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  1. do you have any more info on the engines or the transmissions? Are they 4-speed or 5-speed? Are any of the engines built or all ready for rebuilding? Thanks, Dave
  2. These are the wheels I have...$125 plus shipping and cost of stripping tires off.

  3. any info on the wheels? are they for sale?
  4. how is the car as it sits on the trailer? how much for the wheels that are currently on it to be included in the sale? thanks Dave
  5. 2nd in line for the carb. Thanks!
  6. Dave_PA


    Three dizzy, two ending in 008 (no caps) one in 002. The two with caps will need al lease cleaned before use. The capless one will need more attention. $125 each plus actual shipping for the 002 or the better 008. $100 plus actual shipping for the one that will need more love. check the pictures out. will take PayPal.
  7. Please lmk about the cover craft. thanks dave
  8. Dave_PA


  9. I need all of the bolts and metal fastener pieces for both the left and right side door handles to connect to the door from either the 72 or 73. I have handles, just need the hardware. Thanks Dave
  10. Interested in the steering wheel and the gas cap. any more pics of the steering wheel and its shape? thanks dave
  11. 3rd and I can pick it up this weekend where it's at. thanks david
  12. Interested in the steering wheel. Thanks, Dave
  13. Congrats Andrew! Best of luck to you in your new endeavors. Dave
  14. MARS! Hey man it's great to see you still have the 02 pics and think fondly of those days. Everyday I walk past the Sturdy picture I got from you and think about you often. Fingers crossed that you get back into it sooner vs. later. The kids still ask 'So Dad...Your friend Mars Mann...Is that his real name or what his 'car guys' call him...His first name is really Mars? Really?' and the conversation always ends with "Man, that Mars Mann friend of yours really has the coolest name.." LOL! We miss you buddy! Dave
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