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  1. I'm a path of least resistance kind of guy. I still have no idea how to change motor mounts but damn it, I can redo an air cleaner. That was mostly a joke. But I do need to change the motor mounts. I have them on order, along with the intake to booster hose, front calipers, brake master cylinder, and a few other things. I have a solution for the exhaust system and I might cave and just buy a rear swaybar and hardware from IE. I want to drive this car.
  2. @PaulTWinterton We're already friends. Well, by less than one degree of separation. Feel free to feel free in here. I don't discriminate (publicly). @Conserv I went through the air cleaner hardware thread you linked. Looks like the hardware was indeed painted black. But that is boring and I refuse to paint this latch hardware black. It's going to stay tarnished but mostly plated. I can't have these parts coming out too nice because the uglier parts seem more ugly than usual. I'm with you @jgerock, I am not going for concours here. I know that game and I'm not quite there in my life to build a 100 pt car. I need at least 3 more mental breakdowns and a divorce before I consider a concours restoration. Good news: Air cleaner is done and installed. All is well again. The air cleaner is at least 300% better than what the car came with, and 100% better than it was pre-resto. And then I remembered a recent text from @zinz where he suggested I use tin foil wadded up into a ball, and water, and this will take off rust from the lower side of the bumper and the overriders without scratching the chrome. Oh man, what a great little trick! Thank you!
  3. Painted battery tray. You can also see how the tii battery is positioned so the air cleaner is free from obstruction. I’ll finish assembly on the air cleaner tomorrow. Let it dry for one more night. Maybe I’ll start on carpet tomorrow or Monday.
  4. Subscribe to my onlyfans account and I’ll send you all the kinky car builds you want, and you get a free hentai waifu for Your first time!
  5. this is probably my third full tii air cleaner refurb. It only gets the best aerosol semi gloss black paints. The finest. if there is a joke here, I’m either too young or I’ve lost too many brain cells huffing black paint. dipping it in carbon fiber. Gotta bring this baby into the 22nd century. I try to keep things tasteful on my cars. I don’t turn on the neon under glow lights unless I’m at least three zip codes away from home.
  6. Stripped the air cleaner today with aircraft paint stripper (older formula). Totally going to paint this tomorrow.
  7. ... 2763703 would be more realistic since 2764521 was the last 73 tii for the US market... ... I just checked the VIN on the hot m10 motor and it's also an m10 block with VIN: 2761247... VIN 2761248 was manufactured on March 23, 1972. So VIN 2761247 probably came off the line that same day. I’d guess the block’s casting date is January to March 1972. VIN 2763703 was likely manufactured in late March or very early April 1973. I’d guess the block’s casting date is January to March 1973. Use them in good health! Best regards, Steve Remember that scene in the Batman movie with Heath Ledger's joker where he talks about being a dog chasing a ball and how he wouldn't know what to do if he ever caught the ball? That is me with these cars. I don't have a goal. I just want "more" and "better" and I do things to them because I can. My logic doesn't have finality based on financial gain or social status. I just like working on cars and 2002s are simple enough that I can work on them. But if someone wanted this car and offered me money for it, I'd probably sell it. Hell, I'd sell my body for the right price.
  8. Life often makes no sense. But that doesn't stop us from continuing on with the journey. I remember reading a few times here on the FAQ that you can run a tii air cleaner with a standard booster and I have not disputed it. My car is a running testament that it could be done. Next up is to change the motor mounts so those can be crossed off the list of "things to do while you're in there". Might even throw in a smaller, lighter starter because I have it on the shelf - an SR22 unit or whatever they are called. 2763703 would be more realistic since 2764521 was the last 73 tii for the US market. Me thinks you are correct. I just checked the VIN on the hot m10 motor and it's also an m10 block with VIN: 2761247 I knew it was a tii block, but never actually checked the VIN. Now we know.
