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  1. Yes I do, $35.00 USD each shipped from NH USPS
  2. None left but 5 more sets will be ready soon.
  3. I got enough parts for 10 kits last week and sold 8 of them. Two left and who knows how long before I get more... Just FYI guys Many thanks, Stan
  4. Updating this. I got the parts for 10 kits and have sold 5 of them. If interested, PM me Thanks Stan
  5. I have 5 more kits available now and some other individual parts.
  6. have I sold springs to you? $20.00 per spring
  7. I just sent out 5 pop up sunroof kits and have 5 more plus some spare parts. Contact me if you need.
  8. Bump $410.00 shipped to continental USA. Many sold, good reviews. Instructions for installation included.
  9. Just to pick this thread back up, if anyone wants a wind deflector kit or parts, please send and email to: stan dot chamallas at me dot com. Thanks
  10. This is a very old post, Now delivered from 03857. The kit is $410.00 including postage inside the continental USA.
  11. When I first saw the wind deflector on a CS coupe, I wanted one. After searching for a long time I found one guy who had a NOS he got when he bought a lot of parts. Complete with orange teile sticker. He was asking $1000 so I passed. (have since seen on eBay used for $800). Then with the help of HBChris, I was able to compile enough parts to reverse engineer a complete kit. I figured, If I can make one, I can make 41. Well over the past 4 years, I must have sold at least 40 kits. Usually, I have the kits made 5 at a time. I have 10 kits coming in tomorrow but 5 are already spoken for.
  12. My understanding is they were all identical. I do sell replacement parts and entire kits.
  13. Bump to notify that the price has been dropped. These include the covers and spare seals and mounting hardware. Never used by me. I think they look great on a 2002 but not so much on my E9
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