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  1. I'll sell it to you but you can't trade me surfboards again. I have too many! I literally took that photo for you and you alone. I miss our 2am chats, Ray. Shouldn't have done that
  2. Hey guys, I have a super nice, low mileage (verified) 3.91LSD from a 1980 320i with Sport Package. The car I pulled this from had a documented 58k miles and this diff cleaned up VERY nicely. I was saving this for a personal project, but decided to leave the car completely stock. I went ahead and collected the correct output flanges from a 49-state 1976 2002, as well as the correct diff cover from a 2002. I'll even throw in a new diff cover gasket. This is everything you need to swap into your 2002. You have to do ZERO modifications. This is as plug and play as it gets. I'll probably regret selling this LSD unit, but it's sitting in my garage and I look at it at least once a week and feel bad that it's not being used. I can ship, but pick up is preferred. Inquire about either if you are interested. DM is fine, or phone number if you already have it. Thanks!
  3. Thank you Slavs! I bought a 1981 Beech Craft Skipper. Humble little 2-seater with a 29 gallon fuel tank (14.5 gallons in each wing). It sips fuel at about 5.5 gallons per hour, and tops out at 140knots. She isn't much, but she is an absolute blast. Coop, you hear that? We are going to do this. If for no other reason that to make good on our internet promises, it is a worthwhile venture. I'm happy to fly, or drive my little ol silver 73 tii. Photo of plane below:
  4. I bought a small airplane a few months back and against better judgement, flew to SF this past Friday, and back to OC on Saturday. If you are willing to house Slavs and myself, I will fly us both to San Carlos or the nearest small airport to you, and uber your way. Please allow an entire day for entertainment, anger, gratitude (all possible emotions, really), as this will be a an adventure I will only be willing to do once. I think we will all become stronger men from this experience. I’ll buy the communal mushrooms. I’m only half joking, by the way.
  5. Are you looking for a steel tii wheel, or an alloy option wheel? Best, Ryan
  6. I'm genuinely interested in getting coffee with you one day. First, to talk cars, second to talk about what really grinds your gears. I'll leave an entire day's schedule open for you. I sincerely think I'd enjoy it.
  7. I don't lock any of my cars anymore. If a thief wants to open my doors and steal $3.23 in change, half a pack of gum, my registration, and maybe a sweater in the back seat, by all means. Do so without ripping my door locks off or destroying my dashboard in the process. I've had my cars gone through, but I don't mind. I've never seen it happen in real time and I'm thankful for it. I'd mow down the guy who was actively breaking into my car.
  8. Sal, it's more reasonable for you to make your own WTB thread, instead of tagging on this one. Be better than this.
  9. Thanks guys, all parts found. Love you all.
  10. Not going to lie to you dude. I had that conversation after 6 shots of Jameson whiskey, but I believe our conversation was fruitful. I did my best to sound coherent.
  11. I definitely have that oil filter housing. DM if you need it.
  12. danco_

    e12 tii head

    Do what Steve said. It's exactly what I did some years back for my own 73 tii. Came out perfect. Completely undetectable. Good luck!
  13. That screwdriver is a family heirloom! I'll often sit for hours polishing her while I listen to Randy Travis and complain about Democrats. I'll reach out to Sherman, but I'm doubtful. I've given that man so much of my money over the years. Yes please. Happy to do this thing.
  14. Bump. Come on guys. These cars are sitting in fields or in your barns and we all know you’ll never “get around to rebuilding” them. I just need these output flanges. Help a pretty, tanned, well mannered California man here.
  15. Hi Guys, Looking for 1976-specific output flanges. These come from 1976 2002s. There is a 49-State 2002, and then there is a California 2002. I need these flanges to be from the 49-state cars. Reason: these are direct drop in for E21 diffs to work in 2002s. But it HAS TO BE from the 49-State 1976 2002. If you have a set you can part with, please let me know. Many thanks, Ryan

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