  9. Your photo brings me back to my 74 tii with this airbox. I immediately ripped it out and put the factory air box back in. I think making whatever modifications necessary to fit the stock air cleaner is worth it. Don't hesitate; get rid of that goofy air filter. As for the battery, there was no need. I bought the correct tii battery - the 26R (size). This battery pushed up against the radiator support and locked down gives plenty of room for the air cleaner. No issue there. And I'm running the non-tii brake booster. Still fits fine and no interference with any of the other systems in the engine bay. You too!
  10. I took your advice and went after a stock tii airbox. If these engines are as sensitive as you say, there is no sense it trying to beat the engineers at BMW. I'm thinking I'll need to figure out with dizzy I have and remedy that as well, assuming what I have no is incorrect. Thanks Scott! This car came with an LSD so I'm going to be doing plenty of need4speed drifts in this one, once it's running and proper. I'm getting close. I went and got this photo, just for you. Looks like 2768703 @02Andersthis was your quote, but not sure where it went. But I wanted to properly answer your question below: Staying off topic... Ryan, what do you fly, if I may ask? I haven't flown a piston-engined aircraft since 2009, but have recently been dreaming about revalidating my license. It's such good fun! But it's just one of those things which I keep postponing. I guess I just struggle to find the motivation when I spend so much of my time in those big, fat jets... As for your engine... It might just be me stubbornly sticking to my oldschool ways, but I can't help but feel that the patinated Colorado paint, the pre-'71 bumpers and a set of sexy 3-piece Alpina alloys all beg for that hot-rod M10 engine you have stashed away. Oh, and may I suggest a set of gurgling 40mm DCOE's to complete the picture? 😎 Thanks! I started with a 1982 Beechcraft Skipper. A small 100hp 2-place little airplane that tops out at 120kts. It was so much fun and the name suited it perfectly; the Skipper. I could fly from orange county to Santa Barbara in about 30 min with no wind. It was perfect. Being that it was a low-wing airplane, it sharpened me up pretty quick. Now I'm in a Piper Arrow with a complex and high performance endorsements. Go revalidate your license! Where are you located? I hear you on the real prorities: that hot m10. The hot rod engine is getting a top secret injection system. I will unveil it when it's ready. This virus really put a stop to my progress there. No worries, I found one locally for $120. Easy peasy. Regarding the air cleaner saga, I figured I can mount a factory air cleaner with only modifications to the mounting brackets and a small spacer on the left-most bracket. Turns out I was right. Quick mock up with the newly acquired air box: And with a few cuts to the left-most bracket, and a small half inch spacer, I was able to mount it for a better idea. So far so good. I'll disassemble, strip, and refinish the airbox over the weekend me thinks. I'm just glad that it's in, clearances are good (but tight), and that I didn't have to do additional cutting or welding. I do however want to change both motor mounts. I won't be surprised if things changed locations after that. But I'm prepared. I have three sets of brackets to modify and manipulate if needed. I also had another crack and deep cleaning the engine bay with the degreaser and pressure washer. Progress is being made. Oh, I also repainted the white battery tray to the proper colorado orange. Things are happening.
  11. danco_


    Hi Harry, can you send me photos of the tii air box? Is this 71-73 unit or a 74 unit?
  12. Hi guys, looking for a 2002 tii air cleaner from a 72-73 car. it could be aesthetically rough - I plan on refinishing it. Even if you only have the center price or an end piece, I’m still interested. if you have something, I’m game to purchase. Thanks! -Ryan
  13. Here is a spare 74 tii center section I had laying around. Looks huge in comparison! I will play with both and see if there is a solution here that makes sense.
  14. Suspicions confirmed: the center section was sectioned and rewelded together. My guess would be that it was done to clear the standard brake booster. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense. not sure how to remedy this YET.
  15. Few more close ups. The spacing looks all off. The rear piece of the air box is definitely wrong. I'm going to take it apart now and inspect.
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