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  1. chargin

    Post your E30 BBS

    RS version
  2. chargin

    Who’s Tii

    Not me
  3. chargin

    WTB Flasher Relay

    I have a Analog one in my toolbox, if you need the correct Digital version I can send that as well But if you want a functional OEM I have one
  4. chargin

    air conditiong

    I live in Pasadena nearby to you, I’m in the middle of installing and Ice AC kit. The advantage of the ice kit is the center consul is an all new Clardy unit, The big plus for me was everything is all new and the fan pushes so much air it is very surprising. You could also purchase the $500 kit off eBay that has cooling and air integrated but then you would have to delete your heater box, it would be cheaper and would work. The downside is you would have to source or build a Behr consul, Which could be done using a Kooglewerks face and fabricating the sides I started with a Behr unit that was in pretty decent shape and was going to build out from there, after looking at all the used bits and pieces Cobbled onto new bits and pieces I decided to just to pull the trigger and get a complete new kit
  5. chargin

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Just finished installing my new ICEAC center console with Kooglework’s face and cupholder shift surround
  6. That nipple also feeds the warm up regulator on a Tii
  7. I know the IE supplier made a hack of it What they usually look like in Ceramic, new and used:
  8. chargin

    tii fuel line routing

    If your battery is in the trunk this bracket is really handy for the fuel return line as well
  9. chargin

    New Sanden 507 with mount

    I have a new Sanden 507 compressor with mount and hardware that I don’t need, if you’re going to install or refurbish A/C this could be for you less than I was quoted for the compressor alone all for $225
  10. chargin

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38

    Thats very interesting, living in temperate SoCal my Tuner suggested removing the electric choke and I didn’t have seem to have jetting instability problems
  11. chargin

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38

    You could do it at home but smart money would remove it first, my machine shop charged me $20.00..... it it sounded great and ran great, I had a 76 low compression motor though, I wanted more compression and a cam, that’s when I stepped onto the slippery slope and built a whole new drive line from Radiator to rear wheel wheels including a LSD 🤣🤣
  12. chargin

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    Ireland Engineering now sells this bracket I installed s smallish clear glass filter between the tank and the expansion camber at the fuel pump just to see what’s goin on. also found a inline filter at Autozone for the stock location that is 5/16”, that works much better for me since my car was plumbed with 5/16” injection line. I used 2 padded fuel pump clamps to hold it
  13. chargin

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38

    If you don’t enlarge the hole your basically choking the carb. I also had these questions 4 years ago, I contemplated running twin 40’s but after some research the 38/38 seemed a great route for a street build. i set up a new 38/38 with a shorty Ireland header and had a great time with the car.
  14. chargin

    LSD's, Tii engine

    Tii Pm'd
  15. chargin

    turbo for sale

    Looks like a case of too good to be true I thought turbo’s were 1974? but it does have square taillights