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  1. I have been repairing these lenses for some time, so I'd like to weigh in on your request, if I may. Technically, the part shown is not a reflector, it's a diffuser for the 'brake light' section of the lens. They melt and curl up like that when overheated... but 'may be' repairable if not too badly melted (unlike yours, which looks like it's toast). Melting lenses is common - usually the 'tail light' section after using a 'brake light' bulb to increase brightness, I know, I made that mistake ONCE. It led me to develop the 'Plus Two' upgrade some decades ago. Your picture shows a pretty bad result, so I'm not optimistic that it could be repaired, though the lens could be restored and used if the proper segment were available... This is true - the diffuser has no handedness, same part is used in both left and right lenses. This part may be extracted *carefully* from any lens to replace the damaged one. I am working on building a fixture to straighten this particular piece when it is slightly melted or warped, restoring the shape it held originally. The 'tail light' sector is an entirely different assembly- it includes a flat red panel, a clear retro-reflector (mirrors light back to the source}, then a red outer layer. This makes the left and right lenses non-interchangeable because they are vertically symmetrical to match the functional layout in the metal reflectors. The tails are outboard, the brakes inboard. Lenses are not interchangeable, but their internal components are; yet another reason I love the 'Round Tail Light'. This can keep costs down while restoring a light to usefulness. I like doing what I can to keep your old classics on the road (and it keeps me in whiskey). Oh - by the way, I am eager to save damaged lenses from the scrap pile, hopefully using their parts to save other lenses as far as possible, so if anyone has one or more to donate (or sell), please get in touch and let's make a deal! Red or amber turns OK. Andy
  2. As of 5:37 PM today, this post indicates "SOLD" My wife would have used a very large rolling pin... more painful perhaps, but there may be a chance of survival.
  3. OK, I looked at the turquoise (turkis) 1973 2002tii on their site. This is the one you want the PPI on, right? You will likely want new headlights to replace the current sealed beams. I have a pair of Marchal Amplilux that will do well- with the stock headlight relay I can do the mod to light both lamps on high beam. I had these lights on my '72, and with the right lamps these can be SUPER BRIGHT! The rear lights are called 'presentable' - meaning they work... with the right upgrades they will work Fabulously! Bigger and brighter, and visible from a distance (versus difficult to see at all in stock form). And with the dual tail lamps on each side, you will reliably have both tail lights working even if a lamp fails (with stock lights, one will go dark - kind of dangerous). It is even possible to add auxiliary tail + brake lights made from a period rear fog light; this really boosts your rear-ward visibility! We can talk - the last thing you want with a nicely restored 2002tii is to be rear ended due to poor rear lighting. Just my opinion... Andy
  4. Hello, I might be able to help out. I have been up to Glen Shelley, they are a ways up the pike but I did buy some lighting parts. They were in good condition, fairly priced, and the shop looks well run. Do you want to offer an honorarium to the mechanic? I can ask one that I have had work done by over the last 40 years, so I trust him totally. I will touch base to see if he knows their reputation, and if he's willing to visit. What car would he be looking at? I don't expect there is more than one 2002 tii for sale, but it may help. By the way (shameless self promotion), I do lighting restoration work on 2002 rear lights, just in case you want to 'be seen and not hurt'. Upgrades, too, for more light output, larger lighted area, and higher reliability. Be glad to evaluate them for you. Andy Golden, CO
  5. Rob- The thin grey wire is a +12V feed to the turn signal switch for the 'Clearance Lights' - only hot when the ignition is OFF. My 72 2002 had this feature. You can light front and rear parking lights on one side of the car with the turn signal switch. There are several things that work without the key, these will be powered by a red / white through the fuse box, things like the dome / interior light, emergency flashers, and parking lights work without the key or key off. The power for these fuses will be a red wire - probably from the ignition switch terminal 15. DIN 72552 standard indicates what each terminal number means - it can help you connect the wires to the ignition switch correctly. The P is probably for Parking lights - 'Parklicht' in German. I suggest that is where the grey wire goes to power the clearance lights. Not sure about the L. The others should be easy with a continuity tester by turning the ignition switch to the various positions and seeing which ignition switch terminals connect to each other. The items that work with the key to 1 are 'accessories' like the radio. Items that work with the key to 2 are basically everything else like wipers, horn, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, etc. Starting (key to 3) disables the accessories and other things to make maximum current available for the starter and the coil. Here are some DIN designations: P = Park lights (grey wire - hot with key OFF) 30 = Battery HOT (+12V) direct from Battery (fat red) 15 = +12V from ignition (unswitched) to other consumers (red) 50 = +12V to Starter and coil (black wire) (mine had a yellow stripe) Continuity testing will allow you to connect these wires when you ID the terminals. Red wires (the two terminals that are married?) will be the 'common.' The terminal that is connected with red is likely for the following wires: grey - with the key to 0 / OFF (clearance lights, via the turn signal switch) purple - with the key to I (Accessory) purple and green - with the key to II (Run) green and black - with the key to III (Start) This should get you there, but if I have anything wrong I am sure to hear about it! I have a complete wiring harness in the garage from a square tail, should be similar / nearly identical. Sounds like you are on your way! Andy
  6. Where can i find info on your lights?

