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  1. The left pivot I got from W&N doesn’t have any stamped numbers. Nor does the connector rod I got on eBay from Greece. But if the parts are interchangeable why do they have different part numbers in realoem for the same item. I can’t tell if my wiper motor is a Bosch, but If I have to buy a crank and a rod, W&N has the Bosch crank but only the SWF rod. The question remains, will they fit together. At least I don’t need the right side pivot. When I touch the connector rod it seems to have a lot of play to it, so perhaps that’s the only part I have to switch. Splines are good on the wiper arms.
  2. Thanks. I will start by replacing the d/s pivot and connector rod. Hopefully the rod will fit whatever is in the d/s. There is excess play in the connector rod and I hope that will be the answer to my flopping left wiper. The p/s wiper still works fine. I’ll know more when I get the car out of storage in April😅 Best, Kit
  3. I like the first $507 bid. The only thing that’s stopping me from buying the car is a winning lottery ticket.
  4. Are the two companies’ wiper linkage parts interchangeable? The same parts have different part #s for each manufacturer which makes me wonder. I have bought a new connector rod and d/s pivot that are SWF but what happens if the crank and pivot on the p/s are Bosch? Since I’m now down south I can’t refer to my car to examine the linkage closely.
  5. Ok, I’m convinced. Now to find a shop in Victoria BC next April when I return from the Caribbean...
  6. Now I know I gotta repaint my car back to its original Tampico...
  7. They do indeed look like the grills from a 2000 Tilux. You should ask the question in the Neue Klasse forum.
  8. I once asked a Seattle cop friend of mine about collector plates, illegal city lights etc. on my car and he assured me none of these things mattered as long as I wasn’t doing anything else wrong. Sure enough, driving first the ‘02 and then my NK off and on from 2009 to 2019 I was never pulled over.
  9. My car also had a “flurry” of activity after the BaT auction ended, from people who probably thought $1000 or so more was enough to sweeten the pot. It wasn’t.
  10. Many thanks, guys! Geez, mice. I didn’t think of that. I made arrangements to keep my car in a nice hotel underground garage but I bet they won’t tell me if there is a rodent problem. Given that the hotel is 5 minutes from the Port of Victoria, I am leaning to yes, they got mice and rats, too...
  11. I’m posting the question here, since this subject applies to both 02s and NKs alike: For the first time in my 10 years of ownership I am putting the car away for four months while I escape winter in the Caribbean. Previously my son took care of my car and regularly exercised it, but I can’t drive it to him because of the closed international land border. I just changed the oil and will leave my car with a full tank of alcohol-free gas (easily available where I live). The car will be in a heated garage as seen below. Is there anything else I should do before my departure, and should I expect to be able to start the car and drive it away when I return? And should I then change the other fluids after I come back?
  12. I can certainly vouch for that!
  13. When I took my collector plate to the office on N Aurora Ave some years ago, I casually asked the woman behind the counter if she wanted to make sure the plate hadn’t belonged to DB Cooper. She was not amused.
  14. Yeah there is, Nick. But I’m not sure what... I got the idle way down turning the idle screw only, but when I tried to adjust it back up nothing happened. But it is idling fine at the moment. There is another problem - I just realized my choke plate is stuck open. UPDATE: Farmers go to sea... No, the choke plate wasn’t stuck - the cable is stiff and if I don’t step on the gas when I pull the choke the end of the cable will slip off the screw at the linkage on the carb; that’s what I was told. Anyhow idle and choke are both good.
  15. Many thanks, Chris! Worked like a charm. The motor is still idling a bit high, though not by much. I wonder how much you can back off that screw without popping it out. It moves very freely so did the screw jiggle itself tighter and raise the idle?
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