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Source for flat lens H4s?


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I have a pair of Bosch 7" headlights that are flat lensed with replacable H-4s. Looking to sell them. I replaced them with Cibies which are a bit convex.

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Initial cost isn't too bad.

It really starts to add up later as you have to replace them one at a time when they get cracked from rocks. I just reached the point where I don't care. It's got a crack? Oh well.

It should be a straight plug in on a 76 as you already have a headlight relay for the circuit. As long as you go with a bulb at 55/60 or so, there should be no problems with the current draw. If you start going for higher output like the 100 watt lamps, then you should add in a separate wiring harness for the lights. The separate harness is not a bad idea even with the lower wattage lamps. You gotta remember you're dealing with 35 year old wires/connectors/switches.

Steve J

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I have Hella's, Bosch and Stanley H-4 headlights and while they are not completely flat, but they are a lot less "bulbous" than the standard sealed beam headlights are.



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Check out the Euro Bosch H4s at The Bus Depot. $44.95 - for a pair! Also German H4 60/55w bulbs for $3.95 each. I had been looking at getting some Hella units from rallylights.com but I jumped on this deal when I was buying some parts for my '85 Westfalia camper.


These replaced the 30 year old pitted and oxidized reflector Cibie Z-beams on my late '71 2002. Drove it last night and was so impressed what fresh headlights can do :-) I'm currently using the 39 year old stock wiring but I plan to upgrade to a new harness with separate relays for the high and low beam circuits.

These Bosch headlights have a much flatter profile than the Cibies, looking just as flat as the Hella H4s I put on the Vanagon years ago. They are labeled "Motorcycle" on the lens and they don't have the inner shield as most automobile H4 units do. Here's a link to more info. on sealed beam vs H4's and these specific Bosch headlights:


- Bill B.

Napa, CA

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According to several others on this site, you do not have to change the buckets.

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