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  1. Personally I knabbed one of the kits from this forum and installed a stealth AFR since I can usually tell when my seatbelt is on Kind of a pain in the Butt you almost Micro solder it in: Glued in the display to a slightly modified Seatbelt light: Shrink wrapped the soldering added an additional fuse box for all the auxiliary things I've added Routed the wires out and down using the factory Speedo cable holder Had a Bung welded in, after much reading of reviews I paid extra for an actual Bosch O2 sensor Voila it works! Shown in warm up phase
  2. Amazon’s Jack Ryan drives a Tii
  3. That's missing almost All the Tii bits off the block, without seeing the the actual stamped number I'm VERY skeptical about it matching, that being said I put $0.00 in matching numbers, It's NOT a 60's Muscle Car. More important is how this configuration works. To go back to Tii would be cost prohibitive, it's not just injection, its also linkage and other bits. I wouldn't add any purchasing value to the Tii VIN since the Tii bits are mostly gone. Like sated above this would be a good candidate for EFI
  4. Living in SoCal a 3.64/4 speed meant I was passed like a tree on the freeway, unless you want to drive at a High RPM slowly it may not be such a good solution. the 3.64/stock M10 is noticeably slower around town compared to a 3.91 As another option I would suggest a 242-5 speed for much less money than a 245, just add a GPS speedo for $49.00
  5. It's not for everyone but I like it
  6. I'm running almost the same except a Tii Booster and master cylinder, I'm very happy with the feel and throw as well as stopping power. I sourced all of it from Ireland and the installs were relatively painless, the rears took a lot of bleeding to get really good
  7. Just as an FYI for the future this center link may be handy: 2002 Haus M20 Motor Mounts #02UG003 $310.00 US The kit includes: 1. 2 Powdercoated Motor mounts. 2. 2 Motor mount rubber bushings. 3. 4 Metal support plates (to be welded onto Subframe.) 4. 1 Center track rod to clear transmission.
  8. Its a 5 year old model, there are plenty of versions $59.00 - $150.00 to choose from. I went to BestBuy last year for my daughters e46, I picked a $100 unit to get free installation just remember Bluetooth Media unit and you'll be good 😉👍 Link: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?_dyncharset=UTF-8&id=pcat17071&iht=y&keys=keys&ks=960&list=n&qp=category_facet%3Dpcmcat1493670231844^currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%24100 - %24149.99^currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%2450 - %2474.99^currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%2475 - %2499.99^mountingstyle_facet%3DMounting Style~Single DIN&sc=Global&st=car stereo bluetooth&type=page&usc=All Categories
  9. That is a completely bluetooth media unit very easy to install as well as easy music/phone use, you need a shallower head unit for under A/C and it is cheap
  10. Really the time gets invested by years of interior evolution, all the things added and changed over 40 years, it took me 6 hours to pull all the "Adds" out and rewire to a central 6 fuse box and an additional ground block, now its all clean and safe. The actual A/C harness is about 6 wires so really not that big of a deal. Adding in the fuseblok is easy but just takes some time. When it's all done I rewrapped in 3M cloth tape to mimic BMW, so far the 3M is the best one I found, imitators can leave a residue which feels sticky. To my knowledge the automatic tunnel is slightly wider, that would have no effect for the face. I would think it would fit
  11. Everyone can have an opinion, I've installed 2 ICEAC systems, I like the ICE version because it looks 2002ish and everything is NEW. Cost +$2000 to door, labor time? A local shop quoted me 10hrs, my first one took about 24, my second about 22, why so long you ask? Well in 1980ish when these were cutting edge things may have been looked at differently. I've always felt the biggest weakness for an 02 is over heating, I rebuilt the 'New" harness to include a powered fuse block in the cabin for all the accessories most 02's have, Gauges, Radio, USB charger and the like, also in the engine compartment a inline fuse block for everything added at that end, Washer pump, Foglights, Air horns, Fan and more. I also added a manual fan over ride when the motor gets warm in stop and go traffic, this requires additional Compressor override wire so when you use just the fan the compressor doesn't immediately start as was the way the original wiring harness did it. The A/C does create a lot of drag even with modern components, you wont just turn it on and drive, I cycled mine on and off as required, I did run it longer on the freeway at speed. An older tired motor may not be a good fit. Now the Plus's the ICEAC fan blows really hard, Harder than my 2015 Audi, Really It blows COLD The Kooglewerks add on adds cup holders, 2 gauges and a better look in my opinion, but at a $$$ cost The Passenger fan hump does not impede foot room at all even though the photos make it look that way Kooglewerks installed: Extra Gauge wiring, layers of closed cell weather stripping to seal around the blower for added flow: New modern Sanden compressor: 2 extra relays and 5 out of 6 inline fuses required by my car: All the Hoses worked, due to my Apina/IE header I ran both hoses forwards unlike the instructions, these hoses never got hot from the header: My own motor issues required a different compressor and mount, Blunt Tech here: The condenser is the maximum size Rob suggests Everything fits as advertised: I did say it Blows Cold:
  12. Mine was this way as well
  13. Mine is a Pierre reproduced version, easy to tell by the additional 1cm mounting flange, I added 2 aluminum struts on the bottom as I was told Kamei did, really helped
  14. Just to add in from SoCal:
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