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  1. My 39k mile 540i is going live next week, I’ll ask my listing rep if he know anything.
  2. Hello, I know it’s a long shot but I’d like to track down block number 2582032, most likely located on the western part of US. Thanks
  3. Kingryan86


    A random local guy saw my 3 2002s behind my shop and asked if I wanted another, of course I said yes and purchased this an hour later, not the original block would love to locate it. Been a blast so far!
  4. Hello, I picked up a spare 245 without a flange. Would prefer a 4 bolt but would gladly take a 3 bolt flange. Let me know if you have anything laying around, it’s for my spare so no rush. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am selling my running and driving 1983 BMW 320i. It’s a decent little car, could be a fun little driveable project that’s needs a little love. Runs and drive fine. It has 260k, but has had the head rebuilt, also has the Getrag 245 5-speed,( yes it should have the 240) but someone has put the 245 in it. The motor fires up every time. There are are few spots that have some damage, mainly the front emblem area and right rear quarteronael has a dent in the top. I have a clean title. It’s missing all sorts of small trim pieces, like the shift boot, radio faceplate, heater knobs. You could buy it and drive it, but it and swap the drivetrain to a 2002, or buy it and let it sit in your driveway, like I have done. I am confident it will travel a few hundred miles without issue. Let me know if you have any interest, thank you. Ryan 509-216-8176 $2500 obo
  6. @Kylep9 Hello, sorry I sold it via Facebook.
  7. Selling a good Getrag 245/5spd, it will be complete with full shifter assembly and the front flange to the driveshaft. I can ship through greyhound for a reasonable price. Would like $1000 for everything. Ryan 509-216-8176
  8. @danco_ what color was that? Could you PM me any more pictures?
  9. Who’s car is this? What color? I need to see more Also, I would take one of these if you can ship.
  10. Hello, looking for the inter panel for a sunroof. Please let me know if you have one. My number is +15092168176. thanks Ryan
  11. Do you have the interior panel for the sunroof (if there is a sunroof)
  12. Kingryan86


    I just rescued this car from the side of an old lady’s house where’s is been for quite a while. Has damaged to the rear but maintains the original motor that is painted blue, hopefully by Korman. Amazing what a nice bath will do!!
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