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  1. This one's for Ray. It's back and it's shiny.
  2. Is there also no washer at the front draglink at the subframe?
  3. Cleaning out the garage. Some bits for 2002 and 320i. All used parts, some may be usable, some may be only good for cores. Otherwise, it's all scrap metal. 2002 bits:: Stock Bosch starter- working when removed, unsure of age probably from early 2000's.Free Bilstien rear shocks - used, seem ok, just dirty.Free Flag door mirror- OK condition, mounting gasket but no mounting plate. $10 Bosch distributor- 0-231-151-008. Unknown condition, but clean. $5 Front bumper body seals for pre-1973 '02s. Pair of rubber seals with thin vertical slit. New old stock, but a bit dry. $10 320i bits: Set of stock springs from a 1983 iS. With front perch pads Free Front brake rotors- measured at 12.6-12.8mm Free Front calipers- ATE, were OK when removed. Clean up and use or use for cores. Free Brake master cylinder- OK when removed. Dirty, but OK. Free Exhaust down pipe. Aftermarket. New, no test port. Free Misc bits: Snow chains- ACCO #1126- were on a 320i 185/70-13 Free Snow chains- Quality #1030- mostly for 185-205 width tires on 14 or 15 inch rims. Free Used Catalytic converter- D280-48. Was good on my 320i, but California now checks the NUMBER on the replacement cat. This cat is not officially for a 320i. Free Come get any of this that you can use. The rest goes to scrap (where it probably should go right now anyway). In Dublin, CA, near 680 and Alcosta Blvd. email me at Shamrockrally at SBCglobal dot com (but use "dot net" instead of "dot com") (That should confuse the 'bots)
  4. You'll be back...they ALWAYS come back. Hi Tom, Congrats on the sale! Shouldn't have been on BaT, should have been on "Bring yer drivin' shoes". There are some good folks over on the Alfa side. I've met many of them through the vintage rallying. Have had some fun times carving up roads with GTV's, 2002's and the odd 510 in the mix. Funny thing is that Conrad S's shop was just a block or two from where your work was. I went for several years without an 02, then found myself back in the fold. Thanks for bringing up Curt's memory. I always smile when I think of him.
  5. I'd gladly pay that MSRP and sales tax...IF I were able to pick it up today at my local dealer. But I know... it's probably not in stock...and they'll charge quite a bit above MSRP.
  6. That's the beauty of these cars- the motor can come out the top or the bottom. I just bought my first hoist at Harbor Freight. $180 was a good deal. $40 off of that was even better. Even better better was a coupon for the same hoist for $99. After I use it , I can pass it on to another shade-tree mechanic to use. I put it to use today under my shade-tree and pulled the tired motor out of my tii. Also dropped the trans out (literally, after it hung up on the input shaft). I rebuilt one 2002 motor ~many~ years ago. I paid someone to rebuild my last 02 motor 14 years ago. I recently did a cylinder head on my 2008 MINI...THAT was a job. Use the forums and youtube to supplement the service manuals...it's all do-able. Now I'm starting another 02 rebuild. Then the M3. Then maybe the 320i. These cars are great to work on. Simple and straight forward. The only shame is the skyrocketing cost on some parts. You have the luxury of the internet and this forum. Ask away. Lot's of helpful, and funny, people here.
  7. "This piece of crap is gonna leave a stain on my truck."
  8. 500 bucks for a brand new door. For a 44 year old car. Not bad at all when you consider all the bits that are NLA. Along this conversation, to resist starting a new thread, how is the availability on the typically needed new panels- doors, nose, tail, etc... I saw ECS advertising an early nose panel for $750. Also says on back-order.
  9. Whadda ya expect from Stuttgart? The wrenches at Munich built 'em correctly. The car is clean, presentable, probably sorted, and looks fine to most of the public. You have to remember who WE are in this group. It's a curse.
  10. Great! Cut and heat-shrink it is......or...do I leave them dangling to keep the car original. I must be sure to photo document these wires to show that my car is MORE original than the next one. Could mean big cents.
  11. Well, this IS like a Before and After pic. Jeff's car on its' maiden rally, and mine after 12 years of rallying...ready for the second restoration. Rather than Before and After, think of it as Lather, Rinse, Repeat. (Restore, drive the snot out of it, Repeat)
  12. I was just under my car, 5/72 tii, to change out the center bearing. Hard to believe it's been in there for 14 busy years. Lots of vintage rallies. I must have forgotten, but there are what seem to be some extra wires on the harness that go to the reverse switch on the transmission. As my memory serves on my other 02's, the two reverse switch wires came down through the shifter hole from the inside of the cabin. On my car, the wires come through the side of the transmission tunnel and then are secured with some of those welded on wire keeper flaps in the tunnel. The harness is in a plastic sheath/tube. The two reverse switch wires pop out mid way by the switch, the remaining two wires, Brown/black tracer and Black (or black with white tracer), continue on another 20 inches or so towards the engine bay. Curious as to what these wires were intended to go to. Couldn't really find anything on the schematics, and the ones on my car have not been connected in the 14 years I've owned the car.
  13. Wait! I think I see an E30 M3 diff on the workbench back there!
  14. I removed the snorkel from the replacement nose on my tii. I'd be glad to sell it to you. Close the hood and drive the car. Can you tell if it has a snorkel? Enjoy it.
  15. I would definitely get all the motor bits checked out, as Mike said. Paperwork and the blessing of a known machine shop will help if you do sell. S14's are robust engines that are durable and well engineered. Fun to rev and play with. The perfect engine that arrived too late to be built into the 2002. They are also now in the RARE state. If you do keep it, be prepared at some point or another to have to open the wallet wide to address some issue that there is no other option for repairing. If you are doing the car from a blank slate, there are LOTS of motor options. Some cheaper, some more powerful, some durable, etc... I'd keep the running M10 in it for now, then explore a new motor. Research what exactly it is you want and how you will use the car. Also research any emissions/smog laws you have to meet.
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