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  1. Cool car! Welcome to the team. Where are you located?
  2. Mine finally broke in half and popped out. Looking for one in good shape to swap my internals into.
  3. That gas cap!🔥 ahhhhhh, Everyone is rebuilding their cars maybe I need to jump on board. Or maybe ill just keep driving Cant wait to see it come together man
  4. Looking for a pair or drivers side only plastic clip that goes above the felt weather striping on the door windows. Please see image for reference thanks!
  5. Looks like Ill have to make my way on over. Max! when are we gonna do a drive?!
  6. Ah ok looks pretty nice! I wonder if they are open weekends maybe I’ll roll it into klass and coffee. im surprised I haven’t found any thing up by me in Oakland/ SF/ San Mateo area....
  7. Does anyone know any place that does steam cleaning or any type of degreaser cleaning for the underside of cars? My mechanic says he dons't know anymore as they have mostly closed because environmental/ safety regulations Thanks!
  8. Free sway bars that came off my 1971 2002. Either they get picked up or Ill toss them. Would really prefer local pick up
  9. Pretty darn nice early seat for sale. Need to get rid of stuff I am not going to use. Id say this is at least an 7 out of 10 and can probably be made perfect in the right hands. Chrome is in ok shape. Some scratches are present and their is pitting on both sides. I like patina so for me these are great. If your doing period resto or some high detail finishing you will want to redo the chrome. The inner vinyl is splitting a bit as seen in the pics. Local pick up only, open to trades for anything interesting (radios, cool carbs, trick camshaft) PS let me know if I am off on my pricing as Im not really sure what the market is here
  10. Was admiring this car on CL Has some cool parts would love to swoop in and grab it but I have my hands full. Good luck with the sale!
  11. @danco_ Boring question! Did you do coil overs in the rear as well? Or just springs? Im diggin the new stance. My extra set of wheels need and extra set too
  12. I may be interested in this I'm up the Road In SF. My car is going in the shop this week for some work depending on the outcome maybe ill drive down
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