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  1. Are you willing to trade for a 1991 Brilliant rot 325ix in Great condition?
  2. have nearly every piece of the silver Waistline Trim please text me Four one Five Seven One Three Three Five six Five Ill send pictures to you via phone. Prices Vary
  3. Awesome picture!!! Thanks for the .02 cents. Do you have any recommendations?
  4. This engine was warmed up and was running ok. High idle Thank you to all the members who offered your advice we did everything on the list in the car now runs much better ! still need some serious work but on the right track Thank you to all the members who offered your advice we did everything on the list in the car now runs much better ! still need some serious work but on the right track Thank you to all the members who offered your advice we did everything on the list in the car now runs much better ! still need some serious work but on the right track The only thing left to do off the list is rebuild the carb The only thing left to do off the list is rebuild the carb
  5. Compression numbers are starting at one: 80 80 80 90 respectfully Here is an image of the plugs.
  6. I love this car but I need some help where can I take this thing and get it dialed in for a decent price or who can help me out with a motor or tuning it or just checking it out with you. I'm open to swaps if there are those engines lying around. She losses/ burns a quart of oil every fill up. Thanks all, Morgan
  7. Today I warmed her up for an Italian tune up... She was running in two cylinders for a while, then I propped open the choke, put a brick on the full throttle and she ran at 2k rpms until she warmed up; otherwise she died out if not full throttle. there was black smoke and white smoke everywhere. After what seemed like a little while, she warmed up, then She started running like a charm. Still smoking for a while only white, until I did a couple pulls up and down the street... Pulled through redline and had good drive ability and (there was only minimal white smoke up at higher revving and when I blipped the throttle). Echap, owner said she was sitting for about a year. Echap, owner said she was sitting for about a year. Is it the same spacer that is shown in that link with the rebuild kit?
  8. Here she is Here she is Also, if you are on Facebook, I posted to the local be dealer's Facebook fishing for a sponsorship. Any comments or likes would be greatly appreciated. https://m.facebook.com/WinslowBMW?v=timeline&filter=2&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like
  9. I have built numerous m10 engines and also know the mechanical aspects of the car pretty well. When it comes to tuning, I am no guru however. I would love to wrench and work on 2002s. Shoot me a text 415713three565
  10. Peterschop, Do you know the part number , or what I would look up to order that part (power valve) Can I make a manual choke for the car? Thanks, Morgan Peterschop, Do you know the part number , or what I would look up to order that part (power valve) Can I make a manual choke for the car? Thanks, Morgan
  11. Thanks Peter,devo2 and mintgrun. I'll start with all those loose ends and post pictures of the 02 to show the progress. Following that I'll do the ignition system. I'll check the plugs while I'm at it.
  12. I resurrected her from a barn, now looking to turn her into a daily before a retro-rod Colorado suited restoration. I made a couple videos to make it easier for identification. Here's how it runs https://youtu.be/cjvFNX-vLcc Here's how she looks https://youtu.be/15g3prfNNjA Thanks for your time, Morgan
  13. text me at 415 713 3565 Let me know if this is still available. Thanks.
