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  1. Excellent, quite the weight reduction. Probably gives a club sport a run for its money. Venetian blue right?
  2. Nice stance, dig those RUF wheels as well.
  3. excellent tranformation! 911 photo car?
  4. Further, not sure what is more a sign of the times, the use of "swinging" in the ad copy or the 0-60 time 😄
  5. Who cares about that stupid Alpina, give me that 0 to 60 in 16 seconds Toyota Corona!!
  6. Hmm, that one looks familiar...
  7. I don't think anyone is shedding a tear for the guy who can't show his 250 TR. Rather, just another example that things aren't returning to 'normal' as soon as anyone would like.
  8. Nice, glad to hear! Just couldn't help myself, ended up getting another '02! Will have to fill you in at some point. Hopefully can ship the car out to CA down the road and meet up for a rally. Sorry to derail the thread, hope the sale goes smoothly on the Verona car.
  9. radiocure


  10. Hi Julio, nice looking car! Hope you (and the M2) are doing well, Nelson.
  11. Definitely a 328 if money is no object. Ticket to most rallies and concours across the globe.
  12. Name of the wheels right in the description 🙄...... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-tii-2/
  13. Would love to see some photos after seeing that set of vintage sport seats.
  14. Really need to pause comments at the end of the auction, talk about lame 🙄
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