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  1. I am going to jump in and suggest GM steering column connector. I have rewired too many old hot rods.
  2. I’ve seen worse water pumps what is the clearance between impeller and body? Manual says 0.031 to 0.047 inch.
  3. Are these temps using an IR sensor (gun) or a thermocouple? IR guns have issues with reflective surfaces (emissivity). If the temps are correct then your thermostat is around 100c what temp TSTAT did you install. I would be suspicious of the thermostat being kaput.
  4. Yup look at the water pump, loosen the belt see if the bearing feels good, look for end play etc
  5. Test the sender for the gauge, measure the temp of the water, check the grounds on your instrument panel. Maybe you are not overheating?
  6. What is the condition of the water pump? Any signs of weeping? Is your ignition and carb mixture good? An old water pump can get out of spec, the clearances of the impeller effect flow rates, a lean engine causes high temps.
  7. Ok guilt me into waking up Uber early. When is Spanish banks cars and coffee. Don’t see it on calendar
  8. Paul i am trying to make the time, timing the shows with the ferry is a pain.
  9. Took the 71 to the 24th annual sleepy hollow rod run (British Columbia), took 1st place in import class, beat a Ferrari, he was somewhat miffed. I would have been happy with second and beating him. A good day for bmw!
  10. Installed the new water pump I have been coveting for a year. Was waiting for old one to start seeping. Spooky that I had everything waiting for this day!
  11. I feel that you owe us nothing, this forum has always been a supportive place, pay it back by helping others. If anything write a clear and concise how to tech article helping others with the steps of how to integrate all of the hardware you have. Although the project you embarked on had some issues, you have learned more than most while figuring things out. Share the wealth, a well written tutorial will save someone more than the 200 dollar donation, and will continue to save other 02 fans for as long as the forum is running.
  12. Ok I would suggest not getting new elastics.
  13. Here we go again, add seat heaters, alternator issues. Another 50 dollar prize I. The waiting. I had a guy do my front and rear seats, did a great job. I would suggest you get new elastics for the bottoms prior to starting the rebuild. Aardvark sells all the goodies, and knows his recaros.
  14. Ok spill the beans, we have all been following your adventure. What did the dyno tell you. Also how was the shop? Where is it and what do they charge? What’s included? I ask because I need to visit a dyno myself regards jay
  15. I brought home a new playmate for the bmw

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