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  1. That's what I've been thinking. The old tank is fine, other than a fairly large dent in the bottom. I'm petrified of sawing and welding on a fuel tank. I have heard you can cause a pretty bad explosion brazing a fuel tank that is empty. I have heard you really need to keep them flushed with an inert gas while working on them or you have a high risk of explosion. Obviously it doesn't work so well to fill with water then try to braze. I don't know about welding w/ a water filled tank? I suppose I could fill the old one with water while grinding / sawing the filler neck off. The new one has never seen fuel so it shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Thx Toby - I was just noticing this.... The mount to the rear fender / fuel filler cap is very different. Do you mean "the SHORT neck tube stopped in mid '71"? Looks like I need to hold out for a long-neck tank. mark
  3. Thanks! I will never understand how RealOEM works. When I drill down to the fuel tank stuff for my '73 it doesn't show a part # for the fuel neck, therefore I assumed it was no longer available. But that's what I thought "Ended" was meant to indicate. Also, it looks like the older filler version uses a Hose Clamp (3) to mount but the newer version uses a big sandwich plate (10,11,12). When I searched the part# you provided I found out they are still available.
  4. Awesome!!! Now i just need to find an early model filler tube. The RealOEM diagram made the rubber attachment look way different. Would you mind posting a pic of early model filler tube?
  5. Here's where I have a confession to make. I bought the MVP tank through IE. It was way less expensive via IE for some reason, but they don't carry the long neck tanks. IE just listed it as "2002 short neck tank" without giving a year range. I should have paid more attention before buying it, but the big cost savings must have warped my thinking....
  6. It would be pretty hard to get a picture now, the Webers are kind of in the way. I think it will make sense if you re-read item 6 above. There is really only a Battery connection, a Ground, and the D+ wire.
  7. Yeah - the filler necks and the way they attach to the body panel seem significantly different. I would love some confirmation of this. mm
  8. Hi all, Yes, I did a search. I recently bought a replacement tank from MVP with a short filler neck. On their website it shows the short neck fitting 68-73. My '73 had a long neck tank in it with all the rubber filler neck stuff to connect it to the gas cap. Was the long neck tank implemented the same time the larger bumper / taillight revision happened or was it independent? Is there an "easy" way to mount a short filler neck tank in my '73 or am I best to pay for all the shipping and get the right tank? (see 2 pics below) thx Mark
  9. I know what you have, I'll pay top dollar! I'm sure it all ran when parked.
  10. No rush - I just wanted to make sure the ball wasn't still on my side of the court 😉 mm
  11. Hi @RumRunner - haven't heard back from you. Are you still interested? take care, mm
  12. Hi Rum Runner I'm going to hang on to the original cluster surround, it's in better shape than the one that is with my new gauges currently. So, at the end of the day I have just the 3 gauges (all working when pulled from the car) to offer you. So, it's up to you: I'll offer each gauge for $40 + shipping. If you buy all three I'll stick them in another cluster surround I have that has a few cracks in it to protect them during shipping. I would guess shipping will be ~$15 The next step would be for you to send me a paypal to [email protected] You are welcome to do buyer protection, vs just friends and family, but then please add 3% to cover the transaction cost Paypal will charge me. e.g. (3*40 + 15) = $135 *1.03 = $139 I promise to ship w/in 2 days after getting your paypal. take care, mark
  13. I've got a pair. Let me dig them out & send you a photo. What would be a fair price? Regards, Mark
  14. So sorry. This slipped my mind. Very sick dog recently. I will check now. mm
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