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  1. These sold, but I have another set. I can send pictures shortly
  2. I just picked up this 67 1600 from a faq member, I emailed bmw and was given this response “The BMW 1600 VIN 1523469 was manufactured on April 28th, 1967 and delivered on May 18th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Caribe, paint code 059.” I also ran the vin through the classicobmw and attached the results, “region: Europa” where as my other 2002s says “region: USA” My question is this car US or euro spec? it has euro front markers, red center tail light, euro rear bumper with license plate lights. But it was built then shipped right over to the US. Maybe someone can chime in. It is still posted in the Cars for Sale with the POs photobucket with a ton of photos.
  3. Weren’t 68 2002s a six bolt crank?
  4. I love my Volvo fuel injection harness ( LH 2.2 conversion)
  5. Hey do you still have the trap mirror?

    I'll take it if you do. Shipping to Portland Oregon.



    1. Kingryan86


      Yea I do. Shipping is $7 via USPS. My PayPal is Kingryan86@gmail.com It’s already boxed up, I can drop it off tomorrow morning.

  6. Kingryan86


    What’s the price tag on this unique car?
  7. Hey I notice you mentioned you have a set of black door cards and rear panels...What are you looking to get for them? I'm in Portland Oregon...

  8. It's alot better. I have to move it in and out of my lube shop everyday, and here in Spokane it usually below freezing at night so not having to sit in there pumping the gas pedal for 3-5 minute is great. As far as driving it is noticeably smoother. I would would say it was a huge HP gain, but definitely a lot more crisp. I haven't adjusted the MAF yet and still need to tinker with the IAC but for a days work it was well worth it. I would have gone MS and I might someday but for an easy/ cheap Fuel injection system to get someones foot in the door, I cant preach enough about the LH2.2 swap
  9. The oil cap is some sort of breather. the car has alot of blowby.
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