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  1. Seems like a pretty fair deal as well if it truly runs well and everything is sorted. If I didn't just buy one id be super into this
  2. Ha I have the same set but 15's I will be replacing very soon!
  3. How much for a set of 4 of those hubcaps? Do you have the wheels as well?
  4. This one is pretty cool, I definitely am into the vibe
  5. @Stuart please see picture above
  6. Thanks for the pictures Stuart. Not quite the right fit for the car. Still on the hunt for something else
  7. I just picked up a 2002 and looking for a new set of wheels. Let me know what you have laying around Looking for stock early years steelies, e30 steelies or something simple and period looking Thanks
  8. I just picked up a 1971 2002 and looking for a new set of wheels. Let me know what you have. Looking for stock steelies, e30 steelies or something a bit period looking Thanks
  9. I spoke to this guy about another car he had for sale a while ago. Seems nice enough but defiantly a flipper. curious what the BAT crowd says and what the car will go for
  10. hmmmmm Surprised I haven't seen this car around. Its right in my hood. Kind of tempting if I wasnt so close to finishing a deal on another car. Id be happy to go check it out for someone though
  11. I had some great conversations on the phone with the gentleman at Auto Dynamic and was planning on bringing a car there (the deal fell through) but he seemed very knowledgeable on the 2002 specific questions I was asking him.
  12. This is one sweet car. If I was local to Austin Id be all over this
  13. Super rad build man!! The patina is really spot on. Really enjoy reading through the thread
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