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  1. Are you doing this on your own, or is this @ Moment Motors?! Looks great!
  2. I had a weird experience once, as a young hot rodder, when I added an electric fan to my '76 Camaro. As long as the fan was still spinning down, the motor kept running. I obviously had wired it into the ignition circuit and the fan was acting as a generator. M
  3. man_mark_7


    Sorry for your loss. Was the car totaled, or will you repair? I have 2587443, which is also Agave. Mark
  4. Not sure exactly what this is called, but it's the bottom part of the seat from my '73 base model. You can see in the picture that one of the ears that support the back of the seat has broken off. The frame may be able to be welded, but I thought I would try to find one that is less rusty before investing in this one. Thanks in advance for any leads! You can see from the pic that the driver's seat bottom will have a "bump out" on the transmission side - assuming you're not driving in the UK!! Of course I'd be interested in a whole seat that's in good condition too, but I thought just a seat bottom without the padding might be a lot easier to ship. Regards, Mark
  5. Very interested in the electric future - who/what are you watching for inspiration? Have you found any kits that help convert a 2002 from ICE to electric? M
  6. On a stock engine (other than Weber 32/36 with sync link) I'm running: To my untrained eye your advance seems a bit low @ low RPM. I'm thinking of dialing in a bit more advance as I don't hear any pinging under load. Happy tuning! M
  7. I installed 123 with red coil, no resistor, works a charm.
  8. Great starting point! I had a similar steering wheel - I think it's mounted upside down so that the turn signal cancel works. Unfortunately in this orientation it blocks the gauges. I cut away part of the turn signal cancel tab mounting ring & reoriented to that it worked with the right side turn signal stalk. It's pretty obvious how to do it once you get the steering wheel off.
  9. Am I understanding correctly that you somehow hold your engine at an RPM (ie 1500) then add advance, see if RPM increases, then hold engine at a different RPM point on the curve & repeat, etc., etc.? How are you holding the RPM? Just proppping the throttle linkage open somehow w/ transmission in neutral? Does not having a load on the engine affect anything? Thanks! Mark
  10. Good to have you back! Your theory sounds quite promising. I'm sure it was nice to have the car to take your mind off things while you were in the hospital. Looking forward to a happy resolution. Mark
  11. Do you mean Konig "replicas" - these?: https://konigwheels.com/wheels/main-line-wheels/rewind/ Thanks!
  12. Same comment as a few posts ago - Love those wheels! Panasports, Minilites, Konigs??? Size? Offset? Any rubbing issues?
  13. I'm looking for offers - I don't know what they are worth. I'll try to emphasize where I said "Best Offer?"
  14. MSW Type 1930A 6J14H 2E39 wheels by OZ Racing Good shape, no curb rash, have all center caps. Best Offer? My tires appear to be at least 20 years old. I like the MSW's currently on the car, but am more enamored with Panasports / Minilites, etc. Since I'm in the market for tires I thought I would look for new rims @ the same time. Is anyone interested in these MSWs? If there is interest I will unmount and photo all the wheels. I would also be open to a trade for some similar sized Panasports / Minilites.
  15. Hi 02Tradition. I just got a line on one over the weekend. I'm going to pick up locally tomorrow. Thanks for reaching out, but I'm here to pull down this WTB. Regards, Mark
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