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  1. Bingo! PM when you get the chance. Justin
  2. Does anyone have the right map light assembly from an E30 rear view mirror? Mine won't stay in and makes lots of rattling noises when driving. TIA
  3. Lost mine in my move and looking for another one with retaining clip and nut plus direction on how to properly install in the trunk, been so long I can't remember. TIA Justin
  4. Well this is what I have, please feel free to chime in on ideas: 9.5 Piano tops Schrick 292 Dual Webber 45 jetted at 800 feet, intakes ported and polished MSD 6A with rev counter Bosch Red Coil Lightened fly wheel TIA
  5. Jim, Please send invoice and email address for payment via messenger. Thanks! Justin
  6. That's why I think we should set up a data collective, given our individual engine set ups with respect to RPM ranges.
  7. Looks good, and this will fit a '75 with no problems? If so, please PM with final details. Thank you for the follow up!! Justin
  8. Great!! Keep me posted, thank you! Justin
  9. What about starting a collective library of ignition mapping of those who are using the 123iGnition? We can disclose what the engine set up that you have and the corresponding mapping codes that we could try, given each individual's engine parameters. For example, I have dual webbers 45, with Schrick 292 cam, port/polished head, MSD 6A, Bosch red coil and I am using the same numbers as what is stated for the Ti version. Thoughts? Justin
  10. My old one is getting wonky and I am looking for a solid motor from a '75 02,any help would be grateful. TIA! Justin
  11. My old one is getting wonky and I am looking for a solid and accurate fuel sender from a 75. I do have parts to barter but a REASONABLE price will be considered. TIA!! Justin
  12. Can someone provide me a pic of what this part looks like? You
  13. If you have one that needs a good home or know a place that has one, PLEASE let me know. You can reach me at justin_evertatsbcglobaldotnet. Thank you!! Justin
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