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  1. Looking to refinish the cluster. Was planning on a simple wrap but because of the cluster finish it won’t stay stuck! Looking for an insert Is there one made or do people custom make them... Thanks Pete
  2. How did you get the gauge glass retaining ring out. I'm afraid to break the plastic if I force it.



    1. Swiss 2002Tii

      Swiss 2002Tii

      I used two small screwdrivers, one in each hand and spun the locking rings CCW.  The tabs on the plastic bezels can be fragile, but the ring iitself is pretty strong.  Be careful pushing the rings out to avoid breaking the tabs.

      I recommend that you mark each steel locking ring and bezel to keep them paired.  I had some difficulty getting the locking rings to seat properly because I didn't do this.

      And don't use paper towels to clean your glass!  Soft cloth only!



    2. fst2002


      Thanks! Took a bit but finally got them apart!

    3. Swiss 2002Tii

      Swiss 2002Tii

      I had difficulty getting the rings to "bite" into the bezel enough for them to seat and hold the glass without rattling.  My solution was to take an X-acto knife and carefully slice the bezel along the cut line so that the ring would bite further into the bezel.  A tiny bit of silicon grease on the edge of the three steel ring "teeth" makes it slip more easily, but be careful to keep the glass clean!  Nothing more aggravating than getting it all locked together and realize there's a smudge inside the glass after you mount the instruments!

  3. You guys are great Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks guys... gonna play with it this weekend!!!
  5. So I just picked up a silver dollar cluster which I would like to clean up but not seeing any detailed info on taking apart... Anyone have any info before I tackle opening it up... Thanks
  6. OK, So I will be tackling the interior shortly and my 2 pc dash just went out . Tell me about this "upgrade"... my charging system is upgraded and uses a seperate box for all modern power equipmemt supply. what should I expect 10 amp each? 20? My car has several mods so as I do not have an a/c system is there a package compressor unit as well... How well will that system cool in an area like Phoenix because I do spend a great deal of time there
  7. fst2002


  8. Would be interested in complete head / manifold set up
  9. Looks like I'm # 2 in line... Let me know if the whole set up is still available...
  10. I would like the e12 head please!!! fst722002 at gmail dot com Thanks!! Pete
  11. Try Darrin Johnson. He's in Springfield Or. [email protected] He had several NOS noses. Bought one from him in March A little pricey but still can't get them so... GL Pete
  12. Hey Stan, Sorry been busy ... need 2 5 od's can drop a check or pay pal ... email peteb at cox . net Thanks
  13. Stan, Looking for (2) 5 OD transfers If still available I need email address for PayPal Thanks Pete
  14. Bryce,


    Looking for a 2 piece dash out of a 72 2002. Condition irrelevant as it will be refurbished.



  15. Anyone have any leads on a new / NOS front nose? Seems they are on an extended back order and no ship date... If it's used it has to be real good. Thanks Pete

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