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  1. Does anyone have a picture or can tell me where on the B pillar (measurements from top?) the threaded hole is for the front seat belt connection (shoulder ones)? My B pillars were re-covered by the PO and he did not mark where that attachment point is... I can feel several indentations if I push in on the vinyl covering starting at the top of the B pillar and moving down, but want to make a hole on the right one in order to attach that part of the belt, and I can't tell which one of the indents it is? Thanks for any help. -RoyW
  2. I made a bunch of progress on my ’75 2002 project car this past week… had some help yesterday from a good friend who’s a far better “wrench” than me, thanks Aaron The tasks accomplished this week included: - installed the missing limiting bracket under the right motor mount - replaced the coil with new one (old one still worked, but looked like hell) J - wired up the Hella driving lights to the fog light switch on the dash (which previously was a dummy switch) and mounted the lights thru the grill with custom brackets purchased from an ’02 FAQ forum member - installed the freshly refurbished rear seat belts (refurbished by an ’02 FAQ member, Al, who did awesome work) - re-routed the heater cables to their proper place on top of the steering column (they were in front of the column from PO’s work) - installed Kooglewerks’ long center console, leather shifter boot, shifter knob, and e-brake handle (high quality products with excellent video on console install… thanks Forrest) - test fit a replacement steering wheel I bought on eBay to determine if the hub was correct, how the various panels under the steering wheel go together, and if we could figure out how to get the horn connected? More work is needed here, as I’m missing all the bolts for the trim panels around and below the steering wheel/column, etc. -Swapped in a new upgraded alternator (re-man Bosch AL41-X), only to find out that the shaft was too long and would just clip the fan blade, also the extra washers needed for keyway-to-pulley/fan alignment caused the belt to not be properly aligned on the same plane as the pulley on the engine. So, out came the AL41-X and back in went the old one! Need to find an upgraded alternator that will properly fit, since the AL116-X is NLA, maybe an AL46X according to other on this site?? This week I’ll need to figure out where the front re-furbished seat belts attach on the upper B pillar? The threaded hole that should be there is covered over by the new vinyl covering that the PO installed. Also need to find the front receiver belt attachment points on the trans tunnel, as I must have covered it over with the Kilmat and new carpet… but I don’t recall seeing it to begin with, plus I was thinking those receiver belts attached to the seats somewhere… they don’t!!?? Yikes!!! Anyway, that’s it for now, pictures below. -RoyW
  3. Thanks... that what I thought. I was looking at the situation because I was anticipating installing the the under dash trim panels and wanted to see want was in the way Thanks again.
  4. Awesome.... thanks so much guys! -RoW
  5. I'm wondering if the heater cables in my car are on the wrong side of the steering shaft? Seems they should be above or on top of the steering shaft, not in front of it (see picture). The car was dis-mantled by the PO for painting, etc., and then put back together.... and I'm wondering if this got mis-routed? Can anyone verify which is correct? Thanks. -RoyW
  6. I'm on the home stretch of piecing together the project car (that was mid-project by PO when I bought it) and have a few parts left over from the boxes of parts that I'm not sure what they are nor where they may go? Attached are a couple pictures of two items in particular... the others I have, I'm still researching to confirm what I figure out. Thanks for any help. -RoyW
  7. Thank you all for the great input on the various ways to accomplish this task... much appreciated. -RoyW
  8. I have installed a set of Hella driving lights and would like to replace the dummy switch (labeled Fog Lights) that is on the dash just below the Lights switch on my '75 2002. Do I simply order up a switch identical to the one for the Lights and swapped it in where the dummy switch is, or is there another switch I should consider using? I'll be running the necessary wiring from the driving lights, as well as power & ground wires, to that area of the under-dash (have a friend who knows what he doing with electrical coming to help, as I have no skills in this area?:) BTW... Is that dummy switch easy to remove and replace with a real one? Thanks for any help or suggestions. -RoyW
  9. Thanks everyone for the great input. I'll be checking all these options out. -RoyW
  10. Having removed the A/C system for my '75 '02, I now have a couple of holes in the firewall front the associated AC hoses. Is there a grommet or blank of some sort I can get to fill-in or cover up these openings? Thanks for any ideas. -RoyW
  11. Welcome. Looks a lot like my '02's twin, except for the wheels. Obviously, nice color LOL. Enjoy! -RoyW
  12. I have made very slow progress on the '02 project car these past couple of months, what with many safe Summer activities (with Covid-19 avoidance) like hiking, camping and helping my son with a camp he bought up on Lake Champlaine (NY side) taking precedence. But this past week I finally got back to it and nearly completed the install of the new Esty carpet set I purchased a few months ago. I cleaned up the area around the peddle box and installed the factory padding on the driver's side that was still good, then used Kilmat to even and smooth things out for under-layment in that space.I also decided to installed the Kilmat in the rear seat area as well, since I hadn't done that initially and had a bunch left over. I then used insolite over the Kilmat in the floor pan areas, based on a post I saw (on installing the Esty carpet set) from member M2M3. He used it everywhere in the interior that was to be carpeted, but I found the stuff very difficult to apply, so I opted to only used it on the floors. It comes in a large sheet (I ordered sq 3 yds) and it is peel and stick, but it curls up when removing the backing, and is sticky as hell... very difficult work with and to lay smoothly, unless you have two or three pairs of hands! So, if any one need a little for their project, let me know I have a couple yards left over...cheap! LOL Anyway, the Esty carpet set is very nice, good quality rug, nicely sectioned, and pretty easy to install... I just followed her instructions and those of M2M3 that are posted on this Board. You do have to do a little minor trimming or make triangle cuts to get some areas to lay flat, and it helps to have a little help with the big center section piece (thanks to my wife) I still need to trim off the excess carpet on the rear seat vertical frame piece (about an inch or so at the top of the frame so it's flush with the top); also need to install the kick panel sections (currently laying in the back seat area), but, I need to relocate some stereo system wires first; and, I need to fit the driver's side carpet section over the pedals and into final position, but not until I figure out how to adjust the clutch and brake pedals so they are somewhat even (my clutch peddle is much further out than the brake pedal)? Next I'll start on the install of the center console and put the seats back in. Then finish up the stereo system and install a new steering wheel, shifter, and e-brake stuff. I sent my seat belts off for re-furbishment, as most of them did not function properly and looked pretty nasty... those will go in when I get them back. I'm sure there are other trim pieces to install as well. I have a good friend, who is a great BMW mechanic, coming over at the end of the month to help me with some remaining mechanical tasks, e.g., engine bracket, alternator swap, deletion of voltage regulator, wiring up driving lights and switch, and a few other items. Then, hopefully, she'll be ready for a maiden voyage. That's the plan anyway. ... only about 4 or 5 month longer than I hoped for completion... not bad! -RoyW
  13. I have a project '75 2002 that's missing the covers that go on the backs of the driver's and passenger's front seats. I have the material to recover them to match the rest of the re-covered seats. These are, I'm told, the "late" seats and the covers from earlier model don't fit. Pictures of the rear side of my driver's seat is below. Please let me know if you have a set to sell. Thanks. -RoyW
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, but there is nor rust whatsoever on the metal around the peddle box (a little surface rust on the heads of two of the bottom bolts). There is however a lot of under-layment crud, of various color shades (some reddish, perhaps from the painting of the interior?), that didn't come off when scrapped by the PO or me... but I will scrap and sand some more and just to be sure use a little POR-15 where appropriate. I was quite amazed, after cleaning the under-side and the stripped out inside and trunk areas that this car is rust-free. Thanks again for your observation... always good to heed fellow '02 owners thoughts and inputs... much appreciated. -RoyW
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