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  1. Rear muffler in used but like new condition. It is a Bosal branded muffler. Brand new these are around $150 from most venders, I’m looking for $65.
  2. Set of rear bilstein shocks. They compress and rebound. There is rust and aging. I have no history on them, pulled from a parts car. What you see in the picture is what you get. And no I don’t know if these are sports, HD, economy, used for the hood, trunk lid or the gull wing doors on a Tesla, Mercedes or a DeLorean so don’t ask me....$50
  3. Good to know these companies are reproducing tires for the classic car market. I did know that Michelin was doing this but it’s good to see pirelli is jumping on the bandwagon. I’ll have to check out what they have. Hopefully they’re reproducing some of their 80’s tires as well, I need something for my e30....pirelli tires during that decade dominated the performance tire category...plus they were just cool looking too!
  4. Driving the car in the snow is not wise, hopefully there’s no salt there. Those are cool looking tires though, kind of a period looking tread design, good choice!
  5. Looks good, always a great feeling when you make progress on a project car!
  6. 20w50 in the summer, 10w40 in the winter, that’s what I always use in a German vintage car. Of course as Gordon mentioned, no one should be driving their 02 on salty winter roads...the car will rust out quickly because the sheet metal isn’t galvanized....so I’d leave the 20w50 in year round, the thicker oil lubricates better (from what I was always told anyway). If you ever race the car or do a DE with the BMW club, you should run a thicker oil, like a straight 50w or similar.
  7. I’ve seen that design before and it looks great on an 02. Not sure of the brand, if nobody chimes in, try searching around online for some old Car and Driver magazine issues/pics from the 1970’s. There may be an ad on one of the pages with those rims showing the maker....just a thought.
  8. I did not get a PM from you.
  9. I have lots of 2002 parts for sale....body, interior, suspension, steering, engine, drivetrain, Tii parts, etc. Let me know what you need and I’ll get pictures and pricing for you!

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