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  1. Do you have another pic of the ribs on your cover?

    1. Hans
    2. Hans


      d20180807_181919_resized.jpgoes it look like the R one?

  2. It’s a good thing I’m not Stateside or I’d be tempted to buy the car - Tte E9 was my first BMW love affair, albeit from a distance.
  3. You guessed right - quality is superb and price reasonable!
  4. Looking to replace the one I just broke ... oops
  5. Besides driving 300 kms in the last 4 days I took advantage of the new door seals I bought - aftermarket but far superior (and cheaper) than the most recent BMW batch- and had them installed. Beautiful fit!
  6. kiva667

    Smile for the camera

    I’ll be in Seattle next month again - will give you a holler!
  7. kiva667

    Smile for the camera

    Well you’d have to swing by Guantanamo but I don’t think they let people like me use the golf course lol
  8. Thanks, Steve oh well even if I am a doofus my car is not :-) best, Kit
  9. Can’t figure it out - been living in the Caribbean too kong...
  10. A nice drive in Seattle last week before returning home to the Caribbean EAD93FEA-9D00-4F44-B3CD-C23EAF55FC93.MOV
  11. Please ignore I messed up
  12. Please ignore I messed up 9370A8B9-110E-4290-92A2-BCE90CF40C7B.MOV
  13. The car at its temporary home till next time in Seattle
  14. kiva667

    BMW 1800TI

    Well, “brilliant” is a highly subjective term and in order to a ascertain a value for the car a ton of details are obligatory- how stock is the car, is the paint color original, does it have matching VIN numbers... the list goes on and on 😕
  15. The thing with these adjustable idler arms is that eventually you run out of further ability to adjust. A kind person on the form sold me one in good shape to replace mine, which was no longer usable