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  1. I need to locate “Marty” who lives nears Dan & Martha Case around the Bozeman area. I wanna buy that car
  2. I just posted a set of Recaros for $650 @Shahe2002
  3. Selling a pretty nice set of Recaro LX’s. They have to rips or tears but the driver side seats a a little wear. Sorry no headrest. $650.
  4. Looking for a set of euro turn signals, don’t have to be perfect. Please post pics or text to 509-216-8176 thanks
  5. How many Callaway Cars turbo kits were sold? I can’t find any information
  6. Oh no, I only have my red one, but an 1984 Rabbit GTI with 75k miles that was here in Washington sold on Bring a Trailer for $18,500, mine is same year, same model, same area, but mine is a Sunroof and A/C car. Here is a link to the comparable car. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1984-volkswagen-rabbit-12/
  7. Also, thanks for the input everyone, I think I’m going to postpone it and start it Tuesday after Labor Day. My auction rep said out of the almost 22k cars they’ve auctioned that they’ve seen “great results” during that period. But I feel like they probably just want as many car to go live as possible. I’ll post my results of the car on this discussion.. thanks guys
  8. The twin car but white with blue interior and 500 more miles just brought $18,500 like 4 months ago, I’d be more than happy with anything near 15k. I got it from the original owner. It is a super cool car, but I impulse bought it.
  9. Hi guys, I have a quick question about anyone’s BAT experience, I’m listing one of my cars and they are about to publish it soon, I am a littler weary about have my auction going during Labor Day weekend. In my area most people are on vacation or out camping, do you think it would be beneficial to have them postpone my auction until after the holiday weekend? Im not selling any of my 2002s, but my 74k mile 84 VW Rabbit Gti.
  10. It looks like there is some adhesive where the black slats were removed is this correct?
  11. I’ll take the LSD, pming. Or contact me at 5092168176
  12. I’m in Spokane, what’s your number?
  13. I have an Lh2.2 efi conversion that is on my running car I’d sell. It the Volvo oh 2.2 harness modified with the 318i intake and throttle body. Let me know if your interested

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