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  1. I've got a Thule gutter mount rack, did years of duty carrying skis and bikes.
  2. I'll take your headlight parts, give me your PayPal F&F target. Jerry
  3. I've spent 20+ years using the button, car starts, 0 to 100 degrees. I've got good transistors?
  4. What is the "downside" to just keeping the button?
  5. When I pulled the car out of a 20 year sleep and cleaned all fuel related bits and replaced the cogged belt, seemed loose when I installed the belt but it ran fine, maybe put a couple hundred miles on the car then decided to restore. When dismantling the engine I note holes in the plastic shroud/cover on the kugle pulleys. So yes, too much cintrificle deflection. Since the engine will be on a stand I'll install a new belt and check the fit before I look for a replacement pully.
  6. I remember reading about someone who was restoring a tii engine and had replaced the pully on the front of the K Fish pump. At my engines last running with a new belt I experienced wear on the plastic shroud, that would indicate a "loose" belt. Because that's not an adjustment, my guess is the soft aluminum pulley is worn and causing the looseness that allows the belt to "centrifically" wear the plastic. Oh, either that or a bad belt?
  7. You guys are awesome, great job, sweet outcome . . . nice team!
  8. I'm guessing there is a ring that will close the grill to headlite gap?
  9. These are my passenger side slides. Years ago I tossed my drivers seat when I purchased a Racaro RS. I restored a pair of e21 racaros and need a driver side set of slides. Jerry
  10. I'm looking for the driver side seat slides, circa 1972 with "L" bracket in front of slide. Jerry
  11. Looking for driver side seat slides, circa 1972 w/ "L" bracket at front. five 0 nine nine nine five eleven eighty two
  12. I ran octavos for many years 13x6 with 205/60/13s.
  13. need the drivers side seat slides that fit a 1972, pic of the left side attached. Jerry

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