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  1. I came across a volkswagen beetle hella rear fog light with red lense. installed a led bulb and now have an old school highmount setup.
  2. Thanks, I know 83 had a small bearing hub so they will work, havn't done enough research to determine if other early e21's had small bearings but i suspect they did.
  3. want to buy a pair of e21 small bearing front hubs for brake upgrade. shipping to Virginia 24210, the closer the better to keep shipping costs down Thanks Gale H
  4. Recently came across this piece of advertisement. po did not know history but i believe it is a dealer sign. very good condition considering it has been in storage for years. It has only one small hole which may be bb or pellet hole which could be repaired, no cracks or other damage just marring and minor scratches from storage. Thought I'd list it here first before going to another forum. would be a great addition to a garage with enough room to display. size is 43 inches across from edge to edge. $200 plus shipping from Virginia. Thanks Gale H douggaleh at hotmail dot com
  5. good late wiper motor, tested working 45 plus shipping Gale H
  6. for sale cast exhaust manifold good condition no cracks, no port tubes. 75 plus shipping Gale H
  7. for sale cast exhaust manifold good condition no cracks, no port tubes. 75 plus shipping Gale H
  8. To be less specific, 77-83 e21 hubs thanks Gale H
  9. Believe I have one from a late 02 in working condition. pm for details
  10. I'll take the e21 master cylinder. I'll pm with shipping details Thanks Gale H
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