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  1. oldguy did you already order with me? I have one left for shipment. dave
  2. PM me your email and I'll send you an invoice please. Dave
  3. M10 block has the 5 holes at the right side of the block S14 does not have the two of the top holes next to the head. Dave
  4. I have just received a new batch of A/C brackets (hobiedave brackets). If you have not contacted me in the past please do so now before I run out. The bracket fits the M10 engine to add a rotary compressor bracket for air conditioning. The bracket cost $107.50 that includes shipping to the lower 48. I can ship to other countries and I have done so in the past. thanks for your interest. please contact me at dave.hobiedave at gmail.com thanks Dave
  5. This is what I used to insulate my lines. Works great. I also used the 11x 19 in mine and cut the bottom of a horn bracket. Still have both horns on the bracket. Like you I'm in a hot climate for most of the year. I have great results out of my hybrid old and new system. 02Hobiedave
  6. thanks for any help you can give. dave dot hobiedave at gmail.com
  7. Will those air horns fit a standard brake booster? if yes I will take the air horns thx Dave
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