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  1. Posi Lock holds better but MUCH harder for the alignment shop, either need a "Special" modified wrench for the passenger side This one needed a heavily modified wrench to fit:
  2. You could always just run a button to the injector if your relay is bad, then you'd always have control of when you want the extra fuel The little Red Square button was my cold start injector
  3. Was always a dreaded car in the shops I've dealt with, usually not up to service par stereotypically Any 2002 owner could throw up many flags but it looks OK at 17-23K from what seems to be sale price lately Lack of chrome always looks like a cheap respray for a flip to me and of course no engine bay shots would make me not even bother
  4. 11 days door to door from Pasadena to Redding and back, not as pretty but worked great $390.00
  5. For Caster we added shim washers to the other side Radius Rod to even up my caster
  6. For some reason my text keeps getting deleted from my posts, Sooo I ordered a set of #danger_motorsports longer boxed control arms, I was so happy with how they looked I painted them in Clear gloss. I've also seen written that the lower rear brace my not be needed but it looks so BadAss why not? off to alignment now
  7. The caster on my chassis is off, currently I’ve shimmed back one side but that’s really not the solution. I love the concept of an adjustable tie rod to pull the Caster back and get my car back to factory spec
  8. I entered my car so I don't have to wait in line to enter the venue 😉 But my car is a crazy 76 so judging it doesn't upset me
  9. My rear window popped out of URO seal after 2 days, I'm running OEM now
  10. I got 2 sets of wheels from him about 4 and 3 years ago, sorry your having problems I know he sources cores and then refinishes to spec so that was why he shows' the same wheel multiple times, sorry to hear
  11. my Caster is off so I added shim washers to push the good arm back 5/32" these would fix that
  12. you drop in a 240hp Honda S2000 motor and 6 speed transmission
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