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  1. *New/Better detailed pics coming soon*
  2. Sadly, the time has come to move my '72 along to a new home. I don't have to sell this car, but it's not being driven much currently, and a change in priorities for me means the car will likely not get the attention it deserves moving forward. Malaga '72 2002, M10/4-speed car with ~102k miles. Purchased early last summer in Florida, I flew down and drove the car home to NC without missing a beat. I have since driven it all over North Carolina, including the 4.5 hours each way to The Vintage, and other than a loose fan belt, the car has never let me down! Very well maintained and very cleanly modified, the list of new maintenance/modifications below. From ~93k miles to present: -new brake fluid reservoir, brake hoses -All new front suspension and steering components; control arms, ball joints, tie rods, center tie rod, radius arm bushings -Full Ground Control coilover set-up with shortened housings, Koni adjustable struts/shocks, and adjustable camber plates, 350F/400R spring rates -E21 front hubs with new wheel bearings -Suspension Technique swaybars front and rear with adjustable rear links -Volvo front calipers with vented rotors and extended front studs -Porterfield R4S front pads -valve adjustment ~6k miles ago with new VC gasket -Ireland Engineering ceramic coated shorty header -Ireland Engineering full stainless "street" exhaust -New Weber DCOE40 carb set-up -new mechanical fuel pump -differential gear oil change -Reman TII distributor with Pertronix -new cap/rotor/wires/plugs -Moroso catch-can assembly -New upper and lower radiator hoses, coolant temp sender -wideband oxygen sensor with digital display in "fasten seatbelts" display -Euro/early front flush turn signal set In the last ~1k miles or so: -oil/filter change -new thermostat -New tail light lenses -NOS Cibie yellow fogs (mounted but not currently wired) -New Sachs clutch kit, resurfaced flywheel -Redline gear oil in transmission -New clutch slave -New shifter bushings -New correct Trapezoid mirror -New rear wheel cylinders -New Bosch alternator -Mostly new center console assembly (no radio/speakers!) -14" Enkei Apache V wheels, Yokohama S-Drive tires, wheel locks and 5mm spacers installed -Brand new (not remanufactured) seat belts and receivers from forum member bluedevils Mechanicals The car drives *extremely* well; starts easily even with the sidedrafts, idles fairly well (no stalling/surging issues), shifts smoothly, brakes and suspension perform perfectly. The carbs could use a little tweaking for the weather here, but they operate reliably as-is. The exhaust isn't loud at all, and the car is pleasant to drive even at highway speeds. Sunroof, windows, rear pop outs, and vent windows all work smoothly and correctly. All gauges and lights work perfectly, wipers and cigarette outlet work perfectly. No real squeaks/rattles, no whine from the transmission or differential, no noises from the suspension, the mounts on the car are tight, steering is crisp and communicative. Still a tiny bit of play in the shifter, but that's being nit-picky/comparing to my E30. The blower motor is not functional and I haven't investigated, but I'd assume like most, the motor itself would need replacement. It's mostly a fair-weather car for me, so never been particularly high on my concern/to-do list. Exterior The car has been repainted at some point long ago, but is a fairly nice job. There are a few minor dings and scuffs, but the car presents extremely nicely. The roof is notably faded, but could be brought back well by the hand of a better detailer than myself. Part of each rocker panel was replaced previously; there's no sign of this that I can find/tell visually, but it's documented when the car was sold in 2012 with 93k miles. The driver side rear shock tower was replaced previously, and the spare tire well patched, and though a mechanically solid repair, the welding/paintwork in that area isn't the highest quality. The front lower valance has some cracking paint down low, so will likely need repair in the future; it currently is not soft, nor particularly easy to spot the cosmetic issue though. The floors and frame rails seem fully intact, and I have not been able to find any signs of filler from any other repair work. There is one dime-sized soft spot on in the driver front wheel-well that hasn't become a hole yet, but should be patched soon, as well as a very small spot on the passenger lower fender in the rock-guard that's showing (both pictured below) The body panels line up well (the hood could use another adjustment to be perfect.) Several dings are present in the chrome belt-line trim, but I have straight and clean replacement trim for the three most notably damaged pieces. The car would be an absolute knock-out with the replacement trim installed and a professional detail. Interior There is no radio, nor speakers in the car, and the rear shelf and