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  1. Just brought my car back to life. A quick squirt of starter fluid in the carb and off we went!
  2. Peru is a museum of classic cars. They don’t get driven that much due to security issues but they are there. My only problem is the lack of ‘02s or NKs. But there are enough E3s if you’re into those...
  3. Thanks for the tips! Looks like Sahara to me... Meanwhile the car is far from Lima and the country is in lockdown so there’s no way at the moment to see it. But, as they say, the seller is motivated.
  4. Anyone know if this could be a factory color? It’s being offered at a fair price in Peru. But I don’t recall ever seeing one on the road painted thusly- on the other hand I do t remember the 60s too well either:
  5. They look like standard NK seats. If all the fabric is original they may be worth a few bucks to someone that needs the color combo but otherwise...
  6. Back in the 90s when I had a little 27 ft sloop I looked at some different diesels to replace the outboard that came with the boat. BMW offered up a small marine diesel at the time but it was not competitive price-wise with the more or less equivalent Yamaha.
  7. There’s a caveat not mentioned in the article. When I imported my car to Canada from the USA in Feb 2020 I was grossly overcharged at the Canadian border. The car was duty exempt because it was over 25 years old but CBSA insisted on charging duty anyway, which then raised the accompanying Canadian GST. I have a rule at borders where there are guys with uniforms and guns: don’t argue with them. So I paid $2000 too much and then spent two months getting my money back and registering the car in BC. I succeeded on both counts but the bureaucracy was kind-blowing. I even had to get a form from the Ministry of Finance. When I asked these dutiful drone workers if they thought the process was too complicated, they said, “You’ll get over it.” Or words to similar effect.
  8. I didn’t realize Fords were ever assembled in Peru but they were, it seems. This one is for sale by a flipper who wants too much money. Looks to be pretty stock but it’s been a long time since I rode in my dad’s Fairlane so I really can’t say for sure.
  9. As noted previously I would like a set of handles, too.
  10. But why would a clip break? There is nothing structural about them.
  11. I gotta do this in BC when I return to Canada. Fascinating stuff...
  12. Leaving aside the 02s for a moment, let’s consider 2020 and the NKs. My own NK 2000 was bid up to $11025 in August on BaT, which wouldn’t even cover the price of the parts I’ve bought over the years. But yes, it was a good year because I decided to keep my car for another 10 years! In 2030 we will see what price an NK daily driver will fetch.
  13. I can’t address engine rebuilds but some years back Jim Rowe masterminded the rebuild of my original Getrag 232. His attention to detail was awesome and he loved to talk on the phone, trying to educate me in the finer points of transmission work. What little I know about the Getrag trannies I learned from him.
  14. Moving day! The car is in a heated garage and all my stuff safely stored.
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