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  1. Yeah, the "personal attacks" forum was a dark corner of the FAQ. Years of self policing and the "no-ban" policy have paid off over the last 15+ years as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Thanks for the referral, Ed and all the kind words everybody! Happy to help any '02er in our neck of the woods! I'm also really impressed with Seth & Iveta, who will have traveled nearly 5,000 miles in their unrestored 1972 '02 by the time they get back to Colorado! I was disappointed to have to miss the Vintage (again!) this year, which I registered for. Had I gone, however, I wouldn't have been here yesterday to help these great folks out. Seems things do usually happen for a reason!
  3. Thanks Bo, Barb and ALL the True Friends of Alex Von Falkenhausen. The best bunch of enthusiasts ANYWHERE!
  4. Thanks for sharing this, Jim. Craig was the very first vintage BMW enthusiast I ever met. He and I both stayed at the (dumpy) Riverside Motel in Hermann, MO for the very first MidAmerica '02 Fest in 2001. I met him in the parking lot at 7:00 A.M. He was examining my vin number through the windshield. We visited at length and he explained many of the subtle and not so subtle differences among roundies, which I understood nothing of at the time. I'll miss him.
  5. Well...I was supposed to be there in person, trying not to drool, but life threw me a curve. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Wow! I'm glad the puller didn't slip off...it had to be under tremendous pressure. You're going to need to replace the drive flange. Surely a friendly FAQ'er has one to spare.
  7. Are you saying that you actually bent the flange the wheel studs press into? If so, you must have been using an incredible amount of force on the puller. If you can, please post a photo of the damage so we can better understand the situation.
  8. I can't wait. Maybe I can get the riviera '73 finished in time...probably not. Oh well, old faithful will be good to go either way.
  9. Stefan, the pump doesn't reach the bottom of the tank in my '72 and I never extended the bracket. If anything, the pump might sit closer to the bottom of your lower volume tank. I'd bet it'll fit fine.
  10. Danuel still plans on doing the twin IDF's. Growing family interrupted things for the time being.
  11. I wasn't aware UUC offered sway bars for 2002's. ST bars work just fine and are priced pretty reasonably as are Ireland Engineering's.
  12. Thanks for sharing, Mike! it looks like you're all having a great time. Please keep the pictures coming!
  13. His was a one-off upgrade for his personal 2002tii, never replicated for sale. He simply found a dual cage blower, dimensionally similar to the original, and modified the housing by carefully trimming and adding fiberglass as needed. Among other improvements he made to the system, this really helps it be effective. We drove the car to Road America a couple of years ago in 95+ degree heat and had to turn it down!
  14. I've viewed Mark's re-posts as a valuable public service ever since he started. Anybody who thinks these cars aren't being quickly located and snapped up anyway is dreaming.
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