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  1. I have been waging an on and off battle (generally losing) with the eastern field mouse at my New England house and garage for the last 20 years. My observations: In addition to shelter, they still need food and water, so do not inadvertently provide that for them, and be especially vigilant if there are changes in the neighborhood, such as neighbor digging a foundation, roadwork out front, high water table etc. That tends to set them on the move, and you do not want them moving to your heater box. I’ve tried a lot of different products, but I’ve had the most success with the tried and true Dcon pellets (Obviously not an option if there are small children or grandchildren in the area, it looks too much like candy).
  2. John Car Transport (603) 479-0956 is based in Bedford NH but transports around NE and beyond. Works with VSR. He moved my non running 2002 no problem in his enclosed trailer. If you call him, you will be dealing with him (or his wife) not some broker.
  3. Chrisp fall morning in New England, not too many left. ( Photo taken in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, not the UK).
  4. Yes, I agree with Dan (Coloinca). If just replacing the rubber blade is all you seek, the Napa classic fit (although I think they are made by Trico) what I believe are my original Bosch arms on my ‘74. $1.65 on EBay. (As recommended elsewhere on the FAQ.)
  5. Not entirely responsive to Dan’s request, but here’s a photo of some period seats for those who “enjoy lively cornering” from a BMW accessories catalog. Black with red trim. Hmm. Those would look good in a 2002.
  6. Is it possible some stickers were used in other models sold by BMW at the time? Did those cars use essentially the same wiring harness? I note the sticker in my ‘72 project specifies it’s for 1600s & 2002s, but the sticker in my ‘74 is more generic. I have an options catalog for the era that shows some of those mysterious options (such as power antenna and engine bay light) were available on other cars.
  7. You are welcome Dan, . . . but as I look at my own ‘72 Chaminox project, I see Franz was not so neat!
  8. In the “history and reference section here of the low mileage ‘72 Polaris (non Tii) it looks like this:
  9. I have a couple (and only a couple) of that style of hubcap. Were they strictly used on 1600’s, or did they also appear on early 2002s? And what happened to the chrome? They now appear frosted.
  10. . . . obligatory foliage shot. 10/19/19 Milton, MA.
  11. Awesome cruzr, I recognize that kind of dust. It’s so great to have it running. I should have been clearer in my earlier post, though. When I said “no engine work needed”, I should have said “no immediate engine work needed”—just about every 02 needs something!
  12. Often I come across old posts while searching for something and think, “that’s a great car, I wonder if he ever got it back on the road?”, so I am updating this post, in case some lonely granatrot owner comes across it in the future. This car IS back on the road after 32 years. I wish I could say that, starting with the family screwdriver and my Haynes manual, I got it going in record time, but the truth of the matter is Lindsay Brown and the great guys at the Little Foreign Car Garage in Waltham, MA did the bulk of the work. When push came to shove, it didn’t need any engine work, just all the stuff you would expect after such a long layoff—new soft lines, brake rebuild, recored radiator, plugs, new coil, etc. I sold my original ‘74 when the kids came along (4229762 Arctisblau, shown in the last photo at Nahant Beach, MA in the 90s), so it’s great to be back behind the wheel of a 2002!
  13. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the third car in this package. So far, I really like the first two.
  14. Ha! That would have made the most sense. Unfortunately, I don’t have the car with me. I’m going to pick it up and did not want to drive home without a spare. Poor planning on my part.
  15. I set out today to purchase a spare Kumho Solus 185/70/13 (which I have on the car) to replace my probably original equipment Michelin, but I am now wondering whether it would fit in the well. I found some old threads but not a definitive answer, it might just be a case of “your results may vary” as well depth varied over the years. I notice on the back of the floorboard concentric rings obviously caused by where the Michelin made contact with the board, which leads me to believe there is not much room to spare. The only other size I could find local was 175/70/13. Do any of you with a 74-76 find the Kumho does fit, or do you have a smaller spare?
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