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  1. Freshly removed from my own car Tii Brake Booster, hoses and valve included
  2. Looking for: a standard Brake booster Shift/Exhaust tunnel sheet metal Trying to fill this in: to fit this
  3. Looking for: a standard Brake booster Shift/Exhaust tunnel sheet metal Trying to fill this in:
  4. Home and ready to start plumbing and wires 👍😃 Thanks to Emergancy Hookers Towing for a prompt on time delivery Ready to plumb and wire Exhaust also needs to be sorted, supposedly not to hard Lots of room for Radiator and Electric Cooling Fan For reference, a quick visit to see Jags in Vegas to see his wiring Only 5 wires modded into ECM 1 HD Wire to Starter from Battery 1 to Alternator 1 easy ground point in the cabin 1 10 gauge wire from the Alternator to Battery Now just to start
  5. Just as an FYI, in CA the Seller must provide Smog certificate, a pro active seller would do it now since it’s good for 6 months, if your buyer can’t Smog it you will be legally liable to possibly refund the sale and take the car back i won’t go into detail on how I found this out GLWS I'm a proud owner of a 76 as well
  6. Center support bearing brackets welded in all moving forwards now
  7. Driveshaft on its way in
  8. And so it progresses, mounts out to be finish welded New 2 piece Modified e30 325 driveshaft built
  9. honestly it is a complete as well as new kit, pretty hard to beat it, trying to patch a kit together can work but may be very time consuming and more costly than originally anticipated. my input was only worth what you paid though
  10. That's pretty much what I was sayin 😉
  11. Don't listen to them, Just Do It
  12. With A/C in a 2002 I would Always want a manual override switch to turn on the cooling fan in traffic
  13. Looks like a 76/72 hybrid chassis...........but who really knows
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