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  1. Ok spill the beans, we have all been following your adventure. What did the dyno tell you. Also how was the shop? Where is it and what do they charge? What’s included? I ask because I need to visit a dyno myself regards jay
  2. I brought home a new playmate for the bmw
  3. Is there a map for a pinto 2.5 l engine available? As this is the smallest engine on the Holley spec sheet. 1/2 shouldn’t make a difference. See how they deal with throttling down the carb. There must be a way as they claim you could run up to 7 liters.
  4. Back in the bad old days when we had stupid problem like this we would drill a hole in the butterfly, I suspect it created turbulence and also screwed up a good carburetor. The 2300 series that this carb is modeled after was used on 5 liter (302cc) ford v8’s if I am not wrong. That being said the implication is it’s twice as large as in needs to be (by volume) ( also 2 liters vs 5 liters isnt half, but it really held the v8 lean so cut me some slack. So how to restrict the annular (spelling) spray ring is the question. Does Holley sell smaller injector rings? Is it progressive or are both injecting. I am not ready for you to give up.
  5. Pooled fuel will not be atomized and enter the combustion process, thus the lean mixture. Gasoline is only combustible in a vapor state.
  6. golf02

    Engine parts

    Love the shopsmith ruler, I have a 10er, is the ruler for sale?
  7. It could be a backpressure, standing wave, sort of like water hammering pipes, all is good,but of you shut the tap off quickly the flow surges and creates a standing wave. Does the efi unit have provisions for dampening or PID?
  8. Ported or manifold vacuum i know the Monty python question, African or European?
  9. Ok thoughts for the morning, what type of throttle linkage are you using?(photos?). How is your pedal box? The brake pedal is a lever, if the box is flexing maybe that’s effecting the linkage? I have never disassembled a vacuum brake booster but could it have a tear/hole that is sealing itself closed until the diafram is at full extension?
  10. This hard braking shutdown has me (and everyone else) confused. You have stable fuel pressure, do you have a way of measuring flow?? Collapsing fuel line or kink in line? What changes with a sudden inertia input? Fuel moves in tank, but pickup should be ok and baffled in filter tube. You have run it without brake booster hooked up? Motor mounts good? I have followed your blog and you have replaced so much. Software glitch? You are in Vancouver correct, I work downtown and could swing by next week for a second set of eyes approach if you would like jay
  11. I had a fuel pickup on an old car , that was rusted and moved around like a loose tooth in a child’s mouth. That was super fun to diagnose.
  12. Ok I know it’s stupid, but have you looked at the fuel pickup in the gas tank? I know it’s a crazy long shot, but everyone else is looking at the front of the car, why not look at the complete fuel system. It might even be fun!

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