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  1. Kingryan86

    complete set chrome roundie bumpers

    I’ll take those. Pming
  2. Someone locally has offered a couple Isettas for sale and I was wonder if anyone had any clue as to actual value, only one has title, but it comes with a decent amount of parts. Could a somewhat complete, semi-rusty, kinda rough car be worth 5k? The first two pictures seem a lot nicer than the pair if basically parts cars.
  3. Kingryan86

    Race Car Parts!

  4. Kingryan86


    What’s the price tag on this unique car?
  5. Kingryan86

    UPDATE: M42 engine, complete w/tranny

    I have a 1994 318is that I will sell someone for $1250. Will need head gasket. Has coolant in oil. Drive it home
  6. Kingryan86

    E30 Sport seats $250

    Price drop to $250
  7. Kingryan86

    Trunk pan / spare tire well

    I would like to buy a decent trunk pan for roundie. Please post pictures or text them to me 509-216-8176. Thank you.
  8. Kingryan86

    72 tii short block w/ new Piano Top pistons,

    According to the vin # stamped that block belonged to a Tii
  9. Kingryan86

    What to scavenge off of 320i

    The steering wheel, front hubs for Volvo brake upgrade. The 80,81,82 had the Getrag 245, 83 had the 240.
  10. Kingryan86

    Recaro seats for sale

    1st dibs if you decide to ship
  11. Kingryan86

    E21 Recaros

    bump for lower price $425
  12. Kingryan86

    E30 Sport seats $250

    bump for lower price $300
  13. Kingryan86

    Piston identification.

    Engine Vin # is matching to the car 2762093.
  14. Kingryan86

    Piston identification.

    The combustion chamber looks normal, the exact same as another 121 Head I have. I dropped it off at the machine shop already so I can’t post pics of the head. All I have is an address to the previous owner from 12 years ago, so I wrote him a letter and mailed it. Hopefully he will call within a couple days.