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  1. Fantastic music!
  2. Also check with your local dealer. These are back in stock, at least temporarily. That means you can get them at your local dealer with no shipping, and if they arrive bent the dealer will replace them.
  3. Here's an old article from Roundel describing the conversion, it might help. m2002.pdf
  4. I agree with Toby on oil and gasket suggestions. I've converted a couple of older cars to synthetic with no leakage, so the chemistry must have been improved. And the m42, while robust, does like to leak a bit of oil, even with new valve cover, timing cover, oil pan gaskets
  5. Does anyone live in Columbia, Missouri, that could check out an e46 for me?
  6. Can anyone recommend a shop to do a PPI in Columbia, MO?
  7. Who needs fancy engine swaps, just use the tried-and-true m10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWnWKLVUBcM No problems with heavier engine or non-BMW haters. If it was good enough for F1, it's good enough for me
  8. Nick, I had a 304 cam on a Korman Stage III engine with DCOE 40's. The cam had a distinct lope at idle, but was reasonably streetable, and really fun once the rpm got about 4000. A great cam.
  9. What are you going to use to replace EDIS?
  10. Here you go, the pics start disappearing half-way down the page. They reappear later. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/93050-m2-redux/
  11. I noticed most of the links to pics in my blog have recently broken, even though the photos have not moved from their source. Is there a way to re-establish the links without inserting pictures from scratch? Thanks!
  12. Swain has a great reputation for effective coatings. They are just down the road from me, and I plan to bring my headers to them for coating.
  13. Thanks! The color is pastel blau, but its hard to see in the garage lighting. The malamute is a constant presence in the garage, whether welding, grinding or wrenching; nothing phases her. As for the "lived in feeling", I agree but my wife refers to it more as cluttered bordering on catastrophic!