    1. MoBrighta


      Hello Hans,


      There is plenty of info on the forum - search under my username and you should find a ton on lighting improvement.  I once made a center brake light for a member out of an old round tail, lighting all sectors at once in red using a relay.  He mounted it on the rear shelf to shine out the back window! 


      To summarize-

      Restoration - re-coating the dull reflector dishes 'shiny' to better project light out through the lens.  Currently trying a self adhesive Mylar with high specular reflectance (mirror-like), I was repainting with 'chrome' silver or gloss white, but if trials succeed, the Mylar will be offered as well.


      Lamp upgrade - replace dim stock lamps (32 cp) with high output lamps (45 cp) for 1/3 more light in brake, turn, and reverse lights.  Tails - 150% more light - from 4 to 10 cp (cp = candlepower, for 'mean spherical candela').


      Light upgrade - replace the brake lamp with a two filament tail + brake lamp, rewired to light both red sectors for tail, and a single high output for brake.  Tails increase to double area, triple output.  My avatar shows the tail light function after this upgrade.


      Lens restoration - where sun bleaching has faded the lens, I tint internally to bring back the red color.  It is sometimes also possible to repair damaged lenses, as long as they are not smashed up too badly.  This is primarily from melting due to incorrect lamps in the 'tail light' sector.  The amber turn and clear reverse sectors - I do not mess with them, other than a thorough cleaning.


      Please - the best way to contact me is not by posting on my profile, but sending an email or private message... email is preferred and gets the fastest reply.  email = 'my username' at comcast point net.

      Drop the quote marks and spaces, substitute my forum user name, and you have my email.


      Thank you for your interest, and for striving to keep these classics safe on the road!



    2. Hans


      Do you sell the bulbs?

