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  1. Doea someone have an extra 14” hubcap center they could part with? Shipping is to Canada. Ring not needed. Thanks.
  2. Last night a dog dish hubcap disappeared from my car in the parking garage - very weird. Ten years I’ve owned the car and on occasion I’ve parked it some “interesting” places but never has anything go missing. At least the perp left the hubcap ring on the wheel. Hopefully this was a one-off event and now someone has a hubcap to adorn their living room... or whatever. Anyhow does someone have an extra hubcap they could part with? Shipping is to Canada. Thanks, Kit
  3. I’m at the point of offering my ‘67 NK 2000 and I’d be willing to part with it within your price range. Older paint job not BMW colour but still looks good from 20 ft (was Tampico originally). PM for details.
  4. Now that I don’t live in the States I won’t be needing this. All original, not a repro - $150 USD
  5. Well, I got taken for a ride at the border when I imported my NK to Victoria last week. Had to pay GST despite being assured on the phone that I was exempt. I figured once the car was exported from the USA I was stuck between countries and the Canadians could pry whatever amount of money from me that they wanted. Now the battle to register the car in BC begins. New Note: Just informed by Canada Customs that I was charged DUTY by mistake and that I am due 60% refund from what I paid at the border- ha!
  6. That’s pretty much what my wife thinks, too lol
  7. At an air bnb with narrow side street parking only - so far survived two nights in Seattle. Luckily I leave Friday morning before the weekend drunks get fired up
  8. True, but it does have an M badge on the rear - which might just mean something? Me, I am no expert in the M series cars.
  9. Saw this today in Lima. A rust bucket or a rocket? Didn't find the owner.
  10. I knew a guy who had the best beer mod of all - it was in the 1970s. He kept his windshield fluid container full of beer and diverted the line from the container thru the firewall to the drivers seat under the dash for easy consumption while driving, all with a flick of the washer switch. i hope he got busted before he hurt himself or someone else but it was a clever solution to sipping beer on the sly. i don’t recommend that anybody try this but things were different back in the day.
  11. When I hitchhiked across Yemen back in the day NO ONE used their headlights at nite, in order to save gas. No amount of explanation would change anyone’s mind. One time recently I was pullled over by the cops in in Canada for driving with my headlights on during the day. You just can’t win the headlight game is what I’ve learned.

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