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  1. If you try to run two, the wiper motor really doesn’t keep up too well. Ask me how I know.
  2. My 02 cents (Canadian 5 cents). Datalogging is cool, but as an engineer it misses a lot of external inputs, and promotes paralysis by analysis. I mount a go pro, such that you can see the wide band, and the tach and the speed. Then a narrate my way through explaining what i see hear and feel. With a time stamp I can go to the offensive issue and replay. If it’s a real stumper I throw the 123 app open and mint the phone as well. Kiss.
  3. Also, vacuum advance on dcoe carbs is more than likely a lost cause. I goofed around with it and found it worked better without it.
  4. This is my curve, 10.5 to 1(ish), 292 cam, heads ported, 40 dcoe carbs, header etc. you can add a bunch of advance 0-1000 rpm and add more at top end. In my opinion. The misfire might not be ignition. When did it start? Is this a new 123 install? Did you mess with the car?
  5. Standard old 2002 hotrod, paint done in 1999, undercarriage paint this year (side effect of working from home (COVID therapy).
  6. This spring I set out to “refresh” the rear suspension, and mission creep was I full force. Enjoy the ride and open the wallet!
  7. very observant, the black hoses are connected to ports i machined into the intakes manifold for using a manometer to dial in the DCOE carbs, i connected them together to play with vacuum advance on the 123 distributor. still trying to see if it helps or hurts the performance. haven't quite got the curve right in the distributor.
  8. Once you sort this out then have the same conversation regarding positive ground systems then dropping ground makes sense.
  9. Finally all dialed in, rebuilt the DCOE’s reworked the linkage, installed new starter and added wide band O2 sensor. Using a manometer and a O2 sensor makes dialing in a breeze. The car has never run better. Now to resist playing with the jetting! thanks bmw2002faq for all of the info from the searches. jay
  10. Today I went through 1/2 of my carburetors, it started with a hooped starter, remove carbs, look at carbs, open spare parts stash and viola two dcoe rebuild kits, so well project creep strikes! And no I have not taken the starter out yet.
  11. All done with rear suspension, went out for a drive, everything went great, the. The starter failed. So off with the carbs, out with the starter and lord knows what else I will find!
  12. Ok gang, problem solved, memo to self, never install a poly transmission mount, the Bavarian style trans mount is almost as stiff and doesn’t result in a vehicle that sounds like a wood planer inside. Re adjusted driveline and all seems to be good! Thanks for the advice jay
  13. I have not ruled that out, the leading culprit are as follows poly trans mount drive shaft alignment exhaust system rubbing somewhere owner operator error in assembly differential stay tuned for the answers to all your questions this weekend we shall solve this riddle!
  14. I have had the exhaust on car for 20 years now, so I am assuming it’s not the problem. But I know what happens when we assume. I also am very familiar with the works of Murphy and his laws.
  15. Thanks for the tip on the trans mount and differential , spent the day cleaning the shop and floors so I can crawl sound underneath and not get all funky. Ordered Bavarian trans mount and will let you guys know what happens. I love this board, always someone around to help! jay
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