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  1. FWIW I think VW dune buggy guys would disagree. At extreme extension of the wheel hubs (downward) the halfshafts can lock up if the cvs are not clocked. Granted we are not putting our suspension under that extreme but it could happen. Tell me I've been misled. I can take it. 😊
  2. Good for you. Most people miss this step.
  3. Decadent I say, decadent. (Wish that was my garage)
  4. When I searched for a car in 90, Polaris was my first desire. Ceylon was my second. Neither were available in my area. I reluctantly settled for a mostly rust free Inka. It grew on me. Not long ago I spoke to a VW exec. He said 53% of all Volkswagens are silver. I wouldn't be surprised if BMW has similar numbers.
  5. I know, I know! I decided to design a tool to spin-on the knobs. First off, I positioned the clock and stuffed a towel in front on the parcel shelf to keep it being pushed out of the hole in the dash from behind. Then I used this tool: Makes it a one finger job. Really easy. What I don't remember is if the consul was in or out. I think out. BTW, horizontal bracket - up to 74. vertical bracket 74 - 76.
  6. Realoem.com. Navigate to classic section and individual parts diagrams for your car. They list all parts etc with specs. You will be able to identify the size of the nuts and bolts you need.
  7. Pass on purchase. Go straight to beer (can). I might have a picture of a shim. Anyone else? The only important design feature is the pass-through hole for the oil passage IIRC.
  8. One symptom of a (too) loose oil pump chain is a loud chain rattle. It's loud because it is hitting the oil return pipe on the front of the oil pump. If you can push the chain over and touch the pipe it is definitely too loose. The deflection is supposed to be +/- 5mm. Just noticed the above statement should read "pump shimmed".
  9. "Like sniffing glue". But good ventilation (or respirator) and gloves make it a great cleaner of rubber goo. Absolutely great for cleaning the underside of the hood where decades old glue is all that is left of the insulation. Won't harm cured paint. Contact Cement thinner is the same stuff.
  10. First off, put tape on the fenders. I can add this to the discussion: to diminish the chances of scarring the fenders, do adjustments, but don't fully drop hood. If there is interference, you will see indentations on the tape. If there are indentations, replace the tape, make further adjustments and lower hood gently and then lift to see new results. Adjusting the pivot points changes the angle of the elbow. Very small adjustments are needed.
  11. Something is not right. There shouldn't be any goo, anywhere. It would be good to understand why they "melted" or if someone applied some adhesive for some reason. Presuming the bushings are rubber vs. urethane, the best clean up solvent would be Xylene/Toluene, available at your favorite hardware store. Acetone and most other cleaners will just push around the goo. The solvents above will dilute the rubber/adhesive so you can wipe it off. Is there a chance that there is an overheating issue or a grounding issue that would cause the alternator (bracket) to get extremely hot and melt the rubber? Smarter minds are required to answer that question. ☺️ Good luck!
  12. 1990. Rockin' the Vitaloni mirrors and Exim basketweaves. I paid big money for my 3rd tii... $3500.00.
  13. I LOVE the bread trick! I must have jammed (wah!) 6 slices in that little hole before the bearing came out.
  14. Let me offer you another perspective. My warning system was removed decades ago, before me and by me when redoing my carpets in the early 90s. Now my car is back to near 100% stock and I've been thinking that I'd like the entire system to function as it did sans the buzzzzzzz. That was the nerve-jangling, ear-spliting reason it was discarded in the first place. What if the buzzzzz was replaced with a chime or a subtle note? Not only would you be restoring the safety system but you'd also be upgrading to something that would be an enjoyable conversation piece. The buzzer module lived directly under the steering column, attached to the lower facia. Easy to replace or retrofit at will. "Bing-bong - fasten your seatbelts" 😊
  15. Ah but they do. Turning the "mixture" screw increases or decreases the amount air over the entire range. In this case I will turn the screw counterclockwise a touch to reduce air. My A/F range at the moment is about 12.5 - 15. I can afford a bit less air.
  16. Always learning something new here. Today it's "lean stumble". Reading through this thread I'm checking off the do's and don'ts and think "I've got a pretty good handle on this tuning thing". ...but why do I, once in awhile, get a hesitation on acceleration? Aha! Lean stumble! Back into the tuna can for the millionth time.
  17. I was not aware. Thanks for that. Another reason to stick with Chevron 94.
  18. I find the wheel treatment refreshing. I don't think I've seen that combo before. Are they also deeper? Edit: Steve cleared that up. I guess I have seen the wheels before, but not on an Inka car. The only modification I find strange is the headliner and sunroof crank handle. I didn't see any pics of the open sunroof, so I'm wondering...is it stock or AM. ...and a few (deleted/missing) things that can be put right easily, so not worth nitpicking. I'll go with $39K.
  19. I'm still a fan of the basic timing light and find it much easier to read off the crank pulley as well. I add advance marks to my pulleys at 10° increments.
  20. There is another way. I believe this is a variation on a BMW special tool. It involves using threaded rod, large washers, nuts, and an aluminum or steel tube. You basically pull the bushing through by tightening a nut against a large washer that is anchored via an extention tube to allow the bushing to slide through. A little bar soap helps slide the new bushing into place as well. Both are pretty quick jobs.
  21. "My" grey subframe matched very close to RAL 7037 grey. My powdercoat shop just happens to have that color. I gotta say that the most fun for your buck is to DIY your subframe parts at Langley Ublast. They even have an extra wide cabinet to do the carrier easily. An hour and a half of fun and all parts are down to bare metal. No messing around. Then you can paint with confidence.
  22. PaulTWinterton

    Good Morning at Legends 2017

    1200 mile drive for this moment.
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