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  1. SOLD! Selling/parting out this authentic MOMO Alpina steering wheel. Cosmetically, it's very nice, but unfortunately it was removed from a crashed car and is pretty bent. Great wall art for the garage, or straighten it out if you have the know-how. SOLD!
  2. Sent you a PM (personal message).
  3. PRICE LOWERED TO JUST $340 plus shipping! Can include the pictured horn button and a hub for extra.
  4. I've got this period-correct MOMO Touring. 350mm diameter, excellent condition, 1968-1973 date stamp. Can include the BMW horn pictured and even a 1970s solid/cast hub for extra. PM me if interested.
  5. Bump! Surprised this is still around. Steal of a deal for a complete setup of this age and condition.
  6. Turbo and 1600 badges sold! Still have the 1800 one.
  7. I've got a large-scale vinyl cutter used for making signs and whatnot. Nothing crazy! I dig it! Shoot me a PM with some artwork/inspiration photos and let's make it happen.
  8. Of course, shoot me a message!
  9. Couple photos of the adapters in-action. Thanks to everyone who's purchased thus far!
  10. Price lowered to $420 for everything (wheel, hub, and horn assembly). I'll also consider selling individual parts (i.e. hub or horn) if anyone needs them.
  11. 1600 has sold. Still have the Turbo and 1800 emblems.
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