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  1. I see the NH license plates in the photos, did you find it there? Are those vintage 1973 license plates and do you still have them?
  2. I have aluminum bumper blanks. Polished and clear coated. The E9 coupe had license plate lights on either side of the license plate but the European models had light mounted in the bumper under the license plate. Since only one style of bumper was made, BMW installed blanks in the rectangular holes in the bumper for USA version. I don't know if this was the case for 2002's They are $65.00 each.
  3. Merry Christmas bump, in case someone needs grift dad or is getting a cash gift 🙂
  4. Over the last 8 years over 50 of these kits have been sold. I have 2 kits ready to go at the current $410.00 price More will be available in early 2021 at $425.00 a kit including shipping in CONUS.
  5. A couple people asked me if I could reproduce the rubber pieces that cover the "hoop" that is the 2.5mph impact absorber on the 1973 rear bumper. Pay no attention to the listed price as I have no idea. Molding cost and volume will impact this. I think I can do it but it will take some doing. It is definitely not worth mu time if only 2 people want them. You may know me from the Golde sunroof wind deflector repop or if you are also an E9 guy, the reproduction tail light lenses. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay well, stay safe. Stan
  6. I have Ans on my E30 and one stripe is gone but the other looks like new. I would love to get the correct logo and red stripe
  7. UPDATE 11/1/2020 Just received all the parts needed for 5 more complete kits. Scroll back in this thread to see pictures. Still $410.00 shipped in CONUS
  8. installation instructions. I have more kits on the way! StanI Reproduction Golde Sunroof Wind Deflector.pdf
  9. I still have 4 speed and 5 speed patterns for the 2002.
  10. Sending you an email. The part where the metal is pinched in can be opened with a screw driver blade by gently twisting. I know some have used a Dremel but when I tried it, I cut through the torsion spring. Those chromed pot metal hinges are 40+ years old and the hole may have enlarged over time. That is what I think is likely. I will rummage through my parts and see if I have any hinges left. Currently I have 3 complete kits and that is it. My nephew may be selling his shop and relocating so it could be a very long time until I get the next batch of wind deflector parts. Stan
  11. Yes I do, $35.00 USD each shipped from NH USPS
  12. None left but 5 more sets will be ready soon.
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