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  1. And these are correct for the Campy Ragno wheels for 2002? Any idea where to buy new circlips?
  2. Do it. I can even help. Trade ya for a spec'd macbook air with the m1 chip :)
  3. Just flip a coin. You won't lose with any of the three. I want to say Blunttech's kit is the most comprehensive though.
  4. Thanks Marc! I'm set on campys. I had a set some years back, but foolishly sold them. Now on the hunt again for a decent set. Good luck with your sale!
  5. Hi guys, Looking for a good set of Campagnolo wheels for my BMW 2002. What do you have? -R
  6. I'm near ray in his thought process. Keep the car original, or don't. Make it really nice, or don't. Buy it for speculative value in the future, or don't. At the end of the day, wherever you go there you are.
  7. Who knew Ray was such a philanthropist. Donated because Rob is an OG and us young dudes need to set a reasonable example for you old dudes and your futures.
  8. You can go to Singer directly lol. Or reach out to Andrew Adams. He has a solution.
  9. I just went through all of this. Buy this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Memphis-Hidden-Hide-Away-Classic-Car-Stereo-Receiver-to-Maintain-Factory-Look/392319287708?hash=item5b580d419c:g:BQAAAOSwPk1d6y68 Add your four favorite speakers and one of those under-the-rear-seat subwoofers, and never look back. See here for what I did. If you already have speaker holes cut out in your rear parcel shelf, I would use those instead of where I mounted my rear speakers. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/259367-quarantine-build-thread-71-colorado-02/?page=12&tab=comments#comment-1419555 I swear by this set up. Good luck.
  10. I have all the molds here for both the full alpina set up and the ACS set up. I'd prefer to sell the molds, or have someone just make a few sets for us elite boys. Molds are big and heavy, but just reconditioned and blessed. -R
  11. Removed mystery headers, added Alpina SS headers (expensive reps). Am happy again. I left them uncoated...thought they would look cool after a few heat cycles and some time in the elements. Sure does get hot under the lid though. Thinking it might be time for some GC coilovers, and some carbon fiber body parts. Maybe some paint too. And a wild EFI system. Who knows.
  12. damn!!! Minty. If buyer backs out, I'll send you cash and send you great memes for the next two months. That should sweeten the deal.
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