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  1. Thanks, no problem. if you know of anyone in need I'll have it in storage. Thanks again Gale H
  2. I talked with Kyle yesterday and said he picked up the parts yesterday but it sounds like only the header and one exhaust set. was the ansa system included with parts set. He's not too into cars so his description of the parts was somewhat vague. I was really hoping to get the ansa system to complete my project
  3. I'll see if fastenal or a local parts store has copper gaskets
  4. I'll try that, either copper or aluminum. I've thought about stuffing the hole with a gasket sealant then running the bolt in while it's still workable and then a cu or al washer. it's sort of a short cut, temp thing which i try to avoid but it's worth a try. if I needed a temp fix to get me home or something similar i'd likely go with that idea but I'll likely end up replacing gaskets for peace of mind, durability etc.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I did use sealant on the threads but best guess is gasket slipped and when i threaded the bolt into the hole it tore the gasket. Looks like its off with the timing cover and install new gaskets. Everything is clean this time, no timing components to install so it shouldnt take more than a couple of hours
  6. Just a quick follow up, I checked a couple of bare blocks in storage and the hole where the leak is occuring is blind. it is however very near the oil bypass tube at the front of the block. I did replace the o ring with a bmw part. The motor carries good oil pressure 80 at start and 35 hot idle
  7. I replace the timing rails, o rings new water pump etc, sealed the cover gaskets with my favorite gasket sealer buttoned everything up and was getting ready to take a run at the hill. just to be safe i checked for leaks and discovered an oil leak which i eventually identified as coming from one of the bolts that holds the timing cover to block. knowing me i really wasnt surprised and figured i had just forgot to torque the bolt. unfortunately i was wrong bolt was tight but I tweaked it a wee bit more, still leaking. the bolt appears to go into the block near the oil filter housing but inserting a thin tool into the bolt holes leaves me to belive it's a blind hole but it's leaking as if it's tapped into a channel that has some oil pressure. I installed a shorter bolt with wave washer and a flat washer to spread the torque load on the boss and it still leaks. Any one with insight into this problem and or potential fixes? is the bolt hole blind or tapped into an oil galley. any help appreciated Thanks Gale H BTW this fits into the general heading of no good dead will go unpunished. jeez
  8. Dave sent you a pm this morning Gale H
  9. No leaks on the ground so i cant use that as an indicator of when to add oil, just a bit nasty looking around timing cover so I thought it would be a good time to renew the gaskets, chain rail, guide etc. Is there a spec on the diameter of the nose of the pulley where it mates with the seal. I know there is for the rear main contact of the crank but I havnt found one for the pulley contact.
  10. I'm in the process of renewing the gaskets and crank seal for the timing cover and was just wonder if there may be better materials to seal the pipe. no particular problem other than maintenance to cure leaky gaskets.
  11. Is there a better way to seal the oil delivery pipe from the pump to the main oil galley rather than using the orange o rings from bmw? Gale H
  12. I've got both pieces, will send pics and details via pm Gale H
  13. Sounds a lot like condenser. Also, any time points are changed/gapped you should check timing to make sure it's still on spec.

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