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  1. Oops forgot the link: https://worcester.craigslist.org/ctd/d/bellingham-1976-bmw-2002/7056165539.html
  2. NM/NA. Some well cared for cars in this garage, unfortunately this is not one of them. Too bad— judging by the surprisingly well preserved drivers door sticker, it must be one of the “younger” cars out there.
  3. . . . it was also bid to $35,850 (reserve not met) on BAT in 2017. Reportedly 45K in receipts. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-33/
  4. It appears these articles are not readily accessible in the cloud so I scanned them into one pdf - send me a PM if you would like me to email it to you. They should probably be in the "Articles" section; there might be a copyright issue with that. I do not know if messrs. Rowe & Blanton are available to assent.
  5. Beautiful photos, Slav. Although they were not of the scale you describe, New England had hundreds of mom and pop ski areas operating in the 70s that were little more than hills. They were great places, eking out an existence with natural snow, minimal snowmaking and rope tows. It’s where I learned to love skiing. You weren’t a New England kid until you had fallen while riding the T-bar, somehow got hung up and dragged up the hill. Most of those places have been lost to development. There’s a good website that chronicles the “lost ski areas of New England”: http://www.nelsap.org/
  6. Not to be a wet blanket, but I would say the color does not add any value to the car, and in fact might even detract from it. I can say that because my ‘74 is granatrot. If you look in the cars for sale section, you will see that a couple of recent examples languished for a long time. Swizman had a nice project for sale in the desert that he practically had to give away, another guy was forced to sell due to a divorce— he lowered the price several times before finally selling it on BAT for well under 10K. Rare for sure, just judging by the photos I see in this forum, but that’s because I suspect it was never a particularly popular color (not because of a shortage of granatrot paint). I like it, but its not a color for everybody. Like most ‘02 colors, it really varies depending on the lighting (see below). But by all means, go see it, and if checks out and you like it, buy it—the world needs more granatrots on the road!
  7. Steve is on the money. I would never badmouth someone else’s car, but I did crawl underneath it, and you would need some skills, like VWJake type skills, to make a go of it. The shock towers do not look bad. But even if copywriting is not his forte, the seller is not a bad guy. I think he would be open to offers.
  8. That would make sense, Les. It clearly has not been on the road since then. Interestingly, he had a ‘74 Tii granatrot in the same garage. Much nicer, but not for sale, so I did not get the VIN on that. It appealed to me, because that’s the same color as my ‘74 base shown below.
  9. NM/NA. I did take a look at it, it appears it has been off the road for many moons. Likely original paint. Based on some of the engine compartment stickers I suspect it spent some time in Maine (hence the pine needles). I wonder if Les knows its history. Great color, I hope someone can get it back on the road. (Fender/steering column/block VIN match.) https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/fayville-bmw-2002-tii/7045884725.htm
  10. If they are not elsewhere in the cloud, I know Worzella (Randy) has all five plus his own checklists because he was kind enough to send them to me. I suspect he will chime in shortly or you can PM him.
  11. Suicide doors? That’s the photo I want to see. Great work.
  12. Wow Dan that looks impressive, right down to the details on the fender VIN. Themis has a wiring harness for sale right now.
  13. I have a few of the tools, including 7006. It is heavy duty. I’d loan it out to anybody in Rapandi’s shoes.
  14. . . . pretty clean sticker from the ‘71 1602 (vin 1572273) Skeeter is mulling over purchasing right now (see recent posts). At least it was until some heavy handed painter got ahold of it.
  15. I can’t quite picture what you mean when you say you have two on the passenger side. I believe the bumpers on my 72 project to be original (Conserv can confirm) is this the part you’re looking for? Did you check with Harry M in the parts for sale section? I’ve met Harry in person, he is a straight shooter and has tons of parts.

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