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  1. My rule has been +89’ and I don’t drive the 02, that meant 4 months parked last year, A/C going in New Clardy style ICEAC new factory fan new factory fan shroud
  2. For real? Now I need another gauge
  3. I got 2 sets of wheels from Frank Franker if its the same guy from Facebook Not always super fast but always nice
  4. Funny to see this thread revived, I defiantly have a few to Add: Let the body shop go with the INKA paint code that looked a little light, not Colorado but light 4 sets of wheels over 4 years didn't fix floors before respray because the shop said they would and then didn't Should have sent a Gauge in to Speedhut Should have paid more for my first steering wheel I knew I liked instead of buying 4 Lowering springs instead of Coilovers the first time
  5. chargin

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    This Topics running long But here's what I did, 7" Crystal Clear Glass reflectors with LED's @ $67.99 Very plain Without angle eyes to keep it kind of Period looking, for a RestoMod
  6. chargin

    Cold Start Wiring Harness

    😲 Where and what is this tool?
  7. So much better than what I did, I drilled it with MANY holes to do the same thing
  8. chargin

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    Personally I'm running a Tii master cylinder with no issues
  9. chargin

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    FYI: My Ireland VW Rear Disc Kit came with the Hubs Pre- Machined, pure bolt-on with the shims that were provided Sorry, just saw I mentioned this awhile ago
  10. chargin

    need advice 1976 purchase

    As a fellow 76 owner in California I'd think this car would be in the $2k - $3k, that being said you're not in CA so actually I'd call that a solid $2k in TN. It might seem a little low but the truth is the car has sat undriven for so long it will probably need: Flat Bed tow Fuel tank and system flush Fuel Filter Brake system flush Brake Master Brake Cylinders Clutch master Clutch Slave Carb Rebuild Oil change Filter Cooling flush and hose inspection Air Filter A/C recharge Plan on electrical gremlins from it sitting so long Tires By modern car costs all these will be very low in comparison but as you can see the list will definitely add up Don't think I'm hating on your project, actually I think it's great and I would buy it in a Second! How my 76 came to me at $2900 4 years ago with fresh paint in SoCal land of the over priced 02's Now: Best Wishes
  11. chargin

    Dash fix

    We all would love to have a contact, personally I’ll drive right over
  12. chargin

    U shaped rain gutter trim

    Great news, I’m sure it looks better than raw paint. my car had sick on waist line for years, I’m not judging
  13. chargin

    Dash fix

    My friend AndyMac got one and his is not leather clad, looks OEM
  14. chargin

    Dash fix

    Walloth sells a remade 3 piece