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  1. I am not interested in the car, but you are in the running for coolest mother in law.GLWS, looks great.
  2. . . . Here is the Craig’s list post: https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-roundeye/6917438119.html
  3. . . .another one for the barn find dreamers—off the road since ‘89 according to the seller. Great color combo (once upon a time). No photos in the ad but the seller sent me these photos. NM/NA.
  4. Whew. At first glance I thought the engine bay had been turned into a planter.
  5. Thank you all, that is the advice I was looking for. Now I know what to look for in the Parts section.
  6. I would like to assemble the parts needed to replace the small Weber air filter with a stock filter for a ‘74, but I cannot find a post that shows the differences. Shown below are two now or formerly for sale— is the black one what was used in 74-76? Were they black, gray or both? I know the earlier version had three supporting legs, but did the later version as well, or just one bracket? I could not find a sample in Realoem. I am also looking for the Paul W thread that lays out how to do the conversion with a Weber 32/36 in place, but my search skills are not working today. Thanks!
  7. NM/NA. Could use a few more photos, but it looks solid from what is shown. And hey, it’s an AZ car! It has an AZ plate anyway, which is more proof than a lot of sellers offer. https://plattsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/rouses-point-vintage-1976-bmw-2002/6902620397.html
  8. Eiremon did you wind up with the 68?I believe I have the original  seats to the car, I don’t know if you saw that. I posted a note on the for sale listing. Let me know if you are interested. 

  9. To me, it seems like you can see some welds to the right of the yellow sticker on the passenger side. Or is that my eyes? Still a great car at any rate.
  10. . . . to help Swizman along (and because I own a ‘74 granatrot) here’s what this car could look like some day (this is an Alpina that sold a few years ago at auction.)
  11. This is a list I gleaned from another web site (Leon built a pretty good library-it’s old, though, good luck assembling it today for $125.).
  12. Note to buyer: the seller can confirm, but I believe I have the original seats for this car (I picked them up from him a while ago while grabbing some wheels). I thought I might put them in my car, but after following some of the reupholstery threads I think I will go that route. If you are planning on going for a stock look, let me know. I am about 10 miles from the seller, so you could grab them at the same time you pick up the car. They are yours for the same price good guy Boston02 gave them to me for, which is $0.
  13. Beautiful car. Forgive my ignorance, but what are the silver panels on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel?
  14. At what point did the emissions controls appear? I have just a single solenoid (disconnected) on a ‘72. Does it likewise go into the pool?
  15. . . . looks like a new seller and a new price—11.5K! Carpeting not included.

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