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  1. The price is $850 via Facebook group. It may be cheaper for FAQ members, this is just some info came across. Also these are the VW Trophy seats 88-92 Jetta GLi.
  2. Hello, I’m selling a set of Recaros, they need a quick shampoo but are decent.
  3. Selling a set of trophy Recaros from an 88-92 VW GLI. These have the standard 16” recaro base, will fit with adapters. Asking $400. Shipping available.
  4. Kingryan86


    I’ll take the Tii clock. I’ll pm
  5. Is it the original block? Title?
  6. If anyone was curious about shipping, I’ve quoted a couple people via greyhound, and Florida is around $180, northeast is around $150, and California is around $125. Would like to sell, will take offers on any but the tan seats. Thanks
  7. Hello, I have selling 7 sets of great driver quality Recaro seats. They vary in condition and price, I have NOT cleaned them, They all have been stored for quite a while, so they are dirty. So just let me know which ones you are interested in and I can use my little handheld bissell and prioritize that set. I have extra images of each set, just let me know and I’ll send them Open to offers the blueish sets of Recaros are two separate sets MB
  8. $100? I’ll take it if so

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