  7. Thanks, Jim. Related to your post, I found some "new BMW 2002 lenses" on the web, so I asked the seller about the source... URO. > > Update- they have both -- red or amber turn signals, the amber turns cost more, of course. < < > > Anyone have a ballpark cost for a pair of URO replacement round lenses?? < < So Jim - how do they fit? I've heard they are close, but don't line up properly in all sectors... and others say the color is off a bit from their old stock lenses (which doesn't surprise me, after 40 years in the sun). Matching reproduction lenses won't be mismatched, but what is your opinion of their color? I ask because I have successfully tinted some sun-bleached lenses, bringing them back to a nice deep red color. With bright bulbs and restored silvering, they look fine.
  8. Updating an old but still very relevant post. I have been updating and restoring lights front and rear for almost four decades, and will continue as long as I can. Starting with my 72 2002, then some E28s, and now just about anything that is still being driven and loved. Many of the above suggestions are spot on - cleaning the lenses, new LED or High Output lamps from Daniel Stern (that's where I started), and re-coating the reflector dish with silver or white paint (I've done both), or with silver 'tape' - super shiny self adhesive mylar or aluminum. All good ideas. I am now doing this with 3.0CSi coupe lights; after painting I have high hopes for the silver tape. Sadly, Candlepower is closing their doors, so the 3496 and 3497 high output lamps from Stanley and others are now getting very expensive - likely the only source will be Honda Dealers. Or me... since I just bought most of their remaining inventory. LED lamps are getting better, but finding the good ones is exceedingly difficult with 37.2 gazillion different models and sources (mostly from China) selling whatever they have with fantastic claims of brilliance, long life, pure color, etc. etc. Buyer beware. I have a set I am trying in a 2000CS, and the NK lineup... will post results. About every good light we can use has been discontinued: Hella no longer sells the 'Super' 7 inch H4 headlight, the 'BiFocal' 5-3/4 inch H1 low beam (no 2002 uses), the 5238 LED center brake light, and the Valeo/Cibie CSR H1 low and high headlights are also gone for years now. I assume they don't think selling 30 units per year for a 50 year old application is worth their time ... but nobody asked me. I am still looking for members with cars they love, but that have lost their brilliance in back or front, to help bring the lights back up to "Better Than New" status, and help you keep the idiots off your tail. Let's show the rest of the world that the joy of driving -- (Freude am Fahren) is nothing new. Be safe out there! Andy
  9. I second that, I have sold several sets and they are well made.
  10. Old Topic Revival with some sad news... and followed with some good news. My high output bulbs source is going out of business! I have been getting nice and proper brighter tail, brake, etc., and headlight bulbs and high performance round halogen headlights for you guys for over ten years, trying and succeeding in making the back side of your car more visible... but as with anything 40-50 years old, the support is drying up. At this point, I have placed an order for all of these bulbs that I can afford, and have started looking at LED single and dual output (what we call 1156 and 1157) lamps. After Hella discontinued their fantastic BiFocal and Super headlights, We have to start looking for used lights from Swedish and Bulgarian sources... and my Swedish and Bulgarian are not that good. Take care of your cars, my friends, they ain't making 'em any more - and the parts are getting harder to find every day! As far as reversing the trend for motorized living-room size vehicles with four wheels, info-tainment systems, and VERY LIMITED sight lines in any and all directions, I fear the 2002 and similar classics will be restricted to car shows and museums. The GOOD NEWS- With the supply on hand, I expect to be able to continue dual-tail-light upgrades to make your rear lights bigger and brighter within the constraints of their technology, and I plan to uncover and adopt some high-end and effective LED upgrade options. Watch your backside, and let me know if I can help you be seen, and not hurt. Andy
  11. roadhog0 -- Yep, standard wattage, just more lumens. 3PinFever- You are on the list. We are now up to 3 sets... keep those cards and letters coming!
  12. My cost is $52 each, $104 a pair, plus tax and shipping. At that price, I don't make a penny, I may need to add a few bucks. I will put a package together for High Output lamps and protective film. I use the Narva German high output 'Rangepower 50 Plus' H4 lamps, and the new XPel film. I can do the package deal for $65 plus shipping. If lights and package are shipped together, no extra shipping for the package. With H4 lamps, a standard sealed beam connector plugs right in. If I do not get ten orders (their minimum), I will send you to their site for retail purchase, not too bad by comparison at $140 a pair, shipped, with a pair of 'nothing special' H4 bulbs and no film.
  13. Todd- In my humble estimation, they are better than the Hellas, but to be certain I would need to test, or see test results, using far more sophisticated equipment than my gut. My eyes I trust, but Hella makes like a gazillion lights, cranking them out like toll house morsels. By the way, the eggplant was fantastic, you would have loved it! Has anyone else noticed how I relate everything to food? My wife says I never got past the 'Oral Fixation' stage... it's a wonder I don't weigh in north of 300 pounds! Actually, I am under 200. I chalk it up to a high metabolism, and a great love of healthy food (lots of nuts, veggies and olive oil). Q: ANYONE ELSE HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD??? OK, the lists so far - possible interest in a group buy: Steve, Atlanta GA (gsshack) Nathan, Renton WA (roadhog0) ? Alameda, CA (3PinFever) positive opinions from: AustrianVespaGuy Son of Marty Mike Self JohnP_02 FYI- The dealer will offer a lower price on TEN PAIR or more. Less than ten pairs, I will send you to them for retail (not that much more, really)
  14. FINALLY heard back from seller - they do not have a city light. Sorry.
  15. TodB, MattJ -- It does not look like there is a front position light or 'city light' of any kind, but I am trying to get a picture of the back side of the light from the supplier. They are short handed at the moment, said they won't be able to get a picture until next week. I do not plan to hold my breath... but this should tell me if there is one. gsshack -- Steve, I will start a list for interested parties, you're name is at the top. Yes, I will be including a pair of HO lamps. AustrianVespaGuy -- Philips XTV - they have a purplish tint on them, right? I hope they are working for you; I tend to avoid lamps with this type of coating, clear glass and modern filament design do it better than filtering out the longer wavelengths, IMO. Anyone - send me an email (see my signature) if you want to chat off line. Mittwoch - Wednesday - food ads today, Hurrah!! We're having melanzane con pasta tonight. I do the eggplant, my wife does the sauce (if you're salivating, I understand).
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