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  1. Looking good Jin. As a fellow granatrot owner, I’d love to see a couple of pictures of the car. What brand of paint did you go with, were you happy with it? Tom
  2. https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/wardsboro-1974-bmw-2002-tii-others/7229082069.html
  3. seems like a lot of 2002s for 10K. NM/NA https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/wardsboro-1974-bmw-2002-tii-others/7229082069.html
  4. Not much, I would say they are “in the public domain”, they are on this website and can be had pretty cheap on eBay.
  5. Thanks gents. I can’t go wrong with that collective wisdom. Like everybody, I expect to have some time around the house this winter so this will be a good project. Tom
  6. I am hoping to side mount the engine shown on this old engine stand. These are lots of posts on the topic, some suggesting three bolts, some four. I can orient the triangular plate to accommodate the three motor mount holes on the exhaust side, does that seem sufficient? The plate is quite thick, almost 1/2”. (I am also wondering what the other two plates are for). Thanks! Tom PS. Lest you think, “it is not going to be much of a rebuild if he cannot figure out how to get the engine on the stand”, do not worry. I have no plans for this engine—I bought it on the cheap as it was nearby just to tinker with and see “how goes the 2002”, as my mechanical skills are weak.
  7. No kidding! rstclark, can you provide more details as to where the material came from and who did the work?
  8. Now that the driving season is coming to an end (for me) I am dreaming about getting my black front seats redone this winter. It is as much about fixing the sagginess as anything else. I have priced out the pads (gasp) with Steve from Blunt, and I know GAAH and World are the recommending vinyl suppliers. Can I get by with just replacing the preforated sections , or do I need to replace the entire seat? The side sections are in pretty good shape. If anyone has any experience with Royal Auto Tops in West Roxbury, Massachusetts I would be interested as well. I stopped in to check them out the other day, they do a lot of classic car work. Thanks in advance for any advice. Tom
  9. Do you mean the stock knob, #15? Looks like it is still available from various vendors, albiet at ridiculous prices. John’s suggestion is probably the way to go, I bet there are many sitting in parts stashes. Î No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Hex bolt M8X35 3 07119913676 $0.36 02 Supporting bracket 1 23411466145 $7.38 ENDED 03 Wave washer B8 4 07/1977 07119932095 $0.09 ENDED 03 Wave washer 4 07119904115 $0.09 04 Hex nut M8-8-ZNNIV SI 4 07119905515 $0.16 05 ISA screw M8X16-8.8-ZNS3 1 07129903984 $1.96 06 Cover lid D=12MM 4 07/1977 07119937220 $1.84 ENDED 06 Cover lid D=12MM 4 07119906393 07 Ball D=8MM III 5 07119986280 $0.66 08 Compression spring D=1,3MM 3 23111666227 $1.83 09 Bush 3 23311207056 $1.11 10 Fillister-head screw M10X35 2 07119919669 $0.88 11 Supporting bracket 2 25111208580 $20.64 12 Sound absorber 1 23411200937 $12.21 13 Rubber boot 1 25111206881 $25.79 ENDED 13 Rubber boot 1 25111206289 14 Rubber boot 1 25111100582 $25.79 15 Gear shift knob 5-GANG SPORT 1 23411666170 $127.63 16 Leather and plastic gear shift knob BMW LOGO 1 25111203074 $41.29 16 Gear shift knob, wood 1 25119056584 ENDED 17 Washer 8,4X16X1,6-ZNNV 1 07119907030 18 Hex bolt M8X16 1 07119913612 $0.62 19 Rod 1 25111201238 $34.59
  10. . . . another sign that 2020 is just not our year, measurable snowfall here in Boston today, October 30th. Leaf raking is just going to have to wait.
  11. That photo is from a “BMW accessories” blue book. I believe it is identical to the one posted in the reference section here by Seb, all though his version is not in English. I will bring mine in to work next week and scan it in, for the non-German speaking among us.
  12. I have a dealer accessory catalog that shows an “entrance protector” with the last part number you reference. It looks like it is fastened with two screws.
  13. Wow Barrett, that sounds like a nice find and a fun trip especially during these pandemic days. My ‘74 sat for over 30 years in a climate that was neither particularly dry nor particularly wet, but it was stored indoors ( Watertown, MA). It went 33 years between inspections. I think the best thing I did was to resist the temptation to try and crank the engine after all that time until it could be soaked a bit. I’m curious as to what somebody like Toby thinks as to how much you can accomplish in a six hour window regarding the engine.. I took a leap of faith, but I am happy that it really needed very little in the way of engine work, amazing how durable these machines are, even with that amount of neglect. Keep us posted! Tom
  14. Good advice thank you. As I crawl around under there, I realize the existing muffler is OEM, rusty roundel and all.
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