door panels are still uncut. The dash has one notable crack that y's off to the right of the instrument cluster, but is otherwise very clean and presentable. The carpet is mostly intact, but a weak point on the cosmetics of the car due to age/staining, and was on my list to replace. The seats are in fantastic shape overall; no rips/tears or even notable fading, and the stuffing is still intact, so they're comfortable as well. Door panels are presentable and free of any real waviness or damage. The original headliner is intact, and fairly clean, with just a couple small folds/tears on the sunroof panel. The battery has been relocated to under the rear seat with basic bracketry that is entirely functional, but could be better/nicer. The original steering wheel will be installed at time of sale, but the Momo solid hub pictured will be included with the car. Overall, the car is a phenomenal driver-quality 02. With a professional detail and a fresh carpet kit, it would be an even more stunning looker as well, but that'll be up to the next care-taker. I have no doubt this car could be driven anywhere within reason, and without any real issue. There's likely more I'm forgetting, so I'll update the ad as details pop back in my head, as well as adding more/better pictures shortly. I have a binder of receipts/documentation for the car going back to ~2013, as well as a spreadsheet for most of the work that was performed (much more detailed than what's listed above as well.) $19,900 Located in Raleigh, NC Will drop the price a bit if the buyer would like to bring their own wheels, or I can transfer the Yokohama tires onto a set of 14" Revolution RFX and lower the price $600. More pictures to come in the next day or two! -Adam cagedbunny at gmail
  3. Seems like a phenomenal deal. Make me wish I was in the market for another 02; would love to have this parked next to my '72!!
  4. Decided to swap consoles and go back to a radio-less set-up in my '72, so offering up my extra console. Good used condition, very presentable condition. A couple minor cuts in the front lower trim as pictured; hard to see when mounted, but there nonetheless. Upper unit that houses the hazard switch and ashtray has some old mounting hardware broken off in the mounting holes. Can be mounted press-fit into the console as is, or the hardware removed/extracted, and bolted in properly. Side panels are still in really nice condition, radio and speaker both work flawlessly. Surprisingly loud for being a simple set-up! Looking for $175 plus shipping. Located in Raleigh, NC. Can disassemble for safer/cheaper shipment as well. -Adam
  5. Buy with confidence from resra! I purchased another console he had listed here on the FAQ, and it arrived quickly and well-packed, and was absolutely as-described. Would not hesitate to purchase from him again
  6. Hey Harry, Let's give this another whirl; we never did connect last time on the trim, and I'm still in need of some better-condition pieces for my '72. Driver rear quarter, passenger door, and driver front fender. I would need pictures/description of them to know they're better than what I have currently. -Adam
  7. So the story goes.. had sold the matching four of this five wheel set and shipped them back in August, but the shipping company damaged the box they were packed in, tossed them loosely into another box without packing materials and sent them back. The original purchaser was refunded, and the claim process is now finally complete, so these are being offered up again at a substantially reduced rate, due to now needing to be refinished. All five are 13x6; four were tidied and powdercoated silver-grey, the fifth is straight but obviously not refinished. Two of the wheels are dated 5/74, the spare 10/75. Dates on the other two wheels are illegible. Two wheels have obvious bends in the outer lips that are repairable, and all four have some scuffing/chips in the finish of the outer lips. The centers all seemed to survive without damage fortunately. No center caps included. Wheel 1 Wheel 2 Wheel 3 Wheel 4 Wheel 5 Looking for ~$425 + shipping for the set of five. Located in Raleigh, NC. -Adam cagedbunny at gmail dot com
  8. Big milestone today for my 02, as it finally rolled over 100k miles! I nearly forgot about how close it was, but remembered in time to snap a couple pics. Have enough documentation to indicate that the car hasn't rolled over once before too And one pic for good measure parked, dirty and deserving of a bath, but shortly to be squirreled away in the garage before this hurricane rolls in..
  9. Final price drop; $1000 for the four refinished wheels with tires, plus shipping.
  10. Ireland Engineering's radiator should work with the OE mechanical fan: http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02alrad-st.html
  11. New pricing/details: Now selling just the four refinished wheels with Toyo tires. Looking for $1200 for the four
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