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  1. hi there son of Art, do you have an email, or web site or should we just contact you through the faq ? thank you
  2. do you know how many days that I have been out in the garage polishing and buffing the heater valve that I am rebuilding, 😂
  3. the past few days with the site being down proves I have a serious problem, cranky, irritable and cant sleep, lets face it, IM OBSESSED with the FAQ, please help, 😩
  4. just an interesting article I found whilst surfing, https://www.ridgewayraceengines.co.uk/bmw-m12-engine-history
  5. just sent you a PM, but also, read the thread just above this one on " has anybody used Ireland for an engine build, lots of useful info,
  6. Hi Dan, in the last shipment I got from you it had the great sticker, it was a very nice touch, thanks
  7. Morning Kevin, my set of sun visors arrived last week also, they look really great, thank you, I always interested in NOS interior parts, Richard
  8. way back when I used to live on Holyoke St, and eat at Charlies Kitchen every Saturday, the drive is up to Newington NH Sunday Oct 6th, it is a cars and coffee thing, it is on Facebook, Ill find the info and forward it on, what do you have for a BMW ?
  9. ok, so $40 for the wheel center caps, $80 for the 2 side grills, ( he does not need the center kidney, sorry, ) and what ever you need for the tail lens, consider it done. If you dont mind I will have him contact you, he lives in the next town over, Cohassett, and does mostly Alfas and Mercedes so he tried this 76 BMW, kind of rough shape, so he needs a few parts just to move it along, If it is OK with you, may I give him your email address, ? Thanks for the help, and I found an E12 head local, best, Richard
  10. he might need those as well, give me a minute, but hold the other stuff for me for a few minutes, be right back, well I might as well ask now, how much for the three grills, and 4 center caps, do you have a right rear square lens, ?
  11. Hi dan if you still have the late center grill, how much did both the grill and 4 caps, I am helping a buddy get parts for his renocation, thanks Richard
  12. Hi Des, are you from Somerville, my wife lived there for 10 years, McGoon Square near Ball Square, and now we are on the South Shore of Boston, we have a lot of 02's down here, are you local to Boston " I have a 72 Verona, you should keep the Griz out of hibernation foa a few more weeks and drive up to NH next Sunday ?
  13. Hi there, this might be a ridiculous request, but I am sure some one else would ask anyways, but, as I just last week bought a beautiful set of Italian Weber 40's, if down the road someone makes you an offer for just the carbs, I could use the linkage, and maybe the cleaners, just something to keep on the back of your note pad, thank you, Richard
  14. @jimk and Jim, that is the way I came from the factory also, head to the front and nuts to the rear 😄

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