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  1. to mlytle, morning, yes it is, I am sure that there is only 1 inca 2002 drag car in the world, but the owner did tell me the part about it being in a garage for 15 years before he acquired it and built it, so I will say yes it is the same car, and this car show was at Nantasket Beach in Hill MA just outside Boston,
  2. I saw this 2002 at a local car show this past weekend, thats one way to make horse power in a BMW, thought you guys would get a kick out of it.
  3. Hi Sebastian, can this be installed in a 1972 ? And if it is in working order with key I will take it, thanks, Richard
  4. I used to run a vintage poster gallery, ( all original lithographic posters ) and one of our specialties was Swiss graphic design, and your daughters design could have been included in the collection, VERY nice work, please give your daughter a high five, great job, 👍
  5. did you try Tery Sathers in Austin, they just had a posting here and on FB, from the photos it looks like they have a lot,
  6. Yes of course as soon as it is all sold out, it is something I got to have, I will watch for the update, could it be modified to stream ESPN scores 😀
  7. Are you still interested in the heater valve?  I have one available.

    1. Rich


      Hi jc, well yes I am interested, the one on my car, a 72 is working but a bit sticky so after reading all the threads this past week on the valves I thought I would try and re build one my self, so not a big rush, but what do you have? What condition, what year, and how much? Any pictures please would help, thank you , Richard 

  8. Matt, I have the same problem occasionally, unless I have the revs up very high I get a similar almost violent shaking in first, I am very interested to look at all these amazing diagnoses to find the problem, good luck with yours
  9. Morning Laguna Seca, I live just up the road in Hingham, welcome, we will have to get together, so I have 2 suggestions, first is Dave at Foreign Motor Cars, he is this side of Boston in Quincy, 617-996-2277 foreignmotorcars.com or then probably the best and most well known is Lindsey Brown at Little Foreign Cars up in Newton / Belmont / Waltham, 781-642-7766 , below is my 72, l;ook forwad=rd to meeting with you, Richard
  10. Tyler, the main and rod bearings that you have shipped to my machinist are .25 undersized ?? not original size for the spec 2002 as we discussed, ? Please let me know how we can resolve this mistake. Richard
  11. if you look over on the parts for sale page and go back 3 pages there is an E21 2.0 rebuilt head for sale from a reputable seller here on the faq, austrialvespaguy , he is asking $425
  12. evening good karma, so did I get it ? when I responded there were no other people ahead of me in this thread, ?
  13. Hi Goodkarmech, I'll take it, paypal address please, thank you, Richard
  14. Scroll 3-4 pages prior to this and There is another good thread on this subject, look for “ heater question “ I found it very helpful.
  15. so here are the two turn signals, the drivers side is only the cover with the chrome base, no guts, the passenger side has the innards but they are pretty much rusted out, so I am not sure if you can use the guts from your drivers side with my fresh cover and base but take a look, both for $25 or one for $15, let me know, you dont need any square tail lights or covers, cheap, like $25 what ever you need, Richard
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