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  1. man_mark_7

    Making a carb switch 32/36 to a 38/38.

    I've got DGAV. It is now an electric choke. I'm not sure it always was. In fact, It doesn't look like any other DGAV I've ever seen. It seems cannibalized from somewhere else. In the top left of the attached image you can see the accelerator pump. I haven't been able to figure out what the other vacuum chamber thing shown in the lower left of the picture is? It has the small black hose plugged into it that comes off the carb base plate. (2 pics follow)
  2. man_mark_7

    CAD Models

    I've played with TinkerCAD a bit. They have some BMW's, but no 2002's M
  3. man_mark_7

    Making a carb switch 32/36 to a 38/38.

    I just installed sync-link on my stock '73 with a weber 32/36. I don't notice a hiccup. I'm running what's listed below. It's an old carb and I have not seen any mention on 2002faq about venturi sizes. The venturis I list below are what was in it when I got the car. Primary Venturi 3.5 Emulsion tube f50 Main Jet 140 Air Correction Jet 145 Idle Jet 60 Secondary Venturi 4.5 Emulsion tube f50 Main Jet 165 Air Correction Jet 170 Idle Jet 55
  4. man_mark_7

    Making a carb switch 32/36 to a 38/38.

    Let us know how you like it. I just sync-linked my 32/36 then added a 123ignition bluetooth dizzy. Still tuning both but I love to growl of the weber with the sync-link. It sounds faster 😉
  5. man_mark_7

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Well, if you swap the #2 and #3 wire, the car will run remarkably well, but spit through the carb every now and then... Problem solved. Now to start tuning with the butt dyno & a stopwatch. First thing I notice is that the idle is now very smooth. I used to get a minor misfire every now and then with the old dizzy.
  6. man_mark_7

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thanks for the ideas flagoworld. She was running great before I pulled the old dizzy so I'm guessing it's not running lean. The odd thing is that it's intermittent (every 2-3 seconds) and only at low RPM. I did also adjust the valves when I had the valve cover off to set TDC so I'm going to revisit valve clearance tomorrow, then re-check TDC.
  7. man_mark_7

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Dropped in a 123ignition bluetooth distributor 2 days ago. Car is running, but pops through the carb randomly at low RPM every few seconds. I just haven't had the time to debug and play with the curve. There are a gazillion threads on 123tune. I think I read them all....
  8. man_mark_7

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Tan (I think it's called Saddle?) driver seat for '73?
  9. I never found an answer to either of MattnFL's questions. I would love to know the same: 1) which emulsion tubes (f50 in both)? 2) good method to easily & reversibly plug secondary enrichment orifice? thank! Mark
  10. Another thread from the dead. I have this same issue. Weber 32/36 progressive. When I manually operate the throttle and look down the bores the primary plate opens, but fuel comes out of both "wings" of the accelerator pump outlets. THe secondary plate does not open until I push much further. Why would this be happening? Like someone said above, doesn't this just mean the fuel is puddling on the secondary plate? Does it make any difference if engine is running (drawing vacuum) or not? I haven't tried looking down the barrels w/ engine running. thx!
  11. Just ordered one of the single DIN mounts from Kooglewerks. What supports the radio w/in the console? In other words, I don't imagine that all the weight of the radio is supported by the faceplate panel? thx!
  12. man_mark_7

    What's missing here?

    Thanks for the very kind offer Guy. I'll see what everyone else turns up. I would guess the innards are the same, but I'd love to know for sure. M
  13. man_mark_7

    What's missing here?

    There are 4 tabs holding the black plastic backing onto the switch. They are peened / crimped to hold the plastic on. You have to try and uncrimp them. You can see on my switch that someone broke off two of the tabs (far side of the picture - my finger is running behind the tabs). My switch was held together with a zip tie by some previous owner since the two tabs were broken. It might be hard to uncrimp without breaking. M
  14. Happy Holidays! I recently cleaned up my turn signal / wiper / washer pump switch on my '73. Turn signals work great, but I think I lost a part of the washer pump mechanism when I had the switch apart 😥 I found this post, but I can't really make out what the part looks like. "Repair Turn Signal Switch" (Yes, I posted here too, but it didn't elicit any responses - sorry for the double post) I think there should be pin in the hole seen to the right of the two long copper strips on the lower half of the switch in the attached photo, but when I made a metal one, it grounded and the pump ran all the time. I tried to make a small plastic dowel and I couldn't quite get the length right. Could anyone show me a picture of what this part looks like and/or provide some dimensions for it? Better yet, if you have one laying around you are willing to part with I'll give you $10 for it! Thanks in advance, Mark
  15. man_mark_7

    Repair turn signal switch

    Bringing back another thread from the dead... I took my TS switch apart last week to clean contacts and I think I lost a part. What is supposed to go in the little hole adjacent to the two copper strips? I can't quite tell what it is from the pictures above. When I pull the lever towards me, I'm assuming a little pin is supposed to get pushed out of that hole to force the large floating copper lever against its contact point? Can anyone provide a picture and/or dimensions of the pin (or is it a ball bearing?) that is supposed to go in the hole? I searched all over my carpet and can't seem to locate - bummer!!!! Thanks in advance M