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  1. Those small holes are for screws in my car to hold up the Column Pad
  2. At the end of the day our cars are over 40 years old and Someone is still producing and developing parts for us, For me that a big WIN that I want to support
  3. THANK YOU I've needed this for 4 Years 🤩
  4. I actually called a few times on Friday and got a busy signal, Tis the season of Resto. Many People are ordering
  5. I hear you, for me I call them, they pull the order and I drive over and pick it up. now I realize this system will not work for everyone
  6. Thanks, this was when I first got the car in 2014, 4 sets ago.... Situation now with matching hardware:
  7. Those are pure CRAP, you can easily source these on ebay $24.95.
  8. 😂😂 BIG Hammer always on hand 🙃👍 Great write up
  9. I ran the TRmotorsports Spec Miata wheel, super light and perfect 02 fitment, affordable from TireRack
  10. My first Suspension version was: Voghtech -1-1/4" drop springs KYB Struts/Shocks New Strut bearings IE front and rear Sway Bars this was a very compliant spirted street set up, not for track but Ok in basic canyons. Some people are very negative about KYB's but almost everyone who rode in my car was very complimentary of the characteristics. Now I'm full coil overs with Camber/Caster adjusters front and rear. Great when pushing but it rattles like CRAZY over every bump.
  11. Today I had FedEx, UPS, Amazon and US Postal ALL arrive 9:45-10:30, with tracking 😂🤑
  12. I used Voghtland and got a 1-1/4" drop, everyone else was 1-1/2". I was really happy with the ride https://www.ebay.com/itm/VOGTLAND-LOWERING-SPRINGS-66-76-BMW-E10-1502-2002-2002ti-2002tii-TURBO-951606/153032588428?epid=1729994540&hash=item23a173fc8c:g:T0MAAOSwVttbBFxf
  13. For some reason I cant get this fixed either, 2 try's and still some leaking 😭
  14. I love seeing these things being built but I'm not thinking my K-Fish would NOT be up to the challenge 😖, I can only imagine this long block set up with Megasquirt and ITB's.
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