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  1. I have a set of old Marchal 660 fog lights that need new rubber seals.

    Is there anyplace that makes 160mm seals?



    1. Schickentanz


      Stan, I am not aware of any source for new seals or any easy alternative.  Are your seals perished or is it just a staining issue? 



    2. Stan


      staining mostly a little bit of dryness

    3. Stan


      I just got a replacement set from Enoz and they need just a little cleaning.  I will try sof scrub



  2. Bumping this up. Still plenty available
  3. I still have more shift pattern transfers for sale
  4. see pictures here. I sold a few sets to this guy who is reselling... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Golde-Sunroof-Deflector-Kit-Porsche-911-912-930-912E-65-82-/371778609577?hash=item568fbb61a9:g:zL4AAOSwMVdYGPI4&vxp=mtr
  5. Any more sunroof wind deflectors available?   zak20022@gmail.com

    1. Stan


      if you want the whole kit...soon

      I have had a tough time getting the hinges made.

  6. Hi Stan, I need a CR 5 speed transfer. Sorry we did not meet last week. Chuck mentioned the possibility of stopping by next time youre in the  outer boroughs and available. Chuck can also share my cell. I will call but wanted to register my request. 


    Talk soon and keep well. 


    Roger S (e9 coupe) aka -FAQ. 

    1. Stan


      I have them. Send email to


    2. Stan



      Did I take care of you yet?
      I am heading to NYC in 2 weeks


  7. I still have a few left.... -10 of the 4 speed - 1 of the 5 speed - 2 of the 5 spd dogleg
  8. I have a few shift pattern transfers left and will be bringing them to Monterey. I plan to be at Legends early if you would like one $15.00 I will be at the entrance helping direct cars to parking places. Thank you Stan
  9. They came out great and I shave sold a bunch of them
  10. Greetings, Bumping this to notify any '02 folks that I will bring the shift pattern stencils to Monterey. I will be at Legends, parking the cars with Chris Macha Reach out and I will have one ready for you! 4 speed, 5 speed or CR 5 speed (dogleg) Best, Stan
  11. Shift pattern transfers available. 4 speed 5 speed CR (dogleg) 5 speed I have the pattern for 2002's and E9 coupes I used one on my 1973 CS 3.0 looks like it was painted on!
  12. Bumping this up. I still have plenty of shift pattern transfers. Thank you
  13. you are obsessed because you simply do not have enough ti's in the garage!!
  14. Here is the latest update. I received the transfers from Mo and have separated them and have them in their envelopes ready to mail. I would like to mail after Christmas to minimize the chance of loss/damage in the mail. Also, I have many more than I sold so please step up if you want one or more. Definitely would like to break even on this endeavor. Merry Christmas! Stan
  15. Did you go to the Vintage at Saratoga in 2013 and buy one of the advertising posters (before I got one)? Perhaps you got it home and never put it up? Perhaps you put it up and have since replaced it? I have lots of space in my garage and hope to find one copy. PM to me Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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