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  1. FYI, I'm using the Bluntech bracket with great success on my 76
  2. S14 Oil Filter Head with built in Thermometer and Oil Cooler Bolts onto M10 (Non-Tii) for oil cooler lines without a sandwich plate 2 hardpoints for senders *Cooler sandwich not included
  3. +1 for Ground Control ALSO: i’m A big fan of the 2.5” spring because of the large variation of spring weight and length to tune the ride You like im on my second set and really happy with the characteristics
  4. Just because they were there Last I saw $1400 eBay...……..Salvaged 🤑
  5. My opinion which is only worth what you paid for it $0.00 🤣 Honestly I just threw in a 3.64 from a 3.91 for a week while my LSD was being serviced. living in SoCal my usual cruising speed on the open freeway is 68-76mph, about -300 rpm from the 3.91 but Substantially less around town acceleration. The 3.64 took out a lot of town local fun I don’t think a 3.45 would work well with basic 02 power I’m running a fresh Tii motor with a 5 speed
  6. I have a 3.64 open rear differential and a 3.91 LSD, recently I threw the 3.64 back in for a week while I had the LSD serviced. your 3k at 76mph was consistent with my 3.64 according to my GPS speedo.
  7. Any 2002 guest to my house knows I have to physically hand push my car to park or start 🤣👆
  8. Tuning yourself is cool but Tii is part BMW Tech and part Wizard, more Wizard actually +1 for Bill Arnold in San Rafael +1 for AFR as well
  9. Bolt on Bliss Sub woofer as well
  10. Just to update and add to the thread
  11. 5 years in I’m on my 3rd and last Center Console version
  12. If you want high quality you can custom order from "John Bimmer" on facebook, his are the real deal and made in custom colors for you
  13. Polished the Beltline chrome and Ceramic cleaned the BBS-RS’s prepping for Legends

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