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  1. if it was not for this snow storm we had last night and the resulting school closings, my daughter stayed home, I would have gone down there and cruised around,
  2. Hi Steve, I dont know if you have tried to go directly onto EBAY and find the listing, but when I go onto it I can not find the posting, I can only find it through the link originally posted here. I have tried to contact the seller through the link so I can go see the car, I only live about 45 minuets but he has not responded, ugh,
  3. I am trying to find it on ebay with no luck, anyone else find it ? I am close and would like to take a look
  4. Morning, pay pal please and shipping $$ to 02043 thank you
  5. Good morning, I will take the e12 head, thank you, Richard
  6. Evening Resra, if they are available I will take the Factory Blue books, both volumes, ? are they in English ? Thank you, Richard
  7. thanks for the heads up on that one, its a doosey, this will be great to watch for the next 20 hours, oops, do you think I need to put my big boy pants on just to watch it, 😂
  8. Rich


    Very clean and very stock with a few basic upgrades to the suspension, carburetor, new carpet, but we try to keep it as original as possible
  9. awesome car, I have a 72 verona, I wish I could add this to the stable, GLWTS
  10. Rich

    Sun visors

    Hi there ISS Werks, looks like neither of us got them, but if SEB comes back they are all yours, " I yield my remaining floor time to the right and honorable colleague from SE Minnesota "
  11. Rich

    Sun visors

    Morning Seb how is the stuffing? Are they pretty solid ? They look like they are in very good condition , for Left hand drive also,
  12. Good afternoon Themis, I would like a bracket for a 2002 please, Richard

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