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  1. Decided to swap consoles and go back to a radio-less set-up in my '72, so offering up my extra console. Good used condition, very presentable condition. A couple minor cuts in the front lower trim as pictured; hard to see when mounted, but there nonetheless. Upper unit that houses the hazard switch and ashtray has some old mounting hardware broken off in the mounting holes. Can be mounted press-fit into the console as is, or the hardware removed/extracted, and bolted in properly. Side panels are still in really nice condition, radio and speaker both work flawlessly. Surprisingly loud for being a simple set-up! Looking for $175 plus shipping. Located in Raleigh, NC. Can disassemble for safer/cheaper shipment as well. -Adam
  2. Will someone please just ban this guy already. Bordering on troll-territory for his consistent lack of reading comprehension. Brian - neat car, and a beyond-fair price. Should be an easy sale!
  3. cagedbunny


  4. Selling some spares/duplicate parts from my '75. Solex single-barrel carb, and correct manifold. Both quite clean, linkage intact, and appears functional. Weber 32/36 carb, manifold. A little more dirt/dust present than the Solex, but all there and appears functional as well. Neither of these carbs have been run in at least 7-8 years. Will sell carbs/manifolds separately if desired. Reasonable offers considered. More pictures available upon request as well. -Adam cagedbunny at gmail dot com Located in Raleigh, NC
  5. Awesome and rare set-up. Good luck with the sale!
  6. One late-model pair of grilles still available. Lots of interest, but no one has pulled the trigger on the last pair yet..
  7. Have had these for a number of years now, but they have just been wall art in the garage. Three sets of Alpina-style four-round headlight grilles for a 2002. One early model set, two late-model pairs. Unsure of the actual manufacturer. None have ever been used/actually mounted, but two have been mocked up for testing fitment. No cracks or damage to any of the grilles, but some very minor scuffs from being moved around; a light splash of paint would make them perfect. $225 shipped per pair in the continental US Located in Raleigh, NC -Adam cagedbunny at gmail dot com
  8. Sold the 2002's, and this is about the last left-over item. This is a brand new, never used OE BMW green-tinted windshield for any 2002, 1602. etc. BMW part number 51 31 1 813 605. Has been in storage for the last decade or so, and was still wrapped in cardboard and plastic until a few weeks ago. No chips/damage, etc; I'll get it cleaned up and take some pictures this week. These appear to be NLA, last listed for $315. Open to reasonable offers The windshield is available for local pick-up only; I'm not interested in shipping at this time. Located in Raleigh, NC -Adam cagedbunny at gmail dot com Location: Raleigh, NC
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! And Chris, I did finally tidy up the interior, engine bay, and trunk a bit. I still haven't actually washed the body of the car, but if we get another day with decent weather, I may give it a bath and do a little hand-polishing.
  10. SOLD Verona Red 1973 2002, non sunroof car I purchased this car a few months back through a forum member, and got fairly screwed over in the process. I was lied to about the condition of the car, both mechanically and structurally, and pictures were taken "creatively" to mask issues. My own fault for not having the car inspected by a shop or another board member before having it shipped, but the end result is I purchased a car that was supposed to be a driver, and that's not at all what I received. The whole deal has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I don't have the time, patience, or desire to work on the car. Drivetrain Motor was supposedly gone through some years back as a higher-compression rebuild, which seems likely- the motor is fairly quiet, doesn't smoke or make bad noises, etc. Has a set of Weber side-drafts, though they need to be re-tuned for NC weather/elevation. Transmission is the original 4 speed which is solid, doesn't seem to suffer from any synchro issues, and shifts smoothly (albeit with a somewhat sloppy bushing or two.) I believe the rear diff to be original as well; seems quiet, no clunks or issues, but the case is filthy from an old leak. The car fires up and idles, accelerates gently, but the carb's are too far out of synch/jetted incorrectly to drive past 1/2 throttle. Clutch is very strong, motor mounts are in need of replacement. Ansa muffler has a broken internal resonator that rattles occasionally. Suspension Suspension is mostly original, with the addition of what appear to be Suspension Technique lowering springs. The car could use the usual refreshing of suspension bushings, but none stand out as needing immediate replacement. The car will need a couple wheel bearings (driver's rear, and the passenger front.) Brake pedal is soft. The car has new front brake hoses, no leaks, but there is still some air in the lines. I did a quick bleed and the brake feel improved, but I would budget for a replacement master cylinder just in case. Car is sitting on a very clean set of 14x6.5 BBS's from an E30 BMW, with 3 good tires (fourth holds air, but is badly worn from the donor vehicle.) Body Overall, the body of the car is quite straight. Usual small dings, notably in the driver's rear above the bumper. Small crease in the passenger rear lower flare (pictured below.) The paint is faded in a way to give the car a beautiful patina, which is hard to capture in pictures. A lot of the car could be hand-polished back to life, but I enjoy the aged look. Kamei front airdam which has been cut for the original front bumper (which is off the car, but included; missing the rubber strips.) European flush front turn signals, Carello H4 headlamps. Passenger side license plate light housing missing. The chrome body trim is in shockingly good condition, with just a couple noticeable dings in the leading edge of the hood trim (hood undamaged.) Interior Black interior in presentable condition. Salt and pepper carpet is in nice shape, but needs to be re-glued in a couple spots for the perfect fit. Dash has the usual cracks, and the center console has been butchered with a large piece of wood to house gauges and the original ashtray. E21 sport steering wheel, but the leather has some damage at 12:00. E21 Recaro seats in decent shape; upper halves are very nice, lower halves have the usual cuts/tears. Rear seat is nearly perfect, headliner is a little dirty, but has no damage other than the missing dome light. Rear shelf has a pair of small speakers, but is otherwise untouched. Door panels are quite nice, and only suffer from a small amount of the chrome trim chipping off. Rust The biggest issue with the car is that it suffers from the usual subframe rust. Both sides under the rear seat have been repaired previously, but the driver's side repair did not hold up. It's a relatively small area (~4"x4"), but it absolutely needs to be fixed. The subframe itself has some rust in the boxed in section, but a rust-free replacement comes with the car. The driver's front lower fender has a bit of rust, but a Verona red replacement is included with the car. Only other rust on the car is the driver's front floorboard, mostly in the lower leg that rolls forward to the left of the pedal box (which is undamaged.) Strut towers front and rear are exceptionally clean, trunk shows no signs of perforation, entire passenger floorpan is solid, nose of the car is rust/rot free, etc. Misc Everything electrical in the car seems to function well, aside from occasionally fickle windshield wipers (spare wiper motor included with the car.) Headlights/taillights, turn signals, brake lights, hazards, dash lights, blower motor, etc all function well. Car is water tight all around; zero leaks. Windows all work well (vent, sides, and rear pop-outs.) Current windshield has some damage, but a perfect used replacement is included. Car has an aftermarket Carter fuel pump mounted in the trunk; works perfectly, but obviously takes up some prime real-estate for trunk storage. The car starts, runs, drives and stops, but is not roadworthy in it's current state; this is a tow or trailer home vehicle. And a beauty shot with the old wheels; Overall, this is a really neat car with a ton of potential. Someone with the time and skills can easily make it a great driving car, but personally, I have 3 other vehicles that need my attention, and I wanted a 2002 that I could get in and drive *right now*, which this car is not. I don't want this car going to waste, sitting for an indefinite amount of time, waiting for me to have the motivation to put some work into it. $4500 with all spares Located in Cary, NC. [/u]
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