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  1. Full walk through on a New ICEAC/Clardy kit for reference
  2. Sold, plus my 5 Speed and a WHOLE lot more, all to the same person 馃榿馃憤
  3. Tii Full motor swap $5K: Freshly built 2002 Tii motor (6k miles) Bottom End: 路 New 9.5 compression Cast pistons w/Rings 路 New Bearings 路 Polished Crank Journals 路 Rods Shot Peened 路 New Oil pump 路 New Timing chain & guide 路 Machined OEM Flywheel 路 Fresh Clutch 路 Balanced bottom components 路 Ireland Engineering Tii Black Silicone Hose Kit Top End: 路 New Exhaust Valves 路 HD Rocker Springs 路 HD Rockers 路 Chromo Valve Retainers 路 Modified Updated Valve Guide seals 路 Billet Rocker Locks 路 Adjustable Cam Gear 路 284 lift Cam 路 Tii OEM Airbox Injection: 路 Kugelfischer pump refreshed (3k Miles) 路 Injectors refreshed 路 K-Fish Oil line made in braided stainless steel 路 Timing cover, Intake Plenum, Valve Cover powder coated 路 High output internally regulated Alternator 路 New Tii Water Pump 路 New Cold Start Injector 路 New Pump Belt 路 W/N Cadmium bolt kit 路 New K-Fish Control rods 路 New K-Fish Pivot Rod 路 Refreshed firewall control rod pivot 路 Heim Joint stainless steel throttle rod Options Available: 路 Tii Brake Booster 路 Tii Fuel Tank 路 1-2-3 Distributor Bluetooth Ignition Kit, Bosch RED coil, HD Spark Leads 路 Ireland Engineering Tri-Y Header 路 E30 High Torque Starter Motor 路 Copper Core High Efficiency Radiator 路 Auxiliary Oil Cooler Kit 路 New Water Bypass Pipe 路 New Spare Tii Water Pump 路 Spare Kugelfischer pump refreshed (1k miles use) 路 VDO Oil Pressure Gauge w/Sensor 路 VDO Water Temp Gauge w/Sensor 路 ICEAC (Clardy) Air Conditioning kit
  4. I live in HOT SoCal, a/c is a must for me. If I lived somewhere lower temp I wouldn't have a/c hassle
  5. FYI I only drop the frame 1.75鈥 to do what you鈥檙e taking about, makes reassembley Very quick
  6. Not to mention conditions over a 40 yr spread
  7. You should probably add a photo
  8. I have a built one I was thinking of selling since my Mods list is changing pm me for details
  9. No Tii Airbox mounting brackets
  10. Good deal, it works great! gps speedo or cable driven? i have this swap and it鈥檚 great

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