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  1. BobBreed

    M50 Swap

    I have a '14 320i. I'd love to drop the engine and tranny in my touring...... how the heck would I stop it! Bob
  2. BobBreed

    Smartphone holder?

    That includes stop signs!
  3. My race engine developed between 205 and 215 hp on an engine dyno. Carrillo rods, 12.5:1 compression 90 mm Snidmark pistons, 316 cam with Skidmark rocker arms, ported head, Stahl header, dual weber 45's, crank fired ignition, and 112 race gas. Shift point was 7800 rpm. I rebuilt it after every 40 hours of race time. I was too cheap to buy 50mm webers - might have got another 10 hp or so. Bob
  4. neat stuff..... I could use a couple of those fans!!
  5. BobBreed

    2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship

  6. BobBreed

    2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship

    Nice and congratulations!! Before I retired, I use to work on Benjamin's Alfa. It is a fast car although Tom looked a little off line at times. I ran into H. D. this year at VIR and managed to locate a 4 speed tranny so he could finish the event. So witch car was running the single carb and not dual weber? Bob
  7. BobBreed

    I should know this!....

    Sorry not to be in the mountains!!!
  8. BobBreed

    I should know this!....

    Yep, that’s me!!! I was going to text you since you left your number but decided to check here first. The only reason I was driving the touring was that I can easily open the single car garage when the power is out. Bob
  9. BobBreed

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Paypal sent!
  10. BobBreed

    Bubble Flare Coupling issues

    I had the same problem about 5 years ago. I think that I discovered that there were two different dorman unions. One was 785-437 and it came with female bubble adapters; the other was 785-438 and it did not have female bubble adapters. The 785-438 leaked. Bob
  11. oh, shit no.... sorry duffer!!
  12. BobBreed

    Giveaway - 2 Pint Glasses, 2 Mugs

    SORRY, I've been away. Thanks!!!!