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  1. m10 engine rebuild for learning

    Give it a shot, there is enough info on this forum to teach anyone. Just do your due diligence and read read read! Good luck!
  2. e21 Alternator and other stuff

    $60 for the e21 alternator, works Pair of US turn signals -$20 pending SOLD-coolant bypass tube $sold nicer one $soldfor other. water divider for carbed- $10 Fuel pump, works good- $20 pending timing cover sand blasted- $25 fuel sender/ pickup tube- sold air filter housing for single barrel- great for restore. $25 I have everything from automatic as well, tranny torque converter, pedal assembly sold., shifter- make offer on any of it. can ship at buyers expense, also open to offers if my prices are off. Thanks for looking
  3. Weber 32/36 w/ manifold $120

  4. 320is sport steering wheel

    I have a sport steering wheel. I removed what was left of the leather today. $100 plus shipping
  5. BMW 2002 gearbox swap

    No but this one will! Pm if interested, it’s for sale.
  6. Fuel injection for the Win!!!

    It's alot better. I have to move it in and out of my lube shop everyday, and here in Spokane it usually below freezing at night so not having to sit in there pumping the gas pedal for 3-5 minute is great. As far as driving it is noticeably smoother. I would would say it was a huge HP gain, but definitely a lot more crisp. I haven't adjusted the MAF yet and still need to tinker with the IAC but for a days work it was well worth it. I would have gone MS and I might someday but for an easy/ cheap Fuel injection system to get someones foot in the door, I cant preach enough about the LH2.2 swap
  7. Fuel injection for the Win!!!

    The oil cap is some sort of breather. the car has alot of blowby.
  8. Weber 32/36 w/ manifold $120

    yup, fits any m10
  9. Weber 32/36 w/ manifold $120

    I just pulled this off of my running 2002. I just converted to efi. the manifold is hogged out. has manual choke. I will separate to save on shipping.
  10. GETRAG 245 5-spd $650 - price drop

    Lowered the price to $650, will include slave cylinder & throwout bearing and fork. Shipping to southern California was only $140 through greyhound.
  11. 2x radiators

    I have two radiators one is from my 2002 the other and early e21. Basically they are cores, I know for sure the 02 one had a leak. $75 for the pair or $40 a piece. Shipping available
  12. How much for the grill set?
  13. GETRAG 245 5-spd $650 - price drop

    Yea I can include it
  14. 320i Limited Slip Diff rebuild

    Does the case have one of these white “S”?
  15. Lubricant for Seat Tracks?

    I just cleaned mine up with some brake clean and an old tooth brush then applied some grease on the inside track/rollers. Mine were pretty bad before