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  1. Hmm they look like maybe Exim or Vial mesh? Any markings/stamps?
  2. Hard to go wrong with a standard Thule/Yakima gutter-mount rack. However, I would also check out SeaSucker - they make some really cool vacuum-mount racks. The racks mount and dismount quickly, fit on any car, and don't take up much space since they don't have rails. https://www.seasucker.com/collections/bike (not my pic, but gives you a better idea)
  3. Funky! Never seen (or heard of) Kolb. Besides the logo, the plastic handle looks identical to the Huf folding keys I had, texture and all.
  4. Hey, if someone made a Petri with an invisible airbag, I'd rock it.
  5. No, this kit replaces the factory on-off "dummy light." You unthread the original pressure sender and replace it with an adapter that houses the new pressure and temperature senders, which feed the LED gauges.
  6. I've got another kit ready to be shipped! Available in either Bar & Celsius or PSI & Fahrenheit. Purchase here: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/bmw-2002-oil-kit
  7. All gone! Thanks @Conserv @roadhog0 for helping solve the short-key mystery.
  8. You da man! This explains a lot, thanks Nathan!
  9. Great question, just snapped some pics for you. It's super easy - simply pop out the plastic cover/insert and the metal part slides out.
  10. Ahh yes. Good thinking, Steve! That could very well be it. Too bad my 67 1600-2 has been hidden away at a body shop for the past two years, otherwise I would've checked by now. @02Anders @dasfrogger @Lucian @mccusername Anyone with an early 1600 care to measure their key for us?
  11. SOLD! I have a couple NOS folding key blanks, the real deal. Great condition and ready to be cut to match your 02's key. However, there is a "catch" - they're technically early 1600 blanks (1966-67). What's that mean? Well, the plastic bit is identical, but the metal portion is a few mm shorter than a 68-76 blank. Fortunately, there's a simple solution! I will also send you a 68-76 metal key blank that you (or a local locksmith) can trim to fit in the folding, plastic housing. I trimmed my 02's original key using a dremel and it works like a charm! Price is $100 shipped for a NOS folding blank AND a regular blank to trim to fit. Left is a 68-76 blank, right is a 66-67 blank. Note the slight difference in length.
  12. Voting ends at 11pm PST tonight (Sunday)! I'm so grateful for everyone's support the past few days. Hopefully it pays off!
  13. Probably not well, no. And they'll look awfully out of place.
  14. bluebmw


    Yep, and quite a fair price IMO. If they were local I'd snag em. Didn't mean to sound like I was raining on your parade. I'm actually a big fan of period-correct tires!
  15. Love mine! Thanks for making yet another killer product, Forrest!

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