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Fiberglass Repairs and Temperatures

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The use of fiberglass for automotive repairs requires a warm temperature for good cures.  The usually recommended ideal temperature is around 70 F which provides quite a nice comfortable and pleasant ambiance, indeed, for both the car and me.  However, my garage is quite cold these days (40-50 F), and 70 F is not going to happen until Spring.


Have any of you used heat lamps to provide a warm temperature for a repair site, e.g., spare tire well, while working with fiberglass? 

Your experiences and suggestions regarding raising the temperature of a specific site for a few hours?
Suggestions for lamps?





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I have used electric radiators and halogen lamps for this purpose. I have covered curing parts with plastic tarps (? correct word?), plywood sheets etc. Coverage has been well away from heated area, at least one meter and not that sealed so air can move somewhat freely. Halogen lamps have been 150 - 300 W range. I have aimed for 50 - 60 C curing temps (max). When i'm done adjusting tarps and heat source(s) to get said temps then a have left things be over night. 

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Larry, I think you should call the tech/help line for your resin manufacturer they can tell you how and with what you can mix your resin to set at cooler temps, it can be done, here in the PNW there are many boat builder and they work year around some of them outdoors

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My garage is not heated and is great for cooling my beer if the kitchen refrigerator is full.  I've tried everything to heat the garage easily, quickly, and to summer temperatures for painting and general comfort (while laying on my back on the concrete).


A compact, 4800w, 240v, "garage" heater does the trick.  It was $100 at Home Depot.  One of the best investments I've made.  It also has a thermostat so it is not running all the time, otherwise my power bill would be crazy.




I can heat the garage to 70°F in 20 minutes.  It's a beast!



I parked the heater in front of my car while I used rust inhibitor and oil-based paints to refinish the bottom of the car.  I opened the garage door 18" to allow the forced air (and fumes) to escape the garage.  In the following picture it was -4°C (24°F) outside.  22°C (70°F) in the garage.  I love my heater!


Drywall Heater1.jpg




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Thanks, Paul.  Impressive heater, indeed.  I have a propane torpedo heater (also Dyna Glow; also Home Depot) which gets my large (really tall ceiling) 2-bay workably warm, say 55 degrees, on extremely cold days.  However, I don't want to use it for this purpose - just heating around 1 sq ft of metal.  Sure wish I had 220V.

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On 1/7/2021 at 11:10 PM, esty said:

i'd use a heat lamp, halogen bulb or heat gun for that small of an area


3 hours ago, 2002#3 said:

One heat lamp.  $25. 

And you'll be set when your spring order of baby chicks come in at Farm & Fleet.  That heat lamp will keep 'em nice and warm...



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Yep.  According to Google searches for "Heat Lamps", they are for use only to warm baby chicks, piglets, lizards, and French fries.  Is my use of a heat lamp illegal?  Will I be able to access 2002FAQ via the pokey internet?


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