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  1. Gasket Dressing & Sealant

    Another vote for "The Right Stuff". I like it because I can get it at Autozone when I'm in the middle of the job and realize that my old tube of sealant has dried out! I apply it to the head or block, and lay the gasket on top. Scrapes off the engine easier than RTV and seems to seal just as well.
  2. Wegweiser

    Hang in there Paul! We are all thinking of you.
  3. Any recommendations for a shop in Pasadena, CA to do a PPI? I have a nephew looking at an e39 and I'm doing a long distance assist with the purchase, and would like to find a shop close to him that can check the car out.
  4. I have those Baby Tornados also. Great mirrors, and they do look stock on a late-model 2002.
  5. Looks really fun. Would love to get my M2 back on the road in time. Got some insulated coveralls, so winter workshop is open!
  6. Rear Windscreen Rust

    Unfortunately, the POR15 products don't cure well much below 60 degrees, so it's tough in the winter. One trick I've used in upstate NY is to buy one of the generic halogen work lights. Two 500 watt bulbs make significant heat, and positioned next to the metal can facilitate POR15 curing in the coldest conditions.
  7. I repaired it: Rust repair
  8. I feel your pain. In my case the rust went through the outer and inner skin at that corner.
  9. I agree, filling pinholes with weld can be frustrating, and not always necessary. POR15 Por Patch is awesome stuff for filling pinholes and sealing seams. Highly recommend it! I have also use their Epoxy Putty for filling larger holes in my pre-welding days, and those repairs are still strong and rust-free after 20 years.
  10. Anyone use MUCH later seats?

    I think one of the nicest seating upgrades for the 2002 is to get the Recaros out of an early '80's 320is. They easily fit in the car and are quite comfortable. I had a set that I sold when I got some Recaro SRDs for my car. The latter are definitely NOT a bolt-in, so I can't recommend them like I do the e21 Recaros.
  11. Not yet. Need to get mobile first.
  12. +1 for the Covercraft windshield shades. I have one for each car, and they are great. I had a Covercraft windshield shade for an e28 when I lived in Miami, FL that was parked outside routinely, and after 13 years of south florida heat and sun the dash was still perfect when I sold it.
  13. One thing to keep in mind if your car is totaled is that you can buy the salvage rights back for next to nothing, and harvest all the parts you want. I just went through this with an e46 that was totaled in an accident last winter, found a replacement and transplanted all the upgraded parts from the donor to the new car.