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  1. bluebmw

    Alpine Split Rim Alloys

    The pic you posted is a photoshop and "split" Alpina spoked wheels don't actually exist. You'll either have to have a set custom made, or pick up some Weds Bavaria wheels, which look very similar and came in 2/3 piece. Hope that helps!
  2. Nothing yet... Still have to pull the trigger on new carpet and probably door panels too. The interior is currently an ivory color, so the seats alone would look out of place.
  3. bluebmw

    Motorsport wood shift knobs

    Still have these! Last chance before I throw them up on the E30 forums.
  4. bluebmw

    Motorsport wood shift knobs

    Thank you!
  5. bluebmw

    Motorsport wood shift knobs

    Just finished up a small batch of one-off "M-Stripe" shift knobs - made of handpicked Bubinga wood and a custom, Motorsport-colored wood inlay. Coated in a high-gloss finish applied over 10 days, these knobs will stand the test of time. Made in Seattle, Washington. Mounting is for “push-on” 1980+ BMWs (i.e. for those of you with a 5-speed and/or short shift kit). One has the stripes running straight up and down, the other has the stripes at an angle (see photos). $139 shipped in the USA, $148 shipped international. For more photos and/or to purchase, please visit my website:
  6. bluebmw

    Used Kidney Grilles, 74-76

    These are sold.
  7. bluebmw

    1600gt tach new old stock in box

    Yep, definitely a NK unit. There should be a date stamp and "6V' or "12V" on the back of the housing – that'd help us determine which model it belongs to.
  8. Money sent. Thanks! I look forward to putting these in the 02.
  9. Yep. Just priced these out at ~$1500 shipped to the USA, brand new.
  10. These would look beautiful in my 02. PM sent!
  11. bluebmw

    2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

  12. bluebmw

    2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

    For those of you that haven't seen the thread over in the General Discussion forum, the 2019 calendars are here! Unlike years past, where I was shipping them out one-by-one, this year you'll simply purchase them directly from the printer/publisher. Purchase here ->
  13. Going for the vintage race/rally look? Cibie Super Oscar are THE lamps to get. Period correct and massive light output too. I've got two sets in "driver" condition. Ideal candidates for a car that gets driven, or repaint the housings and you're golden. Top set: $130 plus shipping. One housing is the original grey color, the other has been painted black. Matching lenses. Missing one small screw the holds the chrome bezel on. Bottom set: $130 plus shipping. Both housings have been painted black. Matching lenses. Covers: $60 plus shipping. Original condition, could use a good cleaning. One tab has a crack, but still stays attached to the lamp no problem. Take it all for $300 plus shipping.