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  1. It's almost 2021 and you know what that means, another 2002 calendar is in the works! Please EMAIL your submissions (photos or illustrations) ASAP. I got a late start this year and we need to print & ship ASAP for the holidays. Fortunately we have a great reserve of submissions from years past, worst case I can tap into those. Email to: [email protected] Deadline: Wednesday, Dec 2nd Prize: If your photo is chosen, I'll send you a free calendar or $20, up to you! Examples of past calendars: http://thepaddock.xyz/store?category=Calendars Last year's calendar preview:
  2. Interesting! Sounds like maybe our offices got different memos. 🤣 I brought a plate in and was told it NEEDS to have the same year tab as the car. Either way, the tab is a fun detail so it can't hurt.
  3. Like others have said, going to a privately-held licensing place is 100x better than the actual DOL. I'll add that, when you bring in the old plate(s), it needs the correct year tab/tag sticker (76 in your case). It can be real or a reproduction, makes no difference. I do make and sell repros if you need some - http://thepaddock.xyz/store/vintage-washington-registration-tabs
  4. Anyone else? Headcount is only two at this point, not looking promising.
  5. Yep, still have it! Although it doesn't come with the gasket you mention, all I have is what's pictured above.
  6. Hey Andrew! Funny you should say this. I considered posting in the classifieds (parts for sale), but I'm not actually selling any parts and figured I'd get reprimanded for that. I'd like this to be an open-ended discussion at this point. Providing there's enough interest shown, I can make a new thread in the classifieds at that time.
  7. UPDATE: unfortunately it's cost prohibitive to make these with the current demand. If anyone has a milling machine and wants to make a few, let me know! I'm curious, who else has a Petri steering wheel, but is missing either the hub, trim-ring, or both? I'm currently working on reproduction trim rings and adapters to solve this problem. Mount the adapter to any standard (and still available) MOMO hub, then mount your Petri right up! Adapters and trim rings would be ready this December and I wanted to gauge how many to make. Price point will be around $50 for the adapters and $35 for the trim rings, depending on interest of course. Picture attached is just as a sample, not the actual adapter.
  8. Looking for a Petri steering wheel, any size and any condition will be considered. Honestly, the cheaper the better. Have something so beat/bent/jacked-up that it's unusable? Perfect, I'll take it. With or without a hub, either works.
  9. Yes! I still have this - sent you a personal message to discuss.
  10. New old stock condition, I pulled it out of storage where it’s been since the 80s. Cosmetically excellent, but hasn’t been tested in a car. I would assume it to be working correctly. If there are any issues, I will happily take it back and refund you. Comes with the original 1970s box - rad! They stopped making these in 2006, at which point the list price was $498.87 (according to Real OEM). Ouch. I'm asking $200 including priority shipping + insurance.
  11. Alpina Recaros (as if you couldn't tell) from an E21 I believe.
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