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  1. Pirelli CN36 New retro tires that have rave reviews. Longstone Tyres, England. Free delivery worldwide. 8 days to my door on the westcoast.
  2. The screen part is a white plastic frame with the screen attached to it. The white plastic frame snaps into the bottom of the pickup. Hope that makes sense.
  3. - filter should be attached to the bottom of the filler tube. - valve cover does not need to be removed at first, but fresh oil is required for initial start up, IMHO. After you get the engine running do another oil change. The more oil changes you do, the cleaner the internal parts will become. - don't mess with the oil pan yet. Oil changes will clean it too. - upper and lower timing covers are usually sealed with sealant. Again, don't worry about them until after you have the engine running. If they are leaking you can consider a re&re job.
  4. My guess...faster rotation, loose belt and alternator can't keep up. Belt starts slipping.
  5. Definitely time for a new pedal. As long as the ball fittings on the floor are still in decent shape, the pedal will "snap" on and give years of service. You can order from your local BMW dealer. It's a good idea to replace that bushing on the linkage too and I use a little grease, even though it can attract dirt. (I don't allow dirt in my car 😊)
  6. My past experience is: - OEM doors fit better than AM doors. You see this in cars with AM doors where they are 1/4" proud at the rear lower corner. Twisting the door did not fix the problem. - Any bodywork ( plus skins) is going to cost $1000. minimum. I believe OEM doors are $500 ea. - You can refuse OEM doors if they are damaged in shipping. - There is no shipping as you pick up from the dealer. - Brand new sheetmetal rocks! Prep and spray.
  7. Hope they keep that venue for next year as my Canadian 02 friends and I will be driving down.
  8. I could be wrong but I seem to recall that @Preyupyhad a water pump rebuilder that he uses.
  9. Exactly! My last pump may have lasted 20k. I don't tighten the belt that much. And it squealed without weeping ( @Mike Self). Off the car it was difficult to rotate.
  10. IMO, I think it was probably the same and you never noticed. Just the pump wearing out. It would start to squeal on start up next. Tii water pumps don't seem to last very long. Not a bad idea to keep a spare handy.
  11. If you are positive that there are no vacuum leaks, consider temporarily raising your enrichment lever to add more fuel to feed the 2200 cc engine. You should experience less and less hunting, until you have fully dialed it out.\ If you are successful with this method, you can reset your enrichment lever (2.6mm) and adjust the verboten screw to the same height as your temporary adjustment. I would suggest marking your verboten screw before altering it.
  12. Ha! I have no idea. It was a long time ago, and I don't think I ever measured it. I was in experiment mode just trying to get faster ignition times.
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