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  1. Just a follow-up. Drove the car to the vintage, can happily report no oil from the timing hole in the bell housing. Tightening the dist housing bolts worked. BTW, good time at the Vintage, my grandson went with me and he thoroughly enjoyed seeing other 02's and the other models that were there.
  2. after the vintage i plan to do the timing cover gaskets, water pump front oil seal and rails because it is leaking from that area and those items are hard to get to with all the hoses pully etc in the way. while in there i think i'll replace the dist cover gasket and this time blue lock tight everything. the engine was completely rebuilt about 12 years ago so those things should be addressed anyway.
  3. Changed points/condenser timed etc,went for about and hour drive and so far, no sign of leak. I did tighten the dist housing bolts which were loose, not a lot but enough to perhaps be the culprit.
  4. Just checked, doesnt appear to be a bad o ring but it could be the distributor housing gasket. that gasket is obviously leaking and may be allowing oil to seep past the trans motor interface and be thrown out the timing hole. since i was in the process of pulling the distributor to change points and condenser i'll tweek the bolts holding the housing to back of the head. Thanks for the heads up on this area. '
  5. Last week I noticed an oily buildup in and around the timing hole in the bellhousing. I pulled the inspection cover from the bottom of the trans and it is dry as is the flywheel. No obvious leaks from the trans/motor interface and it's never left an oil trail on the concrete floor where its parked. I cleaned the area off and have been driving it since and today i noticed more oily buildup in the same place. I say oily buildup because it's not a runny oil but more like a thick grease. there's nothing on the outer perimeter of the flywheel where the bouncing ball is located. My first guess is rear main seal except for the lack of a puddle of oil under the car. Seals at the front of the motor leak but i had planned to pull the front cover off, replace seals, timing rails etc but now it's looking like a full pull and major surgery. any thoughts ideas or experiences with such goings on. Thanks
  6. Pulled the fuse box and it's not the same as yours, wrong pin pattern. Gale H
  7. I'll check a spare fuse box i have it may be a 75 because I have a wireing harness with the individual terminals as shown in the pic. Gale H
  8. Someone address "maching" of E21 hubs I keep seeing referenced"
  9. here's pic of harness.  looks to be in good condition.  15 shipped


    Gale H







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