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Soundproofing - talk me off the ledge here

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The best advice I ever followed was from Mike Self, when I first heard his suggestion to fill the space under the back seat with scraps of carpet padding - made a huge difference.

And I bought the (then) cheap mats to installl under the carpets from W&N. I also put the pads under the hood. Finally got the missing foam pad under the shifter.


also deleted the rear speakers and Kenwood boom box and repaired the original Blaupunkt with its one speaker.

Car sounds like a Ford Fusion hybrid now! Well,

not quite but sure looks better than one!

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10 hours ago, 0257 said:

Having said all that, to be able to hear The Water Song worth a damn at 65 mph with the windows up, I still have to turn it up to 11.



Truth to this! My ANSA Sport with the windows opens negates any soundproofing efforts.

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If my 02 were a daily driver, i'd soundproof the hell out of it and go to stock exhaust.  that said, I really like the sound of the ansa system so I'll keep the sound and reckon the humming ringing sound in my ears after a long run is price to be paid for the enjoyment.  keep in mind i'm in my late my late 70's so a lifetime of tuning racecars, go carts, racing, chainsaws and the like without hearing protection has taken it's toll and with irreversible consequences.  word to the wise,  wear hearing protection when you can.  

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Gale H.

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12 minutes ago, 71bmr02 said:

If my 02 were a daily driver, i'd soundproof the hell out of it and go to stock exhaust. 

+1...I had an Ansa system on my '69 for several years--got the rear muffler still with its original paint at a salvage yard for $10--and had a straight center pipe.  I drove it back and forth to work that way for over a year...then I took a two hour trip across Ohio on I-70.  That was long enough to convince me to go back to a stock system--center muffler and stock rear muffler.  Still has a bit of a bark, but sooooo much more tolerable on the Interstate.  And like Gale, my 02k is still a daily driver, I ain't gettin' any younger either--and want to keep my remaining hearing!



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