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  1. Agree with Toby. When I lowered my S14 I had to get rid of the brake booster for clearance with the S14 intake plenum. I converted to Wildwood calipers and Tilton hanging pedals. Tilton helped me pick the right masters for the front and rear based on piston size in the calipers, swept area of the rotors, and the pedal ratio.
  2. Actually, the new high-end lithium batteries like the Braille G20 don't explode; they are mounted on the floor next to the driver in many IMSA prototype and GT cars. The also have good reserve and cranking amps in cold weather. But while tiny and light, they are pricey.
  3. My daughter is starting school at UCLA and is bringing her '91 318is with her. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic on the west side of LA that a struggling grad student could afford? Thank in advance, Ian
  4. I also like the adjustability of the Konis. I haven't used them on the 2002, but I love the Koni sport single-adjustable on my e46. I've used their lifetime warranty twice due to salty NE winters, and still "new" shocks on my car 10 years later!
  5. I need to ship an e30 from Rochester, NY to Los Angeles, CA. Any recommendations for a transport company? We are getting the bait-and-switch from a couple of supposedly reputable companies that advertised closed carrier transport, then when time comes to arrange the pickup they are suddenly open carriers. Ack! Thanks in advance, Ian
  6. Smoke generators are great tools, especially on the '91 318is, which I swear has a vacuum system thought up by Rube Goldberg. I like the Singer version, it's simple and robust.
  7. Similar results with Blunt. The most knowledgeable and thorough customer service in the business. Blunt is the best for hard to find parts, or part fitment questions.
  8. I noticed the ground clearance with the drop bar also. I rationalize it as protection for my oil pan.
  9. I've also been impressed with the Rogue Engineering quick release.
  10. That is very cool! I agree with Mike, an online Tire/Wheel store should license this app! Voted! Ian

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