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  1. bluehills2002

    Taylor & Macartney “Guide to the BMW 2002” book

    Thanks both. Ched, please PM me your address and I will send it out via regular mail on Monday; you can settle up when it arrives. If you change your mind let me know and I’ll send it to Ryan.
  2. I received this book for Christmas but already have a copy on the shelf (as do many here I imagine). Brand new. $20 shipped to lower 48.
  3. That car looks great, Slav. I have wondered about that durability question. My ‘74 sat in a garage for 30+ years, since the 80s. It must have been painted with single stage Granatrot in the early 80s or maybe even the 70s through a dealer, I do not know the history. But after a couple of washes, no wax or buffing, it looks pretty good.
  4. bluehills2002

    NM/NA: S14 engine - $8,500
  5. bluehills2002

    1976 BMW 2002 E10

    Automatic. . .CA ‘76 . . . Sunroof . . .Paging Seth Horowitz . . .
  6. bluehills2002

    Production Number Question

    Wow, I am surprised at how low are those US Tii numbers, it’s seems like a lot must have survived. I am also surprised they were discontinued after ‘74. Why was that?
  7. bluehills2002

    Source for headlamp bucket frames

    Interestingly, you can see a couple of solid looking examples in 2ohoh2’s $50 parts car in the “parts for sale” section right now.
  8. bluehills2002

    NM/NA: parts lot in VT

    The pictures kind of give me a headache, but pretty extensive collection of parts, lncluding some grills and a dash or two.
  9. bluehills2002

    Hella LED Third Brake Light with Surround

    Thanks Hal, payment sent. I purchased my light from benh; the diagram included in his original post shows a max width of 258.5 mm if I am reading it correctly.
  10. bluehills2002

    VW barn find.

    I had eye surgery a year ago and could not drive for a few days and so I did a fair amount of walking. I was intrigued by this car which was on my route. I had follow up surgery last week and so was again out walking. I was surprised to find this car still sitting (I took these pictures today). It is not a 2002 and not even a BMW, but I know there are guys on this site who are fans of all German makes, and who doesn’t like a good barn find? I do not know anything about the car, but I am guessing it’s from the 90s with those square headlights. If someone (VW Jake?) wants me to knock on the door and make an inquiry, I am happy to do that. The car is in Boston. (I have neither the space nor skills to pursue it myself).
  11. bluehills2002

    VDO water bottle - CAP ONLY

    Genuine good guy Resra took care of me on this, no charge. Thank you Resra!
  12. My blue service manual came with a number of parts bulletins—here’s an interesting one for the Blaupunkt radio fans. Pretty good price appreciation, considering what they sell for these days!
  13. bluehills2002

    Hella LED Third Brake Light (High Center Mount)

    Hal, please count me in for the 3D piece. I already have my tracking number from benh, I am confident he is no 73Tiii.
  14. bluehills2002

    3 Quick Questions about '02 horns

    Thanks Steve! My neighbors will be happy to know that alarm has long since been disconnected.