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  1. Jeff, thanks for all you have done for the 2002 community. I have been buying parts for my 2002 and getting advice from you since 1994, and really appreciate all the ingenuity and common sense you brought to the community. While I'm sad to see you sell the business, we all need a rest eventually! I wish success to the new owners of IEMotorsports, you have big driving shoes to fill.
  2. I think those have hose barb fittings, and you should be able to run a simple hose up the firewall from the master cylinders to the reservoir that bolts to the firewall.
  3. Nice engineering! My only suggestion would be to use remote reservoirs so you could raise them a bit higher to make servicing easier.
  4. There is also the hood shock design that Brian Kinports came up with.
  5. I updated my original response with some caffeine-induced clarity Sorry about that.
  6. Right, I got that TO bearing number after calling Tilton and explaining what I wanted to do. The bearing fits perfectly on the rx8 bearing guide tube and the locating rod that keeps the unit from spinning threads into one of the bolts that hold the guide tube down. I like the Tilton because the TO bearing is mounted to a threaded collar, so you can adjust the position relative to the clutch disc by spinning the bearing in or out on the collar. Then you lock it in place with the locating rod.
  7. Part number for what? The master I'm using for the Tilton hanging pedals? That won't be helpful for most folks since that depends on piston size of calipers and swept area of the rotor. I'll put all that in my build blog when I next update it, but honestly Tilton is so helpful with phone tech support that I would just call them. Adjustment of hydraulic throwout bearings appears fairly straightforward from the videos I've watched and from techs I've talked to. I won't get to mine for a couple of weeks, but I'll report back when I do. Edit: Apologies, I didn't have enough caffeine this morning! I was describing sizing the brake master cylinder, D'Oh! For the clutch master, Tilton originally recommended a 3/4" master to match what was in the stock 2002, this was a Tilton 75-750. When I switched to the hydraulic TO bearing, Tilton thought the 3/4" master would work, but the optimal was a 7/8", part #75-875. This makes me suspect that the hydraulic TO will work with the stock clutch master, it might feel a bit lighter and have slightly longer pedal travel with the stock '02 clutch master.
  8. No, I'm using a Tilton hanging pedal assembly. But Tilton is super helpful with tech support, and can help with questions. And the master I'm using with the clutch is very similar to stock, so I suspect this will work.
  9. Or you could try the Tilton TIL-60-6104 hydraulic throw-out bearing . It fits perfectly on the bell housing of my rx8 transmission.
  10. Another option if you can find it is the stock exhaust for the Turbo. I had that on my M2 for years, and it flowed well and was not obnoxious.
  11. That sounds like a very reasonable plan. There should be more real-world info on this swap by then, and you'll be able to subjectively compare the 245 to the rx8.
  12. You might want to seriously think about using the e30 front and rear subframe. In the front you will run into the steering box pushing that engine back, and the e30 subframe and control arms would let you run a front-steer rack & pinion.
  13. Thea adapter plate looks pretty centered. As you mentioned, there is a fair bit of wobble in my 245 getrag, so I'm not sure it is necessary to get laser precision. But of course, the more accurate the better. I'll see.
  14. Hi Neil, I'll report back shortly. It might be a tight fit, but not much more than a swap with the 265 transmission. If it's close it might be possible to slice the top of the transmission tunnel and expand it an inch or so to get clearance. I'll report back once I get to the in-car stage. I love your adapter, it is very precision made.
  15. That's the one I bought. I mis-spoke, it didn't come from the UK Amazon but it did come from a seller in Latvia so it took a bit longer. But it came no problem.
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