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  1. Tii cold start relay, untested as pictured. No returns and no international shipping (includes Canada). $50
  2. Right rear shock tower for sale. The part inside the trunk that normally rusts is solid and is the part of this that is usable. No returns or international shipping (which includes Canada). $75 + s/h.
  3. High beam switch for late-‘71 to ‘73 2002. This mounts on the left of the steering wheel. Works but will need the harness from yours soldered or spliced back on. No returns and no international shipping (includes Canada). $65.
  4. Try selling it on r3vlimited.com, it’s an e30 forum. Your M-tech 1 wheel will sell fast there.
  5. I have the following parts for sale, all are pictured. Shipping is extra....all small stuff to ship so fees will be reasonable. -Gas cap mount plates $20 -Headlight Switch $45 -Lighter (Complete) $45 -Lighter from Bavaria (fits 02) $15 -Early rear defroster switch (‘68-‘71 mounts on dash top, on right of gauge cluster. Has small knob with blank front) $125 -Tii cold start valve relay, zip tied together and not tested $50 -Fuse box $30 -Hood release handle $30 -Upper column trim ‘71-‘73 $35 -Upper column trim (metal bottom) ‘68-‘71 $35 -Water hose mount on head $30 -Trunk latch $30 -Window crank $25 -Right door latch mechanism (need cleanup) $30 -Rear roof grab handles, pair $30 -Wiper stalk with delay ‘75-‘76 $65 -High beam stalk ‘71-‘73 (a harness needs to be spliced or soldered back on) $65 -Door handle right (no key) $35 -Door handle left (no key) $35 -Seat adjusters, pair $40 -Gas cap SOLD
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