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  1. tii bimmer

    Petri 'Turbo' steering wheel

    Where's the rest of the car Hans? 😎
  2. tii bimmer

    US Spec Factory Sport wheel

    I’ll take it.
  3. tii bimmer

    Red Tip Hirschmann Antenna

    I’ll take it.
  4. tii bimmer

    Tii water neck 11531255158 new in bag

    I'll take it
  5. tii bimmer

    NOS NLA Trim Pieces Edge Protection

    I’ll take it
  6. tii bimmer

    BMW NK 1500-2000 Steering Wheel

    I'll take it.
  7. tii bimmer

    Roundie pedal box and grille pieces

    Got a pic of the grill pieces?
  8. tii bimmer

    Becker Europa II with Balance Dial

    PM sent
  9. tii bimmer

    Parting 1970 2002

    How's the dash and instrument cluster?
  10. Can you send me a pic of the early grill? Do you have any dashes?
  11. tii bimmer

    TONS of gauge cluster parts

    Interested in the early surround. Middle one looks like the best.
  12. tii bimmer

    Factory Tow Hitch

    PM sent.
  13. tii bimmer

    Euro turn signals

    I take em. Pm sent.
  14. tii bimmer

    1971 BMW 2002

    Not quite Granada... more like Candy Apple. Should have left it Chamonix. What's up with the license plate lights??