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  1. I’ve had those grill covers for nearly 10 years but since Seattle is so temperate never had much occasion to use them - only when temps were super cold and when there was no snow/salt on the roads. But they sure look cool!
  2. Hmm - got a front seal from W&N a while ago but no luck with early rear seal ever
  3. I’m not so sure whether or not it’s worth upgrading to dual circuit brakes. My NK stops on a dime with single circuit front brakes always.
  4. In Quebec, at least, the full expressions is, “C’est la vie. J’y pense et puis j’oublie!” ”That’s life. I think about it and then I forget.” Might be applicable to this poor specimen.
  5. NOS Bakelite distributor cap to replace the ghastly orange version I was forced to buy last year when the original one died of old age. NOS NK windshield washer nozzles to replace ‘02 versions I’d been using - only took 9 years to find lol NOS USA tail lights now match exactly for the first time since I bought the car in 2010!
  6. There is an extensive thread on the evolution of the M10 valve cover but I’m not sure how to find it
  7. They were on the NKs too - I replaced mine a few years back. I’ve read that some people have experienced problems with new clear boots but certainly the ones I bought have never leaked a drop.
  8. Russia??? Haven’t you ever seen a Mosovitch?
  9. I dunno but it reminds me of a Toyota Celica Supra, the worst car ever built!.
  10. Well I have mine which is 99% stock - now living in Wallingford
  11. I guess I should feel lucky that mine only cost $90 about 4 years ago. My, isn’t inflation wonderful!
  12. The real fun with these cars is that most of them have plastic jugs in the trunk with a hose that runs to the engine- instant gas tank. The original tanks rotted away in the last century. Now that I think about it the paper was more folded than rolled up - most likely to approximate the gap in the points 🙂
  13. A friend of mine showed up at my house with a faulty distributor- I don’t know what he did but he took the distributor apart, stuck a rolled-up piece of paper in it, and got it going. Gave it a couple whacks with a hammer, too. My Contribution was pointing out an oily rag left in the engine compartment near some unwrapped wires and pointing out that there might be a fire hazard. Laughs all around and rag quickly removed.
  14. The modern 3 series is popular but I spotted an X3 outside a doctor’s office! they look okay and I know that modern rear-view mirrors five better visón but they look ghastly compared to our old swan-necks

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