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  1. Our caravan is gathering at Kingsport TN on the evening of April 22. We will be taking back roads all the way from there, across the top of TN over the Cumberland Plateau, across the TN River Valley with a stop in Paris to visit the Eiffel tower. Then on across the top of Ark through the Ozarks and into Eureka Springs that Wed evening. After all the fun we will visit our friend David Yandow at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville o the way home. As everyone has so very well stated above, its a great time for all. And you never know what you might learn from some of the very knowledgeable folks who come every year And you might even get to meet the original owner of your Fjord 2002!!!
  2. MikeinNC

    To the Icon and back.

    Nick It was nice meeting you and Mike and Stan Your two Malaga cars and Stans Bristol were the talk of the day at the Performance Center Friday afternoon If I have this correct Mike's car is original paint and Stan is the original owner of his Fun weekend!!!!
  3. MikeinNC

    ICON Weekend 2019

    Steve It was great talking with you on several occasions this past weekend I really enjoyed our conversations and agree that a great time was had by all of us who were lucky enough to be there Thank you again for sharing your fabulous car with everyone both in the museum and on the track. It was so much fun watching those historic cars "dicing it up on track". We look forward to you guys coming down to Arkansas when your street car is finished for the Mid America 02 Fest :) Mike Pugh
  4. MikeinNC

    Bike rack advice

    I have an old Performance Bike Rack on my daily driver It is essentially a clone of a Thule gutter mount system
  5. Have done this many times It is not hard Some advice from and old phart : 1 Iron the headliner before installing Do not think you can pull out all the wrinkles you cannot. Putting headliner in too much tension will come back to haunt you 2 After a bad batch of heat sealed pleats I run a stitch down every seam before installing They don't make things the way they used to 3 Be patient. Don't rush Keep your hands and fingers clean with lacquer thinner Be patient 4 Use brush on glue I have good luck with Welwood and those 89 cent brushes from HD Spray glue is way to hard to control I have also used vinyl top glue too but that is hard to find in small cans 5 Be Patient and in a good mood Keep your hands and fingers clean Don't rush 6 Toby's advise is good 7 Use lots of binder clips to get it generally positioned all the way around, then start gluing on opposite sides, front and rear Do small sections and do not pull too tight as you will end up with wrinkles in the corners 8 Final advise BE PATIENT, keep your hands and fingers clean and don't rush No need to hurry If I can do it anyone can HTH
  6. MikeinNC

    New guy from Pittsburgh

    I remember your nicely turned out car Chris!!! I took this picture in the pits at Schenley in July I think we talked but then again I am old and don't remember things too well any more We were there with the red number 55 02.
  7. MikeinNC

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    More info https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-BMW-2002-tii-/232386305383?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l44720 https://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/threads/1972-bmw-2002tii.555065/
  8. HB Chris Thank you so much This will help I appreciate the help everyone!!!
  9. MikeinNC

    Free: Early seats

    I am interested Will pay to have shipped to NC if you would be up for doing that for me Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi Mike Thanks for posting But that diagram does not show a Hazard Switch included in the circuit How is the 1800 ti coming? Cannot wait to see it some time!
  11. MikeinNC

    68 saying hello

    Just sent you an email
  12. MikeinNC

    68 saying hello

    Hi Eliotkb See you are in NC We have a pretty active group around here In fact we just had our fall drive up in the mountains of NC/VA just a month ago Message me or post up your email and I will add you to my email list Also there is an 02 Group FB page that we post things up on (although there are many more folks than locals that also belong) BTW I am working on my second 68 02 right now Let me know if I can be of any assistance I am over in Raleigh We have members in NE TN and SW VA as well as Charlotte, WS and Raleigh areas Folks from Maine, OH, VA and MD came to the event last month Cheers
  13. MikeinNC

    WTB: Early Front Seat

    I am in need of an early drivers seat for my 1600 It needs to be like the one shown in the photo Vinyl condition/color is not important I will by a pair if needed Thanks in advance
  14. Mike That is fantastic Glad you getting it going again!!!! I still miss my 1800
  15. MikeinNC

    Texas 02berfest

    Darn Hate we are missing it this year after attending the last 2 years You guys have fun!!!!