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  1. That’s interesting. On my 67 most of the fasteners are also black with a few clear ones. I always assumed they’d all been replaced over the years. Or painted over - there was a PO who just loved black…
  2. it’s hard to tell but I think the car was up on a lift when the first pic was taken and in the photo from today the car was parked. Yes, different angle, different perspective. Anyhow I’ve run the car quite a bit in the few days since the gear oil was refreshed and no leaks at all, so I will put the matter to rest.
  3. Thanks, Tom in Canada everything is metric and my guy assured me beforehand he could measure accurately. I guess the question remains, should I drain a bit of oil from the boots or is it ok to leave as is. Kit
  4. I just had the gear oil changed in my old-style boots. I told the guy 180cc in each but I don’t know, he may have overfilled them slightly. Below are photos of the recent change on Friday, and the last time three or so years ago (boot is cleaner). Can there be a problem if these boots are overfilled a bit? I wouldn’t think so but thought it best to ask:
  5. I drove in 102 degree heat a couple of weeks ago and was comfortable with all the windows open. Of course with my NK I actually have rear windows that roll down.
  6. The good news is that you don’t have to be a mechanic to keep an NK on the road. With the help of Midnight Motorsports in Seattle, and now with Strebor Automotive here in Victoria BC, I’ve kept my car on the road for almost 11 years with only very minimal mechanical abilities. Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. I did that 9 years ago and the grille has held nicely ever since. Only caveat - when I pressure wash the front while washing the car I avoid directing the spray directly on the kidney grille.
  8. Spotted today in the former Lennoxville…
  9. I was once passed on the A4 near Bath, England by what might have been a REAL 328. The guys on the Brit forum told me there are two such examples in the UK. The pic, like all photos of mythical beasts, is blurry…
  10. Where did you hear June? All I see from Victoria is that the border won’t open until at least September. I’m dying to drive my NK to Seattle…
  11. I managed to get from Germany new drip rails and I think that one side was never advertised as being available. Had to send to Corporate copies of my drivers license and title. BMW Seattle was very helpful in fulfilling my request, I have to say.
  12. W&N has aftermarket doors, too. Considerably more expensive at €575 each: https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/karosserie-blechteile/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-41-16.html
  13. https://comoxvalley.craigslist.org/cto/d/campbell-river-1984-bmw-318i-truck/7320936986.html
  14. Minnesota's law says a person shall not drive or operate a motor vehicle with "any objects suspended between the driver and the windshield," with certain exceptions, including sun visors, rearview mirrors and electronic toll collection devices.
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