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  1. Hey y'all, As the title says, need one that the 2002 AD version failed. One of the main pins works its way loose and it keeps popping off the clips and detaching from the shift lever. Any help on a solution would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Justin
  2. Got the worn center link off but installing the new one is a bear, and I am afraid of tightening the castle nut any further that could cause damage. Looking for any tricks to help speed installation. Thanks!! Justin
  3. Captain Manly

    Securing Clardy Shifter Console - Rear Tab?

    So the back tab suppose to show then? Here is a pic. Justin
  4. Got my reconditioned console from Denver 02. I figured how it attaches from the front but was looking as to how to secure the rear portion to the tunnel. I notice that there is a little metal attached to the rear retainer that 1) secures it from the outside (noticeable) or secures but it from the inside of the console (how ones is going to attach it that way would require small hands to attach through the shifter opening? Or am I missing something? Has anyone done this reattachment? TIA as always. Justin
  5. Captain Manly

    Hill Country Fall Trip Possibly

    It has been a while since I have heard of something like this, but is there any interests to have a greater Texas 02 group meet this fall like in Fredericksburg? If not enough interests what about opening to the greater German car group (MB, Audi, VW and yes even Porsche). Thoughts? Justin
  6. Captain Manly

    I'll be in Dallas/Ft. Worth for 6 weeks...

    PM when you get a chance, got some things in the works for Lola this weekend.
  7. Captain Manly

    Clardy Shifter Console Aft Retaining Bracket

  8. Decided to bite the bullet and get their rear adjustable spring perches. Been about a week with no update so I called them asking for a tracking number, got a Spicoli who apparently finally graduated from Ridgemont High School, saying that they haven't even shipped yet, and were waiting on the springs from their supplier. So I asked him how much for just the perches (since I already had some Eibachs) and said it's the same price, why not a lower price for less parts? Said just deal with it. I then ask when will I expect delivery, his reply was you'll get them when you get them. Nice. Anyone else been blessed with such award winning service? Justin
  9. Turns out that my odo and trip meters are not working. I have a local shop that can correct it but I remember that there is a certain number on the back of the gauge that IDs the correct gear for use on 5 speeds and 3.64 diffs. Would anyone know what the correct number would be and if needed where I can acquire one? Thanks again!! Justin
  10. Looking for the Calrdy Shift console aft (rear) retaining bracket Looks like this: TIA!! Justin
  11. Captain Manly

    Later Model Shift Consoles, Retaining Strip Needed

    THAT"S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now were to find one. Justin
  12. Been doing test runs on the recently drive able Lola, and is running great until last week where I now have hesitation when the engine speed in below 3K. Above 3K she run wonderfully with no issues. My current set is as follows: Dual Weber 45s (rebuilt) Schrick 292 cam Port/Polished rebuilt head 123Ignition (Bluetooth) Don't where exactly to start? Anyone else had such similar issues and set up? TIA Justin
  13. Thinking about these but a bit out of my price range, does anyone have a pair they are willing to sell? TIA Justin
  14. Captain Manly

    Later Model Shift Consoles, Retaining Strip Needed

    There is nothing there on the aft end of the console to hold that part down, that is what I am looking for. Justin
  15. Have a manual shift console that is attached to a Clardy AC facia but the back end moves around and makes clicking noise when shifting gears. I do recall back with my last '02 there was a horizontal retaining strip that is attached to the drive line tunnel that in turn attached to the back end of the console? If I am not dreaming this up where would I find this mythical item? Thanks!! Justin