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  1. Hi LHCTii, here is a base line, if they are in English and in very good condition, for both Blue binders of the Factory Repair Manual I will offer you $100.
  2. morning Gary,I am having my M10 engine rebuilt with lots of high performance parts and pieces by Carlquist Competition Engines in Oakville CT, just outside Hartford. Mike Carlquist is an amazing BMW racer and a phenominal engine builder. It has been a great process to work with him, he takes lots of time to answer all of my technical questions and guides his clients with ll the important deceisions. He just finished the engine this week and I will do the install over the next few months. Check out their web site and give him a call. Carlquistengines.com 860-274-0742
  3. Did you see the one for sale in the parts for sale section today ?
  4. Hi Tom, Richard here fom down the road in Hingham, regarding your earlier question about seat upholstery, last year when I went to the Saratoga Vintage, what a great weekend, I met the guys from a leather supply house, called Relicate, relicate.com and he had a few suggestions for auto upholstery shops around here, see below, Mitch Woloshchuk (a one man show but really good!) Mitch's Kustoms 14 Zuell Hill Rd Monson MA 01057 ‭(413) 244-6455‬ [email protected] Nick Lupien Running with Scissors 133 Linden St Boylston MA 01505 ‭(508) 335-5276‬ [email protected] Lindsey Smith New England Trim 129 Hartford Turnpike Shrewsbury MA 01545 ‭(508) 752-8576‬ [email protected]
  5. Back in the 70's when I had my first one, the go to set up was a Sony, Kenwood or Pioneer head unit, with a cassette player of course, paired with a Fosgate power amp and some Jensen 6 X 9 co-axials in the parcel shelf and some 5 inch Jensens in the doors. But now for today, I just had my stereo instaled and went with Sony MEX-XB120BT and a pair of Audison APX 6.5 in the doors. I had an old set of black door skins so I bought some new Ardvark door panels and had them all put together and refurbished by my stereo guy, and the whole package is great. But as others here have said, it is definately tough to really hear good fidelity with the BMW 2002 harmonic symphony playing in trhe background. For days when I am just out for a solo drive I have also run e set of speaker wires to the back for some old Pioneer truck boxes, not the best looking set up but it definately adds the kick needed for some good old Rock and Roll.
  6. Morning all, Hi Hal, I am looking for the locking plates for the cam gear bolt ? Any chance you have that part, thank you, Richard
  7. Morning Dionk, not what you are posting but Hi Hal, I am looking for the locking plates for the cam gear bolt ? Any chance you have that part, thank you, Richard
  8. as for a local machine shop with a ton of BMW experience, Mike Carlquist, Carlquist Competition Engines in Oakville CT, carlquistengines.com mike has been great to work with, give him a call and talk about your project.
  9. Hi NK Guy, I just watched your you tube video on the rebuild of your blue 02, gorgeous, and I love Taj Mahal, I saw him once back in the late 70's in college, thanks for the inspiring videos, cheers
  10. Harry, I will talk to you in the morning about one of the tii distributors, thanks, Richard do you have a picture,
  11. Hi ryan, did you pick up a console yet, I have a nice one, but not really thought about selling it, Ihave a 72 so a short one, let me know, maybee we can trade some parts, Richard
  12. That was great, what a story, thank you for all that hard work,
  13. I just had my Getrag 245 totaly rebuilt at Metric Mechanics, you should give them a call, Jim knows his transmissions, good luck
  14. Hi Larry, Richard here from down in Boston, I am using Carlquist Competition Engines down in Oakville, CT, Mike Carlquist is a good BMW 2002 racer and they have an amazing shop, carlquistengines.com
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