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  1. Fishhead


  2. Yes, Im interested. Sent you my cell#. Call me when you get the chance, Thanks, Dan
  3. I need a hood in solid condition for my 1974 2002. Color is not important as it will be painted. Preferably close to Hanover PA (17331), Baltimore MD or surrounding areas. I painted my car and the hood was in worse condition than I thought, and couldnt be saved. Dan
  4. Im interested in the 292 cam and possibly the front spoiler in the pics. Email me your phone number to [email protected] dot net Text?
  5. Here's how this auction works (everytime I have been there). The vehicle is brought to the auction floor and the auctioneer takes bids on it. When there are no more bids and you are the high bidder, the auctioneer looks at the person sitting next to him and then tells you that your high bid wont cut it and you need to talk to the seller( the person that is sitting next to the auctioneer) to see if you can come to an "agreement". Being the high bidder doesnt mean you are taking the car home, it usually means you can now talk to the seller of the vehicle. It's almost a scam as the seller always seems to want at least just a little more than the "fair market value that was established at auction". Based on the way this auction works and the collector cars and bikes that are for "sale", I don't think there will be any "steals" at this auction.
  6. page 17 http://www.epa.gov/otaq///consumer/devices/pb83211243.pdf from this thread http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,351066/view,previous/sid,dedd51d9201b4d96bcf597ffa9105ce8/
  7. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,333680/highlight,/ The Hanover one was a 1982 E21. It had side skirts like in the 1st pic in this thread. It was for sale a long time ago, I thought it was red, but I could be wrong.
  8. No pic attached, but its not the one in the 1st post. The Baur in Hanover,PA ended up on craigslist and must have been sold (disappeared from Hanover). Alll I remember about it was = 6 cyl, 5 speed and according to the salesman, the owners wife took a pipe to it (dented all over, the title probably had dents also) and a knife to the seats. The body kit was held on with wood screws and that Baur had seen better days. When I looked at the Baur, I was really looking for an '02 and the Baur kit/conversion just uglied up a nice car (JMO, at the time). I have since found an appreciation for the Baur conversions.
  9. My wife told me about "The Hornets Nest" movie where the main character drives a 2002. It's this movie http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20111201/ENT/111209956 This movie should also be in the 2002 "Hall of Shame" because at about an hour into it, the main character arrives on a crash scene, gets out of the '02, slams the door and the door knee moulding pops off and "twangs" in the air. (It can clearly be seen) If I had better "puter skills, I'd post a better link or something
  10. I sent you an email in reference to the turbo manifold, but I got no reply, Can I have some more details on it (Cracks? Modified? Etc)
  11. Can you post pics of the top cuts of the rear flares and the insides. How would the metal body remains be removed from the glass flares with out destroying the flares?
  12. Ill take th side draft adapter. If you have 2 of them Ill take them both. Dan
  13. I had to redrill the E21 bumper for the front shock mounts and the bellows. I didnt do a bumper tuck. It looks better than the stock front bumper because it follows the contour of the 02 front end.
  14. my email to you bounced..of course i had to make a few guesses at what your email address is....sorry for my ignorance Esty, It might be easier to just give them a call on the phone. Start at 000-000-0001 and keep going until you get the seller or you reach 999-999-9999. If that doesnt work, I'm out of ideas.
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