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  1. I think that's the closest to my car, so far. 5 cars younger. Really nice.
  2. Ok, so I read through this thread and watched the video last night. I fell asleep and had a dream... Sorry for the hijack and off-topic post, but it was fueled by the OP.
  3. To understand the route of the linkage, lift the car and inspect the path from the pedal box up to the lever on the firewall and across to the Kugelfisher pump then from the pump up to the throttle body. Make sure that nothing is interfering with (touching) the linkage. At this point it would be a good idea to read the Fuel Injection Manual to confirm that the linkage is set up correctly. Run the engine and watch the linkage for movement as the engine increases speed.
  4. My guy calls sand, "crushed glass". He always likes to make the distinction between that and glass bead. He also has walnut shell and soda. I might use soda on the next cylinder head. Machine shops are always pooh poohing glass (dry or vapor), and rightfully-so. Vapor does an amazing job on carbs and throttle bodies. Unfortunately my guy doesn't have one of those cabinets so I'm stuck with paying to have it done at another shop. I like to blast parts myself.
  5. My DIY blasting shop offers fine grade beads for aluminum cleaning. The results are beautiful and IMHO, the most original BMW aluminum finish. I reserve vapor blasting for throttle body and oil filter housings, which are "pot" metal finished...more shiny than the various aluminum engine, transmission and differential parts. Oh yeah, I clearcoat to ward off oxidation, but not the throttle body.
  6. Looks very clean. Nice work. The boot was/is bellows type. Still available if you care.
  7. Geez I'm a sucker for a cute face and an uncracked dash. Didn't look any further. Chalked the color discrepancy upto photography or my monitor.
  8. The opposite I believe. That list might prompt some prominent re-builders to take a pass. It might be better to vet the vendor.
  9. Surprised to see no comments and then realized it's an automatic. Seems like the kiss of death to an otherwise really nice example. Love Golf!
  10. Rattle can black for the BBQ sound like a good choice. As long as it's not gloss. About 6 years ago I bought a new one and it is still black, with probably 15K miles on it to date. I bought one of the last NOS heat shields known to man from RogersTii about 3 years ago.
  11. @joysterm There's a good excuse for an extended roadtrip. Maybe on the way to California.
  12. Here's a stock pic I found on Google Images.
  13. I remember ditching my 13 x 5" rims and covers. I hated them so much. Wheels and tires are such a personal thing like shoes and socks. I wanted to dress my car in the coolest aftermarket alloys and rubber. Who'd have guessed that 30 years later I would have to search for the very wheels and caps that I discarded...and pay $$$ before blasting, painting and clearcoating to bring them back to new condition. I like your taste in wheels but don't ditch your original steelies and caps. You never know. Your car looks like it could win a concours (with the correct wheels). 😉 Note: I don't use my original wheels but I could.
  14. Re-assembly is SO MUCH FUN. Good clean fun. The best part of the job. We'll want pictures. 😁

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