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  1. Yea. I just am not 100% sure if I can trust buying from him. Plus his prices are way up there
  2. Hey everyone. So I have a really weird question and I’m not sure where to put it so that’s why I put it here. There’s a seller on Facebook who seems to have lots of 02 parts. But they are in Braga Portugal and there prices are really high. I don’t know if anyone has bought from them before or if I should even consider doing business with them. Here’s some of their listings but I’m just not sure what to do as I don’t want to be scammed and also don’t want a part that won’t work for my car. I already had a part I bought off of Facebook come from out of county that doesn’t fit my car.
  3. Hello I am wondering what dealer do I contact to get the dog dish caps. I contacted my local BMW dealer and they have not responded at all(that’s typical for New York State though). I also don’t much care for the beauty rings.
  4. My next question is where would I be able to find a pair of these. As I don’t want to drill a whole in my grill to get the grill mounted
  5. I know I should ask this question down the road more. But how was the kidney bean grill ORIGINALLY mounted to the cars? I don’t want to have to put holes in my early kidney bean grill to mount it as that would ruin the look of the car and I’d also like to have the car look as original as possible. If they make the original style mounting kits still where could I buy one. Thanks, Sam Keram
  6. Hello I am looking for Master Cylinder and vacuum booster/power brake booster rebuilt kits for my 1968 BMW 1600-2. My car was built on October 6, 1967 so I am looking for rebuild kits to keep the brakes period correct. Thanks, Samuel Keram
  7. I have two sets of Recaro seats for my car I have yet to figure out what I wanna do with. Nor do I have a very good idea of how much they are worth.
  8. I will be using the seats the original ones. The color currently on them is marine blue. But I’m most likely going to be reupholstering them over to the dark brown or the black if I can’t find the dark brown. Luckily I found the front seats with the embossment in dark brown the backseats not yet.
  9. Hey Mike, here is a photo of the top half of the same seat that was under the bag. Sam
  10. Hi everyone so I am wondering about the seats on the early round taillight cars. I know the number of pleats on the seats were different than they were later on. What is confusing me is the way to seat is moved forward and back. The top photos from my brother ‘71 2002 and the bottom photo is the seat that came with my ‘68 1600-2. I’m trying to go for the original style look for my car I mean I won’t be able to get it exact but I do have two options of seats and I’m just which one is correct for my car. On my brothers ‘71 the lever to move the seat is on the side. On the seats that came with my ‘68 they have the lever to move them in the front. So I’m just a little confused and I couldn’t find anything here on the FAQ to help me understand the differences.
  11. Hello yes my car is a 68. It was manufactured on October 6, 1967. I also don’t know much about my car, it’s history or it’s design. The only information I have is what I got from the previous owner and from the BMW Group Archive.
  12. Well I don’t know if it’s just me or not but does it look like I don’t have something connected there that should be? This is on the lever on the right side of the steering column
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