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  1. Any idea when you’ll have the next batch of Italian turn signals ready?


    thanks. Carlos. 

  2. Hi. I will buy the wheel if it's not sold.


  3. Hi, I was referred to you by Blunt. I need an unblemished  replacement front left  Italian (half amber/half clear lens) turn signal fixture at a reasonable price. Is that something you can access?

  4. PM sent



  5. Hi I'm trying to locate a trunk floor in decent condition

  6.  Also in HB, interested in the steering wheel, you can call or text 714.553.9595.  Would like to know how much

  7. Hey Ryan;


    74 tii rust bucket parts.


    If you go that route. I would be interested in the warm up regulator. 





  8. Gents and ladies, i have a set of backing plates. I was moving some surfboards around and came across a freshly PC'd pair of backing plates for stock drum brakes. Who wants them? Willing to ship on your dime. Cheers, ryan danco
  9. Replaced the in-tank fuel filter. Also threw in a new-to-me Momo Moretti Steering wheel on a solid hub and super rare/old bmw horn button with the double rings, and a refinished tii/csi wood shift knob. I am not sold on the wood shift knob yet, but I think I can be persuaded. I've probably done 15 burn outs over memorial day weekend. I think I'll take the next week off and drive it very nice.
  10. If adding a ground strap doesn't fix the issue, your starter may finally be dying.
  11. I've gone down this road many times. I can change out a blown guibo on my back in about 20 minutes flat using common household tools. It's a gift.
  12. Congratulations on the purchase! Do you need a horn button for the original 3 spoke steering wheel? I know I have a spare somewhere.
  13. fuck, man. I still want a sunshade and was hoping I could buy one that was touched by bluebmw.
  14. You're not kidding! I need something with stiffer sidewalls, that isn't 205mm wide. I get a lot of sidewall flex when cornering hard, and this bugs me. Also, photo for your viewing pleasure:
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