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  1. good late wiper motor, tested working 45 plus shipping Gale H
  2. for sale cast exhaust manifold good condition no cracks, no port tubes. 75 plus shipping Gale H
  3. for sale cast exhaust manifold good condition no cracks, no port tubes. 75 plus shipping Gale H
  4. To be less specific, 77-83 e21 hubs thanks Gale H
  5. looking for 83 e21 front hubs Gale H
  6. Believe I have one from a late 02 in working condition. pm for details
  7. I'll take the e21 master cylinder. I'll pm with shipping details Thanks Gale H
  8. good point (no punn intended). Years back when every set of points came with a small capsule of lub it looked like dielectric grease or similar. I did a bit of research and it may be dielectric grease is as good as any of the comnercial products touted to be the proper lube to use. I do know i have used dielectric grease without any problems, it stays put and seems to provide adequate lubrication. two products advertised as cam lube are lubricam and a mallory product but still silicone based products. But because I'm curious about the qualities of these lubes, I'll pick up a tube of lubricam and check it out against a dielectric grease.
  9. I removed the lube to get a better look at the space betweente thI block and cam. I normally use dielectric grease for the lube as petroleum base greases will heat and run out, possibley being slung on to the points where it will burn and carbonize, shortening point life.
  10. Jim, thanks. No radial play at all and while i was in there i installed new (used) spacers and thrust washers so it's as tight as one could expect a 49 year old distributor to be. I have the points set on a tight(book 13 9 or abouts and will set dwell when it's installed.
  11. I disassembled the distributor yesterday and none of the screws were being struck by any rotating parts. the only thing i found making any ticking noise is the points. the rubbing block that contacts the cam only makes contacts thru several degrees rotation nearest the high lobes, after that there is no contact with the cam which allows the points to snap shut. I believe this is what makes the noise, the constant opening then snapping shut of the contact points. I've not paid any attention to this on other points equiped cars but it seems the rubbing block should maintain at least minimum contact with the cam to preivent the ticking noise I hear. Not sure how this affect dwell . These are relatively new points purchased at a local chain parts store, not original bmw parts. any suggestions thoughts welcome.
  12. Cam lubed. pulled the cap and all the terminals in the cap look normal no mark as if the rotar is striking them. I'll pull the dist today and tear it down for a diagonsis. more later with pics if i find something interesting.

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