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  1. 71bmr02

    half shaft can lid

    didn't think of that one, good thing cause I have an expansive list of #1's on the top ten stupidest things i ever did. Just when i think i can't possibly top that for stupid, I'll one up it . I did use a "can lid" that i managed to mangle beyond any use to get them stared and a small ball peen to finish off.
  2. 71bmr02

    half shaft can lid

    agree with all the above particularly quality of the boots. I'm changing diffs and either the quality of the 320i boots is about on par with aftermarket parts or a po installed boots as replacements. they are in such poor shape I'm staying with the 2002 boots that may be original and if they are, they are in much better condition than the 320i boots. save them old boot's they are infinitely better than whats currently avail.
  3. for sale a complete setup for intermittent wipers and turn signals from a 83 320i; stalk switches, flasher, intermittent wiper unit, wiper motor. all tested and working. 75 plus shipping from Virginia to conus. pics available if interested. blue door card vinyl, passenger side card was not salvageable so vinyl was removed, no tears not cut for speaker 20 shipped conus Late 2002 wiper motor 35 shipped conus
  4. 71bmr02

    half shaft can lid

    my concern with the air leak is grease being thrown out as it thins out with temp rise. removal off the cv joint requires a rap with a hammer and drift to separate it from the stub axle flange confirming my observation of the mechanical seal created by the lip on the cv joint and the flange on the stub axle. sealing of the can lid may be more of an exercise in diligent care than an all out effort to stop air leaks in the cv joints.
  5. 71bmr02

    half shaft can lid

    Thanks. I'm not familiar with the term I-rings, is that a reference to the "can lid" or to a seal that fits the outer edge of the can lid. I believe i discovered there is a precision fit between the lip on the cv shaft and the hub flange which effectively would provide a mechanical seal. I'll use the acetone clean procedure and seal the can lid with black rtv and torque the cv nuts to the recommended value.
  6. 71bmr02

    half shaft can lid

    Removing the "can lids" is like removing a paint can lid, some distorting and edge damage will occur. i tried to be as careful as possible and was able to straighten the lids. they did go on snug and initially i did not use any sealer. after discovering the air leak i removed the lid and checked more closely and it appears the factory may have used a sealant of some sort. i cleaned all the surfaces with acetone, removed what appeared to be sealant and reinstalled the lid with black rtv as a sealant. I still have air leaks and it may be the leaks(s) are from the areas where the bolt holes are almost in contact with the lid. Lids apparently are nla.
  7. any suggestions on how best to seal the "can lid" on the half shafts. I've tried everything but no luck , still have an air leak when i pull on the axle shaft and where there's air going in there's a possibility for cv grease to get out.
  8. 71bmr02

    Just for arguments sake

    of course it is, unless it isn't in which case it could be but then again what would it be if it is not what it's supposed to be but that all depends on it's origninal form and function. it could just be ambiguous making it not at all what it appears to be but something totally different although it appears to be what it is or is not. that is my opinion, your opinion may vary and you may have legal rights not associated with this opinion. not legal in states of VA RI CT NY CA TX MT. Some assembly required batteries not included. Failure to follow instructions may result in injury or inability to make concise, logicial statements.
  9. 71bmr02

    3:64 differential

    Hank, pm sent
  10. 71bmr02

    3:64 differential

    Just putting out a feeler to se if anyone may have a diff for my 71 because I'm running out of options to change back to the 3:64. My original will need to be rebuilt, a spare has chipped teeth on the spider gears and no info at all on the 3:64 in the 320i i have for parts. Does anyone have one near southwestern virginia? nc, dc, va, oh, ky tn to ease shipping costs. pm or email with correspondence and thanks in advance. btw doesnt neet to be limited slip Thanks Gale H douggaleh at hotmail dot com
  11. 71bmr02

    leaking rear differential

    Thanks, I am at a complete loss when it comes to rebuilding/setting up diffs. I know a couple of shops that may be able to set it up. I did read the shop manual but am sure this job is way out of my comfort zone. thought there may some quick fix much like retorqueing wheel bearings but that was just wishful thinking. Thanks fwiw, I've got a 320i parts car i could pull the 364 from but it's cold and wet and i'm not as young as i used to be but that may be my final option
  12. 71bmr02

    leaking rear differential

    Not the kind of info i wanted to read. I was in the process of changing out diffs 391 back to 364 and during cleaning i pulled on the input shaft and noticed it pulled out approx 1/4 inch. hmmmm, not good thinks i so i checked another diff and no free play. i removed the keeper from the pionion nut and discovered i could tighten the pinion nut by hand. Question is am i screwed so i now have to replace the crush sleeve because i have no reference point for the pinion nut original location.
  13. 71bmr02

    Rocker Height at Four Corners

    not mine still sliglty lower in back, not wild about the slight neg camber angle but just rotate tires more often. I prefer the back to sit down when entering a corner and can apply enough power to understeer if i want it and under hard braking/trail braking the back doesnt jump up cause a noticeable camber change steer condition. because it's only street driven it would be hard to push it to camber change steer so it's all good. It's my opinion the most noticable handling changes aside from tire pressure (which is the last thing you want to mess with when trying tune handling) were installation of 22/19 bars. as i recall i finally settled on rubber sway bar end link bushins in the front and poly upper end link in rear because poly fronts gave way too much stiffness up front for predictable driving in wet conditions. otherwise its a very driveable, prediticable car but a till bit of a handful in the wet with street tires, still predictable but more tippy toeish with regard to corners.
  14. 71bmr02

    Rocker Height at Four Corners

    I taylored mine to be about a 6mm higher on the drive side with approx 1/2 tank fuel, battery in stock location, spare, jack, spare parts etc in trunk and no one in car, h&r sports, korman bars, poly bushings. this was done with shims under spring pads and approximating my weight in front driver seat with bags of sand. what i ended up with is a car that is level (approx) with me in the car. Important to make sure your tire pressures are equal all 4 corners. static 6mm difference is hardly noticeable