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  1. If you want high quality you can custom order from "John Bimmer" on facebook, his are the real deal and made in custom colors for you
  2. Polished the Beltline chrome and Ceramic cleaned the BBS-RS’s prepping for Legends
  3. For Sure 🤣 but realistically a fully restored Tii would get smoked but ANY 2018 Hyundai 🤣🤣👆 In Hawaii they say “Enjoy da Ride”, that’s what it’s all about.
  4. Getting ready for Driving up to Legends of the Autobahn, pulled out the 3.64 Diff and reinstalled my 3.91 LSD GPS Speedo
  5. So Politically “Dude” is Gender Neutral? 🤣👆 But, as to plugwires I sourced A set of rubber insulated clamps from my local hardware store in the electrical section to hold the plug wires
  6. Try this digital flasher relay, that may be your issue for me it was
  7. I’m thinking my e21 pump may have come with that plate
  8. 2 days here and calling us "stupid" lol. Like you haven’t heard that before 🤣👍👆
  9. I have the racks but I don’t use them very often because of the wind noise Yakima Rain Gutter and a Sea Sucker for space
  10. I think Maximillion was running a special last month
  11. They were N/A a few years ago but seem pretty much available now at reasonable prices, I bought a spare from W/N for a decent price last year
  12. OR.....You can Really know how fast you're going or 0-60, 0-100 and of course 1/4 mile:
  13. All A/C is “Non Factory”, to my knowledge all a/c was a dealer installed option, that’s why Behr, Fridgeking and Clardy. The unit in this car looks similar to a Fridgeking but definitely different my Clardy clone with a Kooglewerks face kit:

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