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4 hours ago, JohnP_02 said:

Thanks Tony, I was looking for some for the 69 I just picked up so will pass for now. GLWS!





For starters, ’69 seats will have chromed recliners and, those with headrests, have “tubular” headrests. Late 1973 seats, such as these, have black splatter-painted recliners and “eared” headrests.


But it might be even more complicated than that: I believe that during the 1969 model year, 2002 seats changed from the earlier “wide backrests” to the subsequent “narrow backrests”. Mike Self’s bought-new February 1969 2002, I believe, has the wide backrests. Given that headrests were just being deployed in very late 1968 — to meet a January 1, 1969 Federal deadline — and wide backrests were likely phased out during the 1969 model year, some “correct” 1969 seats might be difficult to find. If you’re looking for “factory correct”, we probably first need to know your car’s manufacturing date. Then we need to figure out which of three styles best fits your car’s manufacturing date: (1.) wide backrest without headrest; (2.) wide backrest with headrest; and (3.) narrow backrest with headrest.


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