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  1. It looks like originally granatrot to me, so it has my vote, because that’s what I drive, ‘74 granatrot. I like the plate too, NLA— not for 45 years! Tom
  2. . . . and there is a current auction ending tomorrow for what is described as a ‘74 Tii project on BAT with no reserve, now at $11,500, albeit with what sounds like less rust than what you are looking at. Tom https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002tii-96/
  3. I am thinking about you guys as I clean my own driveway tonight and reflect on what a miserable 12 months it has been. I know glosing power in a winter storm gets old fast, and that’s without a pandemic. Texans are tough, everybody knows that, so I know you will get through it. I’ll be praying you get clean water, power and your vaccine in short order. Here’s to brighter ‘02 motoring days ahead. Tom
  4. Good eye! It rolled right in to your next video (‘76 912E), great road. I like how the bikers could hear you coming and moved over! Tom
  5. My black & white accessories catalog from the early 70s (?) shows the ribbed version, along with coco and “plush”. (and a waffle pattern for some of the other models). Tom
  6. I posted a similar question here recently (but for a side mount) and one of our fellow faqers recommended grade 5 bolts (medium strength) from McMaster Carr. Maybe overkill, but I ordered from them and they arrived the following day. Not made in China! Tom
  7. I feel like this is concourse judge territory. Looking in my own garage, I see I have one of each: the Blaupunkt style described by John (what is that logo though?) and the Hirschmann style ID’d by Shawn. I am going to dub that the “chess pawn” style, insuring higher prices on EBay, because of course any part with a catchy name commands a higher price on EBay.
  8. @scottjeffrey raised this topic recently which got me wondering how many remain in my state (Massachusetts). There were alot of them in the 80s when I had my original '74, but outside of a German car show I have not seen one on the road in years besides the car I am driving. In fact, I know the exact spot I saw the last one, while driving one of my sons to middle school (he is now 25). It had "BOWTIE" for a license plate, and the driver was in fact wearing a bow tie (where are you, Bowtie?) At any rate, I submitted a public records request to our RMV (equivalent to the DMV in most states) and received the attached response from the nice guy there who apologized for taking a couple of extra weeks to compile. It shows 197 current 2002 registrations in Massachusetts. I know this does not include cars sitting in barns, fields etc. , or cars that are titled but not registered. In fact, I have one of those, a '72, which would not show up here, but because registrations are renewed annually I thought it might be an easier record to assemble. So if you are looking for a quick pandemic project feel free to duplicate my efforts in your own state. I believe every state has a state equivalent to the federal Freedom of Information Act. I was able to submit my request online, by asking for "the number of currently registered BMW 2002s, which was a two door sedan manufactured by BMW and sold in the US from 1968 to 1976. Note: "2002" is the model name, not the year of manufacture; it indicates a 2000 cc engine and two doors. Thank you in advance for your assistance." I started a new thread so responses can be collected here. If you volunteer for your state, let us know so your DMV doesn't get multiple requests. Tom Active BMW 2002 registrations in MA 2020.xlsx
  9. Modest by these standards, but a game changer for me-had my seam leaking tank repaired by a place that works with fuel tanks for small aircraft. Totally eliminated the gas smell I swore was coming from the engine bay.
  10. Everybody has their favorite blogs on this site but I like VW Jake. I have a similar project ‘72 in my garage and his work gives me hope. I think he has tackled worse, but he is no ametuer (see photo from his blog). Check his blog and you can visually see what’s entailed. Tom
  11. That looks like a deal, I hope the buyer posts some photos soon. It looks like granatrot, we need more of those, and the agave hood only adds to the mix. Tom
  12. Looking good Jin. As a fellow granatrot owner, I’d love to see a couple of pictures of the car. What brand of paint did you go with, were you happy with it? Tom
  13. https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/wardsboro-1974-bmw-2002-tii-others/7229082069.html
  14. seems like a lot of 2002s for 10K. NM/NA https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/wardsboro-1974-bmw-2002-tii-others/7229082069.html
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