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  1. Interesting design! Looks like it might've been a bit cold out?
  2. Hey there, someone has bought the whole package. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Complete with the original horn button, hub and shroud/cover, and allen bolts - everything needed to install on your 2002. The wheel is in good “driver” condition, somewhere in the 6-7/10 region. Some light scratches are present on the spokes, and the left spoke has a very slight bend (took me 4 years to notice this, so it’s not particularly visible). The leather rim has an older leather wrap/cover - the original rubber grip condition underneath is unknown. The original hub and Petri-stamped hub shroud are included. The shroud has one small hairline crack, but is barely visible once installed. Reproduction hub shrouds/covers are over $100 alone! The horn button is in good condition, although it has some has pry marks on one side from removal. Stamped “Made in Germany West” - so it’s definitely the original unit. These sell for $150+ alone. Asking just $399 plus shipping for a quick sale. For more pics or to purchase, please visit my website: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/petri-bmw-sport-steering-wheel-350mm
  4. Two "Teardrop" knobs left, the other two styles are sold out.
  5. Three knobs left! Two "Teardrop" style and one "Rounded OEM."
  6. Our most popular product is back, and better than ever! Not only are these shift knobs tediously color-matched to Nardi steering wheels, they’re now weighted. How much heavier, you ask? Over 3x heavier than previous version (approx 130-150 grams). Not only do they look great, they improve shifting feel dramatically. Handmade over the course of two months, right here in Seattle, Washington. Mounting: BMW push-on (1980+) using a custom-made Delrin and aluminum insert. These are only compatible with 5-speed levers or short-shift upgrades that utilize a 1980+ shift lever. We do NOT have any thread-on shift knobs for sale currently. Styles: Rounded OEM - identical to original ALPINA knob dimensions. SOLD OUT Bevel OEM - same as the rounded OEM, but with more defined edges. SOLD OUT Teardrop - the classic “Amco” shape found in many 60s-70s cars Emblem: Your choice between early/serif BMW (silver or gold), late/sans serif BMW, or BMW Motorsport. Unlike previous knobs, these emblems are NOT magnetic and the emblem is glued in place. Purchasing: $179 shipped in the USA. Visit our website to purchase: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/weighted-nardi-matched-bmw-shift-knobs
  7. Alright, good news, folks! If we can get 6 people onboard, another batch is possible. The manufacturer/supplier has increased their prices since the last batch was completed (2+ years ago), so the price is back at $399 shipped, as they were originally. Add $20 for conversion to PSI and Fahrenheit. There will be a $20 core charge for the "fasten seat belts" housing. So, who's in?
  8. I'll look into making another batch and get back to you guys!
  9. No plans to make more, unfortunately. Took almost 2 years to sell the ~12 that we made. Lots of interest, but that didn't translate to lots of sales.
  10. EDIT: Price lowered from $399 to $299 shipped! I'm really excited to share a brand new 2002 goodie with everyone! These kits have been in the works for over a year, and we finally have a few ready to sell! Our oil diagnostic kits are engineered from scratch for the BMW 2002 and handmade in Germany. Utilizing the original "Fasten Seat Belts" housing for an OEM+ appearance, these sleek kits replace the useless 1970s technology with modern, real-time LED oil temperature and oil pressure indicators. The comprehensive kit allows you to actively monitor your engine's vitals - check the oil temperature so you're properly warming up the car and not causing avoidable wear, while the oil pressure provides an indicator of load, helping prevent a seized engine and/or other catastrophic failure. Once installed, the kit is invisible to the naked eye. The "brain box" can be mounted in the glovebox or center console, while the wires can all be routed under the dash, along with the factory wires. Best of all, the kits include everything needed to install in your 2002. All you need is a few hand tools and some basic wiring skills. Out of the box, the kit can be easily wired in 4 different ways: 1. Always on* 2. Always on*, and dimmable 3. Switched 4. Switched, and dimmable *turns on with the key. For options 3 and 4 you need to provide your own switch. Parts included: "Brain box" - fused circuit boards/computer housing Oil temperature sender and crush washer Oil pressure sender and crush washer Custom machined adapter for oil pressure and oil temperature senders (mounts in the factory oil temp spot) Custom machined banjo bolt designed for our adapter block (feeds oil to both senders) and two crush washers All necessary wires, color-coded and labeled, with proper connectors 2 pairs of insulated, crimp-on wire terminals (disconnects) 6 small, black zip ties for general wire tidying Velcro to mount brain box (in glovebox, center console, etc) A walkthrough PDF with detailed photos will be emailed to you upon purchase Please note, this kit is designed for the US-spec 1968-1976 BMW 2002/1600. European-spec cars and some other models do not have the "Fasten Seat Belts" indicator housing. Please check your application to ensure correct fitment. $399 $299 shipped anywhere in the USA. For international parties, please contact us prior to purchasing. For more photos, or to purchase, please PM me or visit http://thepaddock.xyz/store/bmw-2002-oil-kit
  11. Thanks for the photos, your car looks fantastic!
  12. Still have these in stock and ready to ship same-day!
  13. Bump. I still have a few pairs left and can ship same-day!
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