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  1. I'll take the euro side markers and the air box
  2. I'll take it. PM me your email address to paypal.
  3. I'll take them. PayPal ok? PM me your email address.
  4. Hi Barry,

    Paypal ok for the program? Let me know the total for paypal with shipping to 

    Todd Schneider

    109 Coeway Lane

    Exton, PA 19341




    1. BarryA



      Glad I saw this - just happened to be back in the classifieds tagging a couple of items as sold (I track all the classified activity through my [email protected] account).


       Paypal is fine - "friends & family" (avoids fees) if you don't mind. 


      Got stuff to get mailed this morning, so I'll get a postage amount and let you know the total as soon as I get back.   


      Appreciate it if you could you send your e-mail address so I can track this with the other sales that are in process.

    2. BarryA


      Postage is $2.80 via media mail - paypal is linked to my "[email protected]" acct.   Will need your mailing address as well........

    3. tii bimmer

      tii bimmer

      Is this still available? Not sure why I didn't get an email for your response. F&F PayPal is fine.


  5. I’ll take it. Text or call. 610-496-1944 i can pick it up this weekend.
  6. Not at all. They're kind of cool and someone should snap them up. Just poking fun.
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