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  1. Sorry to be late responding. $50 for both. Jerry
  2. Damn Paul, you set the bar high, that's stunning. I've saved that picture because I'll need to correctly position my fuel pump. Allot changed under there from 1972 to 73. I went with black powder coat on my subframe. Lots of sub assembly waiting on my bodyman.
  3. Yes battery in the trunk. No, not looking for more amps, the pictured alternator is the one out of the E21. Just clearance, alignment and adjustment issues. Maybe just grind away where the adjustment arm contacts the alternator when adjusted out.
  4. I swapped the alternator out of a '82 320i I bought for the 5 speed and it seems to be configured slightly differently. Just wanted a bit more juice, Suggestions?
  5. This is a pair of new, unused east European knock off halogen headlamps with city lights. Will work in concert with Euro turn signals using the small 4 watt bulb as a European parking/driving light. 50 bucks plus ride. Do not include the halogen bulbs.
  6. Two lovely E24 rear buckets including center arm rest that can be fit into a 2002. I know the "originality" police will be appalled, so be it, they're cool. My break with originality started 40 years ago when I scrapped my number matching engine for a '74 tii engine, I'll never look back. Based on my love for a Labrador I'm doing a rear seat delete. These old coupe seats could be dyed or recovered, they're sound. Their ride is on you, but with a U-Haul electronics box it's pretty painless. Yeah a little "summer" rain during the photo shoot.
  7. The buckets that I have, look like what you pictured. Not the BMW fans graphic, those are euro buckets like I purchased at w&n. The unrestored set doesn't have the chrome headlamp ring like the picture of the set I sold, the same ring is zinc with a chrome elliptical insert much like your early pic.
  8. As mentioned I do have a set of buckets with the asymmetrical rings, just not restored and plated.
  9. I struggled with this issue, and was not able to come to a solution that was satisfactory (note that I may not have explored all the variables) so I got the euro buckets, problem solved.
  10. Not certain what your looking for, here's some pics of one of the rings, the other is identical. these came on my 1972 2002, due to an accident in 1978 I replaced the original grills with the 1974 plastic style. My restoration is replacing the core support back to the original '72 style, also purchased new "deep" grills, these buckets didn't look correct with those grills. Bit the bullet and purchased the Euro buckets from W&N. I have another set that I thought might fit the deep grills better, they have zinc plated rings with those cleaver eye brows.
  11. Restored 1972 headlight buckets (shallow grill) with CIBIE units. Pair has been re-plated (zinc) not painted.
  12. Gotta say I admire the skill and courage of your projects . . . I just ordered the AEM gauge and sensor. Will likely place in glove box, my dash is at the dash shop having the seatbelt binical removed and dash recovered. Because I won't have a car ready for reassembly until next spring and that I had heavy stick of steel, I'm constructing into an engine test stand, a daily reminder that my "legendary" welding skills from a high school class 50 odd years ago has faded. Gonna add gauges, oil pressure, voltmeter, temp and AFR gauge to the dashboard that I'll build for the engine stand. Then will need to hit my KF manual to figure out how to use the info I get from the AFR, so much to learn and so little time.
  13. Is there a consensus on the best guage/sensor system? Seems like AEM 30-0300 X series and WB D2 are out front, opinions?
  14. well shoot, too wide to fit the space, now if you eliminate the back seat you have a mid engine 02. Why not a Porsche 944 turbo with transaxle?

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