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  1. @xavier296 @stephers Ill keep looking for another week or so and then I guess ill just bite the bullet and go through the timing chain. Ill let you all know if I unearth a box of them to share 😄
  2. They are unobtanium these days. I've been calling and reaching out to all vendors for the past 4-5 months
  3. Was hoping the last Ireland restock was going to utilize a master link but unfortunately not. I still ordered as a back up... Blunt doesn’t have them and I just ordered another one from online that said it had a masterlink but it’s continuous. I’m kinda sick of wasting time on this and just wanna get the right part to get this project done. Do any of you part hoarders have one you will part with?
  4. Are their any plans to make ones with the master link? I just got mine in the mail and realized they are continuous. The description on the website still says they have a masterlink so thought that was the case
  5. Ooooo local to boot. I'll give them a call These things are pretty pricy huh?
  6. mmmm might be too rich for me at the moment thanks for the link though I will consider it
  7. Pretty sure the turn signal stalk is bent in my car. The stalk hits the metal housing and wont stay engaged when turning right. I can not get it to sit in the center of the lower housing after trying all the adjustment screws... If you have a good condition right side turn signal assembly please let me know
  8. YES!!!! I have been waiting for this restock for like 5 months
  9. Shake down drive on some new coil overs, sway bars and rear shocks last Sunday morning on Highway 1.
  10. Auto Dynamic In San Francisco is great. Hami is very knowledgeable and they are also a FAQ supporter https://www.autodynamiksf.com/
  11. 7in in length and 2.5in diameter I guess not opposed to other manufacturers if it fits my build
  12. Just bought a set of used coilovers and looking to get new front springs that suit my car a bit better. Looking for 250lbs ,275lbs or would be open to 300lbs spring rates. 0700.250.0250 0700.250.0275 0700.250.0300 I know they are available new but figured Id see if anyone has anything they want out of their garage
  13. I'm looking for a set of stage 2 rear springs to pair with a set of front coil overs. Let me know if you have anything laying around Thanks
  14. Also curious on this one as well. Looks like the the same person who fixed your antenna fixed mine
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