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  1. I was digging through some boxes I have of parts left over from racing 2002's and found an oil filter housing that has already been modified to include AN hose fitting. This housing includes a thermostat, an oil temp inlet and the fitting to hook up and oil cooler. 150.00 includes shipping to lower 48. Please PM me. Thanks, Bob
  2. Vintage racing .... one yellow car needs to go home until they learn how to pass without contact.
  3. Same here... then Brad Penn 10W40.....
  4. I love that place...... My daughter lives about 5 minutes away. I always try to stop in and view the cars. Congratulations!!!
  5. I wanted to shut the whole electrical system down while the car is not being used but found that the clock would drain down the battery. For a while, I just disconnected the battery. Did a negative shutoff instead.
  6. I have a '14 320i. I'd love to drop the engine and tranny in my touring...... how the heck would I stop it! Bob
  7. My race engine developed between 205 and 215 hp on an engine dyno. Carrillo rods, 12.5:1 compression 90 mm Snidmark pistons, 316 cam with Skidmark rocker arms, ported head, Stahl header, dual weber 45's, crank fired ignition, and 112 race gas. Shift point was 7800 rpm. I rebuilt it after every 40 hours of race time. I was too cheap to buy 50mm webers - might have got another 10 hp or so. Bob
  8. Nice and congratulations!! Before I retired, I use to work on Benjamin's Alfa. It is a fast car although Tom looked a little off line at times. I ran into H. D. this year at VIR and managed to locate a 4 speed tranny so he could finish the event. So witch car was running the single carb and not dual weber? Bob
  9. Sorry not to be in the mountains!!!
  10. Yep, that’s me!!! I was going to text you since you left your number but decided to check here first. The only reason I was driving the touring was that I can easily open the single car garage when the power is out. Bob

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