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  1. kiva667

    1967 2000 on Craigslist

    Raises lots of questions, which I suppose some due diligence would answer. But sure has a nice-looking dash top lol
  2. Well this was actually last week but here’s my car loaded for delivery to Midnight Motorsport to do the rear brake job - which was accomplished in good order! driving perfectly again...
  3. kiva667

    When brake hoses go bad

    Thanks for the tip - but already done :-)
  4. kiva667

    When brake hoses go bad

    Regarding the cylinder - actually no it wasn’t new. It was older than my 8 yr ownership is all I know. thanks for posting the pics - car was parked near the Key Arena.
  5. kiva667

    When brake hoses go bad

    Happy to report that the 320 rear brake parts are a perfect fit and we are done with the issue. Car is on the road.
  6. kiva667

    When brake hoses go bad

    Turns out Hans was right - blown cylinder. Interestingly I can use new ones from the 320 - NK version still available but at 10 times the price. Ah well, another loss of originality but much easier on the wallet!
  7. kiva667

    When brake hoses go bad

    Everything is new as of last year. Quite the mystery... thank goodness Midnight Motorsport is close! Patrick is looking at the situation today.
  8. kiva667

    NK Beauty pictures!!

    Here’s my car, still a good example of a 20 footer on the outside and real nice on the inside if you avoid looking at the brown dash cover lol
  9. kiva667

    NK Beauty pictures!!

    Well, I know this car from the museum in Munich has been seen on the forum before but my son took this particular shot a couple years ago.
  10. So my car has sat idle for 3 months and when my son started it up today all was fine until he put his foot on the brakes and the pedal went to the floor leaving the puddle under the rear p/side wheel. all hoses etc new last year - the question is am I leaving the car too long between routine driving trips?
  11. kiva667

    Talk about octane!

    I made the assumption that Peru uses the same formula for determining octane as does the USA - wrong assumption I discovered after making inquiries here. They use the RON method, which means 97 is prolly equivalent to 94 in the States? Still, no alcohol. The owner of the gas station looked at me as if I was an idiot when I asked about alcohol in the gas. The look in his eyes said, “What a rube! What’s he want to do, drink it?”
  12. kiva667

    Talk about octane!

    High-grade alcohol-free gas available here... only downside is you have to drive to Peru to get it lol 97 octane is about $5 bucks a gallon
  13. It’s a good thing I’m not Stateside or I’d be tempted to buy the car - Tte E9 was my first BMW love affair, albeit from a distance.
  14. You guessed right - quality is superb and price reasonable!
  15. Looking to replace the one I just broke ... oops