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  1. Yes I do have front blinkers, I sent you a message with some info and pictures of them.
  2. All four, front and rears, have been sold...
  3. Bilstein front struts. Good shape, no leaks, work and come with the rubber bellows and securing nuts as shown. Do not know if they are sport or HD version, sorry. $100. I also have the matching rear shocks available for sale if those are also needed.
  4. Interior side panel for the left side of the trunk. This is for a round taillight car, it won’t fit a square taillight car unless you trim parts of it to make it fit. It’s in good shape, gray paint is scratched up so you’ll have to get some spray paint and repaint it. $60
  5. Most states you can do a title search at the DMV for a fee. As long as you have the VIN number you should be able to go that route as well.
  6. Did you try contacting the guy you sold it too? I know he stuffed you on the sale but water under the bridge at this point you know....If you’re really interested in finding the car, that would be your best bet.
  7. ^ Nose is still available. Offers welcome, price is not firm.
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