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  1. Thanks for responses, will try mallet route. Correct, certainly no big deal breaking a part that costs $2.
  2. Ah OK, very frustrating getting them to go. Hah, not mine, a dog person myself.
  3. Stupid question, is the kernel supposed to go on the latch easily? Had read in a another thread about boiling it in water if anyone else has some ideas about getting the darn thing on. Thanks.
  4. A California M2 is head east, thanks Daniel for referring me!!!
  5. Hah, wish I didn't know about that regards the M2. Motors cost quite a bit now, so understandable when you factor in the work. Have e-mailed Coupe Kings (if anyone has experience with them), but am awaiting reply. Yes, need to take advantage of the days here while you can!
  6. Thanks! Had bid on that awesome grey M2 but got a little timid at the end about dealing with customs/shipping.
  7. Hello, long time BMW 2002 fan since I was young looking to finally purchase one. Been lurking/poking around the site and ready to take the plunge. Looking for a 2002tii or a M2 preferably in restored shape. The M2 would be more inclined to take on a project given difficulty in sourcing a S14. Willing to pay more than what is listed for the M2. OK with a '74 so long as it has Euro bumpers (preference would be a roundie however). Also would be open to a early ('66 or '67) 1600. Thanks and appreciate any leads! Nelson

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