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  1. Hello so I am once again salvaging parts from my brothers 02 series. Today I am attempting to get the washer nozzles off. But I am unsure how to do that without breaking them. Any ideas/help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam Keram
  2. Hello I am looking for a couple sets of the 1600-2 folding key blanks. I found them somewhere but I can’t remember where I found them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Cris here are some some photos of my early swan neck mirror. It’s in bad condition but I’ll be restoring it sooner or later. When I got my car it had the flag mirror in the position of where the early swan neck should be.
  4. So as of this point the headliner is out and almost all of the dynamat is off the floor. I just got my 10 tooth/slat grill in today for the car. So that puts me at 4 NLA/unobtainable parts acquired for the car. Those parts being the two spoke steering wheel, swan neck mirror, embossed belt line trim and 10 slat grill. Hopefully by the 3rd of April the dynamat will all be out and the floor will be all set with POR15 applied. IMG_0981.MP4
  5. Captain_Keram


    This was my stepbrothers 1971 BMW 2002. If I remember correctly my stepfather restored for him in the 90s. One night he was rear ended by someone while driving this car. It sat in the woods for I don’t know how many years till it was pulled out September 2019 by my stepfather and I and now is being used to help restore my 1968 BMW 1600-2, VIN 1560816
  6. I have a 1968 BMW 1600-2 VIN 1560816, you can find her in the registry.
  7. Hello this has probably been asked a lot. But can anyone tell me the differences between a 6 volt and 12 volt 1600-2. I have a 1968 with the VIN 1560816, built on October 6,1967.
  8. Hello I am looking for a pair of 2 piston/single circuit calipers for a 1968 BMW 1600-2.
  9. Please let me know when the next run of these are. Contact info: keramrestoration@gmail.com Samuel Keram
  10. I would love to get one of these. Please PM me with the payment information if these are still available
  11. Has anyone seen the led taillights for the 02 roundie by Brainlifted? If so what are your opinions? If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the link to their website. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this upcoming product https://getbrainlifted.com/
  12. Hello I am looking for the embossed belt trim for the hood. I don’t get paid till the 28th of January. So I don’t currently have a lot of money as I just paid of bunch of bills. But I just need help sourcing this part.
  13. Hello I am looking for the early embossed hood trim for my car VIN 1560816. I really don’t care what condition the trim is in. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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