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  1. Maybe they were correct for Italy. Therefore valid on your imported car. Someone makes a polished aluminum vintage blade that is readily available. Aamco? Chrome/polished is more fun IMHO.
  2. 30-32 psi is my rule. 32 psi highway. 26 psi in snow. Just kidding. This car doesn't do snow.
  3. If you have an original piece wouldn't it make sense to 3D print some copies. Now that I think about it, the replicas I have might be nylon. Is it possible to print in nylon? There are 2 different hinges right? Inner and outer. Are you doing both? Great project. Nice to have the right machines.
  4. Can someone point @Dosky to the BMWtii_pump_guide_v1.pdf. That guide has a testing procedure with pictures to determine which component of the cold start system is at fault. I looked for the guide in Technical Articles and couldn't find it. It's too large to attach to this post. 22 mb. Anyone?
  5. FWIW, I recalled an 02 buddy had the same issue so I called him and confirmed what I'd remembered. His car was jumping out of reverse and he pulled his transmission assuming it needed repair. He found the output flange nut was finger tight. With the transmission out of the car he needed help to secure the box while torquing the nut properly. He has had no issues since. You may be able to torque that nut with the box in the car more easily. If you are REAL lucky it may solve your problem. Good luck.
  6. +1 Seems to have been a popular accessory in the PNW (Canada).
  7. So just to confirm...you bought an early 2002 cover? This is what I found: http://www.steeringwheelscover.com/BMW-1973-2002-Wheelskins-Steering-Wheel-Cover-One-Color Edit: I also looked at their actual site "wheelskins.com" and it's not much more helpful. Thanks.
  8. But how accurate are/were they? Mine never failed, it just got more incorrect with age. I was sure that it was the sending unit, until I changed out the gauge and have much better readings (and confidence) ever since. What has been the common failure with the sending unit? I like to be prepared.
  9. Sorry for being insensitive. Wasn't thinking. I sincerely hope you get some relief soon. All the best.
  10. Wait?! 😁 Easy for you to say. I'm at least 3 months away from Spring driving while you're enjoying Summer... probably all year round. On topic: where to buy a quality DIY leather wrap for my wheel? Something I can do while watching TV on these wet Winter nights.
  11. Giving me daydreams as a snowplow passes by. Only "dailies" here at the moment are blizzards. I guess temperature cycles and vibration are your concerns?
  12. Seems to me Austin would be a hotbed for tii daily drivers. Barney? Fantastic work, btw.
  13. Makes me consider dusting off my bus wheel, wrapping it in leather and taking it for a spin. Now if I only had those Recaros. Gorgeous interior!
  14. Funny. That's one leak that is easy to diagnose. It's really loud. Even a minor leak creates a PINGING from under your butt. Love the easy ones.
  15. It was explained to me that it's to ensure that the gases are well-mixed and represent all cylinders equally. I've had no problems with this config and easy access too.
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