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  1. Money sent. Thanks! I look forward to putting these in the 02.
  2. Yep. Just priced these out at ~$1500 shipped to the USA, brand new.
  3. These would look beautiful in my 02. PM sent!
  4. bluebmw

    2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

  5. bluebmw

    2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

    For those of you that haven't seen the thread over in the General Discussion forum, the 2019 calendars are here! Unlike years past, where I was shipping them out one-by-one, this year you'll simply purchase them directly from the printer/publisher. Purchase here ->
  6. Going for the vintage race/rally look? Cibie Super Oscar are THE lamps to get. Period correct and massive light output too. I've got two sets in "driver" condition. Ideal candidates for a car that gets driven, or repaint the housings and you're golden. Top set: $130 plus shipping. One housing is the original grey color, the other has been painted black. Matching lenses. Missing one small screw the holds the chrome bezel on. Bottom set: $130 plus shipping. Both housings have been painted black. Matching lenses. Covers: $60 plus shipping. Original condition, could use a good cleaning. One tab has a crack, but still stays attached to the lamp no problem. Take it all for $300 plus shipping.
  7. bluebmw

    Bumper overrider grab bag

    Pair of triangular front bumper overriders and some spare rubber/trim. These are "correct" for a euro model or US-spec 72-73. Take everything for $40 shipped in the USA.
  8. bluebmw

    14x6.5 BBS RA

    Been keeping these around for rollers, but I've got too many wheels and something's gotta go! Set of 4 matching 1985 BBS RA, spray painted black, one has some curb rash, but no bends. Correct BBS center caps included. 4x100 14x6.5 et 30. Tires are only a few years old and hold air just fine, but do have some wear. Perfect for rollers/placeholders. Asking $100. Located in Seattle, WA. Local pickup only. NO SHIPPING.
  9. Still time to get yours in time for the holidays if you order ASAP!
  10. Thanks, Joe! I've used the same printer for the past 3 years and been very satisfied with the quality, but I'm all for keeping it in the community. We'll be in touch.
  11. Just put together this preview. You should also be able to preview at the link I provided, but it doesn't seem to be working on my phone.
  12. UPDATE: The calendars are finalized and ready for purchase! In order to arrive before Christmas, you must order them ASAP (read: within the next day or so), unless you want to pay extra for expedited shipping. Before ordering: visit this website for a discount code (depending on the day, they can range from 10-30% off): Here's the link to purchase: To those of you that submitted photos - THANK YOU! I will be returning all emails in the next day or so. Just wanted to get the calendar finalized ASAP so people could get them in time for Christmas. Cheers!
  13. Hey everyone. Thanks for all of the photo submissions and please keep them coming! I will be sifting through emails on the 4th (Tuesday) and will respond to you at that time.