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  1. Kingryan86

    e30 water neck

    I have one I’ll sell for $40 shipped
  2. Kingryan86

    Rear panel

    I have one that was cut outside of the pinch weld for sale. $250
  3. Here is a 15% off anything promo code for eBay, great time to buy a wideband. Gotta use the eBay app PSAVETODAY
  4. Kingryan86

    Cleaning House. More Parts Added.

    Hello, could you quote me shipping to Spokane Valley, Wa 99216
  5. Kingryan86

    NOS door

    I am looking for a NOS door, I think I have a passenger lined up, but need a left side. Please feel free to contact if you have anything. Ryan King 5092168176
  6. Kingryan86

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    When I first did my setup I literally used a $6 brake cable from the bike shop next to my house. I have since purchased a likes cable as well.
  7. Kingryan86

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    The stock tune seems to be pretty good, it was a huge improvement over my 32/36. Its closed loop, uses an 02 sensor coolant temps and has 30% adjustment in the fuel mixture via a Dial in the mass airflow sensor, also I swapped out the stock 318 17lb injectors for some rebuilt 19lb ones. Also there is member on the Turbobricks forum for Volvo’s that makes chips for the 541 ecu. Also for adding boost all I will need to do is swap for the “591” turbo ecu and injectors.
  8. Kingryan86

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    We basically the Volvo fuel injection system is Bosch Jetrontic. It is cool for how simple is it, aside from a few sensors that are all the same that are fitted on the 318i manifold, all it takes to run is switched 12v and a wire to the negative coil terminal for the injector pulse. As far as cheap goes, if your local bone yard has a 318i and a 86-87 Volvo 240 you can get it done very cheap. I am pulling my motor soon for rebuild so I would sell you my turn key, fully fuctional system. You will still need to get a hi flow fuel pump, I used the 1991 318is pump, and also fab up a throttle cable bracket.
  9. Kingryan86

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    The Volvo LH 2.2 fuel injection system is probably the easiest and cheapest. Search "LH2.2" I can make you a setup, that could have you up and running in 2 hours.
  10. How much for the intake? We’re there pictures?
  11. Kingryan86

    No longer needed: "6 bolt" 228 mm flywheel.

    Good to know, I assumed all the early 2002 flywheels were 228.
  12. Kingryan86

    WTB e21 LSD

    I have a complete 3.91 LSD setup for a 2002. It has redrilled flanges, spacers w/ hardware and axles. PM me if interested
  13. Kingryan86

    No longer needed: "6 bolt" 228 mm flywheel.

    I have one from a 68 2002. Here are some pictures. I have the matching crank if you want it too.
  14. Kingryan86

    L & R door mirrors

    I have a set of mirrors for sale. They include the mounting brackets and the driver side has the seal. You will need the seal for the passenger mirror part # 51161822062. The passenger side has a little clouding inside. $150 plus shipping