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NK Project Update

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Well It has been awhile since I updated folks on the old NK Thought I would let folks know how it is coming. The 1800 I got was hit in the front, but was generally rust free. So I decided to do a nose transplant from the other rusty car I have, as its nose and front fenders had been replaced.

Finally got it all ready to paint and after a failed attempt by me, my friend Matt who is a pro, sprayed it for me this past weekend. We are very excited since now I can get on to putting it all together. It has come a long way in the last year and a half.

Now if I can just find those instructions that came with the car………..


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Thanks Chris Wish I could get it ready for Mid America but not enough time :) Eileen is coming with me to Eureka Springs and we are bringing the Baur. We will be caravaning down from St Louis with Brian and Kathy See you then

Bob, yep, Malcolm let us use the paint booth on Sat and Matt did and awesome job. And I got to watch Malcolm work his magic on that sports racer body he is building Very talented bunch!!!!!

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Later dual system brakes with big vented brake upgrade in front, 2 liter motor, carbs uncertain yet, 5 speed, Vintage Air AC, Esty carpet set (it looks awesome) and anything else I can think of

Doubt it will be ready for Vintage I am sooooooo slow.................

Thanks for comments gang

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