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  1. currently talking to a guy who says he might have three sets. Supposed to get me photos today. If it pans out, I'll send you a message.
  2. When I'm stalking people, I've had great results with this. https://tracki.com/ Get the extended battery. It lasts roughly 1 month and sticks to the frame very well. Or just leave it under the spare tire and it won't be found. If you buy the 1-year subscription, the price is actually very low. Well, low enough where I don't worry about it. This tracker helped me land my brother in law in prison. F that guy.
  3. How I found it after sitting for 16 years. It needed everything, but somehow no rust. Through sheer stubborn determination and aggressive misappropriation of resources, I got her running and driving nicely a few months later.
  4. Have you ever dated two sisters at the same time? It's kind of like this.
  5. I had a 6 speed Quaife box with adapter made for M30/M10 variant motors once. I bought it in a big package deal with a a few S14s, S38s, and Euro S50 motors from a police department auction. Story is the owner of this Porsche and BMW race shop was selling large quantities of drugs from his shop to fund his racing addiction. I made out like a bandit on the parts, and sold the gearbox to a racer some years back. Never got to hear if things worked out with that box, but I do know guys liked Quaife.
  6. And these are correct for the Campy Ragno wheels for 2002? Any idea where to buy new circlips?
  7. Do it. I can even help. Trade ya for a spec'd macbook air with the m1 chip :)
  8. Just flip a coin. You won't lose with any of the three. I want to say Blunttech's kit is the most comprehensive though.
  9. Thanks Marc! I'm set on campys. I had a set some years back, but foolishly sold them. Now on the hunt again for a decent set. Good luck with your sale!
  10. Hi guys, Looking for a good set of Campagnolo wheels for my BMW 2002. What do you have? -R
  11. I'm near ray in his thought process. Keep the car original, or don't. Make it really nice, or don't. Buy it for speculative value in the future, or don't. At the end of the day, wherever you go there you are.
  12. Who knew Ray was such a philanthropist. Donated because Rob is an OG and us young dudes need to set a reasonable example for you old dudes and your futures.
  13. You can go to Singer directly lol. Or reach out to Andrew Adams. He has a solution.
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