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  1. Kingryan86

    1981 320is part out

  2. Kingryan86

    Shallow grills WTB

    Hey I’m looking for a nice condition L and R shallow grills. Please PM or text pics if you have either side that you would pet with. Thanks Ryan King 509-216-8176
  3. Kingryan86

    Vertmont title trick

    Thanks for the help, I’m just call them ask what the think it’s wortk.
  4. Has anyone had experience using the Vermont registration route to obtain a title? I have a question about blue book value. Apparently you have to pay sales tax on blue book value which is $11900, but this car is barely worth the $800 I payed for it. So has anyone just included a sale tax payment for what hey actually paid?
  5. Kingryan86

    Very nice 320is steering wheel

    Steering wheel dropped to $200. I have it boxed up and ready to ship today!
  6. Kingryan86

    Early Kidney Grille

    What did you use to polish?
  7. Kingryan86

    What’s this Tii worth?

    I can elaborate on the rust a little more. I took a quick peak underneath ( there are bee nest somewhere on the car, and I got stung 2 minutes into viewing the car). The frame rails and floor boards looks cancer free, there was some surface rust. The wheel wells in the trunk looked good. There is surface rust on the body. Maybe from crappy prep job prior to the respray. Whats a low safe value of this car? Im not planning on restoring it, just rescue it from where it is and and hopefully sell it to someone that wasn’t to restore and turn a small profit to help fund my projects.
  8. There is a tii in my town, and it is a little rough and missing the injection system. Underside looks pretty rust free. What’s this worth?
  9. Kingryan86

    1970 2002 Hotwheels clone NM/NA

    I saw this on my local CL
  10. Kingryan86

    5-spd & LSD

    Lsd sold
  11. Kingryan86

    5-spd & LSD

    I have a almost complete Getrag 245 swap. The tranny is from my 320is with 172k. I have driven the car prior removal. Shifts fine. I have an already shortened shift rod, shift platform, shifter, and front flange from 320 drive shaft, can include a 215mm clutch and flywheel. $1200 obo for everything. Also have an e21 3.91 LSD front the same car. Spins freely, I took apart for inspections and reassembled. I didn’t test breakaway. $750
  12. Kingryan86

    FOR SALE: Hood and Rear Roundels

    I’ll take those. Pm’ing
  13. Kingryan86

    Very nice 320is steering wheel

    Still available
  14. Kingryan86

    FS: Shallow Grill Set (No Center Grill)

    Whoever bought these I would like to make you an offer. Please PM me. Thank you
  15. Kingryan86

    E21 wheels

    I have a set of e21 turbines $250 and basketweaves from my 320is $325. I can take more pics if anyone is interested.