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  1. I have been told that you are now the 123 wisperer. Please PM to discuss options. Thanks!! Justin
  2. Hello Again! Been finally enjoying "Lola" after the last of the restoration however I am experiencing some sticky shfting of late. It only happens when going to 2 to 3rd or 4 to 5th, but also when just trying to put it into gear as well. Sometimes it's smooth without effort, a lot of times it takes a good deal of effort. It's a 5 speed from a 320, new clutch master during the install, fresh fluid, cut & welded modified platform, IE shifter, 2002AD "dog bone.. My only guess would be failing clutch master or the platform needs adjustment, if that how much movement (either way) is needed? Any thoughts? TIA!! Justin
  3. Hello-

    Did you find a choke cable? I have one if you still need one. 


  4. Ok, I have the Clardy AC set that you posted. What size speakers are those just to confirm what I have will fit. Thanks! Justin
  5. Nice kit, can you send to me the link to the item? Is it possible to get the kit without the speakers? I already have a pair to use. Do you have the kit with AC capability? Regards, Justin
  6. I am interested in the shift and parking brake handles - in black. Please keep us posted. Justin
  7. What are you asking for the skid plate and how difficult is it to install? Very interested.
  8. I disagree. As Geno Vanelli once said "Black Cars, Look Better in the Shade"
  9. I hope that my daughter does the same when she get "her" car. Might be a hovercraft by then.
  10. Ok, so it does look like it is 2 prongs after all. Thanks Hall!!
  11. Buttoning up the dash and need to ID the OEM fog switch. How many prongs on the back the one I have have 2 prongs sticking out with another that looks like it broke off? Any pictures that would help clarify the set up would be a tremendous help. Thanks!! Justin
  12. The car already came that way and I am trying to improve the existing issue.
  13. Ok been looking for a simple solution to protecting the speaker wires for the door speaker, when one opens and closes the doors. Bought shrouding devices from a fellow '02er but they are a bit overkill, would require drilling very large holes in the door sill and door (which would require removing the door). Is there some simpler to do that requires smaller holes to be drilled that somebody has developed for such a situation? Thanks!! Justin
  14. Well I tried to apply some "persuasion" with Mr. Vice and Mr. BFH. The German steel is quite robust! Could not make a dent or bend in the curve without damaging the receivers, and I don't have a hydraulic press to take it to the next level. The only option I can think of is using the later model receiver where it is a cable based format, would anyone know a source of those?
  15. Ok, here are some pics. I have set them into their position with temporary rivets. But the fit into the console cavity and center right under the console. I have built a backing plate to go under the drive shaft tunnel for the assembly to bolt into. My only issue is that the receivers elevate the console which means that I have to remove some of the console padding to sit correctly again. I looked at REALOEM and the earlier E24 versions had this bracket set up while that ending years had receivers something similar to that in the front seat of the '02s (a cable base with receiving head). Any thoughts to my plan thought process? Thanks again!
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