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  1. No 13", but I do have some 14" MSW wheels that are similar I would sell.
  2. Pictures not showing up for some reason? I get a "file not found" when I try to click on the image icons too.
  3. I had nearly the same idea. I was going to use 2 layers of 1/2" felt. But, now that I see your use of the canvas, that's obviously the way to go. The felt would probably end up shredded by the wire frame/springs without an underlayment. I think I'll forgo the coir. As you mention, not sure it adds much other than the “eau de ‘02” 😉
  4. Sweet! I'm about to do the same. Can you post a video of the exhaust note (or just audio 😉 )? Which IE header did you go with? Any engine mods? M
  5. FYI, I get "Error establishing a database connection" when I try to go to http://www.bmw1602.com/ Mark
  6. I'm pretty sure I have one - it would be a "long" differential, correct? I haven't taken the cover off to count teeth, but it seems to spin about 3.91 just eyeballing. If you can't find anything local let me know and I can dig into it.
  7. Are the OEM manifolds Tii manifolds? In other words, will a Weber 40 DCOE fit a Tii intake? thx M
  8. How important is the water jacket for those of us in colder climes (Boston)? I guess it just takes a bit longer warmup without jacket? M
  9. Right - good catch. I put an upgraded charging system in the Triumph so no problem there - Except - it's positive earth (ground). I'll have to double check w/ Innovate to see if their system would have any issues. I would think that as long as there are no paths to ground through the actual Bosch sensor all should be good? Not so sure the scooter could provide 5A, maybe if I disconnect the always on headlamp. Will have to run a test. Thanks for the insights!
  10. I'm interested in front bumper bracket(s) if you are willing to part it out. thx
  11. man_mark_7


  12. The Honda scooter would actually be the easier of the two. The under-seat storage is cavernous! One of the side covers on the Triumph is a tool storage compartment. If I can manage to make a few runs on my "test track" without my tools (gulp) I think it could work.
  13. Can anyone recommend a decent portable AFR system? The only one I can find any mention of is the Innovate Motorsports (3837) LM-2 (BASIC) Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Wideband Meter incl. Bosch LSU 4.9, but it looks really ancient. I have my 2002, a 1970 Triumph motorcycle, a Honda scooter and who knows what else I'll acquire soon on which I'd like to be able to log AFR during various runs. I can't imagine that after my initial tuning I'll really look at a gauge all that often, hence my desire for a portable/temporary tailpipe mount system. Or, worse, I'd look at the gauge and notice I'm off by a smidge and spend way too much time worrying about it. Thanks in advance. Mark
  14. I used a sewing push pin. Fit nice and snug and it has the head that I can easily grab w/ pliers if I ever want to reverse. Can't say I noticed a huge difference.

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