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  1. kiva667

    2000 NK For sale

    Couldn’t agree more!
  2. I have to admit they were on back-order for a while and the boxes they gave me at the dealership were so big I drove away with them poking out the rear window of my NK.
  3. Hmm - I got two of them a couple years ago direct from BMW $100 each and no shipping involved! The dealer in Seattle got them direct from the mother country at no cost to me🤡
  4. Hey - when I bought my car in 2010 the speedo didn’t work- no big deal, I thought. i bought a rebuilt unit from Germany that lasted just over a year. The seller offered to fix it for free but with the shipping it didn’t seem worthwhile. So I sent it the North Hollywood Speedo experts and they fixed it. The last fix lasted just over a year, too. Its always stuck when cold, then it jumps around and works occasionally when th car is warm. Anyone else have these speedo issues? Patrick at Midnight Motorsport in Seattle is baffled, too. Any advice would be appreciated- I don’t want to spend money on another fix that only lasts a year. Btw the odometer works perfectly and always has. When I remove the unit the cable spins freely when I’m driving and it’s well lubricated. Thanks, Kit
  5. There are plenty of newer BMWs in Havana but who knows how they get here lol As for the old motorbikes the answer is simple - after WW2 Russia shipped the BMW bike factory east and produced the war-era motorcycle for decades and exported them to Cuba- there's still a lot of them on the road here. Sidecars and all!
  6. I’ve been in Latin America on and off for 40 yrs. Last September I did see a 320 in Chiclayo, Peru but of course it had vanished by the time I fumbled my camera out of my pocket. I saw no other older BMWs during my month there, but then I was out in the middle of nowhere most of the time. A older mechanic friend of mine here in Guantanamo did tell me that years ago there were 2 e3s in town but they are long gone along with any possible Cuban BMW dealers lol I’ll be in Peru for a month again soon and will try to keep my camera more accessible 🤡
  7. kiva667

    CKD on BaT!

    Lol I was wondering when one of the Bat “experts” would trash the car for the trap mirrors!
  8. kiva667

    Provence Tour 2019

    Those are some pricey rent-a-cars! And not one proper 1500-2000 series car in the lot 😡
  9. kiva667

    Is this a problem??

    Still for sale in Europe vía German eBay last time I checked...
  10. Ah well - doesn’t show up for my car in realoem- I’ll have to double-check in my factory parts book next time I visit my car.
  11. Any idea what the part number for this would be? I’ve never seen any evidence of a prism in my ‘67 2000....
  12. Thanks! Didn’t know there were so many in Montreal... and several Granada ones to further confuse the issue. Me, I actually lived in the Eastern Townships though I hung out plenty in Montreal. So that’s why I must have missed seeing some of the other examples. I used to spend a lot of time and H&H Auto, the best place in town to get your BMW of whatever model taken care of, and the only ti I ever saw there was my friend’s. But that doesn’t really mean anything now that I think of it.
  13. What is funny is that when I used to hang out in Montreal with my friend who had the ti - maybe this one, maybe not - I thought the car was pretty basic compared to the E9s and E3s that the big boys had. Since everyone more or less had a 2002 what the did ti mean? Later when I bought my first BMW it was a 530i - cause it was “newer.” An E12, and a bad deal all around. I’ve been going backwards ever since. Should I suddenly get some extra cash I plan to go after a 507. Now that’s a car! Meanwhile whomever scores this ti should be pretty happy.
  14. I am almost certain that my friend’s ti did not have rear defrost. Even if this isn’t the same car, the option for the rear may have not been delivered to all the Canbec cars in Montreal.
  15. I may have known this car in Montreal in the 1970s!! A late good friend of mine had one - the only TI I ever saw in Montreal. I thought the the original colour was Malaga, but it’s so long ago my memory may be at fault. Granada is pretty close. I rode in my friend’s car often but was usually hanging on to anything grabbable cause he drove it so recklessly, both in and out of the city 🙂 So I don’t remember much about the interior except that it was black. If this is the same car I can’t swear that my friend was the original owner, but he didn’t lack for money in 1970. And it having had a “head gasket issue” makes sense, given that my buddy paid little attention to maintenance or care for the car in general.