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  1. What is the start time of this? I just realized it is the same day as another Rally I signed up for 🤔
  2. I work about 10/15 minutes from the location where the car is if anyone wants me to I can go check it out and take some photos. You will just have to arrange it with the owner
  3. Still waiting to hear back from the guy. Maybe someone already snagged it
  4. Nice set of early inner door panels. No speaker holes cut! a few nicks and blemishes but should clean up real nice with a bit of effort. I was going to split the set but have decided to keep looking Open to trades as well looking for steering wheels, interesting horn buttons and rings for a Nardi wheel, OG working radios
  5. What Mylar Chrome tape did you use on the door panels? How is it holding up?
  6. Bumping my own post. anyone got one of these?
  7. Is this still available? Curious are the multiple FM buttons presets?
  8. Looking for the turn signal cancel tab that goes around the shaft in the steering column on the backside of the steering wheel.
  9. Curious what year car this came off of? I need one but this looks slightly different then mine
  10. Im looking for an antenna and A pillar mount for a 71 2002 Also looking for the curved black plastic part on the drivers arm rest it sits in front of the lever
  11. Looking for a black plastic armrest part (pictured below) Mine is broken and really would like to replace. Ill take an entire arm rest if you have it
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