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  1. I agree with that statement. Same homologated chassis, more potent engine at 2.0L! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I do still have the 2000TI in my collection. Some day I’ll get to restore it. I do want a TISA but I’m so jammed up with cars i haven’t been able to try to even contemplate finding one. Even if I could I would have to shed some cars to get it. I’m going to move some Cars out this year and make the room for one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm interested in the Beaty rings. How do I pay you for them?
  4. Why do you need the sensors? Now if you are running a Stock ecu then maybe. Otherwise run stand alone and it won't matter. rey
  5. Yes my 1966 Tilux I sold recently had a 12 volt system. I believe neue Klasse cars after 1966 all had 12 volt systems including the 2000c and 2000cs models. Im not sure why some 1600s after this date continued to be 6 volt, but It could have been for economical reasons. My thinking is that the BMW philosophy of the time ( and still today) was to be thrifty and that would include using parts that they had in inventory until they were exhausted. Thus we have the base model 1600-2 cars with 6 volt until they exhausted the inventory of regulators and generators. Same for brake boosters and other parts. We see this continue into later years with various parts ( e.g. Long neck diff and early trap mirrors, vs later trap mirrors to name a few)
  6. Steve I don't think there were any US 1600-2 1602 cars with VIN numbers beginning with 156 that were 6 volt cars. I think the 6 volt cars were all Euro LHD and RHD 1966-1967 150, 151, 153...maybe some 154 vin cars. I don't believe 2002s were ever 6 volt. Never read it anywhere, but from what i have actually seen...
  7. Money talks and you know what walks!! Let's start a bidding war!! Only kidding. GLWS
  8. @jgerock the blue NK is my S14 powered touring car. Fun to drive. I have 15x7 Alpina's all around. Rolled fenders to say the least!!
  9. @jgerock you are welcome to come and spend some time here. The only caveat is you may have to bring a six pack and turn some wrenches ( six pack for AFTER the wrench turning is done!) Thank you for the kind words. It's a labor of love. Rey
  10. 1967 1600 1527301 ALPINA pig cheek car . Was an uphill racer in 69-70. I have the original motor that was used when it was raced. Now it has a stroker 2.2 liter in it with dual Weber's and all the original Alpina bits. Granada with black interior. 1967 1600ti VIN 1582369 ALPINA pig cheek racer going through restoration right now that is Polaris with black interior. Italian delivery car and raced in the early 70s in Europe then imported and raced here in the early 80s. 1967 1600 VIN 1530514 all bone stock original with roof reliant. This car is Florida with Braun interior. original 41000 miles 1968 2002 VIN 1662224 modified in the period with Alpina bits. I just went through it mechanically. Granada with black interior.
  11. Once you get everything on the car only then can you really establish appropriate ride height. Also did you provide your height and weight to the order desk so they could appropriately balance the springs? Once you install the engine it will be necessary to calibrate the fan belt so that your positioning will work in conjunction with the spring elevator. German engineering at its best!
  12. Those look like potentially dangerous pipe bombs.
  13. Hey guys I have this pan on my Nk s14 and it beautiful functional and fits/works as advertised!
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