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  1. Hmm, I think it's a JBL but I don't recall the exact model. It's whatever Jason recommended at the time (~2012).
  2. One is plenty for an 02. I modified mine to accept a low-profile 8" sub and it works great. Think it only required some light trimming/sanding.
  3. I can make a reproduction for you, just need the dimensions. Shoot me a DM!
  4. SOLD! Selling/parting out this authentic MOMO Alpina steering wheel. Cosmetically, it's very nice, but unfortunately it was removed from a crashed car and is pretty bent. Great wall art for the garage, or straighten it out if you have the know-how. SOLD!
  5. PRICE LOWERED TO JUST $340 plus shipping! Can include the pictured horn button and a hub for extra.
  6. I've got this period-correct MOMO Touring. 350mm diameter, excellent condition, 1968-1973 date stamp. Can include the BMW horn pictured and even a 1970s solid/cast hub for extra. PM me if interested.
  7. Bump! Surprised this is still around. Steal of a deal for a complete setup of this age and condition.
  8. I've got a large-scale vinyl cutter used for making signs and whatnot. Nothing crazy! I dig it! Shoot me a PM with some artwork/inspiration photos and let's make it happen.
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