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  1. Was keeping these, but they’re too nice to use as just rollers, and I don’t have a need for a full-on wheel hoard/collection like I used to! 4x100, 14x6 et33 MSW mesh wheels. Centers and barrels are black, lips are a little faded now, but could easily be polished back. No cracks/bends/damage. No center caps. Tires hold air but are otherwise only suitable to be rolled around on. $450 picked up in Raleigh, NC Shipping available as well. -Adam
  2. 121TI head sold. Ported/polished head still available
  3. Matching pair of driver-quality door handles with functioning lock/key. Both in good working order with mounting hardware, no significant/notable cosmetic issues $110 shipped within the continental US
  4. Have a couple spare cylinder heads, both need some work before use. Head # 1 : 121 TI casting, with the larger 46mm intake valves. Been sitting off a car for more than a decade, needs to be cleaned up and checked over. Obviously missing the exhaust rocker shaft/arms, but otherwise appears complete. $125 Head # 2 : E21 casting, was fully “rebuilt” by Bavarian Engine several years ago, but not run long mileage-wise. Ported and polished intake side by Bav Engine as well. Fully disassembled, has a seemingly repairable crack between the water jacket and exhaust valve on cylinder 3, pictured below. Comes with valves, rocker arms, hardware etc. Pricing for the value of the parts, and the head as a likely fixable but otherwise fit for artwork piece @ $100 Located in Raleigh, NC. Can pack/ship either or both together. -Adam
  5. I left a review of my transaction with m-tuner in the feedback forum. Didn't expect them to jump in on a new WTB post, but anyone can connect the dots on what transpired there at this point. Dye is an option. Just would prefer to have the actual black pieces considering they are high-traffic parts, and more likely to be worn through the dye at some point. Might test dye these blue ones since m-tuner refuses to take them back! d
  6. Susan, once again, you sent me *blue* handles. If you sent me black handles, I wouldn't be looking for a set of black ones!
  7. How did you fit the rad and fan into the car? I have the same radiator, but there is almost no room between it and the water pump pulley, so I couldn't *tilt* the radiator into place with a fan attached on the front.. Was about to fabricate some brackets to hold the fan directly to the nose of the car instead.
  8. Disappointing to hear the issues you have to contend with getting the car back now. But on the bright side, it *looks* absolutely stunning!
  9. Max, the set appears to be $389 shipped.. https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/2002-lower-black-trim-kit-with-clips-1972-1973
  10. Re-posting a wanted ad due to being screwed over by a long-time forum member here. ☹️ In need of a pair of *black* interior door handles/arm rests in good, usable condition. Let me know what you have! -Adam
  11. What a beaut! Looks like a great driver, and all the mechanicals well-sorted. Will be a great buy for someone!
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