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M20 Triple weber build x2

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  • 2 years later...

Finals are looming next week, but I did get a couple little things knocked out this weekend.


1) Exhaust

        In an effort to mitigate weight gain I opted to do a titanium exhaust system.  Ordered a bunch of bits from Vibrant to make it happen.  By my estimates, it'll end up being close to half the weight of the factory system.  Overall, taking into account the M20 swap and all part changes on my "weights spread sheet", I'm getting very close to a net-zero weight difference over a stock roundie running a 5-speed.  (a couple mufflers are not pictures).





      A couple observations with regard to titanium ....

              1) One goal is to have a higher pitch in the exhaust note.  Titanium helps with this by simply being thinner.  We are going to try a couple things with regard to header design as well, so it should be interesting.

              2) When buying material, mandrel bends of titanium are actually much more expensive than the fancy "pie-cuts" you see on fancy aftermarket systems.








2) Brakes

       Final brake system clearance checks..... and jeez it's tight.  I really wanted to run the Alfa-brembo single-line brake calipers with e21 vented rotors behind the Diana wheels .... did a rough mock up a year ago.  Did final mock up over the weekend.  Looks like the OD of the rotor and the hat itself need to be turned down slightly.  Rear 250mm drums also JUST cleared.








Cool OEM little bracket from the Alfa the calipers came off of that allow for a short section of hardline at the caliper.  Made some new hardlines and had technafit make some custom flex lines to thread right in.  This setup mitigates stress at the fitting, so we'll call it a win!



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  • 2 months later...

I have a lot of updates…


but for the moment, the car is back down on wheels for the first time since 2016.  done mind the wheels, they’re just the spare rollers.  Test fitted the Diana wheels, just need some Pirelli rubber.


- KW’s went in.  My initial set went to a friend, these are the replacements that just came in. 

- Clearancing for the finned diff cover was done (thanks to @chargin for the initial reference pictures).


- Rear brake hard lines routed differently….going to try things out.

Big thanks to @danco_ for swinging by and helping muscle in the front subframe.


The car will be heading to exhaust fab.    shortly.  Thinking it’ll be on display (non-finished) at the @Ireland Engineering Open House in September.










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Great progress! You have evolved so much as you went along. (brakes etc)

I am glad you have such a good picture, I need bolt direction and washer location for my trailing arms and diff bolts.

Hope your semester went well, you have to be close to the finish line. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Making more progress.


fitting the 13’s with the larger brakes and the bump steer spacers has been a challenge to say the least.  However, I think the work was worth it to have fun goodies behind that stock external design!


The Diana wheels topped with CK Alpina lugnuts, and the brembos peeking out….yasss!


Added a couple in process teaser shots on the ground.








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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 8 months later...

Just before Christmas I loaded up the titanium tubing into a box and Andrew (Ireland Eng) was kind enough to stop by during finals week to tow the car up to Drago's shop (Candela Mfg).  Drago was very kind in offering to take the car on.


Here is when he was tacking up the exhaust.  Even though we've got 2.5" Ti, I wanted to maintain the stock look and opted for the original-style side exit.

52649647801_44d5683b43_k.jpgIMG_2333 by Adams Autosport, on Flickr


One of the primary goals in the make up of the characteristic of the car was to have a higher-pitched sound.  To that end Drago and I did some brainstorming and he went to work. To coax out the higher frequencies the primaries start with some generous loops.  A crossover was added close behind the first merge collectors to emulate a 6-into1 setup (there was not enough room for a true 6-into-1 merge).  The final pitch-related consideration was the addition of a sharp bend at the bottom. Hopefully it works, but given it's a bit of an experiment there's always the chance it'll flop!

52649647761_75bde8acdc_k.jpgIMG_2408 by Adams Autosport, on Flickr

Mocked up

52649647806_99da7f9a1d_k.jpgIMG_1732 by Adams Autosport, on Flickr

Once the headers and exhaust were finished, Drago asked to use the car as a basis to make a different set of headers/exhaust for Forrest (Kooglewerks) to sell.  Given how helpful Forrest is and how tightknit the 02 community is in general, it was a no brainer. 


Here's how that setup ended up looking! https://www.instagram.com/p/CpBB73FPZcm/


With the exhaust/headers wrapped up, we rolled the car a 1/4 mile up the street to Ireland Engineering. It was surreal to see it back on the lift where I did the initial tear down in 2016!


52650127818_bc6175e931_k.jpgIMG_2417 by Adams Autosport, on Flickr


I am planning on running an E30 driveshaft for it's stronger center bearing.  So while at IE, Andrew welded in the relocated center support mounting brackets.  I wrote down the dimensions needed for the driveshaft and sent it off to be chopped/rebuilt.


The car is now back home, and I haven't touched it in two months (given the spring semester is in full swing).


Once finals are done next month I'll be sorting out the following:

1) Shifter setup (need to decide to mount it to the tunnel, or trans-mounted platform)

2) With shifter setup done, install driveshaft, headers, and exhaust

3) Use left over 2.5" Titanium tubing to make a radiator overflow and engine catch car.

4) Wiring wiring wiring

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