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  2. Hey Nor'Easters! After this stretch of wet and tumultuous weather, I'm sure many of us are itching for some springtime warmth and clear skies to finally bust our cars out of their winter slumber. This weekend is slated to have a chilly start, but that won't stop me from finding my way to the Pit+Paddock Cars 'n Coffee Season Opener down in Horsham, PA. I will not have the '02 (it's still having some work done), but I'll be there with my E30! Details below: Save the Date: Cars+Coffee Season Opener is Coming Back to Turn 14 Distribution HQ PITPAD.COM Our staple Cars+Coffee event, brought to you by Anzo and Fluidampr, welcomes local enthusiasts and the Spring season to our usual stomping grounds: T14 HQ. Hope to see some other local folks there!
  3. I live in East Providence, RI and would be happy to meet another local enthusiast. I recently took ownership of a '76 that was restored in '96 - that I am slowly but surely tinkering with as time permits. Once I am done with the front wheel bearings, replacing the front strut mounts, and replacing the Koni's in the rear with Bilstein HDs (I am pretty sure I already have Bilsteins in the front, which, according to an original receipt that came with the car, were installed in '77), I'd be happy to meet so you could take her for a spin. Chris
  4. This forum is a bit dead but will give it a shot - I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to drive a "completed" restoration car (whatever that may mean to your specific car). I currently have a '71; untouched minus routine maintenance items and I am debating putting the car under the knife. I am just wondering what the difference would be from a driving perspective to evaluate how far I want to go with it. I am located in/around Boston but would be happy to take a drive. We can trade cars for a quick cruise!! If this is not for you, thats ok too.
  5. I have a very good transport company I literally just used to have the '76 I just purchased, shipped to me from GA to RI. Your 2002 looks sweet and would probably fetch a great price… have you considered BringATrailer.com? PM me if you would like the transport company's contact info.
  6. Greetings Henry, Sounds like a great space not only physically but socially as well. I’ve just purchased my first 02 after wanting one since high school, ‘74. The one that found me is a ‘76, but who’s complaining, it’s rust free, a rarity in CT. As I’m new to this I’d like to connect with fellow ‘02ers for advice on local sources for parts and specialist (engine work). Maybe find you and other 02ers at local antique car gatherings. After all birds of a feather tend to flock together. Ray3d aka: Raymond Ainger III
  7. Helloo there - if you have not yet, please join our facebook page. That's where 90% of our members are. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmw2002us Scott Sislane
  8. Hi all, new member looking for a car. I had a 72 malaga back in the late 80's and have always missed it since. I don't have time for a full on project right now but I do have the skills so I don't mind a car with a few problems. Any leads appreciated - Thanks!
  9. Thanks! On my bucket list since I rode in one in 1988. Visiting our son at school in RI a few weeks ago and it was parked in Newport with a for sale sign. Came with a stack of paperwork back to original owners in '74... found them in Berkeley, CA and sent them pics... they were thrilled that it is still on the road. Happy driving!
  10. Hi all, new owner here. We picked up "Shimoda" in Newport Rhode Island on 11/12/21. Drove 320 miles to Bangor, ME without issue. 1974 base model.
  11. looks great! Nice looking motor, that should last a life time. Scott
  12. Hi All, well I am finally done w/ this project...at least as done as one of these can be. Starting a new business, losing a parent and, oh yeah, COVID put me about a year behind, but here she is with her rebuilt engine and many other repairs, etc. Just needs some small trim pieces and a few other odds and ends. Just in time for about 500 miles of driving and hibernation. I kept her mostly stock except for some period accessories, a CHMSL, marine gauges (close match to the cluster) and spark plug wire clips from a Lycoming until I source the proper loom....or not, I kind of like the aircraft clips and they look the part. Hope to get back on the fun car circuit in '21.
  13. Hi Heather, your request to join our fb page was approved this morning. That would definitely be a great place to start. Scott Sislane
  14. Good morning folks. This is my first post in this forum. I tried to join the facebook page but have not received an invite yet (I may not have done it correctly - don't use FB hardly at all). I would like some advice in how to go about selling '73 2002. I am in central Massachusetts and do not have the means/know how in how to ship a car, so I thought to post here in this local Club. Would posting here in this forum be the best place to list the car, or should I wait to see if I get an invite to the FB page?
  15. I'm looking for more advice. I'll post in the tech forum? Thanks.
  16. Thanks for your replies and information. The 3 row champion has arrived but is 3" thick where as the stock is 2" thick. Now the timing issue Andrew. I believe may be off and needs looking into. What do you mean by tired distributor, worn out or sticking parts? I also now have a hot spark electronic ignition. Not yet installed.
  17. With a stock radiator, 70° thermostat & timing set to 32° full advance at 3500, temperature should be just below 1/2 on the gauge. A tired distributor or off timing will cause over heating.
  18. Hi Bart, You'd be best off joining our fb page https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmw2002us/?ref=share As for the radiator, there's really no reason to get a special radiator, IMHP. The stock radiator if freshly re-cored, is great. If that doesn't work, I'd guess your issue is elsewhere. Have you completely flushed the block & head? Then refilled & burped? Water pump replaced? Scott Sislane
  19. Hi all, I'm in Southampton, MA. Currently working on my brothers 1973 2002. Motor has been rebuilt with a 292 cam, it has a weber redline carb, I'm having some overheating issues and about to buy a new radiator. "Champion" triple row aluminum, E12 head cylinders bored up once I forget what compression pistons we used, I'll look into that later. Anyhow currently a 71* thermostat. Is the forum alive?
  20. Great story. Would love to take the ride out to Kimball's this Summer (fingers COVID-crossed).
  21. Greetings all. In 2017 I acquired the outdoor barn find '71 2002 you see below and in my profile pic. I know the previous owner through a mutual friend, and he knew I had owned and worked on BMW 2002s previously. He acquired it in pristine condition in 1987, which is the same year I finally got rid of my '72 Riviera Blue 2002, after my foot went through the floorboards. My father purchased that car in 1973 from an auto auction. It was only one year old, had 37,000 miles, and had been hit in the front and totaled. My dad was a mechanical genius when it came to cars and he taught me a lot. We found a 2002 in a junkyard that had been hit in the rear, so we grabbed the hood and nose, did some welding, body work and painting, and got it on the road. He drove it daily for 10 years then gave it to me. I drove it through college and grad school and was sad to see it go. I also had a 1600 rust bucket in for a while. From 2002 to 2014 I built a GT40 replica to about 80% completion but had to sell the project. Last year I helped a buddy do a mechanical restoration on an '86 Alfa Spyder, where I honed some of my sheet metal skills. Try replacing a spare tire carrier in one of those... Anyway, it's time to get started in this 2002 project. I have a 1994 E36 318i in my driveway that will donate its M42 engine, G250 tranny, LSD and assorted bits to the 2002. The 2002 has a Weber-carbed M10 that has had new internals, racing pistons, etc. I really want to do an S14 swap but those engines are unobtainium now, so I'll see what I can squeeze out of the M42. That's the story for now. I live just a few miles from Kimball's Ice Cream in Lancaster, where they do a car show every Friday in the summer. Seems to be mostly American muscle but I'd welcome an opportunity to meet some of you. Thanks for listening.
  22. That's a nice, clean 2002 you have there. Welcome. I'm also in central Mass, and have owned 2002s previously.

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