm. 10-1.50 x 35 bolt you need 2 mounts the compressor to the middle holes in the bracket. 10-1.50 x 30 bolts you need 2 mounts adjuster arm to the bottom of the bracket. 10 mm washer you need 6 10 mm lock washer you need 6 10- 1.50 nut you need 6 to mount the bracket to your engine you will need: PLEASE USE LOCTITE ON ALL BOLTS WITH NUTS! 8-1.25 x 16 bolts you will need 2 for the top holes 8-1.25 x 20 bolt you will need 1 for the bottom You will also need two 8mm washers to offset the motor mount bracket. The hole that sticks out from the side of the bracket uses the front bolt from the motor mount. Also always make sure when you mount the compressor that the compressor ports are oriented to the top within reason. That’s where the hoses attach so all the pag oil does not get pumped out in to the system. All that should cost you around 12 bucks at ACE hardware. The belt size for the 2002 is Dayco top cog #17320
  3. Does anyone need a new A/C bracket (Hobiedave Bracket) that fits the M10 engine. The bracket was modeled from an original clardy bracket and was mocked up on a straight 2002 & tii block. It's put together and welded in a steel jig for quality control. All of the rubber bushings have been deleted so no more worn out bushings to replace down the road. Also the bracket size has been reduced along with the weight and you don’t have to remove the bracket to replace a water pump like the older York bracket. $108 includes shipping USA. ight so you
  4. This is a good picture of mine installed
  5. Do you still have any of the U trany conversion brackets? I'm looking for one.



  6. Chargin The hole is already in the bracket but it is in such a place its hard to mount a bolt in that location unless you modify the bracket. Its the half moon shaped cutout at the 90 degree next to the weld. Dave
  7. Simeon, I installed mine with the Moutor mount first then the A/C bracket then washer and bolt on top of that on the left side. The bolt on the right needs a washer placed behind it the thickness of your motor mount ear to keep the bracket level at the bottom. Hope that helps. Dave
  8. I'm Glad that it turned out so nice! You have an eye for detail keep up the good work. Dave
  9. Great write up, love all the pictures. Just for clarification my Bracket does not require the lug the you show to be drilled out. I have seen people that do not have the top two attach points use that lug as a third position to secure the bracket. Just FYI. This is the Clardy/ hobiedave bracket installed on my 72 -M10
  10. Hi all, Looking for a fan shroud for my 2002 let me know if you have one for sale or you are not using Thanks. Dave
  11. Where in Florida are you located. I'm in central Florida
  12. Thx Steve i got one local from another 02 guy no shipping.
  13. Steve I would like the radiator if you still have it. Dave
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