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  1. Here is a list of items I have left over from my build, I will send pics to those who are interested: Stock OEM with Blue/White markings Rear I.E. Eibach Springs Stock OEM cam, perfect for performance regrind 320 Behr Radiator 12" Spal Cooling fan, ready to plug in (will combine with the radiator) URO Rear glass seal BBS 15" locking tab Refurb Steering arms Steering Box Late model Hazard Switch Late model light switch (multiple) New Sunvisor Locking Tabs -2 Seatbelt bolt covers Z3 Short shift gear lever with leather shift knob Sunroof format headliner rods Webber Dual Carb Sync 3 Dot Rear Spring Spacers
  2. Oh I know as soon as I got it back from him I was screwed, Just want to get out of his shop in one piece (having his CHL prominently displayed during time of payment was a clear message to me, while it was absent during the drop off). What I want is to get peers views as to how it should have been done in the first place. Judging from the amount of glue on the seal, they attempted several tries to install, as well as it is improperly recessed below the level of the front seal (I believe in Bo Black's installation the seals are flushed to the roof. Personally I don't even think they made the effort to remove the panel to properly attach the rear seal. Something a self proclaimed preferred "restorer" would know. Am I missing anything on this repair assessment? Anytime one has to pay more to correct another vendors work or lack there of is the tale tell of the aforementioned. I will have the new vendor document what he had to do to correct what SC did (or did not, would not, could not). Mainly to refute all of his excuses, counter claims he has responded to my disapproval.
  3. So this is a continuum of my prior posts. I would like to get a peers assessment of my recent experience of sunroof seal installation service, from a so call preferred restoration expert of such vehicles, just for the record. I would welcome all view points on the quality of service from those who have done this at their own shop, or at home or on a drunken dare at an 2002 event. TIA Justin
  4. Ok, now you are just being mean as pizza is my kryptonite (that and anything '02s, 914s Superkarts, crafted beer) So as far as the the latest, the idiot vendor claims that the rear seal has a metal band? Never heard of that doozy! Do need a rear seal though if anyone have a spare in need of Christmas money, please let me know. TIA Justin
  5. Idiot vendor claims that the rear seal has a metal band? Never heard of that doozy! Do need a rear seal though if anyone have a spare in need of Christmas money, please let me know. TIA Justin
  6. Need to know the Volvo/VW source contact in formation please. Mike in Ohio, it's warm here in Dallas, possible road trip down here. Will pay in beer and cheese fries.
  7. This suppose to be from a "Reputable" BMW restoration specialist? Since I have to redo the back again, I will need a new back seal, anybody have a spare? And what is the best method to reinstall WITH the sunroof panel already installed?
  8. Looking for any trailing and control arms, with or without all the acutramon. Good shape or so so is fine for me Please let me know if ya'll any laying around or if you just want it gone after your wife find your part stash. TIA!! Justin
  9. Since we all likely putting on bigger tires and smaller steering wheels, which will result of us looking like "meat heads" over time, has anyone considered the idea of a R&P conversion kit? Something as follows: Bolt on from the front subframe Modified idler arms - if need be Aftermarket R&P from like a Porsche CV knuckle kit to the R&P Someone like IE, or Blunt or Top End that has a skunk works out back? Just an idea.
  10. Wideband? Sorry for being "toooped, but please elaborate. Thanks!! Justin
  11. Ok, I'll pull both and see what I have, I feel that I am running too rich anyway, but she runs good when she is stretching her legs. Any procedure to pull them to inspect them?
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