  14. If you are willing to sell an engine and a transmission without the tii commodities, Im a willing buyer. Thanks,
  15. Price + shipping of Just engine to 80916? email me for faster response [email protected]
  16. Looking to replace my tired ol M10. LMK what you have. Thanks, email me at [email protected]
  17. Any holes in the Rear Parcel, or Front firewalls, or rear firewalls cause exhaust to come in. ANY LITTLE DAMN HOLES
  18. Any possible holes in the rear parcel shelf or on that back , or front wall will bring fumes into cabin.
  19. Hello, My name is Morgan Flaharty, and I wanted to share a story about how I became a gear head and rescued a 1973 Bmw 2002. Since as long as I can remember, I have been interested in cars. The earlier I think, the more single minded I was about what cars I really admired. It started off as an obsession with the cherry red that coated every ferrari. The most beautiful part of the car however were the lines of the classic 60's cars that were almost like drops of water formed by the turbulent wind. My parents were both artists, so as I aged, they taught me to draw the cars I liked and describe them. My father fostered my obsession by taking me to car shows such as the good guys, may madness, the peterson, and nethercut collections. He admitted to enjoying the cars of his childhood and detail within the paintjobs (he worked as a sign painter, and furniture maker). My mother, a graphic designer, loved her BMWs she always had a three series, or five series station wagon. She opted for sport packages in order for the available forest green wagon with a 5 speed. She hauled that car to costco like grocery shopping was the grand prix. Jayne, frequently doodled and sketched with me as a break from her graphics. In this time we would draft comics, or pictures of our favorite cars. Hers was an orange bmw 2002, while I continued to draw ferraris. These drawings progressed into hot rods from the fifties once I was introduced to Ed Roth. I spent hours drawing and practicing the Rat fink Drawings and hot rods with burning tires through my youth. Through middle school, my mother had passed away, and her shop remained an open space rented out by my dad and this older gentleman who used the space for "storage". (I think his name was Phil). Phil Collected Nash Metropolitans, and stored one within the shop. It was orange with cream, two tone. Not Running. By the time I was 14 my dad and I had established this deal that I fix it, I keep it. He put in the initial investment and came to this conclusion after we attempted to start the car in which the slave cal blew out, the water pump blew, and all those little parts that fail, failed. It was an english car. I was handed a guide book, and went to work. The first repairs I made to the car were to the carb. I took it off, cleaned it, rebuilt and tuned the darn thing. It ran, and well. Next up, ignition, timing, and fixing electrical were all in the books. Aside from frequent oil changes, the car was nails. This was my first car in high school. After I was limited by the 50MPH speed limit, my dad planted a seed in my head after he saw a yellow 2002 for sale. He drove me to the shop, and I took a test drive. I was sold. From that point forward, I joined the 2002 FAQ in 2005, and began my search. I found a Fjord Blue 2002tii that was in Monterey California. I enjoyed the car, and bought it on sight. I had saved up money from buying and selling things I could fix on craigslist. This car was in bad shape, totally molested, and filled with gremlins, but it drove. A man by the name of Steven Christopher, who had known my mother and father got in touch and gave me my first set of advice. Brake lines, and Sway Bars. He gave me the sway bars, and some advice and I went to work. After seeing people on the FAQ do really cool projects I was curious about what I could learn. I walked into A1 Imports Autoworks in San Rafael, CA. Where JP Cadoux, the 2002 Guru, resided. I told him about my situation, ( and he invited me to clean and work at his shop, being his assistant. He taught me the in's and outs of BMW 2002s, with his many projects and sport cars that were in his shop. Through this process I had upgraded my car's suspension, breaks, and other ins and outs. Eventually, my car Blew a Rod on a spirited drive through Highway 1, and we got to work on a rebuild. This engine JP instructed me to build, while overlooking my actions. The engine came out clean, and the project was completed. a Refreshed 2002 Tii. This engine was peppy, fun and exciting, but staring at the other M2s and m20 bmws made me envious of a car that was more fun to drive. A gentleman named Mark had a 2002 Turbo in the shop that inspired the project; The turbo bimmer. I began researching hard about how I could Turbocharge my 2002. I learned all about megasquirt, and Forced Induction through the FAQ and lots of reading. Mark Sold me an engine that went into the BMW. a 320I turbo m10. My experience didn't cooperate with the engine, so I moved on to megasquirt and a custom plumbing system. I hacked into the car, excited to get it to run, and struggled in this process. Back and forth to the junkyard, funky tunes later, I had an engine running and driving in my 2002. Slowly Evolving into the Franken Bimmer, the car ended up having a completely rebuilt m10 with forged ross pistons, ported and polished, +1 valves, big springs, a schrick Cam, 666fab manifold, holset turbo, and megasquirt to boot. This car was scary. The boost would punch me in the face, and I would lose traction of the tires. I drove this car to San Diego, to show off to my girlfriend, and tune the car. the 2002 Monster was a project that required lots of time and tuning… My freshman year, I was hired to coach a wrestling team, so I restored this Alpine white E30 that essentially was a lemon to handle this jump. My studies became so heavy, that I couldn't work on the car, I had gone off to college, and I needed reliability. I sold the E30, and the 2002 to simplify my life. I picked up a 2002 subaru WRX off of a High school kid who couldn't afford to make payments. It was as steal. Last year, This WRX had tripped across the country 5 times taking me to wrestling tournaments, and other conferences. Coming back from a competition, I was caught in a traffic accident totaling the subaru. I had bought the car with years of saving cash, I had only liability insurance. Although the accident was not considered my fault, It was a total loss. Scrambling to find a car on Craigslist, I had 2000 dollar budget, which I had scrapped from parting the Subaru. I picked up this 2002, which was rotting away in Woodland Park of Colorado. The car wasn't running, but luckily, JP had taught me enough to get it started and make it home. The car was running alright for a couple months, until the years of sitting caught up to the beast. Little parts need to be maintained, and the car isn't economical in it's state. I picked up a decrepid Geo Metro to make it to Wrestling practice and work. The Geo is now Dying due to oil pressure and leaks. I've run out of resource to fix either car. The 2002 is in good shape, but needs help for it to be my comfortable daily. Engine Leaks, and burns oil, little sluggish, and poor Carb Tuning, bad gas mileage (altitude)?. All Seals of Windows and Doors are bad, and Seats should be replaced. Transmission GRINDS and often doesn't go into gear at all. The water leaks on to my feet and soaks my feet. A local shop would sponsor the projects, granted I supply them with proper parts, and guidance on any project. I was hoping to either refresh this car and engine, perhaps swap in a different m42, or M20, while making this car suitable for daily use out here in Colorado. Im open for any projects really if anyone has any Ideas. Since I've been preparing for the next olympic games, I have been unable to come up with resources to do so. Hopefully, you know how I can get help to restore this car, and revive me as a driver of a happy, Healthy, BMW 2002 owner. Hope you all enjoy
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