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  1. Anyone looking for a sound but dented tank with sender and pickup for $350 let me know. For another $100 I'll throw in the pump and expansion tank.
  2. For sale one great motor stand, tips the thing at 30 degrees, holds a "Patrick" midnight auto radiator. Cool fuel tank, I'd even through in the tii fuel pump.
  3. Will sell cheap! Likely $100 to ship, sound leather, could be dyed. Gonna do a rear seat delete.
  4. I was pleased with the work that Dave Varco performed on a very "shabby" pair of E21 Racaro's. I'm in Spokane Washington so shipping added $180 to the total. But he charged $850 for both in German Vinyl, I supplied the the Racaro buttons.
  5. Hey Andrew, cool ride and bitchen stance! How'd you do that?
  6. I only wish I was at the "hint of yellow stage" Looking for a bodyman . . . might just be me. Could buy a mig and sell it in month. Just need to weld the core support in and get the doors, hood and trunk lid gapped. BarneyT project looks very good, wish my project was that advanced.
  7. Confuses me as well, the pump that was installed by Bill Williams had the single output pipe, mine as you can see has both out and return pipe. My motivation in doing all of this (my tii tank is sound and my pump works great) but over the 40 years of ownership the tank was abused and dented, got a nice later 2002 tank that was straight and sound and has the single hole for my new pump and required sender. So pump power, I can "Jerry rig", the sender is a bit more complex, just need a wrecking yard with some DOA E30's. 

    tanks alot.jpg

  8. All I can say, is that I tried to cross reference the pump part # that were given in Bill Williams piece. Caught up with everything from $50 pumps on amazon to the pump I bought from Steve at BluntTech it was billed as e30 318is fuel pump VDO that was what my tii needed, at $285 with a sender at $217 so Bill's article was written in the "good ole days". The pump looks different from what is shown in Bill's article, has a fuel return tube. But it comes down to a pump that has a male electrical fixture that has "2" 2mm round ends spaced at 10mm, so looks the same as Bill's. The sender has 3 spade tangs (male) two which I'll need (don't need low fuel warning) to hook up my guage. So if DOA means check with the dealer, I'll do that.
  9. I too have gone the way of the intank pump per Bill Williams piece on replacing tii pump. Do any of our members have a lead on the pump & sender wiring harness? Spokane WA has no wrecking yards with an assortment of older BMW's.
  10. I bought a pair of the W&N repops, and resold them based on the little work my originals needed and the horrible difference between new vs old. Might look at getting a new fender, who has the best price on OEM fenders? Are turn signal pockets sold as a repair item?
  11. The kind that comes with a fire extinguisher?
  12. I had listed my "dented too" tii fuel tank with both sender and pick-up for $300 if the glue don't hold. Standard tank out of 1974 tii.
  13. my drivers door looks like it needs to move in at the top. Is there discussion about door adjustment?
  14. My 74 tii power plant was stored and not started for 18 years, I pulled the tank and flushed it clean, ran fresh fuel to the filter, replaced it, then attempted a start. Had leakage at the fuel delivery valves, replaced O rings and it fired and ran. If you need a clean but dented tank and good pump I can help.
  15. Tii relic that is being replaced by a standard undented 2002 tank with "in tank" pump. This is a clean non leaking tii tank from a 1974. Asking $300 plus shipping. Also have a standard issue fuel pump with expansion tank mounted on a stainless bracket with new rubber isolators. $200 plus shipping.
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