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  1. value of 1800 non ti,

    And sometimes $1000 each
  2. How to hide an NK in Seattle

    And impossible to even think about hiding it while driving
  3. How to hide an NK in Seattle

    Here’s where you can’t hide it - Golden Gardens Beach ( from October, the last time I was in-country)
  4. You can hide it behind the hotel hedges Or you can stash it in an alleyway Either way is good lol pixs from today’s visit to America
  5. NK Radio Antenna Location

    Here is the page from the 1967 accessories book with the rear mount.
  6. Did BMW 1600 come with flag or trap mirror?

    I lucked out a while back and got an NOS swan neck with gasket for $100 but I forget which web site I found it on tho I do remember it came from France! But I was persistent and scoured the internet for a few years to find it.
  7. Early air summer box question

    1966 factory NK pic - problems with WiFi in Cuba so sorry to take two replies
  8. Some NK parts for sale

    PM on door seals sent
  9. That’s about the only thing lacking in my car - dash top excepted jaja - and I would love to find a console in decent shape - no tears etc. Here’s the car today, getting a Seattle-style bath Thanks!
  10. Early motor mount

    Do we get to see a photo?
  11. A nice photo

    My son has a nice camera and a photogenic friend from Bulgaria.
  12. Early motor mount

    Indeed it works great - and is well worth having a bit more vibration for the Increased strength. Having a motor mount fail while doing 65 mph in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-5 is not my idea of a good time...
  13. Early motor mount

    While racing up and down various freeeways around Seattle I managed to remember to snap some pics of my d/s I.E. motor mount :-)
  14. Early motor mount

    Will do my best to remember:-)