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  1. I'm sorry to hear this ended so badly for you. I have bought two sets of wheels from him in the last 18 months. 1 set of MIMs and a set of BBS RS001s fully restored. Both came out amazing. He ran into some issues with his Fedex account which I believe he said impacted taxes in some way and was scrambling to get that resolved. This was back in November. My shipment was very delayed but ultimately showed up. He felt bad for the long delay and gave me a polishing kit and an extra set of center caps for my trouble. He was always very responsive via Facebook and ultimately came through. I know you said you don't have Facebook but perhaps you can try him with the help of a friend who has an account. https://www.facebook.com/pg/powderwheelsofficial/posts/?ref=page_internal. He is still posting on there as of 3-17-19.
  2. I'm in for the full kit. Sending Paypal now. Thank you for putting this together.
  3. These are beautiful, best of luck with the sale. I suggest you widen your audience and list them on VW Vortex as well in the 4x100 section. https://forums.vwvortex.com/forumdisplay.php?800-4x100-Classifieds
  4. Yes I did make that ebay rookie mistake. The rest of the auction was canceled July 31st. It shouldn't show up anymore in searches. Thank you for the heads up though.
  5. These wheels have been sold. Thank you.
  6. Camperman, I would like to learn more, please. Would really like to keep these. PM sent.
  7. MIM 1900 Wheels - 15x7 * 4x100 * 57.1 * +25 Just purchased these from Europe and had them professionally restored to perfection for my 1970 2002. Smoked gunmetal centers with polished lips, plus upgraded ($$$) chrome extended center caps (5 of them, just in case) with BMW roundels and chrome valve stems. Paid $1,275 delivered. My loss...you know the quote. $875.00 Won't clear my very large 15" Wilwood BBK set-up by a few millimeters! So disappointed when I test fitted the first wheel up at VSR. My Rota RBs fit, these Italian beauties don't. My mistake. Wheels are in the USA in New Hampshire. Happy to ship anywhere in the US (lower 48 states) for a flat $75 ground (greyhound or UPS depending on your location). Why wait for these to come from overseas when you can have them in a few days with no import issues for less money.... Thank you for viewing my ad. I'm happy to answer any questions.
  8. For sale is a MOMO TYP V35 (35cm wheel) date stamped 10-01 with Hub. Came on my car when I bought it. The wheel is in good shape with just a few small depressions in the leather and a few minor nicks as shown in photos. Happy to send additional pictures upon request. $125 with the hub and MOMO horn button. Price includes Free ground shipping to 48 states to keep it simple. Please PM me with any questions and thank you for viewing my post.
  9. I have R888s in that size. They look badass IMO. Car is very stiff as it has full coilovers so can't really tell you about ride comfort. They are "a track tire" for the street so to speak. As others will likely chime in, they suck as a pure track tire but outperform the tires you listed above for aggressive street driving.
  10. I created a spreadsheet and copy the links of the threads I find of value. Then I put descriptions and categories for easy sorting. Brakes, suspension, lighting, etc. I've amassed a nice index for myself. It's easy and one stop shopping for information.
  11. I like the vintage gold. It just seems like the quintessential BBS RS configuration. Timeless choice and not that it matters, but for resale you will be better off with gold vs. gray/black IMO. The contrast makes the wheel have depth but it's not dark so it doesn't fade out the the wheel. Love the look on white cars....RCM3s car is one of my favorites on the forum (and BAT for that matter).
  12. Splinter

    Bmw X series

    I'm on my third X5. Started with a 2004 3.0, then a 2006 4.4 and now I have a 2013 5.0 MPerformance/Msport CPO w/ full maintenance package. Love the cars. Very safe and great in the winter. As with any modern BMW though the repair cost, hence total cost of ownership, can be steep. I for one having shelled out an uncomfortable amount of money supporting the previous x5s post warranty plus a 2008 535xi Six speed... I will never own a modern BMW out of warranty. Every time I bring my current X5 in for basic serving or something minor, it drives out with a few other more expensive things that would have come out of my pocket. As for basic wearables: Just put front and rear brakes on at 39,000 miles last month (covered under warranty). Invoice would have been around $2k just as an example. This version has massive brakes but still. Go CPO or or go to the ATM.
  13. Where are you located? My suggestion if you are serious about buying a 2002 is call Chris or Mario at VSRin Bedford, NH. You wont find more knowledgeable 2002 folks around. They helped my source mine (in Arizona), helped with an out of state PPI, and just provided a realistic expectation for 2002 ownership and logical ownership plan. They installed a full coil over suspension and BBK for me. Car is awesome and they are the reason. www.VSR1.com Good luck with your search. Quick crappy cell phone pick of the car with its new stance and stopping power:
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