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  1. What’s the Vin # stamped on it? Someone might get lucky and find there matching motor
  2. Read Conserv’s comment, this post would probably answer any questions about that, because any info from me would be a guess.
  3. This is a pretty nice set of Recaros, very similar to the E21 Recaros. They are a little dirty, would clean up nice, the only real flaw is the stitching under the drivers butt. I’d like $600 obo. I can ship these via Greyhound for a reasonable price. Feel free to contact me at 509-216-8176 for fastest response. thanks
  4. I have since sold the car but I ended up finding a beautiful set of blue cloth E21 Recaros.
  5. Selling a decent set of E21 Recaros, the passenger is in great condition and like most sets the driver side needs a little love. I am in Spokane Valley Washington and can ship these Via greyhound for a reasonable price. Fell free to call or text for fastest response. Ryan 509-216-8176 Thanks
  6. Selling a pretty nice set of original seats from my 1972 2002Tii Vin# 2762093. When I got the car these seats had the ugliest 4” thick sheep fur seat covers on them for 30 years and they did a pretty good job of keeping these decent. There are seams that have ripped on the driver side, also some indentations from being stacked in my storage unit for so long, should smooth out fine. The spring and cushions feel good still. These would make a great driver quality as is, or great candidate for an all original restoration. I am located in Spokane Valley Washington but can ship these via Greyhound relatively cheap & easy. Price drop to $500 Feel free to call or text for fastest response. Ryan - 509-216-8176
  7. I have a set of coot here recaros I’d trade. Here’s a picture. Only have the blue set in the center.
  8. Hey I’ve got a nice 1972 that is very well sorted, been restored, 5-spd, LSD, hot little Motor with sidedrafts. Feel free to call or text my cell if you’d be interested. Probably want around 17k. I’m in Washington state. Ryan King 509-216-8176
  9. Selling a pretty nice set of 14” ET30 basketweaves. They are from an e30. These have very few flaws not visible from 5 feet away, all the caps are in great condition. Asking $650 obo. thanks Ryan 509-216-8176
  10. My 39k mile 540i is going live next week, I’ll ask my listing rep if he know anything.
  11. Hello, I know it’s a long shot but I’d like to track down block number 2582032, most likely located on the western part of US. Thanks
  12. Kingryan86


    A random local guy saw my 3 2002s behind my shop and asked if I wanted another, of course I said yes and purchased this an hour later, not the original block would love to locate it. Been a blast so far!
  13. Hello, I picked up a spare 245 without a flange. Would prefer a 4 bolt but would gladly take a 3 bolt flange. Let me know if you have anything laying around, it’s for my spare so no rush. Thanks!
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