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  1. danco_

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    i take offense to your last statement. But I'm currently disrupting the old guy 911 community. I'm the degenerate kid who has disgraced the purity of the 911 name. And that's ok. Edit, this is my 2002nd post. Cool.
  2. danco_

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    SoCal Vintage-ish
  3. when ever I see the Bavaria Auto Repair sticker or logo on a car, I run the other way, and fast.
  4. His name is Nathan Barnatt and he is known for making funny youtube videos as well as writing TV shows. This is his latest project. See link below. I did some work to this car over the years as a friend, and I love it more every time I get to see it. https://youtu.be/T4A_AZP8Lko Enjoy.
  5. danco_

    Fresh Italian Turn Signals - Reps

    Alright guys, price drop $100 for each tier of signals. The used framed set is going for $500 and the really ridiculously nice sets are going for $700. Let's do this thing.
  6. danco_

    Italian Turn Signals - Reproductions

    Hi guys, made a new thread regarding a new batch. See one of the newest posts in the For Sale section. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm back with our absolutely best iteration of these classic turn signals. These are injection molded into the factory frames, not before the frames are polished, or rechromed to perfection. There is a price difference as we now have two different tiers to choose from. Tier 1 is the absolute best in every which way. Rechromed frames, top of frames show the correct grain, lenses now have all the correct OEM lettering straight from the mold (This was ridiculous to get right, but it was important). We then figured out the "bleeding" of the orange translucent lens paint for that near-perfect bleed into the clear part of the lens. We've also added OEM gaskets, included with this "Tier 1" package. Of the photos, Tier 1 sets are represented by photos of lenses by the number "3", "4", and "5". Price per set of Tier 1 sets are $795. Tier 2 is lower quality tier, but significantly more affordable. We chose not to redo the frames as they were pretty good. Yes there are a few very minor pitting issues on top, but for the daily driver/occasional car show regular, they are perfect. They have the same high-quality injection molding into the frames, but these sets do not have the lettering/correct OEM marking on the lenses. These are bare lenses like we've been doing in the past, except that these are the highest quality moldings we've done. The "bleeding" of the orange paint is also correct on these. Photos are good but these are much better in person. These do not come with OEM gaskets. Of the photos, Tier 2 sets are represented by photos of lenses by the number "1" and "2". Price per set of Tier 2 sets are $595. These are all ready to be mounted in US-cars. Included are the correct dual-filament bulbs for DRLs and turn signal lights. As of this moment, a few of you asked me to "put you on a list" for the next available sets. If I promised you this, please reach out to me. There are only five sets available at this time and we will not send out to a prospective buyer unless a good core set is returned. These sets need to have no to minimal pitting of the frames. This is important. We understand that these aren't cheap. If you want to make a comment that these are too expensive, please save your comments as they do literally nothing for either the buyer or the seller. I've come to the conclusion that if I want something nice right now, I will pay dearly for it. It's a larger cost up front, but I rarely think about initial cost every time I look at my car and smile because how how perfect it is (to me). Life is too short to not have what you right now. Instant gratification is a thing and I enjoy it. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks guys! -Ryan Danco
  8. danco_


    I stopped wearing cut off jeans during brake jobs. All the guys would whistle at me and I don't like being treated like a piece of ridiculously hot meat. I'm not an object for you to undress with your eyes ok? Man, this is fun.
  9. danco_


    This isn't the only car that your employer has built, nor is it his claim to fame. I've seen some of his work and there are things that even I scratched my head and wondered why he didn't just do <insert simple but important detail here> to "make it right". I wondered this as he claimed to systemically restore said car. Again, my point is that no shop owner is void of tarnished rep. This is why I don't restore cars. First because it's not where my strengths lie, second because I rather get drunk at car shows and let those far more passionate than me do the hard work and "win" them. My goal in life does not lie in collecting trophies or reminding people of how many cool cars I've owned. I rather spend my time chasing single moms and the hot daughters of my old bosses. This is my greatest passion. This is why I live in Newport Beach. Also the weather is pretty good.
  10. danco_


    Since no one uses the chat function anymore, I will use this thread to say hi to Ray and and continue to rustle ConKitchen's feathers from time to time. I feel it is my civic duty.
  11. danco_


    the world of classic BMW shop owners is such a strange one. It seems as though the market is polarized when it comes to their opinion of each and every one of these owners. From JF Pro, Coupeking, TP Motorsports, Michelangelo Motorworks, 2002AD, IE, that dude who has a shop in the same complex as IE and builds CSLs, 2002 Garagewerks, 2002haus, and whatever other shops are still out and about (these statements are west-coast specific). Seems like you either like them or you don't. There isn't much middle ground. If you are bitter, you are really bitter. If you had a good experience, you love em. And that's it. Buzzbomb, if I am right, you work for that other guy who builds CSLs and has been accused many times for "putting lipstick on a pig". This isn't an attack on you, but these are what competitors and passionate collectors/"those in the know" have said on more than one occasions. No shop owner around here has an untarnished rep. You will have guys that don't like you. This is life.
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  13. danco_


    You're giving us blue balls here dude. Update this thread!