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  1. The Momo is SOLD! Still have the Italvolanti.
  2. MOMO-Hella wheel pending sale. Still have the Italvolanti!
  3. My old wheel! Hope its replacement is worthy. Just to reiterate, yep, it's 380mm and made by Petri.
  4. Couple of rare 80s steering wheels for your consideration. Both are for sale outright OR I will entertain trades for a clean wood Nardi wheel. I have lots more pics if you're interested, just PM me. Wheel #1: SOLD Wheel #2: 1985 Italvolanti Corsa in blue leather (very rare color). 370mm. Fantastic condition, only a couple small marks. $260 plus shipping.
  5. Last call for all group-buy orders! We've hit the 6 unit mark and I'll be placing an order with the supplier by the end of the week.
  6. The original price for these was $399 shipped. When I was down to the last couple units, I dropped the price to $299 shipped to clear out the remaining inventory (at zero profit). Since then, my supplier has increased his prices. The current, group-buy price is $389 shipped, plus options - still less than the original price (at which multiple sold).
  7. Update: We're currently at 4 purchases, only two more and we're ready to rock and roll! Looping in recent commenters/buyers for visibility: @kontango @torlief @Manuel @Rich @Squid's 02 @chargin @yoursmiledoc @KaneT
  8. Hi all, Riley here. Unfortunately our bandwidth has been pretty limited lately (silly day jobs!), so we aren't able to accommodate custom requests or new projects at this time. We have gotten a handful of parking brake requests, so it is high up on the to-do list. If/when we get back into making wood parts again, we'll start on those! Thanks for your support and patience.
  9. The electronics and temp/pressure senders would work on an M20 (they're relatively universal), but you would have to figure out the mounting on your own. The kit utilizes a custom adapter block that houses both the temp and pressure senders, screwing into the factory pressure sender hole in the M10. The M20 oil pressure sender is in a different spot (below the oil filter), and it's hard to say if the threaded banjo bolt and adapter will be plug-and-play, since it's designed for the M10.
  10. The group-buy is LIVE! Please purchase your kit via the link below. Once we hit the 6 unit mark, it's a go. http://thepaddock.xyz/store/bmw-2002-oil-kit Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!
  11. Interesting design! Looks like it might've been a bit cold out?
  12. Hey there, someone has bought the whole package. Thanks for your interest.
  13. Complete with the original horn button, hub and shroud/cover, and allen bolts - everything needed to install on your 2002. The wheel is in good “driver” condition, somewhere in the 6-7/10 region. Some light scratches are present on the spokes, and the left spoke has a very slight bend (took me 4 years to notice this, so it’s not particularly visible). The leather rim has an older leather wrap/cover - the original rubber grip condition underneath is unknown. The original hub and Petri-stamped hub shroud are included. The shroud has one small hairline crack, but is barely visible once installed. Reproduction hub shrouds/covers are over $100 alone! The horn button is in good condition, although it has some has pry marks on one side from removal. Stamped “Made in Germany West” - so it’s definitely the original unit. These sell for $150+ alone. Asking just $399 plus shipping for a quick sale. For more pics or to purchase, please visit my website: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/petri-bmw-sport-steering-wheel-350mm

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