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  1. My BMW club racing EM car ran 210 to 215. 90mm 12.5:1 pistons, 316 cam with special rocker arms, Weber 45’s, crank firing electromotive ignition. Crosses over to group 8rs in vintage. I did 10-12 race weekends a year and then would refresh the engine.
  2. I recently also had a cracked head. Unfortunately, it could not be welded as the head also had too much corrosion from the antifreeze not being changed. I then tried to find a used head. After going through and disassembling 4 heads to find a good one and having to get a valve job done, $2k is almost a bargain! bob
  3. On leakdown test, you state: I can't put more than 20psi in it w/o it moving the pistons, which screws up my TDC setting. have you got all the spark plugs out? If so put three of them back in.
  4. BobBreed


    1802 now converted to 2liter. 3.64 replaces 4.11.
  5. Yes, I just install one of his sets. Well worth the money!!!
  6. I went to hell in a hand basket....
  7. A bridge? What, I can buy a bridge??? Where?
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