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  1. Nah, I sanded and ground down existing surfaces back to clean and then re-applied undercoat and final coats of Inka polyurethane oil-base paint. I rely on interior soundproofing. Not too worried about sorting hardware. You'd be amazed how well you remember where parts go, after you've removed them yourself. Failing that you can use Realoem.com to confirm lengths etc. Besides, platers work by the pound. No sorting that I've heard of.
  2. Same can be said for @Conserv. Still a nice looking color, if you're going outside the 02 pallet.
  3. I replated all my hardware except studs of course. Yellow zinc.
  4. The brackets you're showing are 72 and earlier. Y brackets are correct for 73. Personally, I wouldn't bother with the L bracket. Replacement fenders are drilled after fitment to match bumpers IIRC. Factory fenders, I'm not sure. You may have to redrill your fenders. If so, be very careful to place hole so that the sides are 90 degrees horizontal. You may be lucky and the old fender holes line up with loose adjustment of the bumper or they are covered by the large rubber washers. If they are exposed you could fill the holes with stove/carriage bolts, painted or ss OR repaint the lower fenders after filling the holes.Good luck.
  5. 700psi. Wow! Somebody has definitely been messing with those. The Kfish doesn't even create that much pressure. I would worry that the springs are overstretched and will not operate within spec. Pm sent.
  6. Sirius LEDs are twice as bright as superbrightleds at the same price. Classicautoleds arrays are comparable to modern SUVs. Very well made and changes the 02 into a highly visual vehicle.
  7. Rear: classicautoleds.com. Front: Sirius xg amber 1157 750 lumens da best.
  8. A common problem that causes a wobbly mirror. A small block of wood and a small mallet can flatten down the edges. Cleaning and lubricating the mirror pivot will stop that from happening again.
  9. As said local shops sometimes have or can get the right front glass. Same glase as OEM except in generic name. I believe you still need OEM gasket as URU is not yet vetted to satisfaction. Save your energy, stress and potential damage. Let the pros install it.
  10. My recall conjures up a metal female part in the carpet over a male part screwed into the floor. Even my 1990 Bimmer replace carpet had the appropriate covers. Do I have to go look? 😋 Seems like a common British or marine application. My Cocomats stick like glue but my wifes' have the skucum plastic eyelets.
  11. Plenty of good info in this thread. I decided to keep my original and have it rebuilt.
  12. In my humble opinion, if it were me, I'd service everything from the flywheel back to the guibo, including the pilot bearing and all the shifter linkage bushings. First, I'd invest in a Sachs clutch kit. Then I'd order a shifter bushing kit from whoever sells them. Lastly I'd have my flywheel resurfaced and remove the pilot bearing from the crankshaft hub. Lastly, I'd take my transmission to a reputable and experienced 2002 suave shop. Dollars to donuts synchros are dead or dying. Sorry to be so blunt. I'd pay anything required to have a smooth shifting gearbox while driving my freshly painted car.
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