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  1. Vintage racing .... one yellow car needs to go home until they learn how to pass without contact.
  2. Nice and congratulations!! Before I retired, I use to work on Benjamin's Alfa. It is a fast car although Tom looked a little off line at times. I ran into H. D. this year at VIR and managed to locate a 4 speed tranny so he could finish the event. So witch car was running the single carb and not dual weber? Bob
  3. I regret to say that I won't be attending. Event is too big. Enjoy!
  4. Don't know? I never tried it........It is easy to get ahold of Ernie. Google "Ernie Bello Motorsports"
  5. There is a guy in florida (Ernie Bello Motorsport) that sells an adapter plate that will allow you to use BMW Getrag 262 or 265 from the 80's 6 cylinders. Requires lot of tunnel work! I once considered it...... but not for long!
  6. I think that it is greatly overpriced. The seller expects the buyer to cover the overpriced retail cost of removing an engine, refreshing it, and reinstalling it. Same with the tranny except it that it was sent out to metric mechanic. BTW, it has been offered at this price for about two years now and no buyer. Heck, I could build another to look exactly the same, sell it for 30k and pocket a nice piece of change. Bob
  7. I just invite Mike Pugh to go with me.........
  8. 2002Scoob If you are looking for a base line: Here's the weber settings: Twin weber 40 dcoe 34 chokes 4.5 Aux Vent 40 pump jets 55 pump exh 140 mains 180 air corr F9 Emulsion 55f8 idle jets Cam is a 292 with 10.5 compression.
  9. Toby, My daughter used to live in Portland so I've attended the classic. I tried to rent a ride there in 2003 but the only current licenses I had at the time were withBMWCCA and VDCA they wouldn't accept either of them. I'd love to see Sovren..... from what I understand the cars are well prepared but less rodded up. We've had a couple come through the shop when they have changed hands and come to the east coast. Bob
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