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  1. Apparently mine has given up the ghost. Just need the contact with a wire that I can splice to my existing set up. Please advise if you have something that could work. Regards, Justin
  2. Paul, Please PM, need help with a BBS issue. Thank You!! Justin
  3. One more thing... Lost one last week and in need of another one, with good locking tabs and logo sticker. Again, TIA. Justin
  4. Turns out that I have a 3.91 gear that throws my speedo off, and my trip meter is kaput. Does anyone has a spare they can sell/trade? TIA. Justin
  5. I have a machined 215mm flywheel, using Red Line gear box oil. New delvin bushings, hardened bushing mount, and 'horse shoe" style support bracket. It does shift much easier when the engine off. I am at a loss. Justin
  6. I have been told that you are now the 123 wisperer. Please PM to discuss options. Thanks!! Justin
  7. Hello Again! Been finally enjoying "Lola" after the last of the restoration however I am experiencing some sticky shfting of late. It only happens when going to 2 to 3rd or 4 to 5th, but also when just trying to put it into gear as well. Sometimes it's smooth without effort, a lot of times it takes a good deal of effort. It's a 5 speed from a 320, new clutch master during the install, fresh fluid, cut & welded modified platform, IE shifter, 2002AD "dog bone.. My only guess would be failing clutch master or the platform needs adjustment, if that how much movement (either way) is needed? Any thoughts? TIA!! Justin
  8. Oh yeah, when I rebuild the head they look like stock 9:1 piano tops. This is all new territory for me, so thank you for your patience.
  9. Ok, it seems I lost the mapping for Lola since I did not ran the engine during my protracted repair. Since i I have a different engine configuration than what the 123i guys may have set up, I do know that the one (stock mapping) loaded originally leaves my 02 stumbling below 2.8k to 3k rpm, but just takes off like a scalded monkey over that. So I would like to get some input as to what maps everyone is using with the following: Dual Webber 45s Schrick 292 cam MSD 6A 123i Bluetooth 9mm BAV plug wires Bosch plugs - stock 5speed - if that is an issue 3.64 LSD- if that is an issue If I can get the stock map loaded (never done that before) the tweak or add with your inputs from your experiences I would greatly appreciate. Want to to start driving her ASAP. TIA, Justin
  10. Bluetooth 123 version, plenty of gas and has good battery (why the 123 should not have power during that time?) If it needed to be remapped, would the file on my phone reset it while the ignition activate the search to the phone? H & C Justin
  11. Had to correct some issues on Lola after some shakedown runs, now she won't fire up. Engine was running fine before the work, but she just turns over and that's it. Plenty of gas and electric pump is working. Have dual Webbers, and 123ignition but not touched a thing, would I need to let the pump prime again as such a long sit? Hazed and Confused. Justin
  12. Well it turns out that I did not have wheel bearing failure but that the the lug bolts (threaded) backed out after I lots some lug nuts. (I have 320 hubs that had threaded holes) Since I am using BBS wheels, is there a special lug nut that properly seats into the lug opening? TIA!! Justin
  13. So last month my right front hub bearings gave out which will necessitate new set. I have never replace these before especially the big brake kit. Apart from drowning the new bearing with lithium grease (Mobil). What are the steps in removing the old bearings and installing new ones? Will they require a hydraulic press or any other specialty tools? Is there a sequence on order or part install? Any guidance would be appreciated. Justin

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