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  1. Brandon

    FS: Passenger Door

    Doober is first, if he falls through, your next in line. To answer your question though, no metal needs to be replaced on the door. I’m located in western Ma about ten miles from Springfield.
  2. Brandon

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    No early hoods but I do have one from a later car.
  3. A set of left and right front strut housings pulled from a 1970 2002. These were replacements on the car and are in nice looking condition, still have the original black paint on them. No rust through or any other known problems. Comes with both hubs. Brand new these are over $1,300 each from BavAuto, looking for $500 for the pair.
  4. Brandon

    FS: Passenger Door

    PM sent.
  5. Brandon

    Koni Front Struts

    Koni front struts pulled from a 1970 2002. These will need to be rebuilt, rebuild kits are available online. Brand new these are $155 apiece, I’m looking to get $50 for the pair plus s/h.
  6. Brandon

    Backing Plates - Front

    Front backing plates from 1970 2002 in good condition with some surface rust only, no rust through or bends, etc. $40
  7. Brandon

    Driver Door Mirror

    Yes they are.
  8. Brandon

    FS: Passenger Door

  9. Brandon

    121TI Cylinder Head

  10. Brandon

    Driver Door Mirror

    ^ Cheap Cheap....
  11. Brandon

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    That part looks like it goes to the European spec headlight assembly, so I don’t have it. 99% of the parts I have are USA spec.