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  1. All M10's should be turbo 1976 California 2002 are better suited for EV.
  2. BMW 2002 > Porsche 911. I'll back this up as I've lived with both in relatively the same conditions at the same time. The 2002 got used more, and yielded an overall significantly higher ratio of smiles-to-curses than the 911! (And that's with $ not withstanding!) As great of a performer the 2002 is my 78 911 SC can, did and still will spank the 02 in performance. a stock 02 is slow!
  3. I would like to buy this from you. I am in Riverside. I can pay in advanced but will not be in the O.C until next Wednesday. 


    Vince 951 823-6416

  4. vinceg14

    as bought

    good looking car
  5. Tons of steering input. but man! way to keep up the momentum.
  6. I hope to see some of your cars out their. I do not have one contribute just yet but really like the idea of talking 02s out their. The other crap is well crap. Vince
  7. He guys. I love the look of these front fenders. To me its what i think i imagine a modified for sport driving fender should look like ( i made that up). Was an English wheel used to get that shape or a what? Anyone one else tried this. Any other pictures out their? Vince
  8. What is the sweet spot with the M10 without S14 parts? Top End Offers a dual 45 side draft, big cam engine, not sure of the compresion with XDI ignition. What about a combo using the 2 liter crank, 90 mm bore 318 injection , megasquirt, higher compression 10.0-1 and a 304 cam. Whould that be a street able engine.
  9. Thanks for the info. Bummer about Coronado. I have gone to that event on the years that i do not make it to Monterey. I love the videos
  10. Great too see the Hyde Park car. Was this Rug's Car? I have seen this one at Monterey and Coronado Island. It sounds fantastic. Any Chance you will bring it down to Speed week on the island in September? Thanks Vince.
  11. I need to get out to Willow Springs and watch a race. Its been 10 years. The next one is in September. It can be over a 100 degrees there. Yikes. https://www.vararacing.com/2016-vara-events
  12. The Experience of driving over the Golden gate, Presidio Park and 19th avenue can be fun if your not in a hurry and have not done it much. Continue to PCH down to Monterrey. So much to see.
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