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  1. HBChris tells me there is a prism within the steering column of the NK. The E9 has it and the 2002 does not. The intent is that this prism directs the light from a bulb within the steering column to the keyhole and parts of the dashboard. I have made reproductions of these and sell them for $16.00
  2. For the 2002, current inventory5 speed - 34 speed - 7$7.50 includes postage
  3. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    Not from me... I have only the replica of the OEM Golde wind deflector.
  4. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    once the spring is inserted into the 2 hinges, the bump in the middle of the spring is rotated so that the hinges want to deploy to the "open" position. The other bumps in the ends one the spring do not move once slotted
  5. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    A bump for Christmas 🤩
  6. Stan

    FS Marchal 660 used

    I bought these from Enoz months ago.€350.00 or the US equivalent, about $400.00 I will pay the shipping photos at
  7. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    Update: I have the plastic sunroof guides, torsion springs, and hinges. I hope to have the deflector blades next month. $400 for complete kit with installation instructions. Stan
  8. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    Out of the 10 I made, 3 remain. Just sayin'
  9. Stan

    Shift pattern transfers

    Price reduced to $10.00 each
  10. Stan

    Shift pattern transfers

    I still have shift pattern transfers available for 2002's
  11. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    PS: My price is $400.00 plus shipping They fit 2002's, E9's and Porsche 911's
  12. Stan

    Reproduction Golde wind deflector

    After a long wait I now have all the parts ready to go again! Send email to me at stan dot chamallas at me dot com Thank you
  13. Bumping this up. Still plenty available
  14. I still have more shift pattern transfers for sale