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  1. I would love to get one of these. Please PM me with the payment information if these are still available
  2. Has anyone seen the led taillights for the 02 roundie by Brainlifted? If so what are your opinions? If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the link to their website. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this upcoming product https://getbrainlifted.com/
  3. Hello I am looking for the embossed belt trim for the hood. I don’t get paid till the 28th of January. So I don’t currently have a lot of money as I just paid of bunch of bills. But I just need help sourcing this part.
  4. Hello I am looking for the early embossed hood trim for my car VIN 1560816. I really don’t care what condition the trim is in. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello. So as far as I know most of the 67 model’s style was kept until sometime in early November 1967. My car, 1560816, was built on October 6, 1967. So if I’m not wrong my car should have the 2 spoke steering wheel and the swan neck mirror, like your car does. I’m not sure though on placement of the mirror. As for me the dates of design transition between the 67 design and 68 design are not clear
  6. Hello. So I have the correct steering wheel and mirror for my car. Found the correct seats. But I’m wondering about the grill. I know it’s all aluminum/alloy. But would the center kidney bean part be 10 slats or 8 slats for a vehicle built in early October 67. thank you, Samuel Keram
  7. Where would I find this color interior so I can buy it for my car?
  8. Sorry meant it put that in. The original body color was Manila. Aka paint code 004
  9. Hello I have a question about the interior of my 68 BMW 1600-2 built on October 6, 1967. VIN 1560816. The current interior color is marine blue. But I want to go as close to what the original could be. So my question is what is the most common interior color for a 1600-2 built in early October of 1967? Thanks Again, Samuel Keram
  10. Hey all I’m looking for the embossed front nose trim. I really do want to get it. My VIN is 1560816 and is an Early 1600-2. I’m trying to make my car as original as possible. So please any help in this search is greatly appreciated
  11. Captain_Keram


    A 1968 BMW 1600-2 currently under restoration. I bought this car in July 2020 for a man who was going to restore it but didn’t have the time. It is now in my hands and going through a restoration to factory settings. The car was manufactured on October 6, 1967 and arrived at Hoffman Importing Co. in New York City on October 17, 1967
  12. Ok thank you very much. To be exact my cars VIN is in 1560816
  13. I will update the post with some photos of the interior and exterior
  14. UPDATE 2: So I see people are asking about why I keep my VIN a secret. It is because my parents instilled in me to keep it a secret especially with old cars due to the reason that if someone saw my VIN and photo of my car. Then if they liked it enough they could lie and say I stole the vehicle from them. AKA why I keep it a secret is because it’s what I was taught growing up. But since every is asking and it seems to be starting quite the discussion my VIN is 1560816 UPDATE: here are some photos of the outside and what I have for photos of the inside of the car Hey everyone. So I’m working on sourcing parts for my BMW 1600-2 built on October 6, 1967. I am wondering if I could see some photos of everyone elses 1600-2s from that were built from September to October 1967. So I can get ideas of what to look for in parts as I want to go as close to original as possible. Thanks, Sam Keram
  15. Hello, I live in Upstate NY and need to get new front seat upholstry but I don't what place has the best price and quality. My front seats are headrestless seats and are embossed. Also the car is an early 68 BMW 1600-2 manufactured on October 6, 1967 and the VIN starts 15608XX, if that helps at all. Thank you, Samuel Keram
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