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  1. May have one in parts car, will check and get back to you via pm Gale H
  2. I've go one that's serviceable. will send pm with details
  3. looks like a concept car presented via cg, what happened to the old fashioned "artist's rendering"? Maybe they will build one but gotta wonder where they'll stuff that v10
  4. I have a set of used good condition Gale H
  5. There were several versions available, If you look in realoem you can get an idea which your motor may have had. Gale H
  6. Thanks, got it parts shipped Gale H
  7. Thanks, I'll send details to your email
  8. If you mean the rods, ie the parts that operate the wiper arms, i have some early sets, roundie cars. let me know if these are what you need, can send pics and details. Gale H
  9. 3 windshield wiper motors for sale, two late 2002 (mid 74? -76) and one from an 83 320i which likely could be rewired for installation in a late 02. all tested and work. one of the 02 motors has bare wire ends where pigtale was cut at connector. Bear in mind the late 02/320i motors will not fit an early 02, bolt pattern is reversed, you would need late drive rods to install 02 complete and 320i (includes relay) 50 plus shipping conus, bare wire motor 40 plus shipping conus. bag of door handles, window cranks, b pillar pulls, hangers etc all 30 shipped conus late 02 headlight switch, rheostat spring good condition 35 shipped conus Gale H

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