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  1. Aha, thanks Andy! And thank you also Steve for reminding me of the reason I stopped coming here several years ago ....
  2. Seeing all the positive comments about the Porterfields... where can you buy these?
  3. Good to know,and thanks! Significant price difference between Blunt and Ireland, interesting...
  4. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've done a lot of driving in the tii, but now that I am, I am wondering whether the brake rotors are still NLA. If they are available, who has them? Ireland? W&N? Autohausaz? THANKS! Andy74tii
  5. I've always thought it was a rare color for 74 tiis, in fact I think I've seen it written down somewhere, but don't recall. Mine is 2780675, just a bit older than the one you showed. Mine has a build date in December '73.
  6. irdave, yes Mark recommended going to TEP to order a set of JE Pistons with 10.5:1 compression. I also got a Cometic head gasket, which was new to me; previously I had just had the cutting ring one...
  7. At long last my tii refresh is complete! I started the odyssey about a year ago, thinking the top end needed a rebuild at around 74K on the clock since the original rebuild back in 2000... However, it turned out the noise I was hearing was from the lower end after all, and so began the journey to rebuild the lower end after all. I had to source a crank, and my mechanic (Mark Hutto, the best vintage BMW guy in the Denver area) only uses original BMW parts mostly. I learned of a great source for original parts which is Schmiedmann in Denmark. They had original oil pumps for $514 (I looked at my invoices from 2000 and I paid $119 from Maximillian way back then!). More to come, but I wanted to let the community know one thing I learned.... when Mark put the engine back together, he used the freeze plugs I got from Autohaus, and 3 of 4 leaked! So, back to BMW for freeze plugs and to put the engine back together again! I know the replacement parts are much more affordable, but at least in this particular case, aftermarket freeze plugs are a false economy!
  8. Well, top end rebuild done now, thanks to Mark Hutto, my great mechanic. Running very well now, but we detected still a rattle potentially in the bottom end... but that is the next chapter. Will drive for a bit to see how it goes, then determine next steps and whether a bottom end rebuild may be in my future.....
  9. Well, finally retrieved my head from the machine shop, Area Machine in north Denver. They did a great job.... My valves were getting worn and a little pitted on the top, so new valves were put in... New rocker arms, shafts, springs, washers, thrust washers, etc... New valve guides put in.... They machined the upper timing cover to match.... Now back to Mark (my mechanic) to put it all back together properly. He is currently working on a 74 tii that has an S14 in it, but I'm right after that one.....
  10. Run4wrd, I have been reading about the scotchbrite debate as well. I asked my mechanic what he does, and literally he uses a scotchbrite (looked red or maroon to me, pretty coarse) on an air tool. As we talked he had the most beautiful fjord 3.0CSi on the lift (yes, a CSi, not a CS), and a 1600 he was working on. He is really about the only guy left who knows anything about tiis in the Denver area.... anyway my point is I absolutely trust him, so I think the scotchbrite thing should be fine....
  11. I took a trip to my mechanic to talk about next steps in the process, and he gave me the option to disassemble the head, then take it directly to the machinist. Since I don't have the "special BMW tool" to get all the rockers just right to slide out the shafts, I had to improvise.... I used various size 3/8 extensions, a hex head to fit into the plugs on the front ends of the rocker shafts, and a medium sized hammer. The one thing my mechanic said to be careful about was mushrooming the end of the shaft, which would then distort the rocker shaft journals.... I think I was careful enough to avoid that.... This was my homemade tool to rotate the camshaft to get the rockers to clear as I pounded the shafts out. Worked pretty well I think.... This is the shaft plug that has a hex head on it. I used a hex head socket to fit in that, so as to minimize the possibility of mushrooming... And there you have it.... I will leave the valves in and hopefully surface them and reuse with new guides and seals. New rocker arms, shafts, hardware, head gasket, and I should be in business....
  12. Thanks for the tip! I'm actually leaning toward the IE shorty header right now, but will look into that. I was looking for a post I saw a long time ago about cleaning the pistons while still in the block, but cannot find it with the search. Do you have any tips around how to do that safely and effectively?
  13. Yes, it's an E12 head, and those are the shallow piano tops.... appreciate the advice on the shorty header, i was just looking at that one on the IE site... thanks!!
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