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  1. I tried to repair one of the clocks some time back and the case cover didnt look right at all after my feeble attempt. on the plus side, it helped confirm where my limits are. Not trying that again.
  2. I have a couple of vdo clocks that have the same problem. when the minute hand aligns with the hour, the hour hand is behind approx 10 min. Another way of explaining it, when the hour hand aligns with the hour the minute hand is approx 10 min ahead of the hour. Can this be repaired or are these clocks just destined to take up space in the bottom of a box.
  3. If you blew out all the hard lines with compressed air, you must have done that from the end where the soft line attaches, otherwise you would have to remove the hardlines from the master cylinder and cleared them out from there. with nothing to support this theory, It is possible by blowing back through the system you forced all the fluid from the master cylinder back into the resevoir. if that is so, you would need to "bench bleed" the master cylinder to force all the air out with brake fluid, otherwise you'll always be introducing air into the system as you try to bleed. Several discussions on bench bleeding on the web. btw, normal procedure for standard brake bleeding is to go to wheel cylinder most distant from the resevoir and bleed, proceeding to that fashion until you reach the front caliper nearest the resevoir.
  4. Set of early front bumper spacers for sale. good condition 35 shipped conus. Gale H
  5. I do have a spare set, I'll pm with details Gale H
  6. + on Sherman's response. I've had my bumper off a several times times and it still takes a couple of tries to get it right. Guess i never thought of marking them but on the other hand I know once I get one on the other is a no brainer. Gale H
  7. right and left are the same and only fit properly one way. if you install them incorrectly you'll know. i believe i have a spare set, will look and get back to you. Gale H
  8. I have the travel limiter, yours for shipping. pm or email if interested Gale H douggaleh at hotmail dot com
  9. I have an early cast aluminum heat shield if interested. pm or email Gale H douggaleh at hotmail dot com
  10. May have one in parts car, will check and get back to you via pm Gale H
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