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  1. Nice work! I'm happy with my sensor placement. No AFR problems and easy to get at.
  2. True, but that bent flange could prove difficult to straighten. Glad to hear generic donuts work well.
  3. Two things. Your downpipe flange is bent, and the exhaust pipe looks like it is not lined up or maybe it's oversize. That seal must be 100% to stop leakage. In my experience, it's usually the wrong or poor quality donut at fault. In your case you'll need to straighten that flange, or get a new downpipe. Try @PaulWegweiser for OEM. Buy the donut from him too and be assured that it's correct. This is not the greatest picture to see the joint, but you can see that the flanges are close together, 3/16" gap max.
  4. Muffler hitting left rear passenger footwell or further back. Easy fix, usually.
  5. How do I become Barney's friend so I can "use" a baur during MY visit to Fredericksburg? I'm calling my travel agent right now. I hear there are great deals on flights. 😁
  6. Thanks everyone for contributing to make this short run of parts possible. Following are a couple of tricks to ease the removal and installation of the throttle linkage, whether it's plastic or metal. I remember jamming screwdrivers behind the sockets to remove them and using my fingers to "try" to snap the sockets onto the ball. Never easy and always a worry of breaking or damaging the fittings. For those like me, who had to learn the hard way: I use a 9mm open-end wrench as a lever to pop the ends of the rod off of the balls. I use extra-long pliers to snap the sockets onto the balls. Thanks again. Paul
  7. I don't remember the details but back in the 90s my 008 distributor went missing from a shop and they replaced it with this one. It ran in my tii for at least 10 years. Later I had it restored by Advanced Distributors before selling it and putting the proper 008 back into my car.
  8. I made a bunch for the group a couple of years ago. I still have a couple hanging around I think. Have to look. I call it a "cable loop". BMW calls it something else.
  9. If you are looking for a make-work project, this is a heap of fun. Yes, a bicycle spoke or 2 or 3. 😊 Go nuts, because it takes a few tries to get a good symmetrical piece. I locked a 17mm mandrel in my bench vise and started bending. Then I tried 2 14mm mandrels side by side in the vise to create compound curves. Snubnose pliers helps. @conkitchenmodified his piece to direct the hose along a lower route, not rubbing against the fittings on the top of the KF. Smart.
  10. Duh! My first time trying to locate specific members from scratch. I get it now. Thanks bud.
  11. @goofycarp @Stein-man Somehow I lost your requests regarding tii throttle linkage. Luckily I wrote down your usr names. Please PM me so I can pass on the shipping info for the parts. Thanks, Paul
  12. That's fine, we'll just carry on without him. I think his original bolts were generic. The head looks too small. I feel compelled to post this picture as my previous posted picture showed the incorrect bolts. I MUST REDEEM MYSELF! 😫 Praise for OEM hardware (this time anyway)!

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