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    morning Inka I know a guy ,lol, who is restoring an 02 up here in Boston and he needs doors, so I just sent this to him, stay well, Richard
  2. Yes thanks steve, I am back in business but 7502 I glad to know about “ crap cleaner “ though
  3. NYNick, well low and behold, I was about to say the same thing happened to me and I was entering the last post from my phone, thus the bad typos, but whalla, here I am on my computer, all set, feels so good after an otherwise challenging day up here in Boston, thanks for the thoughts,
  4. I know a guy 😀 who has a 73 tii project, it is completely disassembled and on a rotisserie at his body shop. It is all the wZy back here on the east coast and I do not know what he wants for it, do how’s that for a lot of solid info, Let me know if you want more info
  5. Hi all computer savvy techs, all of a sudden I can no longer respond to posts BB or start a new post, as when I click on respond it will not let me enter any text into the dialogue box, this just started a week ago and I don’t think I offended anyone 😀 but I am wondering if anyone else is having similar trouble. I have always used the same computer a Lenovo thinkpad laptop, thank you, richardt
  6. You should write a story about your chronicles in the next Roundel congratulations, living vicariously through you when we are all freaked out and staying home, great story
  7. After months of reading all the threads on upgrading the turn signal flasher relay, I finally got it done today, and it probably took 10 minutes, yahoo
  8. DUDE, RIGHT ON !!! BEST THING YOU COULD DO, I HOPE YOU PICK UP A FEW PARTNERS ON THE WAY, YOU COULD BE LIKE THELMA AND LOUISE, I had the opportunity to take a cross country trip years ago, and I did not go, " oh no I cant go with you guys, my ex girlfriend said she will move back in if I got a job " NOT, missed the trip of a life time, GOOD ON YOU, I AM JEALOUS, SEND POST CARDS, 😀
  9. Morning, there is a perfect one for you, right over on the cars for sale section here on the faq, a 73 Malaga $ 9800 in NC go get it ,
  10. Hi there, yes lets talk, my email is [email protected] thanks

  11. My 2 cents worth of advice, seriously consider the 73 Malaga on eBay
  12. Boston, it is for a 1976,is it passenger or driver side, do you have a price and some photos please, thanks
  13. Hi Harry, do you have any clean doors please, thank you, Richard
  14. Hi Brandon, Richard here, do you have any doors for a 76 in stock ? Thanks
  15. Hi 4dayer91 that looks like areal clean ash tray, did you find a NOS one or did you have it cleaned, looks great,

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