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  1. Smile for the camera

    Well you’d have to swing by Guantanamo but I don’t think they let people like me use the golf course lol
  2. Thanks, Steve oh well even if I am a doofus my car is not :-) best, Kit
  3. Can’t figure it out - been living in the Caribbean too kong...
  4. A nice drive in Seattle last week before returning home to the Caribbean EAD93FEA-9D00-4F44-B3CD-C23EAF55FC93.MOV
  5. Please ignore I messed up
  6. Please ignore I messed up 9370A8B9-110E-4290-92A2-BCE90CF40C7B.MOV
  7. The car at its temporary home till next time in Seattle
  8. BMW 1800TI

    Well, “brilliant” is a highly subjective term and in order to a ascertain a value for the car a ton of details are obligatory- how stock is the car, is the paint color original, does it have matching VIN numbers... the list goes on and on 😕
  9. The thing with these adjustable idler arms is that eventually you run out of further ability to adjust. A kind person on the form sold me one in good shape to replace mine, which was no longer usable
  10. An NK meet would be cool! Am in Seattle May 7-9 only however... since I live in Cuba I don’t visit often
  11. value of 1800 non ti,

    And sometimes $1000 each
  12. And impossible to even think about hiding it while driving
  13. Here’s where you can’t hide it - Golden Gardens Beach ( from October, the last time I was in-country)
  14. You can hide it behind the hotel hedges Or you can stash it in an alleyway Either way is good lol pixs from today’s visit to America
  15. Here is the page from the 1967 accessories book with the rear mount.