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  1. Facebook: BMW 2002 Classifieds Bmw 2002 Buy, Sell and Trade! I've actually had really good luck selling through there as well
  2. Fuel Filter did you say? $39.00 Amazon: Slightly more expensive from Radium with check valve and heat diffuser:
  3. Cold F20c sound IMG_3872.MOV IMG_3890.MOV
  4. Spent 3 hours installing Sound deadening and then 40 min re-wiring the Amp back in under the seat next up, center carpet
  5. New Fan motors don't have to be expensive, the Porsche version of the same fan $55.00 BMW HVAC Blower Motor - Bosch 0130063013 | FCP Euro
  6. One Set left over: Motor Mounts Transmission Mount Transmission Body attachments Motor Mount Hardware 2 BMW Isolators EGR Block off plate These are available to ship now
  7. Another Option, use a Bolt in Rear brace, locate the trans and position the mount then just bolt it in. Also, the bolts are under the carpet so you don't see them
  8. I would highly suggest trying a cheap open 3.64 before investing in a 3.64 LSD, I ran an open for 2 weeks in my Tii 5 speed to try and Hated it, the car was noticeably slower and ran warmer on the freeway
  9. Elite 1000 w/plug n play adapter plug 1000 = S2000 throttle cable 1500 = S2000 Drive by Wire throttle
  10. Latest Update: 5 sets getting picked up tomorrow to go to my first 5 F20c new friends from here on the FAQ
  11. Did you need anything for Speed? GPS Unit?
  12. You may want to ad all the linkages from pedal to KF Then you would only need the Booster and Airbox for a swap 😉
  13. The First Batch back from Laser Cut and being assembled
  14. As the hand cut prototypes look when installed Left Side: Right Side:
  15. Sorting out your fueling is probably the best first step as you’re planning on doing, first thing you may want to do is run new feed and return lines under the car prior to fuel injection, not that hard but a little time consuming
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