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  1. That is the definition of a barn find! Looks fairy rust free from the less than flattering pictures. Looks to be missing some interior parts, price seems kind of high but you’d have to see it in person to make a better judgment on that. Hopefully someone scoops it up and gets it back on the road!
  2. I thought these were on US spec cars when new. They are held on with an elastic band and the band eventually breaks, so people take the covers off which is why you never see them. I have a set of these I’m hanging on to, pulled them off my ‘73 Tii before I sold it years ago. One thing I like about the covers is that they clean up the look of the back of the headlights when they are in place.
  3. ^ The Tii fuel tank pickup unit is still available.
  4. I have these parts available, I’ll send you a message with details.
  5. Tii fuel tank pickup. Overall in good shape and comes with the filter screen that looks to be good also. $75 shipped in contiguous USA.
  6. Battery tray pulled from a 1970 2002, this is the bolt in version. Tray is in decent shape with surface rust. $35
  7. Solex single barrel carb used on 2002 and 1600 from ‘67 to early ‘71. The carb looks to be in good shape with everything intact. The choke linkage is very stiff and will need to be gone through. The carb will need to be rebuilt with new gaskets, accelerator pump, etc. $50. I also have the single barrel intake manifold, air cleaner housing and choke cable for sale separately if needed.
  8. Mirror for BMW 1600, this does not have the day/night feature and is specific to the 1600 model. Mirror is in decent shape. $35 plus s/h.

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