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  1. bluehills2002


    Are you looking for move in condition or a fixer upper? I cannot vouch for this car, but I can confirm Harry is a real person and easy to deal with. You can find him in the parts for sale forum.
  2. This car may have been critiqued previously here on the FAQ. What color is that, Baikal? Nice car, whatever it is.
  3. bluehills2002

    Frame rail CAD file

    Alexander Nesch of Walloth & Nesch recently indicated to me they plan to produce them again this summer.
  4. bluehills2002

    In memory of a crushed parts car

    I like the "patina" on that. Very similar to my '74.
  5. NM/NA. . . johnpeter hasn't seen fit to post this one, being sold by "estatesalespecialist" (gulp) with no reserve. It does look like he has sold classic cars in the past. I wonder if anyone knows the history of VIN 2781902?
  6. bluehills2002

    1976 BMW 2002

    . . . well at least no smog worries for the CA guys.
  7. bluehills2002

    Just found in my stash after 25 years..............

    The “entrance protector” appears about ten pages in in the “special equipment catalogue” shown in the history & reference section of the technical articles of this site —it is written in German. I have an English language version as shown below; bringing it in to the office and scanning it for the non German speakers among us is on my to do list.
  8. In my quest to organize old photos, I came across these 35 mm shots of my first 2002. These were taken on Nahant Beach, MA in 1988. That is the original paint. I recall the hood, roof and trunk peeling badly (you can see it in the trunk photo). In those more innocent, pre internet days I did not know why the paint was failing (I bought the car used). I do recall friends asking me “was this car in a fire?” Of interest to me is that the car had a single green license plate. That style was phased out in the 80s in favor of the red characters, two plates that are issued today, but a lot of MA cars still legally carry the single green plate so long as it has been continuously renewed. I slid my way through a bunch of winters in this car, and you can see the rust already taking hold. I hope you somehow defied the odds and are still out there, old friend.
  9. bluehills2002

    32K for a non tii 74 2002

    Hmm. I have a ‘74 with original seats and those do not look like my seats, no perforations. Let’s see what the pros say. I think I can safely say that orange ash tray in back is not OEM.
  10. Who said a two tone paint job was a bad decision? (Not my car, parts car for sale at $1100 near me in Franklin MA).
  11. bluehills2002

    Spare Parts list

    . . .four pages of suggestions in this post if this is the one you were thinking of. You might need a trailer.
  12. bluehills2002

    No keys

    Whew. Even though I love a good barn find story (unfortunately no barn here), I agree with guest anonymous. If you really want keys, you can probably find the four digit codes on the steering column and trunk lock on at least one of the three (as pictured below) and use those to order keys from various classic car key sellers on EBay as described elsewhere in this forum, but you might need a hazmat suit just doing that. But please post some more photos.
  13. bluehills2002

    need advice 1976 purchase

    As Jim pointed out, it’s not a Tii, and it’s blue under all that dust, not black. (If you look in the database you can see an example of what the color looks like). So not a highly desirable color (golf, inka, Schwartz). With the family discount I think you are closer to the 5K vs the 15K.
  14. bluehills2002

    Lock maintenance.

    Key and lock woes seem to be a recurring topic on the FAQ. I recently ordered new keys from good guy Stuart at keys4classics, and he included the attached recommendations to keep our old locks turning.
  15. . . . one for the East Coast guys. Vise grips door handle probably included. NM/NA.