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  1. In the interest of market transparency for these infrequently-traded cars, I'll post that the car sold the day the auction ended to the high bidder for $24K. He is a member of the BMW Vintage CCA and I couldn't be happier that it went to him. Thanks all for the comments and interest.
  2. Sorry Michael I do not know...
  3. Thanks for posting your thoughts Andrew; good to hear from you.
  4. You know...there are other car companies besides bae-em-vae...
  5. Yep. Ran the whole cycle... Simplifying my life a bit. Pruning back to six classics.
  6. Hi everyone, Take a look: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-bmw-1800/ Luis
  7. Hi guys, up up for sale is a pair of NOS rear shocks. Bought them in error thinking they would fit my ‘66 NK. They don’t, they are for post ‘66 NK and 2002s. $35 for the pair plus shipping. They look like new and offer the right amount of resistance when operated by hand.
  8. The square section rings that go between the caliper halves are available at Walloth and IIRC, Eric would've also sold me some.
  9. Naz, I've not yet rebuilt my NK calipers but I have rebuilt similar ATE calipers from my E9 (Coupe) and E3 (3.0 Si) and at that time spoke to Eric at PMB where he restores more ATE calipers than anyone and he indicated the bolts are not stretch bolts and he doesn't replace them. You can read and see pics of my E9 rebuild on the E9 board here: http://www.e9coupe.com/forum/threads/stock-caliper-rebuild.17389/ How was your braking before the rebuild? Luis
  10. HANS: If you want a 'normal' length 200mm battery ground strap I can get that, or most any other standard length you'd like.
  11. Hi Guys, I'll go ahead and get 4 made up for Nick, AlfaGTA and DasFrogger and an extra one for a straggler. HANS: I don't believe the 12V cars ahd a long ground strap arrangement like the 6V cars, did they...? Luis
  12. Sorry I did not see this post until now. Yes I have some. You can PM me and we can exchange details.
  13. I've been running 6 volts, with points, for 6 years without issue. You can't let the battery get weak so give it a charge every so often. It may need replacing, they spin slow even when new so it's hard to tell but the starting voltage drop makes it hard for the coil to generate a good spark if you have a slightly weak battery. What 6 volt parts are you looking for? There are no 6V specific parts in the ignition, other than the coil, and the old ones seem to go for a loooong time.
  14. Anders, Yes of course I can send them to the UK (Brexit or no Brexit...) via First Class letter for $2.13. I understand you can pay a Paypal holder through Paypal using your credit card/bank card but some fee will be charged. See if you can do it and determine the fee charged to me, if any, and please include it. There might be other ways to pay electronically but that is the simplest.

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