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  1. Principle. The customer is not always right and they need to know this. There are consequences for being a shit transactor.
  2. Did he pay via goods n services or friends n family? That's a big factor.
  3. probably friend zone her. I need a little chaos in my life. I can hear the radio, yeah. Anything under 3rd gear pinned is fine. Anything above and I’m looking straight and going fast. I managed to swap out my alternator and cooling fan today. The alternator in the car was fine and worked great, but it was ugly. I had a spare tii alternator sent out for a bit of tweaking. Aside from being “rebuilt”, I had it juiced up to put out just over 100amps at peak. This probably wasn’t necessary, but at $185 for all the work, I didn’t mind. Now I have a pretty alternator installed and I can’t be mad at that. I went ahead and replaced the bushings too. Gutted the old bushing material in prep for the IE poly bushings. Almost complete also managed to swap out the old cooling fan for a new, nice fan. No idea what was going on with the old fan, but the tips and ends were being chewed up considerably. Hopefully the new fan lasts. It’s the small of the two sizes. The non-tropical variant. everything is back in and running great. next up, rebuild speedo gauge with correct speed read out (3.91lsd makes the speedo read about 10mph faster), swap one a new turn signal relay, and chase down an intermittent alternator light issue under the dash. Sometimes it stays on, sometimes it stays off. Need to fix this.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. I have owned two cars with them already installed, so I've never actually installed them myself. But I'll say that they drive fantastic. I know IE sells what you'll likely need. Beyond that, I'm not sure.
  5. If you’re staying with 13” tires, poly is encouraged around both the front control arm bushings, rear trailing arms, and sway bars. Trust me on this. It’s NICE. Makes driving a dream. Sporty but not harsh at all. I’ve gone through every type of suspension known to 2002s and a nice stock-ish set up with just a bit of poly is the sweet spot. stay away from poly in places like thrust arms, rear subframe bushings, and engine mounts. Those are no-go zones.
  6. I’ll see you in July
  7. Serious question: are wives worth having? Every old guy (i mean this in the nicest way, void of any underlying antagonizing nomenclature) says either don't do it, or wait until your in your mid 30s and really "live" up to that point. Always confused me.
  8. Nope, not Stockton Wheel 😎
  9. Super easy. Don't have kids, don't be in crippling debt, make poor financial decisions but with a backup plan, don't have a wife (have a gf but she's not the kind that will ruin my life (at least not yet)), and when your parents call and ask how you're doing, tell them "great" and quickly hang up so as not to get into it. It's worked for me for over 10 years.
  10. Alright alright. It was good fun. Now we're just poking fun at Stuart's expense. He's probably a good guy and I'm sure we'd be friends in real life. Maybe it was just his time of the month. Happens to all of us, though usually not on a public internet forum.
  11. Finally sold the Euro e21? good on ya!
  12. Yeah, sorry to make it weird. there is probably a lesson to be learned here. One of them is don’t blame everyone in a community for one person’s actions. another one might be to not be a snowflake in an increasingly tough world. Things aren’t getting better. If you can’t toughen up, you’re going to have a lot of sad days.
  13. let’s start with the facts. i have a Facebook ad selling a diff, a few days back. On a tangent, you demand answers about my wheels, completely unrelated to the ad. Rude. (A dm would have been sufficient and received in much greater light.) I respond in good fun, that you should buy the diff and I’ll tell you (both in a joking/lighthearted manner but also true). Then you go about calling the entire community a let down based on your standards. Rude. You are acting like a child. Your question required a simple search for the answer, as @MikeG pointed out. This community has been A1 since day 1. The only thing that has changed over the years is the pricing of cars and parts. The people haven’t changed at all, myself included. Stuart, go take a nap. You are tired and cranky because I wouldn’t directly answer your question on your terms.
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