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  1. Call Rod at Apex Vintage in Raleigh NC (shop I work part time at) 919 303 7317. There are at least 3 racing 02s on the east coast running engines he built and at least three of my friends have high performance street engines he built for them. Rod knows how to build an engine Would not go to that shop in Greensboro
  2. Bo asked me to let everyone know that we have had a few rooms come available today so if anyone is in need of a room at the host hotel please call ASAP You must call and mention The BMW Group and Bo Black's name to get these rooms as they are trying to hold them for us and not allow the bikers that are in town snatch them up Best Western Eureka Inn 479-253-9551 Bo also just finalized the schedule Other things will be going on all the time as situations dictate Movies and videos all the time in the assembly room: 2019 MidAmerica 02 Fest April 25, Thursday Afternoon & evening check in/packet pickup Dinner on your own 7:30 pm - welcome get together – cookies & coffee 8:00 pm – Mike Pugh – giubo & fender 8:45 pm – Hal Boyles – dual carb linkage 9:15 pm - Marc Davis – Moment Motor Co - electric 02 April 26, Friday Check in/packet pick up continues 8:30 am – Keith Kreeger – 02 lost info sources 9:30 am - drive meeting – main room – please have your car gassed 9:45 am - drive – lunch in Rogers 1:15 pm - return to Eureka Springs 3:30 pm – Ed Z – 123 install Keith K – tii timing Mike P – carb tune Mike Butler – paint resto 5:30 pm - Sayther Vintage Bimmer - Bubba’s BBQ Dinner 7:00 pm – Terry Sayther - Ignition 8:15 pm - Ben Thongsai – EPA tii 9:00 pm - Panel Q & A April 27, Saturday 8:30 am - Jack Fahuna 02 World 9:45 am – Paul Wegwieser – Arousing slumber 10:45 am – Larry Schmidt – Iss Werks - restoration Lunch on your own 1:30 pm - Car Show 3:30 pm - Tech Quiz & door prize selection 5:30 pm – Dinner 7:30 pm – Door Prizes & Awards
  3. Blast from the past Pictures from our caravan out 10 years ago I met up with my daughter in Damascus VA on the way She was doing her through hike of the Appalachian Trail that year
  4. We are all meeting up in Kingsport TN Monday night We will be heading across the top of TN over t he Cumberland Plateau, to Paris (and a visit to the Eiffel Tower) then across the top of Arkansas through the Ozarks and Alpena Getting to Eureka Springs Wed as some of us have duties to perform And several are first timers so they have some sight seeing to do Trip home includes a special tour of Lane Motor Museum courtesy of David Yando!! Safe travels everyone See yall next week
  5. Just curious as to who this is???? True Friends stickers are traditionally given to those who make the trek to Eureka Springs each year Are you affiliated with the group?
  6. Our caravan will be gathering in Kingsport TN the evening of Monday April 22 We will head across country over the Cumberland Plateau, across the TN River valley, with a stop in Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. After a night in Dyersburg will cruise across Arkansas through the Ozarks arriving in Eureka Springs mid afternoon that Wednesday This will allow time for sight seeing for the first timers and for some of us to help out with setup Safe travels to everyone Gonna be great as usual!!!!
  7. Ed This car is looking so good Cannot wait to see it And you And Barney And Victoria.......et al
  8. The slight breeze blowing in from the back and bringing in the outside noises such as birds chirping is what we love about our Baur With the hard top on keeping the sun off my balding head it just doesn't get any better than that!!!!
  9. That is my old Granada 1600 in your pictures Was purchased by a fellow in CA last summer and it has been sitting in Kormans since that time I had heard that they were building him a super 2002 so it must be that gold one You should have hung around today and done the Jugtown Jaunt with the 02 Group We were about 30 miles just south of Greensboro Always a good time I was surprised when Glen did not show up for it
  10. Our caravan is gathering at Kingsport TN on the evening of April 22. We will be taking back roads all the way from there, across the top of TN over the Cumberland Plateau, across the TN River Valley with a stop in Paris to visit the Eiffel tower. Then on across the top of Ark through the Ozarks and into Eureka Springs that Wed evening. After all the fun we will visit our friend David Yandow at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville o the way home. As everyone has so very well stated above, its a great time for all. And you never know what you might learn from some of the very knowledgeable folks who come every year And you might even get to meet the original owner of your Fjord 2002!!!
  11. Nick It was nice meeting you and Mike and Stan Your two Malaga cars and Stans Bristol were the talk of the day at the Performance Center Friday afternoon If I have this correct Mike's car is original paint and Stan is the original owner of his Fun weekend!!!!
  12. Steve It was great talking with you on several occasions this past weekend I really enjoyed our conversations and agree that a great time was had by all of us who were lucky enough to be there Thank you again for sharing your fabulous car with everyone both in the museum and on the track. It was so much fun watching those historic cars "dicing it up on track". We look forward to you guys coming down to Arkansas when your street car is finished for the Mid America 02 Fest :) Mike Pugh
  13. I have an old Performance Bike Rack on my daily driver It is essentially a clone of a Thule gutter mount system

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